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DaVinci IQ2

 4/5 (5)

    Kann ich mit bestem Gewissen empfehlen!!!!!!!!!

    M. L.

    Vaporizador iQ2
    Es perfecto y va de maravilla.

    F. .

    Impossibile to use it
    The device became so hot that is almost impossibile to use it and the support from Zamnesia do not replace the product. More over the smoke experience is not so good as expected.

    R. Z.

    Zamnezia is again the place to be for this stuff! DaVinci warranty honored! IQ2 so, so...
    Bought the IQ2 as a replacement for broken IQ (in 10 year warranty). Wanted to sell the replaced/repaired IQ and keep the new IQ2 for myself. The new IQ2 arrive promptly even during COVID So i send the IQ back for repair. Then the IQ got repaired by replacing it with another IQ2. So now i had 2 IQ2. The superbe service at Zamnesia did not ship the replacement, refunded my money for the IQ2, so now I've one IQ2 as replacement for the IQ (3 years old, but still handled by Zamnesia/Da Vinci) Couldn't be more satisfied with Zamnesia, this is why although some products (like IQ2) can be found cheaper elsewhere, i always buy them with Zamnesia because there after service just rocks! The IQ2 itself however has a shortcoming, they widened the path so air can go through easily, which is a good thing, but now small particles of weed also come through, so they installed a minuscule filter in the mouthpieces, this filter gets full and blocked after a few draws, it's also very difficult to clean as the holes are really tiny and the weed really gets in there... Technically you want the resistance to be at the end of the path (exactly where the resistance regulator is). If you draw, then maximal suction is a applied to the whole path. If the mouthpiece filter (start of path) only contains one particle, suction is reduced on the whole path. If it contains two particles you can huff and puff but nothing really happens... Also tried not using the mouthpieces but then you inhale a lot of particles as the path below is widened... On the positive side the 10 year guarantee is unbeatable and really honored by DaVinci/Zamnesia.

    D. W.
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