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Microdosing refers to taking a minuscule dose of a substance and consuming it relatively frequently throughout the day. Often people microdose with some cannabis concentrates, to feel medicated throughout the day instead of getting super baked for 3 hours and then falling asleep. Microdosing with magic mushrooms is also practised. Many people note some physical alleviations from microdosing shrooms without getting mad hallucinations.

People microdose for a variety of reasons, which can be divided into medicinal, recreational and even spiritual purposes. Microdosing can be done in a variety of ways. Small doses of a substance can be placed in capsules, added to tea, food, or simply ingested, vaporized, or smoked directly.

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Psychedelic Microdosing Pack

Unlock your true potential with the mind-opening qualities of psilocybin. Experience a controlled and regulated improvement in creativity, productivity, and problem-solving. By using the Psychedelic Microdosing Pack, the only limitation is your imagination, not the adverse side effects heavy doses of psychedelics can inflict.


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Capsule Machine

Need to swallow something unpalatable? You can custom mix ingredients (powdered herbs, vitamins - even oils) and then en-capsulate them with this handy device. Avoids use of binders or excipients (used for bulking concentrated substances). Be careful: Only use the corresponding size capsules.


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Gelatine Capsules

No preservatives or additives, just pure (beef) gelatine and water, these capsules are also halal/kosher. Available in Size '1', '0' and size '00'. Size "00" holds about 740 mg. Size "0" size holds about 500 mg. Size "1" holds about 400 mg. They all work with the capsule machines.


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Vegetarian Capsules

No preservatives or additives, just pure vegetable cellulose (HPMC) and water, these capsules are also halal/kosher as well as free of animal products. Available in Size '1', ‘0’ and size '00'. Size "00" holds about 740 mg. Size "0" size holds about 500 mg. Size "1" holds about 400 mg. They all work with the capsule machines.


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Stashbox Tightvac 0.12L

The TightVac MiniVac is an excellent container to store your spices or herbs and keep them fresh. Also suitable for jewellery (protection from tarnishing), vitamins, pills and even saffron! Brilliant for travelling, but also useful for storing small things at home; pins, needles, coins, beads or other small objects that can get lost around the house. Available in various colours.


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Scale On Balance CT-250 (50 x 0.001g)

Diamonds are a girl's best friends. Aye, and a good scale is a stoners delight. The On Balance Carat Scale CT-250 is equipped with a leveling bubble and adjustable feet for ultra accurate results. Utilizes a big back-lit LCD display and operates on 2 AA batteries (included). Comes in a carrying case and with tweezers, plus 20g & 50g calibration weighs. 50g x 0.001g.


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One of the most essential accessories when working with fungi is a scalpel, preferably a sterile one like this. You can use it to cut out live tissue from a fruit-body or to scrape spores from the foil. As with all potentially dangerous tools, keep out of reach of minors and pets.


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Syringe (empty)

Empty syringes to make your own spore syringes with. Syringes and needles are sterile and packed separately. Available in 2 sizes; 5 and 10 ml. Syringes can be re-used again and again, but sterilize them first for a period of 15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker (not longer).


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When working with spore prints it's important to work as clean as possible. Tweezers are the perfect tool for picking up or taking out a spore print out of the zipbag.


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Stashbox Tightvac

Hide your goodies from prying eyes and noses. The Tightvac gives plenty of storage room for herbs, tea, coffee or what ever smelly substances you might carry around or want to hide.


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Magic Truffle Grinder

Magic truffles are an acquired taste, to say the least. Chomping down on them releases the flavor molecules, and if you are sensitive to the taste, you might find chewing your truffles to be quite a task. This Magic Truffle Grinder made by Zamnesia will solve that issue with a quick twist.


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Information About Microdosing

Information About Microdosing

Microdosing refers to taking a minuscule dose of a substance and consuming it relatively frequently throughout the day. Often, people microdose with cannabis concentrates to feel elevated throughout the day instead of getting super baked for three hours and falling asleep. Microdosing with magic mushrooms is also practised. Many people note some physical alleviation when microdosing shrooms, without experiencing any hallucinations.

