Spannabis 2016 Product Preview: The Grasshopper Vaporizer
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Spannabis 2016 Product Preview: The Grasshopper Vaporizer

2 min
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As vaporizers become more popular, it is ever more important to push the bounds of quality and discretion. That is why we were excited to see the Grasshopper at Spannabis 2016.

Roaming around the stalls of Spannabis, there was one bit of kit that really caught our eye; located in a non-descript stand, without much fanfare or hype, was the grasshopper vaporizer - one of our most anticipated for 2016. Naturally, I was filled with near frivolous delight to get my hands on a working model before they become available here in the EU.

The Grasshopper vaporizer by Hopper Labs plans to revolutionise the vape pen market. Starting life as an Indiegogo campaign, the makers of the Grasshopper made some bold claims about their proposed vape pen – a style of vaporizer not usually capable of competing with the big boys. However, having seen one of these in action, in person, I can safely say that most concerns were put to rest.

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Designed to look like a pen, the Grasshopper has a sleek and discreet modern style. It is a 95% metal construct, with every part of its design feeling meticulously thought out. As such, it felt very reassuring in the hand. Despite the metal, the Grasshopper somehow felt lightweight – certainly much more so than other vaporizers at the top end of the market. It is a highly appealing combination, offering extreme durability without feeling like a burden – perfect for vaping on the go and traveling with. It is just one piece of the puzzle that comes together into a highly discreet and portable design. To top it all off, I was informed that the Grasshopper comes with a lifetime warranty – attesting to Hopper Lab’s confidence in the durability and life of their product.

The Grasshopper is designed for use with loose, dry herb. Opening up the mouthpiece, I was presented with a fairly small herb chamber held away from the heating element with a metal grid. It is not going to last a long session without requiring a refill, but it is ideal for its stealthy purpose. Upon closing it up, I found it was possible to set a precise temperature increment, for a tailored vaping experience. When I turned it on, the heating element reaches a ready to use state in just 5 seconds. It is an incredible heat up time, and made me do a double take at the stand - having to gain clarification from the woman showing me the vape that it was actually ready to use!

In terms of actual vapour production, I was greeted with thick, dense clouds. It was a little hotter than I would have expected, likely owing to the rather compact design, leading to a shorter than usual vapour path. However, considering this is a pen style vape, without any particularly intricate cooling tech, I was suitably impressed – it certainly blows other pen style vapes out of the water.

Messing around with the Grasshopper a little more, I discovered that it contains a high capacity rechargeable battery that can easily be removed and replaced if necessary. The actual charging element is as sleek and fancy as you can get – highly exciting the inner geek within me. Instead of the usual plug in lead, the Grasshopper has a magnetic loop that slots over the ON button. It is very stylish, and while maybe not all that important, it is a beautiful finishing touch to an already design conscious vaporiser.

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Although we are not completely sure on the final pricing yet, Hopper Lab’s have stated that in addition to all of this, the Grasshopper is going to be affordable, potentially making it a serious rival for some of the big boys on the market, like the Mighty or DaVinci Ascent.



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