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Top 3 Hybrid Vaporizers

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Hybrid vaporizers are the next generation of vape evolution. It’s no longer a contest between conduction and convection vaporizers. These 21st century vapes are powered by synergy. In this blog, we breakdown hybrid vapes and take a look at 3 classy models.


When it comes to contemporary vaporizers, be they desktop devices or portable units, the two most common heating systems are conduction and convection. In ordinary decent stoner terms, conduction vapes were first to hit the market and operate by sort of “cooking” your cannabis in direct contact with a heating element. The convection vape, however, is more modern and operates by flowing hot air around your cannabis, rather than it being in direct contact with the heat source.

In reality, the best kind of vaporizer is neither a conduction vape nor a convection vape. It’s both. Instead of weighing the pros and cons of the two heating systems and choosing one over the other, there is a third option. Choose a vaporizer that gives you the best of both worlds.


What’s A Hybrid Vaporizer?

A hybrid vaporizer essentially runs a 2-in-1 heating system. There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding the use of the term hybrid. A vape that can handle dried herbs, concentrates, and oils is a really functional vaporizer, but not a true technological hybrid. The Fenix Hybrid Vaporizer can vape all kinds of cannabis, but is actually a convection vape. Similarly, the Boundless CF Hybrid is also a fantastic, multi-use vape for flowers and extracts. But the big difference is it utilises both conduction and convection heating. Therefore, it's a true hybrid.

To be classed as a genuine hybrid vape, the device must have a combined conduction and convection heating system; kind of similar to how petrol-electric engine cars are called hybrids.


Why Choose A Hybrid Vape?

The obvious reason to choose a hybrid vape is to get more bang from your bud. Hybrid vaporizers heat up fast and deliver a pure draw without the hassle of tinkering with the unit every couple minutes. Conduction vapes usually require the buds to be stirred after a few hits, and every now and then, they combust. Some convection vapes, on the other hand, can take forever to reach the optimal temperature and are hard to draw from. Legacy system vapes can be awkward to use, bringing more frustration than relief - especially when they refuse to cooperate or deliver a decent draw for no good reason at all.

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A hybrid vape is headache-free in comparison. Vaping is not supposed to be a chore. If you want a enjoyable vaping experience every time, you need to upgrade to next-gen technology. The 2-in-1 heating system of hybrid vaporizers is what separates them from all the rest. These babies are in a league of their own. Expect rapid heating and consistently flavoursome vapor from the latest hybrids.


To make the cut for our top three, these hybrid vapes had to be uber-functional, reliable, and pretty cool looking too. All three of our picks are user-friendly, portable hybrid vapes that you can enjoy at home or out and about. Now, without further adieu, let’s get down to our top 3 hybrid vapes.


G-Pen Elite Hybrid Vaporizer

G-Pen Elite is discreet, well-engineered, and a must-have for the stoner on-the-go. This little gem is the definitive portable weed vape. If you love to vape buds and want a clean, consistent, cloudy draw every time, you need G-Pen Elite. Although it’s an ultra-compact, portable hybrid, it can still carry a healthy quantity of grinded ganja. Pack a load up to 0.75g. Plus, this handy unit’s functions include easy temperature adjustment.

G-Pen Elite is the pocket-sized hybrid vaporizer that can go anywhere. It even comes with a handy USB charger. Best of all, it’s bargain priced. If you are a vaping novice and don’t want to get burned by overpriced vape pens, the G-Pen Elite is a much cooler alternative.


Mighty Hybrid Vaporizer

The Mighty by Storz & Bickel is a top of the line portable hybrid. This is the company that brought us the Volcano, so they have a proven track record for innovative vapes. If you want to enjoy the finest dry herb vaping experience, this is the vape for you. The Mighty has a compact, slim-line design so it can fit in your pocket. Moreover, it’s comfortable to hold and even vibrates when you switch it on. Furthermore, the cooling system is really unique and ensures vapor is maintained at the optimal temperature for a smooth draw, every time.

Mighty is stoner-friendly too, with an easy-to-operate LED display. You can dial-in precise heating temperatures to the degree. Best of all, you can literally vape continuously for up to 3 hours as the pack includes two lithium-ion batteries. This hybrid vape is jam-packed with the latest technology, yet is still completely stoner-friendly to even the most technophobic users. For a pure, pleasant vaping experience, this portable hybrid is our top choice.


Boundless CFX Hybrid Vaporizer

The Boundless CFX is one of the most versatile and eye-catching hybrid vaporizers on the market. This incredibly functional and cool vape has a huge LED display and durable feel. What really makes this vape special is that it’s a hybrid in every sense of the word. The Boundless CFX is triple banging; just pack loads of herbs, concentrates, or resins, and vape away.

Although the Boundless CFX is a little too large to fit in your pocket, it’s compact enough to toss in a backpack or handbag. You are gonna want to take this masterpiece everywhere. Aside from the envy of other stoners, this piece provides a real high-performance experience and heats-up up in 20 seconds or less. The Boundless CFX also has an impressive chamber capacity and provides a great draw with large or small loads. If you want to vape it all, you need a reliable device that’s easy to operate. The Boundless CFX ranks as the best in mid-priced hybrid vapes.

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