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The glass bong is arguably part of a stoner's rite of passage. Here at Zamnesia, we've got plenty of glass water pipes available to purchase right now. These bongs range from the discreet and stylish to the outright outlandish—but all serve a purpose. Available in a huge variety of colours, sizes, and configurations, these glass bongs are ready to be used straight from the box, giving you smooth and cool pulls time after time.

When we hear the word “glass”, we often think of delicate and easy to break. However, with the introduction of borosilicate glass as a common material used for glass bongs, this worry is a thing of the past. These glass bongs are resilient, robust, and strong, making them able to withstand the occasional knock with little fuss.

Glass bongs are ideal for novice and experienced smokers alike. They are easy to use, and, after that first long, cool pull, you'll wonder how you managed without one for so long! Easy to clean, maintain, and look after, glass bongs are a perfect choice if you want something a little more special.

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EHLE Glass Bong 420 Bazooka With Carb Hole

The bellied glass chamber of the straight Glass Bong 420 Bazooka by EHLE makes it lie comfortably in the hand, while your mind is at ease, knowing this high-quality piece of craftsmanship is Made in Germany. Add water, a screen and smoking blend, light up and then take off! Height: 37cm. Wall thickness: 3.5mm. Joint size: 18,8mm.


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Glass Bong ROOR Dealers Cup 7mm

True cannabis connoisseurs gather round: the ROOR glass bong Dealers Cup is the be-all and end-all of heavy-duty, high-quality smoking accessories. Standing a majestic 55cm tall and fortified with 7mm-thick borosilicate glass, this show-stopping centerpiece will endure the test of time. Experience luxury “made in Germany” to the utmost standards of quality and design.

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Glass Oil Bong (Blaze)

The glass oil bong Green by Blaze stands 30cm tall and is completely made of borosilicate. The stainless steal oil nail is encased by a spherical chamber from where the vapor is drawn into the water chamber and then swirled by the two-stage diffuser before it travels into your mouth and lung. Note: This oil rig is not suited for regular down-pipes.

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Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm

The Glass Bong ROOR Zumo 4.2mm is one of the largest bongs around for volume (over 1L)! The vibrant orange logo indicates the glass thickness and is a guarantee for a high-quality product. No ice notches or carb hole deface the look of this 50cm tall and 65mm in diameter mammoth. It has a joint diameter of 29.2mm. Down-tube included. Are you ready for the coup de grace?


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Smoked Glass Water Pipe (Marley Natural)

Perfect for any setting, the Smoked Glass Water Pipe is destined to provide a great smoking experience. Get ready for cooler and smoother pulls that will really bring out the best from your favourite strains. A sturdy water pipe that will soon be the centre of attention, no matter where you put it.


£119,98 £107,98
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Glass Bong ROOR African Leopard 5mm

Sometimes, you want to make a statement with your water pipe, and none provide as big an impact as the African Leopard. Designed by ROOR, this bong is for those who consider themselves true cannabis fans. This is a great upgrade from an old bong, and a great statement piece to whip out at your next smoking session. All eyes will be centred on your piece. Enjoy smooth hits from a stylish...

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Zamnesia Mr. Twister

Exclusively made by Ehle for Zamnesia, the Mr. Twister ice tube combines pure beauty with outstanding glassblowing craftsmanship. This elegant bong is made from highly-durable borosilicate glass and has a glass down stem and bowl. The carb hole is optional. Each Mr. Twister has been inspected and signed by Mr. Ehle himself! The bong has a height of 450mm and features the white Ehle logo.


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Zamnesia Fat Boy Glass Bong

Custom-made by EHLE for Zamnesia, the Fat Boy glass bong features thick 5mm glass which makes it exceptionally sturdy. This awesome “Summer Sun Beach Holidays” type-of bong has a hollow shisha style foot and measures 34cm in height. The joint diameter is 14.5mm. Each EHLE bong is carefully inspected and signed my Mr. EHLE himself!


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EHLE Glass Bong Ehlegraph

When it comes to glass bongs, EHLE is a good adddress. Their Glass Bong Ehlegraph with carb hole is standing on a hexagonal foot, it measures 37 cm in height and with a wall thickness of 3.5mm, this bong is pretty robust and has just the right weight. Joint size: 14.5mm.

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Zamnesia Pipe Bomb Glass Bong

This explosive bomb of a bong with carb hole is custom-made for Zamnesia by EHLE, one of the most-respected brands for quality bongs. The bong features the Zamnesia logo on the side and the EHLE logo on the hexagon-shaped foot. The bong is made from extra-thick 3,5mm glass and has a height of 35cm with a diameter of...


