Valerian (80 grams)


Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is an old Germanic ritual herb, sacred to the goddess Hertha. The herb used to be hung outside houses as a protection against witches and evil. It has also been used as an aphrodisiac, and its effects are well known. Mixed 50-50 with kava-kava it is said to produce ‘beautiful dreams’.

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Optimal Vape Temperature

A popular natural soporific, an effect boosted by mixing with hops, and at higher doses valerian induces a floaty feeling.


Pour a few tablespoons into half a litre of water and boil for 5 minutes in a pot with a lid on it.

A pack contains 80 grams of Valerian.


  • The sequiterpine ketone valeranon is responsible for its sedative effects.
  • The alkaloid actinidine also affects the central nervous system neurotransmitter GABA and may be responsible for more psychoactivity.

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Reviews (17)

    Echt oke
    Nicht schlecht


    Not for me
    I made 25g in a cup of tea and vaped 2g, I felt nothing.


    Nulla di troppo speciale.
    Che sia in infusione o in ammollo per una dozzina d'ore, non ritengo essere che poco più di una camomilla. Forse fa più effetto a stomaco vuoto. Agli alti dosaggi dà una buona sedazione, vertigine, sopore; ma scioglie anche troppo l'intestino. Qualcosa che comunque non riacquisterò.


    One of the best herbs I've ever used for lucid dreaming.


    ca calme
    C est au top pour dormir.


    Impossibile vaporizzarlo
    Odore forte sconsiglio la vaporizazione difficile da tritare nessun vapore sapore non dei migliori ottimo come tisana secondo me andrebbe tolto da questa sezione. Effetti rilassanti


    Not for everyone
    It makes a good thee but the leaves themselves really stink! I haven't seen any evil or witches since I have it in my home. The cat is quite interested.


    Disgusting Smell
    It literally smells like poop, i nearly puked as i vaped it. Now my vaporizer smells like it and it's really hard to get that taste away. I couldn't experience the effect as i had to stop vaping after one inhale, for me it is unusable.


    ça pue mais ça marche / It stinks but it works
    Quand on ouvre le sachet on sait tout de suite qu'on a pas envie de l'utiliser en infusion tellement ça pue. J'ai essayé quand même, mais même en mélangeant avec de la passiflore, de la pomme, cannelle, gingembre en grosse quantité l'odeur de la valériane prend largement le dessus. Prévoir beaucoup de miel ou de sucre pour pouvoir finir un mug. Heureusement, ce goût atroce n'est pas présent ni en vaporisation ni en fumant et l'effet relaxant est bien présent. Attention si vous la fumez, il ne faut pas en mettre beaucoup et gare à la racine embrasée qui tombe de la clope, les racines sont assez épaisses donc ça fait de gros trous et ça ne s'éteint pas aussi vite qu'une boulette de hash, j'ai un tee-shirt et une paire de chaussettes qui peuvent témoigner ;) A utiliser de préférence en vaporisation, c'est le plus efficace et le plus agréable.


    Fantastic service and product.
    This product is great, I grind it up and vape it, chills me out. Also make tea with it, I am guessing it has a cumulative effect, which is great for sleep and being filled with a good vipe. Yet again the service was prompt and easy, well done Zamnesia.

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Valerian (80 grams)
Valerian (80 grams)