Marguerite Arnold
Zamnesia author
Education: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Marguerite Arnold is a German-American cannabis industry expert. She covers the industry as a journalist, including for top cannabis magazines such as High Times, and has written two books on the topic (so far). She is also a member of the industry as an entrepreneur and consultant.
Marguerite’s passion for the industry comes from her international experience with the people who make it, as well as her own journeys with and around the plant. This includes obtaining the first Executive MBA at a German business school for a cannatech business plan (circa 2017), but this is just one of the experiences she brings to her love for the industry she is helping to define. Her earliest experiences include lobbying on Capitol Hill to keep cannabis in the Americans with Disabilities Act. After moving to Germany in 2013, where she won her dual citizenship at the German Supreme Court, she has been embedded in the German, European, and global industry at multiple levels. She is, beyond a journalist, currently raising money for several cannabis startups, as well as advising on supply chain, marketing, and regulatory issues for multiple companies within the industry, both in Europe and far beyond.

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