People microdose for a variety of reasons, which can be divided into therapeutic, recreational, and even spiritual purposes. Microdosing can be done in a variety of ways. Small doses of a substance can be placed in capsules, added to tea and food, vaporized, or smoked.

Information About Microdosing

Information About Microdosing

Microdosing is a term you'll see frequently when traversing the world of psychedelic and psychoactive drugs. Some people use microdosing as a means of easing themselves into trying a new drug, as it allows them to monitor the effects before they work out a potentially higher dose.

Others look to microdose small amounts of magic mushrooms, truffles, or other psychedelic drugs as a way to potentially enhance focus, concentration, or performance. However or whatever you're looking to microdose, it's obviously important to get all of the facts. With that in mind, we've put together this handy guide that will cover not only the reasons people microdose, but the extensive online communities behind it, and how/when to microdose.

What Is Microdosing?

What Is Microdosing?

Before we get into when and how to microdose, it's best to obtain an understanding of what it is. Microdosing is the practice of taking a tiny amount of psychedelics or psychoactive drugs, typically around 1/20th of the usual recreational dose. The ingestion of small doses of drugs, without the intention of getting the user high, has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. There are many creative types, as well as business professionals, who microdose to enhance inspiration, concentration, or merely to boost focus and sharpen the senses.

While the possible effects of microdosing psychedelics are hotly disputed, and scientific research in this field is quite limited, there are many users who swear by the practice and take tiny doses a number of times a week, usually once every three days.

Microdosing began as a niche practice amongst young professionals in places such as Silicon Valley. Not too dissimilar to other perceived fads such as yoga, word has since spread, with more and more people learning about microdosing psychedelics and wanting to try it out for themselves.

There are many reasons as to why people microdose: It can be to increase overall well-being, to enhance recreational pursuits, or even for spiritual purposes. While microdosing can be as simple as trimming off a tiny section from a magic mushroom, truffle, or piece of LSD, there is more of a fine science behind the process. Microdosing is not just limited to one method of intake, with many creating their own homemade capsules, adding their microdoses to food or drink, or merely smoking or vaporizing their chosen substance.

The possibilities are truly endless and will really depend on the user, their preferences, and the drug itself. While microdosing has not yet found a prominent place in the field of scientific research, there are many users who have taken it upon themselves to create online communities where first-hand knowledge of microdosing can be shared.

Increased Awareness Due to Reddit Communities

Increased Awareness Due to Reddit Communities

Not just a place to share memes and pictures of your food, Reddit has fast become one of the foremost information hubs for those interested in microdosing. Practising or not. But it wasn't always this way. Indeed, Reddit has played a prominent part in increasing awareness surrounding psychedelics in general. From anecdotal testimonials on recommended mushroom doses to potential side effects and even online studies, the microdosing community on this platform has gone from strength to strength.

With subreddits (such as www.reddit.com/r/microdosing) having more than 124,000 active members, these pages have become a meeting place for those looking to gain and impart knowledge. Though microdosing hasn’t received much formal scientific attention, the information shared on Reddit allows for more candid and personal experiences.

With the ability to share photos of homemade capsules, edibles, and other ways to microdose, you can even find recipes and instructions to make your own at home. Although the legal implications, restrictions, and complications regarding some of the substances vary from country to country, the community is still rife with members all looking for the best way to microdose.

The topic of psychedelics and their impact on mental health has long been a point of discussion amongst users, as well as those involved in clinical research. A common theme explored on microdosing subreddits is the extent to which different individuals experience improved mood and well-being as a result of the practice. Some rave about it, while others state they’ve experienced no changes—all viewpoints are noted on the platform to form a more comprehensive view of how microdosing affects different people.

These subreddits also offer an easy way to access information about psychedelics in general, as well as the culture behind microdosing, making them the perfect jumping-off point for those looking to take their first steps into microdosing. While it is important to note that the information doesn't necessarily come from medical professionals, the freedom to read personal statements and testimonials has only encouraged users looking to experiment with microdosing. Other websites, such as Erowid, also offer first-hand experiences and reviews.

