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Auto Seeds is a seedbank from Spain that has spent recent years focussing on developing the best feminized autoflowering strains possible. They serve growers who love to maintain great control over their plants, and growers who want amazing results in a short time period, and in smaller spaces.

By combining award-winning strains with autoflowering genetics, they have created strains that guarantee both a generous harvest, as well as the best-quality cannabis. The variety provided by the seedbank, combined with the superb quality of their premium genetics proves that Auto Seeds delivers a great product for the small price you pay!

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Auto Pounder (Auto Seeds) feminized

By crossing their original dwarf plant, Auto #1, with two established, high yielding and potent strains - Big Bud and Power Plant - breeders from Auto Seeds managed to improve the harvest of their AutoFem strain. Get 600 g from square meter after just 70 to 80 days with Auto Pounder!

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Hijack (Auto Seeds) feminized

Trying to improve something that is already perfect is not an easy task. The breeders at Auto Seeds took two famous strains with a number of dedicated users and tried to make an autoflowering, feminized strain with characteristics of both, but quicker. Tried, and succeed. Hijack!

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Trans Siberian (Auto Seeds) feminized

One of the strongest autoflowering strains ever developed. Mixing Auto #1 (Lowryder and Ruderalis) genes with the White Russian (AK-47 and White Widow), notorious for its unbelievably high THC content, exceeding 20%, had to produce a killer weed. With Auto Seeds feminized Trans Siberian you can have the same powerful marijuana faster.

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Candy Kush (Auto Seeds) feminized

The feminized Candy Kush by Auto Seeds is a sweet little, yet big yielding, autoflowering variety with a high resistance to mold and pests. The plants have a short and sturdy, bushy growth structure and stay as little as 50-60cm indoors, but they produce a generous amount of highly potent weed. The smoke has a deliciously sweet taste and will knock you out - ideal for chilling.

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Sucker Punch (Auto Seeds) feminized

Sucker Punch is an autoflowering knockout. It’s a crossing between a Pre98 elite cutting of Bubba Kush and Candy Kush, one of Auto Seeds' best sellers. It goes without saying that potency is at remarkable levels, but it’s also the versatility and basic growing traits that make Sucker Punch a very good choice. Plants will stay compact, with heights of 60-80cm. Ready for harvest in 65-70...

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Dreamberry (Auto Seeds) feminized

Combining the medicinal power of Blue Dream with the succulent and mouth-watering flavours of Berry Ryder, Dreamberry is a one-way ticket to fruity sedation. She packs a powerful punch, rocketing the mind while easing the body into a strong buzz. Dreamberry is also a great producer, having the potential to yield 350g/m² and go from seed to harvest in 70-75 days.

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Auto Chemdog (Auto Seeds) Feminized

Auto Chemdog is a feminized autoflowering hybrid strain by Auto Seeds. As many other Auto Seeds creations, Auto Chemdog has excellent growing traits—a lifespan of 60–65 days and an average yield of 280–350g/m². The strain can be fully appreciated once smoked. The high is a mind-altering experience with a strong reflexive cerebral effect, followed by full body relaxation.

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GG#4 Auto (Auto Seeds) feminized

A killer taste, ludicrous resin production and sky-high THC levels: The famed GG#4 is now available as a fully stabilized autoflower, making her one of the most powerful autoflowering strains in existence. Indica lovers, get ready for a knockout punch: This super-easy and fast-growing legend won’t disappoint!

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Girl Scout Cookies (Auto Seeds) feminized

Auto Seeds selected some of the world’s best GSC mothers and combined them with the insanely potent MiG 29 to make this phenomenal autoflowering variety of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies. She delights with a sweet candy taste and with no-less than 24% of THC makes for a heavy-hitting euphoric high that turns into incredible relaxation. Medicinal users like her for her mood-enhancing...

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