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The Difference Between Bongs and Dab Rigs

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At this point, we'd be surprised if you have never heard of a bong. Many of us have one of our own, or at least have taken a big rip or two. Then again, dab rigs are all the hype now, but not everyone is familiar with them. Let’s take a look at the differences between bongs and dab rigs.

Sure, most of us know what a bong is. Many among us boast a prized piece of our own, or at least have some bong ripping experience. This vessel has been used to smoke the herb since, well, forever and still represents one of the greatest products on the market.

But now, stoners are boasting about a new accessory blowing the minds of smokers everywhere: dab rigs. Both bongs and dab rigs are pipes constructed from glass made to streamline the process of consuming cannabis. However, there are some notable differences you need to know if you want to be a well-versed connoisseur. Read on to learn the benefits of bongs and dab rigs.


Bong Vs. Dab Rig

Perhaps the starkest difference between bongs and dab rigs is what you smoke with them. The former relies on cured, dry herb like you would put inside a joint or blunt. And in the same way you’d pack a pipe, you load your precious bud into the bowl of the bong. What’s next? Just light and happily rip away. Most of us enjoy bongs because they provide potent doses of THC with a smoother smoke than joints.

With a dab rig, dry herb is replaced with cannabis concentrate or “dabs” in the form of oil or wax. Instead of a bowl, the dab rig uses a nail affixed to a glass joint. With a special torch, this “nail” is heated up to a very high temperature. Then the oil or wax is applied to the heated nail, where it is vaporised and inhaled.


Bong Vs. Dab Rig – Size

Glass bongs are normally larger than dab rigs. Since you don’t vaporise with a bong, the smoke can travel a longer path without losing its integrity. This also helps the smoke to cool down a bit so it will be less harsh when inhaled.

On the other hand, the fine vapor from a dab rig can easily dissipate or stick to the glass. These are the primary reasons why dab rigs are usually much smaller. The more compact the rig, the less distance to the “nail” where the vapor is produced and therefore, the more powerful the effects will be!


Bong Vs. Dab Rig – Price

In the same way that you can find a spectrum of differently priced bongs, you can similarly find dab rigs of varying quality. In general, dab rigs are normally only slightly more expensive than the average bong. This is due to the nail, which at times is comprised of special materials like titanium, which is particularly durable. On the other hand, there are less pricey options that work just as well for shorter periods of time.


Some Of The Best Dab Rigs

Glass Oil Rig Blaze Inline Diffuser by Blaze

The Glass Oil Rig Blaze Inline Diffuser by Blaze is a sturdy dab rig made from 4mm thick borosilicate glass. The rig stands 39.5cm tall. You can use it with a short, regular downstem with an 18.8mm joint or with the included 3-piece oil set consisting of nail, vapor dome and S-shape adapter. The blue and clear glass used for the rig really makes it a looker!

Double Turbine Glass Oil Rig by Blaze

The Double Turbine made by Blaze is an affordable dab rig manufactured from thick 4/5mm glass and features two swirlers. We like the bulging mouthpiece that nestles right up to the lips when you use it. This is a quite tall rig with a height of 40cm, but the wide base of the Double Turbine ensures a secure stand.

Glass Oil Rig Blaze Turbine Ice by Blaze

The Glass Oil Rig Blaze Turbine Ice by Blaze is extra sturdy because it is made from 5mm thick Pyrex. The nail of the Turbine Ice is encased by a cylindrical chamber from where the vapor goes to the water chamber and then gets swirled by a diffuser, before it is whirled around again. The rig has a height of 30cm and a joint width of 18.8mm.


Some Of The Best Bongs

Mr Twister by EHLE

EHLE is known for making fantastic bongs of great quality. The Mr Twister bong by EHLE is a beauty made from durable borosilicate glass that comes with a glass downstem and a bowl. The bong has a nice “twist” in the middle of the tube and stands at a height of 450mm. This isn’t just a bong masterpiece “made in Germany.” Each one is inspected and signed by Mr. Ehle himself!

Zumo Glass Bong 4.2mm by ROOR

The ROOR Zumo is one monster of a bong and not just because of her impressive height of 50cm. This staggering glass accessory is made from extra-thick 4.2mm glass, making for a very sturdy ripping device of outstanding quality.

The ROOR Zumo has a diameter of 65mm with a join diameter of 29.2mm and comes with a glass screen and down tube. An amazing bong that will test your lung volume, we also like how it looks with the orange ROOR logo on the side!

Mary Jane Intoxicator by EHLE

This superb bong in EHLE quality is a little smaller than most others and measures only 22cm in height. But don’t let the size of her fool you. This compact glass bong won't have the slightest trouble making for some good rippin’ and herbal intoxication like her bigger EHLE sisters. The Mary Jane Intoxicator features a 3.0mm thick wall and has a joint size of 14.5mm


Written by: Zamnesia
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