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There are many good reasons why plastic grinders are still a hugely popular option when it comes to milling your herb. From ease of use to portability, there's no reason you shouldn't have one of these grinders in your possession. They offer great value for money and are perfect for slipping into your bag to take on the move, even if it's just as a backup!

Plastic grinders come in a wide range of styles, colours, and configurations. These grinders are typically plastic through and through, even the teeth. However, they are strong and robust, and are sure to make short work of even the stickiest of nugs. Plastic grinders are simple to use and provide smooth grinding action. No need to worry about a mess, as these grinders can easily be wiped and brush clean, ready for the next session (and many after that).

Acylic grinders are perfect for all cannabis enthusiasts and will provide a great grind time after time.

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Zamnesia Acrylic Grinder

Our acrylic grinder is durable, lightweight, and simple to operate. It's ideal for use at home and on the road, and fellow Zamnesia growers will recognise our classic logo.

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The Grindervac combines a superbly performing grinder with a vacuum sealed container so you can keep your herbs fresh for a long time. It comes with an air-tight storage compartment in the cap and includes a TightPac poker so you can easily get all the grinds out. Made from super strong military grade plastic, the Grindervac grinds just about everything including herbs, spices, nuts and...

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Grinder 'Herb Mill XL' (Storz & Bickel)

Leave it to renowned vaporizer company Storz & Bickel to create a grinder that's perfect when you've got a lot of herb to get through. Cue the Herb Mill XL. Measuring 90mm, this extra large grinder houses plenty of extra sharp teeth that are bound to make short work of even the stickiest of strains. You know the drill by now, place some nuggs inside, twist, and you're good. Grinding...

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Hash Grinder (Black Marble)

Tired of losing the battle against hard, dry hash using your simple herb grinder? Well, you're in luck; this Hash Grinder by Black Marble has been specifically designed to be able to break down even the stickiest and most compact forms of hash. Plus, the hard plastic it's made from is designed to be extra durable while still looking great with its unique, striped marble aesthetic.

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Recycled Grinder (Royal Queen Seeds)

We could all use a little more sustainability in our lives. Why not start with your smoking accessories? The Recycled Grinder from Royal Queen Seeds utilises recovered materials to create a device that's bound to impress. Expect a high-quality mill that's perfect for smoking at home or on the go. Make the change to a sustainable grinder, and don't look back!

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Pipe & Grinder Pack (Champ High)

The Champ High Pipe and Grinder Pack combines two accessories every smoker needs—a simple glass one-hitter and a plastic mini herb grinder. True to Champ High standards, both the pipe and grinder boast high-quality, minimal designs and work great. Plus, each pack includes some silver pipe screens to help filter ash and other impurities from your smoke.

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Sherlock Hemp 4in1 Glow Jar (Black Leaf)

For a stash jar that's so much more than meets the eye, we've got just the ticket. The Sherlock Hemp 4in1 Glow Jar gives users the ability to optimise their sessions. From magnifying and illuminating your buds to grinding and smoking them, this product has everything you need to make the most of your stash.

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