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Are you looking for a break from your regular cup of coffee in the morning? Or simply wanting to try something new and change things up? We've got a whole host of herbal teas that are sure to do the trick. That's right; now, you can purchase an array of tea bags, loose herbs and accessories from Zamnesia so you can enjoy a nice cup of tea whenever you want one. 

Not only full of flavour and great tasting, but herbal teas also have many potential benefits and are an aromatic treat. So if you're looking to mix things up with your drinks, you've come to the right place. We have a large selection of bagged and loose herbal teas and tea accessories for you to check out, all of which are available to purchase right now. So what are you waiting for? Experience exactly what herbal teas have to offer today.

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Zamnesia Tea & Herb Infuser

Making infusions is the oldest way of extracting herbal essences. This bright blue, leaf-themed food-grade silicone and stainless steel infuser from Zamnesia has you covered. The silicone is heat-resistant so you will never burn your fingers, while the branded Zamnesia drip tray keeps things dry and tidy without having to go to the sink.


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Empty Tea Bags

These packs of 100 empty tea bags allow you to create your own tea and herbal mixtures at home. Got your own brew recipe? Well now you can bag it up and store it, so that anytime you fancy a custom cuppa, it's ready-made!

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Lemon Balm (20 grams)

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has been used for millennia and today herb lovers are starting to discover the aromatic delights of vaporizing it. In traditional folk medicine it was often used to alleviate coughs and sneezes, and circulatory insufficiency.


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Catnip - Nepeta cataria

Catmint (Nepeta cataria), also known as catnip, is an intoxicant for cats (in fact most felines, even lions) and a mild relaxant in humans. It is a flowering, perennial plant native to Asia and Europe that grows easily even in poor soils.


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Passionflower (80 grams)

Passionflower is a soothing plant that can be enjoyed in numerous ways. It can be made into a tea, tincture, or capsules—the possibilities are nearly endless. Traditionally used for holistic purposes in the Americas and Europe, passionflower has found its place in the modern day.


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Gunpowder Tea (20 grams)

Everybody knows green tea and although gunpowder tea may have a strange name, it is nothing else but green tea - it is simply produced differently. The leaves are withered, steamed, rolled into a small round pellet, and then dried. Did you know that gunpowder tea contains volatile oils and can be used in a vaporizer? Indeed, Mother Nature provides us with a wide range of such herbs.


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Ginkgo biloba

The Ginkgo tree is one of the oldest types of trees in the world with no close living relatives. The compounds have antioxidant and free radical properties.


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Damiana | Turnera afrodisiaca

Damiana (Turnera afrodisiaca) has a relaxing effect with a euphoric high for 1-2 hours after taking, and like its Latin name suggests, is a mild but effective aphrodisiac. Damiana may be smoked or made into a tea, and the shredded version is even suitable for use in a vaporizer.


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Lavender (20 grams)

Lavender has a long history of use - it is even mentioned in the Song of Solomon. Lavender is used as a condiment in various foods, beverages, and teas and as a fragrance in cosmetics. Enjoy the highly aromatic experience this fragrant herb provides!


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Yerba Maté

Yerba maté is a traditional South American brew that acts to stimulate the mind and body. Often compared to tea or coffee, it is a beverage that can give you an upbeat start to the day, or give you energy when you are flagging. However, unlike tea or coffee, yerba maté also comes packed full of vitamins and mood boosting properties.


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Kanna 5 grams

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum), also known as Channa or Kougoed, is a plant commonly found in South Africa. Indigenous tribes have been using Kanna for its mood-enhancing and relaxing properties for thousands of years. Now, it has gained popularity in the West.


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Guarana - Paullinia cupana

Guarana belongs in the stimulant category of drugs, along with the likes of coffee, tea, ephedra, khat and maté. It comes from the seeds of an Amazonian vine (Paullinia cupana) that look remarkably like horse chestnuts, and its usage dates back thousands of years. Many Indians consider it a gift of the Gods and use it as a hunting aid.


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Clavo huasca (80 grams)

Clavo huasca is a giant vine (up to 80 meters high!) from South America and is mostly known for its aphrodisiac effect on both men and women. The Latin name for Clavo huasca is 'Tynanthus panurensis' and the active compound is called 'tinantina'.


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Mulungu (80 grams)

Traditionally used in South America, mulungu offers up soothing and relaxing properties. Easy to use, there's little wonder this supplement has found an audience in the modern world. Commonly used in the evening to promote a healthy night's sleep, and with a wide range of intake methods, mulungu has plenty to offer those seeking relaxation.


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Skullcap (50 grams)

Make a nice tea from Skullcap (1 teaspoon is enough) and become a bit more relaxed thanks to the mild high it induces. Skullcap gets its name from its flowers, which have the shape from a human skull. The Latin name for Skullcap is Scutellaria galericulata.


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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) 20 grams

Rosemary is an aromatic herb that boosts mental activity and focus. You can vape the rosemary leaves, brew a tea with them, and use them in aromatherapy. Bag with 20g rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaves.


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Eucalyptus globulus (20 grams)

Eucalyptus leaves possess a potent mix of aromatic terpenes that light up the olfactory system and put the mind at ease. The leaves of this towering tree make a great addition to a relaxing vaping blend. 


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Originally grown in the Andes Mountains, maca is a resilient and versatile plant who’s roots were used throughout the Inca empire. It an exclusive food of the upper classes and rewarded to accomplished warriors. For good reason as well, maca is highly nutritious and increases energy – try this super food for yourself. 80 Grams


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Catuaba (Erythroxylum catuaba) 80 grams

Catuaba (Erythroxylum catuaba) is a small tree that grows in the rainforest in northern Brazil. The plant has a long history of being used as a powerful aphrodisiac and stimulant.


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Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams

Wormwood most famously is the source of absinthes psychedelic power. It was used as a muse by artists and writers in the mid and late nineteenth century. Zamnesia has organically grown wormwood ready to go. A teaspoon in a cup for tea or soak it all to make absinthe. The choice is yours.


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St John's Wort

St. John's wort, also known as "perforate" or "common" St. John's wort, is a plant with yellow flowers, that some people, at first glance, may mistake for a common, roadside weed. It has been used for centuries as an herbal mood enhancer. Enjoy the rich flavour and effects of one of Mother Nature's miracle plants.


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Wild Lettuce - Lactuca virosa

Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa), also known as opium lettuce and great lettuce, is a herb native to South and Central Europe - but has since spread to many regions of the world. This dried wild lettuce is ideal for brewing into a tea.


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Uvuma-omhlope (3 Grams)

Uvuma-omhlope is used by tribes across Africa for its ability to bring you closer to the spirits in your dreams. It is well known to induce lucid dreams with prophetic and enlightening visions. Using Uvuma-omhlope as part of your regular night time schedule will ensure dreams to remember!


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Klip Dagga | Leonotis nepetifolia

Klip Dagga (Leonotis nepetifolia) grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, India, and Latin America. The dried leaves and flowers of Klip Dagga induce a relaxing and mildly euphoric effect.


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