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Glass Bong Bomb

The Glass Bong Bomb looks like a bomb and bangs like a bomb. The extra big carb hole allows for extremely fast and deep inhaling. The diameter of the water piston is 10cm and the overall length amounts to 22cm wherein the height (including chillum) is 18cm. The shape reminds me of the old brass bongs back in the 80s - "black widows". Sweet nostalgia.


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EHLE Glass Bong Mary Jane Intoxicator

The Glass Bong Mary Jane Intoxicator by EHLE impresses with a classic build in miniature form. Wearing the EHLE logo in a luscious red, it cowers at a height of only 22cm, but beware of its smoky breath! It induces a magic intoxication! Wall thickness: 3.0mm. Joint size: 14,5mm. With carb hole.


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Glass Bong ROOR Red 3.2mm

The Glass Bong ROOR Red is emblazoned with a red logo and red is ROOR's color code for the thickness of the glass, in this case 3.2mm. This straight tubular glass bong comes with a 14.5mm joint link, a down-tube and glass screen. It has no carb hole, no ice notches). A high-grade beauty of 35cm height and 40mm diameter.


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Glass Bong Grip

The Glass Bong Grip has four bulges for a perfect grip and a carb hole for a hard kick. The ideal bong for one-handed operations. If you manage to let it slip through your fingers, you have a serious problem with your motor functions—it's time to go to bed! Only 17cm tall.


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EHLE Glass Ice Bong Minus 42º

You are looking for a really cool experience? Then the slightly bent Glass Ice Bong Minus 42º by EHLE is the perfect choice. Fill it with the proper amount of water, then carefully slide a few ice cubes into the tube, light up your smoking blend and enjoy the extra smooth smoke filling your lungs. Wall thickness: 3.5mm. Joint size: 18,8mm. Seal of quality: Made in Germany.

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Tsunami Glass Bong Sprinkler Donut

If you're looking for a unique bong to add to your collection—look no further. The Tsunami Glass Bong Sprinkler Donut adds flare to any bong cabinet.

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EHLE Glass Ice Bong Black Hole

The EHLE “Black Hole” Glass Ice Bong has a unique design: The hole in the middle of the tube holds ice cubes and also makes holding the bong in your hands easier. The carb hole of this straight bong is located in front, so there is no spill when you tilt the bong. The bong comes with a funnel-shaped bowl.


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Glass Bong (Marley Natural)

Those looking for the next level in glass bongs may have just hit the jackpot. This glass bong has so much going for it, combining looks, functionality and reliability into one awesome package. With black walnut detailing, this is a bong that will suit those that are serious about how they smoke their...

£188,55 £169,69
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Bubbler (Marley Natural)

Bubblers have long been a great way to smoke, and they've only gotten better over time. This Bubbler was designed by the good folks at Marley Natural and provides a couple of different ways to enjoy your favourite herbs. Whether used with water for a cooler pull, or without, the choice is down to you with this hybrid pipe.


£85,70 £77,13
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Heavy Duty Riggler (Higher Standards)

Straight from the USA, the Heavy Duty Riggler is a robust water pipe equipped to effortlessly deal with dry herbs and concentrates, all while providing a smooth pull every time you reach for it. With a unique fixed diffused downstem, you're only in for cool hits as the smoke rises through the mouthpiece. All of this is packed into a premium-quality product that's bound to turn heads.


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Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

The Gravity Hookah by Stündenglass is the premium smoking accessory you've been looking for. A high-quality hookah that's geared up for both tobacco and herb smoking—complete with many special features—this pipe is a real showstopper in every sense of the word. Not only does it have the looks, but it's also fun, easy to use, and sure to impress all who lay their eyes upon it.


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Glass Bong Beaker (K.Haring)

The K.Haring Glass Bong Beaker showcases everything a bong should be. This is a highly functional and sturdy piece that also has the looks. Featuring Keith Haring's unique and contemporary pop art style, this is a bong that is bound to impress your artsy and trendy friends as well as the purest of cannabis enthusiasts. Effortless and easy to use, this is a bong that has the looks to match.

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Mini Bubbler with Drum Percolator (BREIT)

From the team at BREIT comes a unique and colourful Mini Bubbler. Easy to use and great to look at, this water pipe will win plenty of fans even before that first hit. However, it's the smooth, cool pulls that really seal the deal, thanks to the drum percolator located inside. Herbs and extracts never tasted so good—ideal for all levels of smokers.

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4.0 Snapper Glass Bong (ROOR)

These Snapper bongs are handmade by ROOR in Germany. Each is a little different, meaning you'll grow a particular attachment to this beautiful smoking companion. Made of 4mm borosilicate glass and coming with downpipe and detachable bowl, this would be a sleek addition to your smoking life.

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