Magic Truffles Dynamic Duo


Get ready for a special psychedelic double feature with our Dynamic Duo of Magic Truffles! This double pack contains not just one, but two great varieties of magic truffles that complement each other just like the famous duo from Gotham City. The popular Mexicana teams up with Pajaritos, the “little birds”, for a happy and spiritual journey with creative inspiration!

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Weight: 25 grams £19.33
  • Weight: 25 grams £19.33
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Dynamic Duo

Zamnesia - Dynamic Duo: 2-In-1 Truffle Double Feature

Meet our Dynamic Duo of magic truffles! The popular Mexicana and “little birds” Pajaritos join forces to provide you with a happy and creative psychedelic journey! Both of these psilocybin-containing truffle strains in our Dynamic Duo pack are rather mild—but do not underestimate them. On a scale from 1 to 5, we’d say that each is nestled right in the middle at about 2.5. So expect a moderate trip that is also very well-suited for a nice first experience.


Our Dynamic Duo Magic Truffles Pack contains both Mexicana and Pajaritos for a total of 25 grams of magic truffles in one double pack!

Mexicana has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries. This is a variety that is all about giving you an awesome, happy, and creative experience. Fuzzy feelings all the way!

Her sidekick Pajaritos (Spanish for "little birds", referring to the small size of the individual sclerotium) complements her buddy perfectly with similar effects.

5 grams of this cocktail of 2 strains will be enough so you can get a twisted new view on reality. Although at this dose, there likely won’t be visuals since the strain is rather mild. Turn it up a notch to 10 grams and you can expect a medium trip with visuals. 15 grams or more will propel you into space: spiritual enlightenment may well be waiting for you on your trip! This fusion is particularly well-suited if you’re planning to trip with trusted friends!


Microdosing or escape velocity: use our easy-to-use dosage calculator and get right where you want to go on your psychedelic trip:

Magic mushroom dosage calculatorCalculate

Not everyone is the same when it comes to the effect of magic truffles, and the right dosage can vary from person to person. Always start with low dosages first and go from there so you can find your ideal dosage for the desired effect.

Note: All of our magic truffles are fresh and can be stored in a fridge for a maximum of two months. Once opened, use within two days.


Magic Truffles Dynamic Duo data sheet
Weight 25 gr

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Reviews (226)

    Nice enlightful effects
    Useful for depression and giving nice experience


    I was not so sure so i started with 5,9 grms and it was all good:) Funny visuals like letters like waves when try reading & straight lines of the furniture not so straight but kind of ondulating, nice warm polarized colors too. I love reading and really enjoyed that feeling of a gentle high.


    brigido igual
    lo dividi en 2 dosis


    Top !
    Super effet, dosable selon la quantité ingérée, mes amis ont adorés et demandés ma source!


    Muy bien
    Tido perfecto, muchas risas y amor


    Quick love love ;)


    Genial para la primera ce,
    Mi pareja y yo tomamos la dosis de iniciación que se recomienda y nos pareció fuertes aunque fue poco y decidimos bajar la dosis a la mitad de una dosis inicial para acostumbrarnos y tener un poco más de control y las disfrutamos mucho. Tenemos otras para tomar tmb más fuertes las siguientes veces.


    petit duo sympa à mélanger pour un voyage assez doux et contemplatif


    Seules elles sont assez douces, bien pour les utilisateurs peu expérimentés. Pour ma part, j’ai apprécié les manger avec des truffes plus fortes. Le format 25g est appréciable, dommage qu’il n’y ait pas d’autres sachets de 25g.. À bon entendeur ;-)


    Combo brutal
    Tú eliges la dosis, la dosis elige tu viaje

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Questions (1)
Mauro 2020-07-17 10:05:37

Las trufas estan desidratadas?

Zamnesia Support

Hi Mauro, Thanks for your message. The truffles we sell always are fresh. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

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Magic Truffles Dynamic Duo
Magic Truffles Dynamic Duo
Magic Truffles Dynamic Duo
Magic Truffles Dynamic Duo