Special Smoking Techniques
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Top 5 Special Smoking Techniques

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In this article, we highlight some of the more unusual smoking techniques that you probably haven't heard of or used before. We introduce you to the world of gravity bongs, glass smoking, hot knives and more!


There exists a whole industry out there built around paraphernalia for cannabis consumption. These businesses provide customers with everything they need to consume their favourite herb in their favourite way. You can get the typical papers and rolling machines for rolling joints (probably the most common way to consume around the world), pipes or bongs and even the more traditional chillum.

Smoking Accessoiries

On the other hand, there are a plethora of additional, more uncommon ways and techniques to smoke cannabis - and these are exactly what we want to cover in this article. Maybe you got tired of the more commonplace methods of smoking marijuana, or just want to try something new and out of the ordinary. If so, this article is the one for you. Let's get started!


Gravity Bong

A bucket (also known as a gravity bong) or reverse bucket (waterfall bong) is an advanced technique for smoking cannabis that shows off the innovative potential of the stoner. However, it also requires a little bit of preparation. However, you should find everything you need to make one in your household.

For the construction of a gravity bong, you need a large plastic bottle, a bucket or other container that can hold the bottle and a large amount of water, a brass nozzle used as the bowl and a screen that fits the bowl. It should be noted that instead of using a bucket with water, some crazy fellows use bathtubs or even a lake to obtain huge volumes of water. Please, don't use any kind of plastic cap for the bowl as there is a good chance that you will inhale toxic plastic fumes if you do.

Now, cut off the bottom third of the bottle. Continue by making a small hole in the cap of the bottle. Thread the brass nozzle into the hole of the cap and now you have a bowl that you can place a screen in. You have to fill the bowl with cannabis and light it. Then, gradually lift the bottle until either the substance stops burning or the bottle is almost out of the water. Hold the bottle in place and remove the bowl (this can be a bit tricky at first). Place your mouth on the bottle's opening and push the bottle back into the water while you inhale. The smoke you inhale should be smoother than what you get from a joint or bong.

However, if DIY is not your thing, you can purchase a ready-made gravity bong from our online headshop.


Waterfall Bong

The concept of the waterfall bong is slightly different because it doesn't call for the bucket or container. All other requirements are the same with the addition of a plug or rubber stopper. The bottom of the bottle is not removed, but instead, has a small hole near the base is made instead. Fill the bottle with water, remove the rubber stopper and light the bowl. As the water flows out, the air is forced through the bowl and accumulates smoke that you can inhale after you have removed the bowl.

Both concepts require a really air-tight bowl, otherwise, they won't work perfectly. In contrast to a bong, for example, the pressure on your lungs is significantly lower with a bucket or reverse bucket. However, the water isn't filtered like with a bong. You will only need small amounts of cannabis compared to a joint or blunt. Note: as cool as a gravity bong or waterfall bong is, it is difficult to hide from people that shouldn't see it.


Glass Smoking

Another special smoking technique is glass smoking. You will need a large beer glass, a bit of hash (since this technique doesn't really work with anything else), modelling clay and a needle.

Now, take a piece of the modelling clay and stick a needle into it so that its sharp end points out. Place this construction near the edge of a table. Break off a piece of hash and impale it with the tip of the needle. Light the piece of hashish until it burns and quickly and hold the open beer glass over it. If the lump of hash is actually on fire at this point, you want to blow out the flame because you want it smouldering, not burning. This prevents the smoke from being too hot and harsh.

Leave the glass on till no smoke comes off the hash anymore, then slide the beer glass to the edge of the table and suck the smoke out of it. Voilà, that's glass smoking! If weed gets legalized in more and more countries, you will perhaps see this technique performed in bars that allow smoking.


Hot Knifing

Warning: This technique is not the simplest way of smoking and requires some skill, plus you can easily burn yourself, others and your clothes. Keep these considerations in mind if you plan to use the hot knifing method. Despite the burn factor, it is a really helpful technique if you don't have any other smoking accessories at home. After all, you will always find two knives in your kitchen, won't you? And like with the above-mentioned glass smoking method, it only works with hash.

Heat the tips of the knives with a gas flame until they are super hot. If you use knives that are all metal, you may need some kind of cloth to pick them up. Again, use a small piece of hashish and put it on a surface that won't burn. Take one knife and lower it on the hash piece. It should stick to the knife if it's hot enough. Now, take the other knife and put the lump of hash between the two. As you press the knives together, the hash will burn and give off smoke that you can inhale. To prevent your face from burning, you should use some kind of funnel or tube to inhale. If done correctly, you should still have your eyebrows and feel pretty high.


This smoking technique is very similar to the bucket or gravity bong. Perhaps there is no water nearby, but you want to smoke in a similar fashion to the gravity bong - all you need to do is to acquire a container and a bag. The other materials and steps are the same. Cut away the bottom of a plastic bottle and create a bowl for it. The bag is actually in the bottle and when it is pulled down - you guessed it - the smoke is drawn into the bottle. Since this technique is somewhat difficult to perform on your own, you will need assistance. Two friends should help you, with one pulling the bag and the other lighting the bowl. Your job would be the nicest, just sucking on the bottle if it's ready. This way, you can rotate and make kind of a game out of this method.


Be Creative

There you have it: some of the crazier smoking techniques that are a little bit outside of the box. As you can see, all of them require some skills to perform, as well as some preparation time. This way, you get to be creative before getting high, which is always a good thing. The hot knifing method is even a little bit dangerous for those who need a little extra rush from their high (but, please, still be careful). All these techniques are somewhat special but can be carried out using household items. You don't have to buy something extraordinary to build a gravity bong.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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