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Review: Kanna Smart Liquid

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The Smart Liquids are still relatively fresh products, so I was very keen to try out Zamnesia’s high-strength Kanna Smart Liquid.

Zamnesia’s Kanna Smart Liquid is a high-potency Kanna e-liquid designed to be used with any conventional electronic cigarette. Based on a new high-tech production method that results in an ultra-pure extract, I have been tasked with finding out what it is like.

Kanna, at its core, is a strange beast. The plant is indigenous to South Africa, and has been used for centuries by the native tribes for medicine and enjoyment – both to stimulate and inebriate. Herein lies the paradox of Kanna, as its psychoactive effects are pretty much opposites, but we will get to that later.

For this review, I used a Justfog Q16 to vaporize the Kanna Smart Liquid.

From the 1st of July 2019, we’re no longer allowed to produce and sell smart-liquids.

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The Zamnesia Kanna Smart Liquid comes in a straightforward, no-fuss bottle measuring at 18mm wide x 13mm deep x 50mm height. The small size makes for easy storage, and it is topped with a safety push down lid to make sure it doesn’t open accidentally. Each bottle contains 2.5ml of Kanna Smart Liquid. The bottle itself has a small pouring spout, which easily fit into the liquid chamber of my Justfog– meaning I could squeeze the liquid directly into the chamber instead of first having to pour it into the squeeze bottle that came with my vaporizer. I have taken over 50 puffs, and the liquid in the tank has hardly gone down. The eggheads in the lab tell me I should get about 120 puffs on average per ml. Considering it only took me around 3 puffs to feel the full effect, it looks like the bottle is going to last me quite a while.


Upon firing up my Justfog, I was met with a very dense cloud of vapour. While dense, it was very smooth and had quite a faint flavour. I found the flavour itself to be earthy, and even a little musky; It faded very quickly on the exhale, leaving me focusing on its effects.


Kanna - Sceletium tortuosum
Kanna - Sceletium tortuosum

Zamnesia’s Kanna Smart Liquid has been made using a new production method, as I touched on above. As such, the potency has been greatly increased over the previous formula. At times, getting proper effects from Kanna extracts can be a little underwhelming, but this is most definitely not the case here. Instantly after my first puff I felt the typical Kanna effects rushing on, with three puffs taking me to what I would call a comfortable standard dose. I did try a few more puffs, but three was definitely the sweet spot for me.

Initially, I found three puffs to be extremely inebriating. Some 30 seconds after I had finished vaping, I was fully immersed in the Kanna space and found it incredibly hard to focus. It came on as a very strong head rush, that both relaxed body and mind. However, although hard to focus, I didn’t find it to be a foggy experience – I was still aware of exactly what was going on around me. After about 10 minutes, this initial inebriation began to wane rather quickly. Rather converse to the initial rush, I now found myself mentally focused and energised, but still with a rather chilled outlook and feelings of physical relaxation – it works out rather well for sitting here and writing this. This elated zone began to wear off around 60-90 minutes after the initial puffs, getting back to baseline an additional hour later.

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Before I managed to get my hands on the Kanna Smart Liquid, a few of the astronauts in the Zamnesia office tried it out before me. For some of them, it caused complete sedation, even after the initial head rush, spending an hour or so chilling out in the staff canteen before they could get back to work - quite a contrast from my 10 minutes of sedation, followed by focus and motivation!

One of the guys said he didn’t experience any sedation at all and went straight to feeling uplifted and energised. This is the paradox I mentioned earlier – in that Kanna can both stimulate and sedate interchangeably, having different effects on different people. Herein lies this Smart Liquid’s one potential shortcoming that I found: You don’t truly know how it is going to affect you until you have tried it. However, once you have used it a few times and have a feel for its effects, you know what to expect and it becomes easy to find your sweet spot in the dose.


On the whole, I have been rather impressed with the Zamnesia Kanna Smart Liquid. It is small, easy to use and potent – exactly what you would want from a Smart Liquid. The effect itself clearly varies, depending on who is using it; if you don’t have experience with kanna, you simply need to give it a go to see where you fall within the spectrum of stimulation and sedation.


Written by: Zamnesia
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