Reasons to Microdose Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

Reasons to Microdose Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

There are many reasons as to why people decide to venture into microdosing. While the outcomes may vary between each user, there are a few key motives for trying microdosing.

Increase Energy

Many people are searching for a way to increase their energy levels, outside of more conventional means such as coffee and energy drinks. Microdosing has begun to hit its stride in this regard, with many reporting increased energy after ingesting a small amount of psychedelics a few times a week.

Enhance Creativity

Microdosing amongst the creative community is hugely popular, with all manner of artists and musicians citing microdosing as a way to feed their mind as well as their creative process. Magic mushrooms and creativity have long gone hand in hand, with many relying on psychedelic hallucinations and euphoria to “clear the path” to their art. This is an area that has received a lot of attention on various subreddits.

Boost Concentration

For those looking to cram those revision sessions in before an exam, there is an increasing number of people microdosing in hopes of boosting concentration and productivity. This is not only among academics, but those in high-pressure jobs who need to meet tight deadlines and work long hours.

Address Psychological/Physical Symptoms

As noted, the link between psychedelics and health is one that is rife with controversy and intrigue. With clinical research on the matter still in its infancy, many are turning to anecdotal information to gain a better idea of the effectiveness of microdosing for psychological and physical issues. Of course, those looking to address mental or physical symptoms should not look exclusively to microdosing for relief. That said, this is certainly an area people want to learn more about, regardless of where they currently stand on microdosing.

Enhance Mood

Enhance Mood - microdosing

Another recurring theme amongst those that have taken microdoses is the impact it's had on their mood. This is arguably one of the main reasons people venture into microdosing, with plenty of anecdotal reviews. You won’t have to search long to find people claiming that their mood is consistently lifted thanks to microdosing. As mentioned, however, this topic is commonly disputed as some do not experience any change in mood, which breeds some scepticism. However, it is still a popular reason behind microdosing.


With information being so readily available and various substances being easily accessible, there are bound to be some people who try microdosing simply out of curiosity. If this sounds like you, always be sure to do your due diligence before undertaking any psychoactive or psychedelic experience.

There is certainly a bevvy of candid accounts and reviews online trying to sway people away from these substances, but don’t let the fear-mongering turn you off either. It’s just about being cautious and informed. With that in mind, microdosing can be used to enhance certain recreational activities, such as distance running, social situations, and camping.

Silicon Valley Style Microdosing

Silicon Valley Style Microdosing

Taking the above reasons for microdosing into account, it’s not just the average person looking to do it. The trend has its roots in Northern California’s Silicon Valley, the hub of giant corporations such as Google, Tesla, and Apple. High-profile leaders in these companies, such as Elon Musk and even Steve Jobs, have often spoken about their fondness for microdosing and how it allows them to think “outside the box” when it comes to designing new products or undertaking new ideas. Steve Jobs would often call out rival Bill Gates on his unimaginative work and stated that he should try microdosing to unlock his full potential.

Although starting as an underground practice, the Silicon Valley style of microdosing has risen to prominence, as today there are more and more influential figures speaking out on the subject. This has even led to other well-known people, such as popular podcast host Joe Rogan, voicing his support and advocating for the practice. With many high-profile guests on his show sharing experiences and anecdotes, this has only added to the rise in popularity of this practice.

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Microdosing Psychedelics And Cannabis

Many professionals working in the Silicon Valley area, or adopting a Valley-like mindset, rely on their doses of psilocybin every three days to give them that creative and focused edge to perform better at their jobs. As is the way in America, some even hire their own psychedelic trip coaches, a service that costs roughly $2,000 a month, with the coach acting as more of a personal trainer. Although the practice started in Silicon Valley, it’s abundantly clear that, despite its spread, it hasn’t lost its foothold in its hometown.

