Psilocybe Dynamic Duo


Get ready for a special psychedelic double feature with our Dynamic Duo of Magic Truffles! This double pack contains not just one, but two great varieties of magic truffles that complement each other just like the famous duo from Gotham City. The popular Psilocybe Mexicana teams up with Pajaritos, the “little birds”, for a happy and spiritual journey with creative inspiration!

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Weight:25 grams £20.12
  • Weight: 25 grams £20.12
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All our truffles are fresh and vacuum packed
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Zamnesia - Psilocybe Dynamic Duo: 2-In-1 Truffle Double Feature

Meet our Dynamic Duo of magic truffles! The popular Psilocybe Mexicana and “little birds” Psilocybe Pajaritos join forces to provide you with a happy and creative psychedelic journey! Both of these psilocybin-containing truffle strains in our Dynamic Duo pack are rather mild—but do not underestimate them. On a scale from 1 to 5, we’d say that each is nestled right in the middle at about 2.5. So expect a moderate trip that is also very well-suited for a nice first experience.


Our Psilocybe Dynamic Duo Magic Truffles Pack contains both Mexicana and Pajaritos for a total of 25 grams of magic truffles in one double pack!

Mexicana has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries. This is a variety that is all about giving you an awesome, happy, and creative experience. Fuzzy feelings all the way!

Her sidekick Pajaritos (Spanish for "little birds", referring to the small size of the individual sclerotium) complements her buddy perfectly with similar effects.

5 grams of this cocktail of 2 strains will be enough so you can get a twisted new view on reality. Although at this dose, there likely won’t be visuals since the strain is rather mild. Turn it up a notch to 10 grams and you can expect a medium trip with visuals. 15 grams or more will propel you into space: spiritual enlightenment may well be waiting for you on your trip! This fusion is particularly well-suited if you’re planning to trip with trusted friends!


Microdosing or escape velocity: use our easy-to-use dosage calculator and get right where you want to go on your psychedelic trip:

Use Our Magic Mushrooms Dosage Calculator

Not everyone is the same when it comes to the effect of magic truffles, and the right dosage can vary from person to person. Always start with low dosages first and go from there so you can find your ideal dosage for the desired effect.

* You can store the magic truffles for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack, they can only be kept for two days.

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Weight 25 gr

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Reviews (72)

    Always went all smooth
    Thank you for offering us this beautiful experience, have a blissful journey


    Beaucoup de rires après un sachet consommé par personne, peu visuel quoiqu'intéressant en fixant des choses dans la forêt la nuit! Fou rire garanti!


    Intéressantes mais pas intenses
    Des truffes faite pour une première expérience, personnellement je combine Plutôt Atlantis et Utopia car je recherche du visuel et un voyage long... C'est truffes sont à mon avis destiné aux personnes qui souhaitent un voyage plein de pensées actives et un sentiment de bien être, fou rire garanti. Mais attention si vous êtes comme moi un adepte n'hésitez pas à prendre un sachet entier pour assurer un trip corect...


    Me and my Boyfriend experience (1st time)
    Hello! I am 50kg and my boyfriend is 70kg. We split this bag in half and slowly chewed the truffles, in the morning. For us they tasted OK. We didn't eat anything else besides the truffles. They hit me in 10 min! To my boyfriend hit him after 1h30. Gave us a bit of nausea in the beginning only (the first 30 minutes after we ate them) but really manageable. I cried laughing for the first hour... everything would make me laugh HARD. My boyfriend didn't experience the same - it didn't make him laugh. We went to a forest because it's Autumn and it's very beautiful. So we experienced the colors A LOT, everything seemed "WOW", every little detail, my boyfriend felt more courageous which was a bit unsafe maybe. The experience is hard to describe... We didn't even speak much with each other because you are so much in your head and when you try to put down in words what you are feeling, you kind of stop feeling it. We didn't like it when we had to talk. It's worth mentioning that we had 2 friends that were our Trip Guides because I think we could not have found the way out of the forest ourselves. Everything becomes "harder", like locking your bike, etc... Biking felt amazing, no talk, just enjoying the view... In our head there were a lot of thoughts about ourselves, etc, I wish I could have wrote down or recorded some of the stuff... but then.. it's difficult to put out in words... We felt more light (I even didn't notice I had a heavy backpack on me, normally I complain about carrying something heavy). The total experience lasted 6hours - It stopped when we ate food... not because we were hungry but because I guessed it was very unhealthy to be so many hours without eating. Also, an advice maybe is to wake up and eat well, and then don't eat for 4h and take the truffles. Because we felt low on energy during the whole trip. Probably because we didn't eat for many many hours before taking the truffles. Enjoy!


    On a consommé un sachet à 2. Rien niveau visuel par contre elles sont très drôles. A prendre en combinaison avec d'autres truffes...


    Primera experiencia
    El Dynamic Duo es in duda perfecto para una iniciarse en las trufas. Eramos dos, tomamos la mitad del paquete cada una. Viaje agradable y suave, estuvimos bien en todo momento.


    en duo
    Pris avec une amie. en demi dose interressant, belle expérience.


    Boa viagem para iniciantes
    Estas trufas são boas para iniciantes, alucinações visuais bastante boas duração da trip umas 4 horas. Ansioso por receber a minha próxima encomenda de trufas Atlantis


    goede kwaliteit
    goede kwaliteit en niet te heftig.


    Vraiment bien
    Très sympathique , bons effets peace and love

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Psilocybe Dynamic Duo
Psilocybe Dynamic Duo
Psilocybe Dynamic Duo
Psilocybe Dynamic Duo