Monster Bud Mix Organic Fertilizer


Monster Bud Mix contains everything your plants require from germination to harvest time. The organic, vegan mix covers all nutritional needs and enhances soil biodiversity.

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Zamnesia x Bionova - Monster Bud Mix: Provides Nutrients From Seed To Harvest

Monster Bud Mix grew out of a powerful collaboration between Zamnesia and Bionova. They combined their cultivation expertise to craft a formula designed to generate massive, resinous cannabis flowers.

As an organic, vegan fertiliser, Monster Bud Mix contains absolutely no animal ingredients. It does, however, contain absolutely everything your plants need from the early seedling stage all the way through to flowering and harvest. The all-in-one mix features 150g of dried granular fertiliser, enough to see one to two plants through the entire growing cycle.

As well as helping plants survive, Monster Bud Mix enables them to thrive by upping biodiversity within the soil. It stimulates the activity of beneficial microorganisms that form synergistic relationships with cannabis plants. These small life forms fend off root pathogens and make it easier for plants to absorb nutrients.

Monster Bud Mix also helps plants establish healthy, strong, and functional root systems that can better resist disease.

The following ingredients make up the formula:

  • Bentonite
  • Vinasse
  • Cocoa pellets
  • Enzymes
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Humates
  • Natural chelated trace elements
  • Micro-organisms

NPK: 5-4-7 + 2 MgO


  1. Add 100–150g to 18–22l substrate
  2. Mix thoroughly
  3. Give water and care (and lots of love)
  4. Fertilise for 10–12 weeks
  5. Harvest time!

Monster Bud Mix works perfectly with our 11-litre Geotextile Fabric Pot. One bag of the formula perfectly fills up two of these high-tech containers. These pots facilitate healthy growth by retaining moisture while keeping the substrate aerated and free of moisture-loving pathogens.

Monster Bud Mix Organic Fertilizer data sheet
Quantity 150 gr

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Reviews (51)

    Funktioniert gut
    Wer seine Zucht etwas entspannter angehen will, wird mit dieser Art der Düngung sehr zufrieden sein.


    Absolut Top!!!
    Hält was es verspricht


    under testing i rely very much on that i hope it works


    Works ok
    Used in a few grows, still using other nutrients as well for the hungry plants, and you still need to use flowering nutrients, so OK but at 2 plants per pack it's quite expensive. Especially when I'm adding other nutrients anyway.


    Après 10 jours en light mix en pot 10x10x15, mélange 30g pour 10L posé au fond plus une couche de 5L light mix pour rempotage de mon autofloraison dans le pot en géotextile et elle ce porte à merveille!!!


    Great stuff!
    Still in testing stages but I can already see an improvement in the growth vs other products used in the past. Hopefully the end result will be great.


    lo sto ancora testando, lo mescolo con altro tericcio, sembra un buon prodotto


    I will use this for every grow from now on
    Its so practical and I can notice the difference between the ones I added this nutrients and the ones that I didn’t. I really recommend this!


    Fonctionne bien et très pratique.


    Simple et pratique pour les autofloraisons

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Monster Bud Mix Organic Fertilizer
Monster Bud Mix Organic Fertilizer