What to Expect After Taking a Psilocybin Microdose

What To Expect After Taking A Psilocybin Microdose

As discussed, the popularity of microdosing owes a great deal to word of mouth anecdotes, reviews, and perspectives. This, in turn, has also unfortunately led to some unrealistic and unfounded expectations. However, it is important to remember that each person will have their own experience when it comes to microdosing. So, before undertaking, it's best to clear your head, keep your expectations in check, and fully commit yourself to preparing as best as you can.

There are many different potential effects of microdosing, from increased concentration to enhanced creativity. But, again, these are not guaranteed when microdosing psilocybin mushrooms, or any other substance for that matter. You may find that you don't feel any different after your first few doses. After all, the potential effects are supposed to be minor due to the minimal dose and the intention not to get high or trip.

Those looking for an instant, long-lasting, and deep high are sure to be disappointed by microdosing. So make it clear to yourself before starting your microdosing journey what it is exactly you're looking for.

While the effects may not be instant, they may be something the user picks up on as they continue a steady microdosing regime. There are some tried and tested schedules to follow when microdosing that will ensure you have the best experience possible.

After taking a psilocybin microdose, it is common to perceive an increase in energy and focus, with many users taking their microdose first thing in the morning for that extra boost that coffee just does not provide. According to first-hand reports, there has even been a rise in middle-aged people microdosing for this very reason. Having that additional energy and focus for work or duties at home, or feeling more attentive and positive around family members, are common reasons people in this age group choose to start the practice. Many attest to the positive impact psilocybin microdosing has had on their daytoday lives.

Popular Substances Used For Microdosing

While the practice of microdosing is often centred around psilocybin mushrooms, there are many other recreational, psychoactive, and psychedelic drugs that can all be microdosed. However, all of these have their own effects and methods of preparation and ingestion. When it comes to choosing what to microdose, it really comes down to your preferences and what benefits you are looking for. Each one of the following substances has a strong following online, with many being the subject of formal theses as well as more candid reviews.


Made from the lysergic acid found on the fungus that grows on rye, LSD is available in a wide variety of formats. From tablets and gelatine squares to small pieces of paper, LSD is simple to divide into microdoses and easy to ingest. Users that microdose LSD have described the experience as giving them a boost of energy and focus, as well as a tremendous sense of well-being. Some even state that the feeling is similar to having “gotten enough sleep and eaten well”. While LSD has strong connections to the psychedelic 60s and hippie culture, it has since found its place within microdosing.

Magic Mushrooms

As mentioned, psilocybin mushrooms are often people's first venture into microdosing. They are versatile and can be eaten as they are or dried and ground into a powder, then brewed into a tea or placed into homemade capsules. Because of this flexibility in preparation, the doses can be easily worked out so users know exactly how much they're ingesting—all with the help of some scales, of course! The general experience of those who microdose mushrooms is that, once ingested, they perceive an increase in focus and energy. This is coupled with a boost in mood and general well-being.

Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles

Very similar to mushrooms, magic truffles are also an extremely popular and flexible option when it comes to microdosing. They have the same effects as their mushroom counterpart, so you will have a good idea of what to expect if you’ve already microdosed mushrooms. Those who have ingested magic truffles have noted benefits such as increased creativity and energy, and heightened focus.


As the primary alkaloid in cacti such as peyote, San Pedro, and Peruvian torch, mescaline is a psychedelic like no other. In higher doses, users can experience an altered state of consciousness as well as dream-like hallucinations. Mescaline was also traditionally used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies in the Southwest United States, so this is one to experience with caution and respect.

However, in small doses, the benefits of mescaline include enhanced mood, mental clarity and focus, as well as increased motivation. It can be ingested in a variety of ways, such as making a powder from dried peyote, brewing a tea, or simply chewing on fresh raw cactus. While the flavour is an acquired taste, there is nothing stopping you from adding something to sweeten it.



Whether it's smoked, eaten, or vaped, cannabis is another option for those venturing into microdosing. While it's not a psychedelic like the drugs mentioned above, cannabis still has its merits amongst the microdosing community. Many cite its potential to improve mood, boost creativity, and promote relaxation.


