The Benefits Of Using A Bong
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The Benefits Of Using A Bong

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Bongs are legendary devices that have been used for years to achieve smooth and potent hits of cannabis. They come in many shapes and sizes, from the simple and humble to the ostentatious and complex.


Of all the ways to consume cannabis, the bong is definitely one of the most iconic. These devices come in many shapes and sizes, from the simple to the heavily augmented and enhanced. Varying from plastic tubes to massive rigs featuring ice chambers and incredible glass work, bongs may even provide a healthier way to consume cannabis as compared to spliffs and joints.

Bongs, also called water pipes, typically feature a cylindrical structure with a wide base that holds a quantity of water. The bowl of a pipe emerging from the outside of the bong leads through and breaches the surface of the water. This means, the smoke must first travel through the water before it’s inhaled. This is believed to create a cleaner and healthier smoke. It may also make the hit smoother, and almost certainly provides a therapeutic and nostalgic sound as the water bubbles away.

To use a bong, one simply places the opening of the tube against their mouth, applies a flame to the bowl filled with cannabis, and then gently inhales in order to fill up the tube with smoke. Depending on the type of bong being used, the smoker will then either take the bowl out of the tube, or remove their finger from a small hole on the tube, in order to clear the bong and fill their lungs with smoke. There we have it. Nice and simple.

Bongs are an old-school smoking method that has seen countless adaptations to stay relevant in the modern cannabis scene, and we don’t see them disappearing anytime soon. Here are some of the greatest benefits involved with smoking bongs.



A Bong Is Easy To Use

One of the most appealing aspects of electing to smoke cannabis from a bong is the ease of use. Although some bongs are designed to be extravagant or elegant, the simple mechanism remains the same. They simply require the user to ignite the bowl and inhale from the mouthpiece. Bongs are, in many ways, substantially easier to use than say blunts, spliffs, and joints. They require no rolling process nor external apparatus, except for maybe a mesh screen, a lighter, and some good bud.

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Another benefit of choosing to use bongs are the smooth hits provided by the devices. The smoke from the pipe is transported through a body of water, and sometimes even ice. This may cool down the smoke, leading to a far more satisfying and less harsh inhalation experience.

The water is also believed to filter the smoke in some ways, possibly removing substances that lead to a harsher and less pleasurable hit. The smoothest hits are certainly derived from glass bongs. Not only are they far more aesthetic, they don’t leach any residue into the water and ultimately into your lungs, a risk that may be present with some plastic models out there.


Bongs Will Get You Bigger Hits

Bongs offer an instant high, delivered via massive hits. Think about it like this; if you take a massive nugget of weed, grind it up, and place it within a joint, it may take a good 10–15 minutes to smoke and feel the effects of the THC riding through your bloodstream.

Alternatively, the same quantity of cannabis could be placed in a bong bowl, ignited, and delivered into your body in a single, gargantuan hit. This factor is what draws many people to the bong as a cannabinoid delivery system. The instant high offers somewhat of a rush, and a far cleaner and more satisfying feeling most of the time.

Standard bongs offer this desirable characteristic, however, some models exist that make even bigger and more potent hits obtainable. Models that feature a carb hole enable the air to be sucked out of the bong much more effectively. During the ignition of the bowl and the initial draw, the smoker places a finger over this hole to prevent outside air entering the pipe. Once the bong is full of thick smoke, the smoker releases pressure from this hole, allowing outside air to rush in, clearing out the pipe, and effectively transporting the air into the smoker’s lungs.


Bongs aren’t just for one-off occasions, they can actually last for years if maintained properly. This is especially appealing to those who are environmentally minded, and see the benefit in the reusable nature of the bong. It’s also much more cost-efficient over time. Yes, a nice rig will cost a fair amount at first, but you’ll end up saving scores of cash that would otherwise be spent on countless amounts of papers, blunt wraps, and roach cards.

Bongs are also highly durable pieces of kit. Acrylic models, although susceptible to leaching, are extremely hard to break and can be carried around in a bag to just about anywhere. Glass models are obviously slightly more delicate and can be smashed if subject to significant impact.

However, if treated correctly, they won’t break down on you, and can last many years. To make them last longer, bongs need to be cleaned and looked after regularly. However, this task can be made easy with products out there made especially for this purpose such as brushes, cleaners, and solutions.


Bongs Are Eye Candy

When bongs aren’t being loaded up with bud and used as a vessel for THC, they can literally double-up as an ornamental piece. Okay, small plastic varieties might not be the most elegant, but large glass rigs are usually visually stunning. Many smokers will choose a podium for their piece when it isn’t being used, perhaps on showcase in a cabinet or upon a mantlepiece. High-end bongs pretty much serve as functional and interactive art pieces. Some are sold for thousands of dollars to collectors and enthusiasts, and it’s fair to say that some of these are never smoked through, but simply admired.

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Pimped Bongs And Their Benefits

Much like cars, there are many different modifications that can be made to bongs in order to enhance their performance and improve upon their purpose. One such modification is a percolator, as seen in the Glass Herb and Oil Bong by Black Leaf. There are numerous types of percolators out there on the market, yet they all function in a very similar way. They are basically filtration chambers. They act to rapidly cool the temperature of the smoke, resulting in a far cooler and smoother hit. They also break up the smoke into smaller particles and are stated to filter out some of the carcinogenic content.

Multi-chambered bongs are another example of potential modifications and upgrades that can be made to these devices. Multi-chambered bongs are used to cool down the smoke even further and thus, provide smooth hits of smoke.

Ice chambers are another popular modification. As could be guessed, ice chambers store ice cubes, which the smoke brushes past as it is drawn up the bong. This cools the smoke rapidly.

Ash catchers are also useful mods. They help to provide smoother hits, and also make the cleaning process far easier when the time comes. Ash catchers are effectively miniature water pipes that fit on the rig between the bowl and the rig itself. They serve to intercept ash and resin from clogging up your bong.


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