Kanna Seeds (10 seeds)


Sceletium tortuosum, commonly known as Kanna, is a succulent plant native to South Africa. Local people chew it for mood elevation. The plant is carefree and makes a great houseplant, but is hard to find in garden centers, so you need a seed supplier.

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Kanna Seeds - Grow your own Sceletium tortuosum plants

Sceletium tortuosum, commonly known as Kanna, is a succulent plant native to South Africa. The plant was first documented by Jan van Riebeeck, a Dutch colonial administrator and founder of Cape Town. Local people chew it for mood elevation (probably since prehistoric times).

The plant is carefree and makes a great houseplant, but is hard to find in garden centers, so you need a supplier. This is where seeds come in handy. Growing from seed is great for plant enthusiasts and those who want to become self supporters.

The first step to growing your own Kanna supply is the germination. First you will need to remove the germination inhibitor from the seeds - to do so, simply soak them in distilled (or bottled) water for an extended time (at least a week), while changing the water daily. Or, as an alternative, treat the seeds with gibberellic acid - this causes a faster and more evenly germination than any other method.

Place the seeds on a well-draining, sandy soil, such as a off-the-shelf cactus mix or a mixture of compost, sand and perlite and cover the pot with plastic foil in order to keep the moisture at a steady level. The optimal germination temperature is about 15-18°C. Within two weeks to two months you should see your Sceletium tortuosum raise its head and once the plant has developed some ramification one can take cuttings, which will root rather easily.

Content: 10 seeds

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Reviews (27)

    Leider schwer hochzuziehen
    Wie hier beschrieben keimen sie sehr gut in Wasser (ich habe A. dest. verwendet), bei mir sind 9/10 gekeimt. Allerdings scheitere ich am Umsetzen in Substrat. Da sind mir alle gestorben, auch beim zweiten Mal :-/. Ich werde jetzt noch einen Versuch starten und sie direkt in stark gewässertes Vermiculit setzen. Bin gespannt, ob das klappt! Ansonsten ehrlich gesagt, gebe ich es auf :-/


    Nur ein paar gekeimt.
    Schauen aber dementsprechend gesund aus


    kanna seeds
    good product !


    Aucune des 1o graines n'a germé ni poussé. Déçu.


    Schlechte Ausbeute
    Von 10 Samen 3 raus gekommen..... Bin gespannt


    Sur les 10 graines, 9 ont germé ! Ma méthode : placer les graines dans une coupelle d'eau (changer l'eau chaque 2 jours à peu près, et privilégier une eau sans chlore) Observer très souvent si des graines germent ; dans ce cas prendre la graine germée et la mettre délicatement dans un pot à ~1mm de profondeur, mélange de sable et terreau, et humidifer. 2 jours plus tard le Kanna sort de terre Faire de même avec les autres graines au fur et à mesure qu'elles germent Sur les 10 graines, la 1ère a germé en 5 jours, et la dernière en 30 jours


    good germination
    So far 7/10 germinated. I used a glas with vermiculite and a clear film on top to germinate them. Keeps moisture, but does not get moldy. Seeds like darkness to germinate, so covering them with a paper bag can make germination faster. After germination I transferred them into a pot of coconut substrate, and topped it off again with vermiculite to avoid mold. The pots then went into a dome that had the floor covered with perlite. Again, keeps moisture without mold. Young plants seem to like a place at a south window.


    Grow kanna save the plant
    If you leave the seeds in mineral water for two weeks some will germinate into tiny seedlings which you can then carefully plant in cactus soil. The others can be placed in soil to then germinate. Care can be a bit tricky so go easy on water and direct sunlight.


    Wächst bei mir sehr langsam, aber ok.


    Sehr gut!
    3/10 sind gekeimt und ließen rasch zu, dass man Stecklinge nehmen kann. Getestet wurde zwar noch nicht aber die Pflanze gedeiht.

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Kanna Seeds (10 seeds)
Kanna Seeds (10 seeds)