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Genehtik Seeds was founded after several years of hard farm work, breeding, and exchanging experiences and information about genetics with known and unknown professional breeders, amateur farmers, and cultivators from different continents and countries.

They started in the late-1990s, and have since given birth to very special strains. This seedbank breeds fully stable feminized and autoflowering seeds of the highest quality. This is obvious by the honours Genehtik Seeds has been awarded. These include 1st prize for Best Seedbank at Expocannabis 2011 and 1st prize for Best Seedbank at Expocannabis 2012!

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Kritikal Bilbo Auto (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

The feminized Kritikal Bilbo Auto by Genehtik Seeds is an autoflowering plant of the next generation, with higher potency and production. The plants reach a height of 60-70cm and develop lots of branches, stocked with large dense and aromatic buds with fruity flavors. Kritikal Bilbo Auto requires only 60-70 days to deliver its tasty fruits, expect about 40g per plant indoors - 70g outdoors.

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Amnesia Bilbo (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

Amnesia Bilbo by Genehtik Seeds is an impressive sativa with an intense Haze smell and flavour. This cannabis powerhouse is based on Dutch Amnesia Haze and develops large plants with smashing yields—an average harvest after the flowering of 70–85 days amounts to 550–600g/m². Note for outdoor and guerrilla growers: this plant reaches impressive heights. You have been warned!

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Kritikal Bilbo (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

The feminized Kritikal Bilbo by Genehtik Seeds is the perfect choice for indoor 1st-time growers. The plant is easy to maintain and grows very fast - even the flowering period is extremely short with only 45-50 days. Its swiftness in growth makes it less prone to fungi although the buds are really fat and heavy. This powerful Skunk and Afghan mix delivers 400-450g/m² of weed with a fruity...

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Kritikal Bilbo x AK-47 (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

The feminized Kritikal Bilbo x AK-47 by Genehtik Seeds is a THC-rich variety with a double dose of famous genetics - her parents are Kritikal Bilbo, a highly appreciated strain in Spain and AK-47. This rapid fire strain is ready to hit after only 50-60 days of flowering, loaded with 400-450g/m² bullets of highly potent weed with a fruity flavor. One hit and you are blown away by her Indica...

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Nevil Bilbo Auto (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

For their hybrid Nevil Bilbo Auto, Genehtik crossed an old Nevilles’s Haze with a Northern Lights Auto. One reason for this was the rather long flowering time of 90 days for the original Neville’s Haze. With Genehtik’s Nevil Bilbo Auto, the flowering time is reduced to just 75 days and we can enjoy Neville’s power and distinctive aroma without the long wait.

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Blubonik (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

Blubonik is a unique strain that provides Blueberry fans with amazing flavours and vibes. This indica-dominant strain generates solid yields and smooth highs. We definitely recommend Blubonik for anyone seeking an organoleptic cannabis experience.

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Sweet Bilbo (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

Sweet Bilbo has been developed by Genehtik Seeds to make the world a better place. This indica hybrid produces interesting flavours and provides consumers with unique highs. Sweet Bilbo generates solid yields and plenty of smiles.

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OG Lemon Bilbo (Genehtik Seeds) feminized

The OG Lemon Bilbo is an updated version of the classic Lemon Larry, fused with a lemony citrus aroma that will make your mouth water. And as if that wasn't enough, this gorgeous strain will knock you over with its heavy sedating effects. Another great enrichment to your grow room, provided by Genehtik Seeds.

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