Kanna Extract UB40


The relaxing properties of Kanna, a narcotic plant that is native to South Africa are known for more than 300 years. Tribesmen used the plant as a mild recreational drug for pleasure and for relaxation. The Kanna UB40 extract is especially made for vaporizing. While the effect doesn’t last as long as with other Kanna consumption methods you can simply take a few small puffs to prolong it.

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Optimal Vape Temperature

Kanna UB40 Extract: Potent Kanna Extract for Vaporizing

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a narcotic plant that is native to South Africa. It is believed that tribesmen knew about the relaxing properties of the Kanna plant for several hundred years. They used Kanna as a chew or snuff for increased mental energy or as a mild recreational drug for relaxation.


The Kanna UB40 extract is especially formulated to make it suitable for vaporizing. Unlike other types of Kanna extract where the particles are too fine so they would just go through your screen, the UB40 Kanna extract is coarser which makes it ideal to use with with any type of dry herb vaporizer. Compared to making capsules or using Kanna extract as a snuff, vaping Kanna UB40 extract is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy the effects of Kanna.


If you don’t have experience with Kanna yet, the recommended dosage for a light experience is 25mg. You can increase one single dosage to 40-60mg if you’re already familiar with the effects of Kanna.

If your vaporizer has an adjustable temperature setting, the best temperature to vape Kanna UB40 extract is 188°C. This vaporizer temperature setting will give you the best balance of extracting all the active substances from the plant but with the best taste and minimal unwanted by-products. You can also mix the Kanna UB40 extract with other herbs if you want to enhance its taste since the pure UB40 extract can otherwise taste somewhat bitter and earthy.

When you vape the Kanna UB40 extract, you can feel the relaxing effect of Kanna in about 4-5 minutes although the duration can be shorter as with other Kanna consumption methods. Then again you can always take several small puffs if you want to prolong the desired effect.

Contains 1 gram of Kanna UB40 extract.

Kanna Extract UB40 data sheet
Weight 1 gr

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    Me encanta la kanna
    Está muy bien este concentrado de kanna para vaporizar pero prefiero otros extractos para esnifar

    A. G.

    Ci sta
    Col vaporizzatore (Pax 3) non è molto facile usarla e trovo difficile dosarla, se anche voi avete questi problemi vi consiglio di prendere le foglie essiccate invece dell'estratto, comunque ottima

    D. S.

    After vaping, i felt more euphoric and kind of happier, i wanted to talk a lot, but the effect lasted not as long as other kind of kanna, so there are maybe better ways to take it.

    F. C.


    T. R.
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Kanna Extract UB40
Kanna Extract UB40
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