As the main hallucinogen found in ayahuasca, DMT is often procured in powdered form. This powder can then be ingested by either smoking it or brewing it into a tea. It's commonly reported that DMT is fast-acting, with many users feeling the effects within seconds. This makes it an extremely potent hallucinogen if taken in higher doses. Those who have microdosed DMT state it can promote positive feelings and an increase in concentration and focus.



Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew native to South America. Ayahuasca contains the previously mentioned DMT and offers similarly high potency and strong hallucinogenic effects when ingested in regular doses. However, in a microdosing setting, the effects, while still noticeable, are reported to encourage feelings of openness and increased emotional sensitivity.

However, some users experience sensations that make both physical and mental tasks a lot harder to undertake. So, perhaps those looking to study or potentially increase their concentration at work may not want to look to ayahuasca as their primary microdosing substance. Given the complexity of how it’s prepared, most people looking to microdose will simply go for an easier option.


Derived from the iboga plant, ibogaine is a naturally occurring substance that offers strong psychoactive and hallucinogenic effects when ingested. Ibogaine is the most uncommon drug to microdose due to the difficulty of obtaining it. Taken as a powder, ibogaine can be added to food or drink when microdosing. Those that have ingested it report effects such as introspective feelings and a heightened sense of clarity and thoughtfulness. Some users have stated that these feelings made them feel slightly more introverted, and they did not seek conversation or activities with others.


With strong links to anaesthesia, many are turning to ketamine for the potential benefits it can bring in very small quantities. Although ketamine has strong connotations as a party drug, those who have experienced microdosing ketamine claim it considerably improves the user's mood and also has the ability to ease the nerves. Some users even claim there are physically soothing properties with ketamine too. However, this is greatly disputed.

Effects of Microdosing Psychedelics

Effects Of Microdosing Psychedelics

It's plain to see that there are many different types of microdosing substances available. Whether used for their psychedelic or psychoactive properties, their effects are varied and unique. In terms of the potential benefits of microdosing, there are both short-term and long-term aspects to consider. And, while the research behind the impact of microdosing is still in its early days, there are still effects to be noted. 


As there are many different types of substances that can be microdosed, they all have unique abilities and potential, with many online communities attesting to this. These benefits include improved focus and concentration, increased energy and stimulation, mindfulness, social benefits, optimism, and an overall improved mood. Many artists also turn to microdosing for its short-term benefits on creativity.

While some users may feel these benefits almost immediately after their first microdose, it can take days or even weeks for others to feel any kind of change. The short-term effects can be subtle and potentially unnoticeable at the beginning of a microdosing regime.


Although the recommended course of microdosing only lasts for roughly a month, complete with a schedule to follow, many find themselves occasionally turning to microdosing as a way to “top up” the effects when they need to. Users who have experienced positive effects often state that these benefits last well beyond the last dose. The enhanced mood and concentration can be perceived weeks and months after a course of microdosing, similar to how many people experience post-trip clarity and mindfulness after a regular dose of psychedelics.

Those that microdose frequently state there are no long-term or short-term side effects associated with the practice, and daily functions such as appetite and quality of sleep are unaffected. However, this can be down to a couple of factors, such as the amount taken and the consistency of dosing. While some users may turn to microdosing as a means to address significant physiological or interpersonal issues in their lives, the effectiveness of this is unfounded, and the practice of microdosing should not be seen as a treatment for any affliction.

Another point to note is that those who microdose over a long period of time often state that their interest in and use of other stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco are greatly diminished.

How to Microdose Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

How to Microdose Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

Okay, so you've made the decision that you'd like to try microdosing. Great! That's technically the first step. What follows is a short guide on everything you'll need, not only to get yourself started with microdosing, but also to get the most out of your experience. At the same time, it may take a little trial and error for you to initially find the right dose, and perhaps even the right substance.

However, there is plenty of help readily available online, should you require additional information. Below, we'll be taking a look at what you need to prepare mushrooms and truffles for microdosing.

