Guarana - Paullinia cupana


Guarana belongs in the stimulant category of drugs, along with the likes of coffee, tea, ephedra, khat and maté. It comes from the seeds of an Amazonian vine (Paullinia cupana) that look remarkably like horse chestnuts, and its usage dates back thousands of years. Many Indians consider it a gift of the Gods and use it as a hunting aid.

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Reports of guarana’s use did not appear in Europe until the mid-1700s, but its high caffeine content – up to 5% of seeds - has made it a core ingredient in modern energy drinks.


Guarana is the strongest of all the caffeine drugs, being three times stronger than coffee. Some of its caffeine exists in a complex bond with several tannins, which gives it a longer lasting action than coffee.


Guarana has potent stimulating effects but does not produce the same ‘jitters’ as coffee. The binding complex of guarana’s caffeine gives it an inhibiting effect on hunger and thirst sensations. Some people are immune to its effects (and can even become more tired) even at high doses.


Indians grind the seeds and mix with manioc flour, which is allowed to ferment, then dried in the sun. Small amounts are shaved off the resulting loaf and used as a tea. Guarana extract in the West is used in chewing gum, teas and canned drinks.

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Reviews (42)

    i have been taking guarana for a long time and always in capsules. now i have tried this as a powder and can only report positive things. if you put one gram in a glass of juice, for example, the powder dissolves after maybe 3 minutes and you can drink it wonderfully.


    Super Energizer
    Nehme das Guarana sehr gerne vor der Nachtschicht, 1/2TL Guarana, 1TL löslicher Kaffe, 1/2TL Matcha (green tea) in 200ml Wasser. Bin die komplette Nachtschicht wach, habe Energie und bin motiviert. Super. Habe das Guarana auch schon in smoothies gemixt morgens als Trainingsbooster; 1TL Guarana, 2TL MCT Öl, 100g Blaubeeren, 50g Rucula, 300ml Wasser. Gibt super Energie, wird leicht verdaut und schmeckt klasse (erdig, fruchtig).


    Super chose, je l'utilise à la place du préworkout!


    Effet leger
    Effet léger.pas encore trouvé lele dosages


    Does the job. A bit expensive..


    Super qualité
    Très bonne Guarana, j'adore son effet energisant. Tout les matins je mélange dans du jus de fruit de la 2g à 3g de guarana, 1g de Maca, et 2g de Taurine


    très bien très bon produit merci


    Consommée en boisson, le guarana est très agréable au niveau du goût. Sa consommation n'entraine aucun effet "planant" comme une drogue, mais par contre il procure un réel effet énergisant prononcé, elle est également apaisante et légèrement euphorisante. C'est aussi effectivement un brûleur de graisse. Idéal pour se remettre bien après une gueule de bois par exemple, ou bien pour se redonner un bon coup de booster quand on est fatigué. J'en recommanderai à nouveau.


    Perfect to stay awake and study
    I bought this to get more energy for writings, inspiration, thesis.. and it's work so well. I hate coffee, this is perfect especially if you add some tea inside, it will taste better. Thanks Zamnesia for that ! :)


    potente, más que el café
    Yo lo he molido en el molinillo del café y me hago infusiones con grandes resultados, mucho mejor que beber una de esas bebidas energéticas, no voy a decir marcas

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Questions (2)
James 2013-04-24 08:55:13

Hello i was looking for this stuff, but i really don't know ho to use it. Can someone tell me how to get the best effect from this? I have to prepare a thea with tis or what else? Whitch one get the best effects? The solid or the dusty one?


The Guarana that we sell is to be made into a tea. The solid and powder kind both turn into a tea however the solid requires some more preparation. The solid kind must be ground down into a powder for best results. We sell both as it is the personal preference for some customers to use the solid kind, I believe the taste/ feeling is a little different.

Teresa Pugliese 2013-03-18 16:07:46

Non bevo caffè', perché' mi provoca tremori, e vorrei sapere se posso usare il guarana', considerato che pur contenendo per tre volte la dose di caffeina del caffè' non provoca gli stessi effetti collaterali.


Guarana is a common ingredient in energy caps and drinks. Guarana powder contains about 4.2% caffeine and several other components like guaranine, theobromine and theofilline. Please consult a doctor if you are unsure about whether or not you can safely consume this product. We cannot give any form of medical advise.

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Guarana - Paullinia cupana
Guarana - Paullinia cupana
Guarana - Paullinia cupana
Guarana - Paullinia cupana