Frosted Guava Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized


Looking for an auto with great aromas, plenty of potency, and solid American genetics? Then look no further. Zamnesia's Frosted Guava Automatic delivers exceptional yields, a complex tropical fruit aroma, 25% THC, and an uplifting, stimulating high that's perfect for every day.

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Zamnesia Seeds - Frosted Guava Automatic: A Tropical Auto Powerbomb

A fierce hybrid of Guava and Frosted Skywalker, Frosted Guava Automatic will put to rest all the prejudices you might have against autos. Not only does it produce heavy yields, but the aroma and effects of its buds will satisfy even the pickiest of smokers.

Frosted Guava Automatic was conceived on the West Coast of the USA. Its first parent, Guava, is a sativa-leaning Gelato phenotype bred and stabilised by Cookies Fam in San Francisco. To Frosted Guava Automatic, Guava contributes an uplifting, creative cerebral stimulation and delicious tropical fruit aromas. Meanwhile, its second parent, Frosted Skywalker, contributes strong indica grow traits, fast flowering times, subtle fuel/gas aromas, and relaxing physical effects.

The first place Frosted Guava Automatic will surprise you is in the grow room. Once germinated and out of the seedling stage, these plants hit the ground running, demonstrating vigorous vegetative growth. Within just a few weeks, you should see them develop several nodes and lush, green foliage. While its exact height can vary slightly, Frosted Guava Automatic usually grows to about 70cm, and its entire vegetative stage lasts about 3–4 weeks. In order to minimise stress on these fast-growing plants, avoid training, trimming, or pruning. Also, pay close attention to your watering routine and feeding calendar to avoid overwatering or underwatering/feeding.

During bloom, Frosted Guava Automatic quickly develops an abundance of plump flowers. Use a combination of good fertiliser and molasses to help thicken its buds and boost trichome production. Come the third week of bloom, we recommend starting your flush and using a jeweller’s loupe to check on your trichomes every 1–2 days to harvest at the perfect time. The total grow cycle for this strain is roughly 75 days from seed to harvest, and its yields clock in at roughly 500–550g/m² indoors and 60–100g/plant outdoors.

Come harvest time, Frosted Guava Automatic will reward you with thick, indica-like buds covered in a frosty layer of trichomes. The aroma of this strain is, as the name suggests, extremely tropical, combining hints of guava, melon, mango, and citrus with subtle fuel undertones. Light her up, and prepare for a smooth, sweet, and fruity experience.

With a mighty THC level of 25%, Frosted Guava Automatic delivers a strong high that activates the mind and soothes the body. In small doses, Frosted Guava Automatic makes for the perfect wake-and-bake strain, producing an energetic, uplifting, and productive high that’ll leave you ready to tackle even the toughest of days. Just keep your puffs to a minimum, otherwise you might find yourself a little more dazed (though happily so) than you had anticipated.

Frosted Guava Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Zamnesia Seeds
Genetics Auto Hybrid
Parents Guava x Frosted Skywalker Auto
Flowering Time 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest
THC 25%
Yield (Indoor) 500-550 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 50-100 gr/plant
Height (Indoor) 70cm
Height (Outdoor) 70cm
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (33)

    70 cm ???
    Mia frosted guava auto indoor, luce led 250 w grow room h2x2x3 pianta cresciuta più di me 180 cm con ultime 3 settimane solo 11 ore di luce ... Non diventa solo 70 cm......


    Une beauté hyper productive
    Bonjour tous, Quelles plantes, 2 géantes de 1m10, avec des têtes monstrueuses, 80 g sécher par plante. Et le goût hyper exotique. je recommande à nouveau.


    einfach wunderbar
    3/3 gekeimt, rasantes Wachstum,kraftige erste Blätter.Bin begeistert.


    Good seeds
    Great harvest. Fast growing


    Alle Samen sind gekeimt und erstes Wachstum sieht auch sehr gut aus.


    Top genetics strikes again
    Can´t go wrong with this


    Super aanrader! Volgend jaar de hele kas vol!
    Ontkiemen geen probleem (direct in de grond) alles kwam op binnen 3-5 dagen. Snelle kleine dames met een medium opbrengst, maar de kwaliteit is echt ongelofelijk! De geur is onbeschrijfelijk. Geen moeite met budrot, in het begin beetje meeldauw maar dat trok als snel bij. 15/10!


    2 van de 3 zaden uitgekomen en zijn flink aan het groeien


    Didnt germinate unfortunatly.. Seedbanks should take responsability if their seeds dont germinate and send some again.


    Good, but not the easiest strain...
    Bought three seeds, they all sprouted in wet kitchen paper at 24 degrees Celsius after about 50 hours. This was longer than i normally need for sprouting. Then put two of them directly in soil filled 10 liter pots in a 70x70 cm tent with a 150 watt led lamp on them dimmed to 35% and slowly over the days turned it up to 70% (first after 3,5 weeks the lamp was on 100%). I found this strain was very sensitive for humidity, temperature, light intensity etc. I have grown way easier strains however the result when you make to the end it is great; after curing the taste is really nice and the high is very strong. For a first time grower i would recommend a stronger less sensitive kind of strain.

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Frosted Guava Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Frosted Guava Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Frosted Guava Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
Frosted Guava Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized