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Meet Our Dynamic Duo Of Magic Truffles!

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Magic mushrooms and magic truffles both have psychedelic properties, but there is still confusion regarding their differences. Our Magic Truffle Dynamic Duo with two popular medium-strength magic truffles, Psilocybe mexicana and Pajaritos (“little birds”) make for a creative and happy experience that's perfect for first-timers!

What Are Magic Truffles?

Quite simply, truffles are the underground parts of mushrooms. Magic truffles, sometimes also called space truffles, philosopher’s stones, or sclerotia, contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin, just like magic mushrooms that grow above ground. Truffles can bring on profound creative and spiritual experiences when you consume them.

What’S The Difference Between Magic Truffles And Mushrooms?


People sometimes confuse magic mushrooms and magic truffles, or they don’t know what makes them different. Both are fungi, and they both contain psilocybin, psilocin, as well as other psychoactive alkaloids in various concentrations. There is a myth that magic truffles are weaker than shrooms, but this isn’t true. The difference in their effects comes from how truffles and shrooms grow. With shrooms, their potency usually reaches its peak during their last stage of growth; truffles, on the other hand, will have a more consistent potency. This makes them more accurate and easier to dose as compared to shrooms. Some folks incorrectly interpret this as truffles being weaker.

In the past, some unscrupulous growers put magic truffles of poor quality on the market. This is yet another reason why some people still believe that the subterranean truffle is less potent than its above-ground kin. A good vendor will always pride themselves on offering only high-quality truffles that will be at least as potent if not stronger than magic mushrooms.

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Effects Of Magic Truffles


Psychonauts can ingest magic truffles to experience an intense psychedelic experience in the same way they would magic mushrooms. The effect will of course depend on several factors such as your mood, the setting, what you’ve eaten, and your experience with psychoactive substances in general. Keep in mind, the effect is normally more pronounced when you consume truffles on an empty stomach.

Upon consumption, magic truffles will alter your perception. You will experience different colours, shapes, and sounds, and may experience intense feelings of joy, happiness, and introspection. You may see and discover new things all around you, or even have a spiritual experience that changes your view of reality.

The first effects from consuming magic truffles will normally kick in after about 45 minutes. The trip can last 4–6 hours and sometimes even longer. As with other psychedelic substances, magic truffles can also affect your sense of time. The trip may seem to last only a short time or it may seem to last very long.

What Makes Our Magic Truffle “Dynamic Duo” Special?


Not all magic truffles have the exact same effect, but some strains go especially well together: say hello to our Magic Truffle “Dynamic Duo”!

Our Dynamic Duo consists of the popular Psilocybe mexicana, which is a popular variety long used by indigenous tribes, together with another great magic truffle, Pajaritos, the “little bird”. Both strains in the Dynamic Duo pack are relatively mild and make for an awesomely happy and creative psychedelic experience! With potency right in the middle, the Dynamic Duo makes a great choice as a first-time experience.

What To Expect With The Dynamic Duo Magic Truffle Pack

The Dynamic Duo is all about giving you a happy and enjoyable magic truffle experience full of creativity and inspiration. Start out with 5 grams of the Psilocybe mexicana, and you can enjoy a mild effect with an altered view on reality, but likely without visuals. If you want a more intense experience, you can increase your dose: 10 grams will give you a medium trip with some visuals. If you feel adventurous, you can further increase your dosage. A dose of 15 grams makes for a powerful magic truffle experience where spiritual enlightenment may be waiting for you!


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The other variety in our duo pack, Pajaritos (“little birds” due to the small size of the truffles) has a similar effect as the Psilocybe mexicana: start out with 7.5 grams if you’re still new to magic truffles and you’ll be in for a happy and social truffle journey. You can increase your dosage for a stronger effect.

Our Dynamic Duo contains both of these magic truffle strains for a total of 25 grams of magic truffles in one pack!

Find The Right Dosage With Zamnesia’S Magic Mushroom Calculator

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Whether you want to microdose or go on a powerful, mind-altering journey, with our Magic Mushroom Calculator you can find the right dose for your psychedelic experience.


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