What You Need to Get Started

There are a few things you will need before you get started on a course of microdosing. Don't worry if you don't quite know how you'd like to consume your dose just yet. With psilocybin mushrooms, there are many different ways you can ingest them. Some of the most common include creating capsules or administering your dose through food or drink. Fortunately, whichever option you choose, you'll find the task simple and rewarding. Being able to prepare your whole month's worth of microdoses is something that can be done with relative ease.

Home-Grown or Bought?

Home-Grown Or Bought? - microdosing

This factor boils down to a couple of different areas—one being the legal situation in your country, and the other being your skill with home-grow projects. If the selling of truffles is permitted in your country, you'll have no problems acquiring them. Simply visit your local head shop, and you'll find them with no fuss. Same goes for online purchases too; the freedom of being able to order truffles to your front door offers some discretion for those looking to remain clandestine.

You can also look to purchase mushroom home-grow kits that are available in a wide range of strains. All come ready to grow in their own trays, and it's just a case of following some easy instructions to get the most out of your flushes. You might be surprised at just how quickly you'll see growth, with some strains ready to harvest in a matter of 7–14 days. Whether store-bought or home-grown, the task of acquiring mushrooms and truffles is undoubtedly easier than it has ever been.

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Once you've got your mushrooms, whether these are home-grown and dried or bought pre-dried, you're going to want to grind them down into more manageable doses. While it's possible to just cut a sliver off your mushrooms and dose that way, it's definitely not the most accurate way of doing so. Being able to manage your mushroom dose in powder form will give you more options on how you can use them.

While the stoner in you may want to instinctively reach for your humble weed grinder, this will unfortunately not do the trick as the blend will be too thick for correct consumption. Instead, many prefer to use a coffee grinder or even a pestle and mortar to get the finest blend possible. Both of these options will certainly make short work of those dried mushrooms, giving you a powder that's ready to weigh and use as you please.



This is arguably the most important tool in your microdosing kit. Being able to measure out your doses accurately will give you peace of mind that you're only allowing yourself the required amount. While, by all means, you can use your kitchen scale, there are plenty of high-quality and reasonably priced scales designed for this very task. These scales are often portable—ideal for those looking to microdose while travelling or away working, for example. Offering pinpoint accuracy, many scales provide measurements as accurate as 1/1000 of a gram. This allows users to measure out exact quantities each time, and lets them start with minimal amounts before increasing the dose.


Even outside of using them for microdosing, homemade capsules have definitely seen a massive rise in popularity over recent years. Now that you've measured out your powdered mushrooms, they can be placed into capsules for easy consumption when you need them.

While the powder can be added to food and drink with ease, the taste of mushrooms and truffles is often an acquired one. Being able to wash down your capsule with a glass of water forgoes any potential flavour complaints. Traditionally, gel caps and fillable capsules were only available in animal gelatine varieties. However, for vegans, alternative versions are now available to purchase.

Making use of capsules is a viable option for all, regardless of dietary requirements. With a capsule machine, you'll be surprised just how easy it is to make them. Load in your capsule and fill with your dose of powder, press down, and the sealed capsule will drop out. It really is as easy as that. No mess, and certainly no potentially unpalatable flavours giving you a shock when taking your capsule early in the morning.

Storage Container

Storing your microdose-ready mushrooms and truffles could not be a more straightforward task. A simple plastic container will serve as a handy storage option for them. Placing them in a cool, dark, and dry area will keep them fresh for a long time. It may be tempting to put them in the fridge alongside your groceries, but this is not a good idea for a few reasons. The moisture in the fridge will turn your perfectly dried fungus moist and tacky. Also, keeping psychedelics in a communal place could potentially lead to some unwanted hands getting hold of your prepared microdoses. Those with children will want to be extremely wary of this and store their mushrooms or truffles correctly.

Instructions for Microdosing Magic Truffles

Instructions for Microdosing Magic Truffles

Once you have sourced the equipment you need to microdose, it is just a case of choosing your magic truffles. A simple search on Zamnesia's Shroomshop will give you a clear indication of the types available, their potency, and effects. As soon as you have them, you're ready to go. You have the easy option of grinding them into a powder to put into capsules or sprinkle into drinks such as smoothies. Many users will begin with a dose of 0.1g as a starting point. Then, by following a regimen and noting any effects, they can increase accordingly.

Instructions for Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Instructions for Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

The process of microdosing magic mushrooms is very similar to that of truffles. Whether home-grown or bought, the mushrooms will need to be dried before use. This can easily be achieved by placing them on paper towels and letting them dry naturally. Some prefer to use a desiccant made from Epsom salt (which works very much the same as the silica gel packets you find in delivery boxes) that will absorb any additional moisture in the surrounding air.

Dried mushrooms will reduce in weight and size and will begin to look shrivelled. This is the time to grind them into a fine powder for use. Once ground, the same starting point of 0.1g applies for mushrooms.

When to Microdose Magic Mushrooms or Truffles?

When To Microdose Magic Mushrooms Or Truffles?

Unlike with the usual vitamins and supplements, it is not recommended to microdose every day. Rather, it’s encouraged to follow a schedule that will help you get the most out of your chosen substance. Renowned psychologist Dr James Fadiman, who has devoted his life to extensive research into the field of psychedelics, designed a regimen for microdosing that is still used to this very day. Although some more experienced users may wish to adapt to their own needs, as a rule of thumb, those new to microdosing should follow it to a tee to achieve the best possible first experience.

So, how does this regimen work? The recommended schedule is to microdose once every three days for roughly one month. Basically, you'll have two days off between each dose. The reason for this is down to the length of potential benefits microdosing will have.

Fadiman states, “After reading a lot of reports and talking to a lot of people, the effects were lasting up to two days”. This break in between taking psychedelics will also counter the body’s ability to build up a tolerance against them.

It is also essential to keep track of the effects you are feeling. If you think that you're feeling slightly higher than you would like, reduce the dose, but also increase where necessary. There is certainly no official rule book when it comes to microdosing, and experiences can vary between each user—so there is no shame in tailoring it to your preferences.

In terms of what time of day to take the microdose, Fadiman advises on ingesting no later than 10 am, as taking it any later may make it harder to fall asleep due to the potential energy-boosting properties. He also suggests that “People should keep to their daily schedule: work, leisure, meals, medications, exercise”.

After the initial month of microdosing, most users will continue, but in a much more sporadic way (where they only take a small dose on occasion). Microdosing should certainly not be looked at as a constant fixture in someone's life. As the saying goes, “less is more”, and that is certainly the case with microdosing.

How Long Does a Microdose Last?

How Long Does A Microdose Last?

The effects of a full dose of psychedelics can last for roughly 6–8 hours with mushrooms and truffles, whereas, with LSD, effects last for slightly longer at 8–10 hours. However, with microdoses, the duration is dramatically diminished, with the potential effects being felt for around 4 hours with mushrooms and truffles, and around 5 hours with LSD. Again, it is worth noting that the effects will be different with each user. Some may feel them; some may not notice anything until a few weeks into their regimen, while others may not feel any difference at all.

In terms of keeping a microdosing schedule over months or years, it is typically advised to wait at least one month after a full microdosing cycle before starting again. During this time, you can reflect on your experience and determine whether you need to increase or decrease your dose, or keep it the same.

Where to Buy Microdosing Mushrooms and Truffles?

If you're looking for the finest mushrooms and magic truffles in a wide variety of strains, Zamnesia has you covered! From easy-to-grow mushroom kits to psilocybin-packed truffles that are ready to order in handy vacuum-sealed bags, you can look forward to that exceptional Zamnesia quality you have come to expect. But don't take our word for it; much like the microdosing subreddits, there are plenty of customer reviews on each of the products available. This allows you to access first-hand testimonials from those that have tried and tested them.

So head over to Zamnesia's Shroomshop today and check out what's in store. All are available to purchase right now, so there's no better time to start your microdosing journey.