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As arguably the most important part of the growing process, the harvesting stage requires precision and care to ensure your buds are collected in the best possible condition. However, after harvest is when you can really make the most of your yields. From drying and curing to processing and beyond, there are products that can make these stages practically effortless. Read on to find out how you can get paired with a product to make the most of your harvests.

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Gardening Gloves (Zamnesia)

Caring for your plants is paramount when it comes to their performance. Whether you've got an extensive cannabis home grow op or you're just taking care of a couple of pepper plants on your windowsill, the fact remains the same. What better way to care for your plants than with a pair of Zamnesia Gardening Gloves? These stylish gloves keep both your hands and plants safe and clean all the...

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Professional Pruning Shears

If you're looking for complete control over unruly plants, or just want to tidy up a few stray branches, the Professional Pruning Shears by Zamnesia are sure to do the trick. These comfortable cutters sit easily in your hand, thanks to a PVC grip, allowing you to precisely clip and chop as you please. They certainly won't slip while you're trimming, no matter the confines of your growing...

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Labelling Stickers (Zamnesia) 50pcs

Perfect for letting you know what's in your containers, pots, and jars, these labelling stickers from Zamnesia are fit for any task. So, if you've got numerous growing projects on the go and want to ensure your yields are correctly stored and labelled, this product is for you. The labelling stickers come in various colours, so you can have one for your truffles, one for your shrooms, and so...

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Leaf Cutter Pruning Shears

After gathering in the harvest it is time for the finishing touch - the removal of the little leaflets permeating the buds. With the Leaf Cutter you will quickly turn into a leaf-cutting ant and rapidly strip off the unwanted remnants of the foliage. Overall length: 12cm Colour: Random

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Super Pollen Press (Zamnesia)

The Super Pollen Press empowers users to create hash pellets that rival the quality of the best dispensaries. A great way to use up the leftover kief in your grinder, there's never been a better time to put your homegrown material to great use. Effortless to use and efficient, you'll be blown away at just how well this device works. 

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Ice-O-Lator Small

Crystal balls ... yeah, sure, your first association is "clairvoyant", but how about making your own crystal balls? Tasty, yummy and highly concentrated in finest quality for a delicious and extraordinary smoking experience. Each of these Ice-O-Lator bags sets have different mesh widths to fit the different requirements or preferences a stoner might have.

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Carson MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope

The MicroBrite Plus Pocket Microscope is a lightweight scope that will fit in your pocket. Take it with you around the grow space and use its 60–120X magnification to get to know your plants on a deeper level.

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Weed Curing Jar

You probably won’t find better weed curing jars than these quality mason jars “Made in Germany”. The jars are made from extra thick glass and feature a rubber ring and galvanized wire bracket for a 100% airtight seal. Available in 4 sizes: Small (255ml), Medium (400ml), Large (800ml) and Xtra Large (1140ml).

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Bud Cutter Bonsai

OK, now you have a huge pile of green nuggets, but that's only half the battle. In order to create a high-quality end product, you have to go the extra mile and cut off the leaflets protruding the buds. And if you want to work as accurately as possible, you need a good work tool for this task. This is what the sharp blades of the Bud Cutter Bonsai are conceived for. Overall length: 15.7cm

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EHLE-X-trakt Glass Extractor

The EHLE-X-trakt is a high-end BHO extractor for the purest extraction. It is entirely made of glass and features a screen that is made of glass as well for an even purer taste! The EHLE-X-trakt has been certified by Dexso, one of the world’s high-end extractor makers.

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Pollinator P150

The Pollinator P150 is the original way to dry sift your plant matter. It is simple and fast to set up and an easy way to sift through your product and gather the finest quality crystals for an unforgettable smoke. The Pollinator P150 also boasts quick run times and a reasonable capacity, allowing even the biggest yields to be sifted fast and efficiently.

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Black Permanent Marker (Zamnesia)

Ideal for everyday use as well as grow-op-related tasks, there's nothing like having a good, reliable pen by your side! Cue the Black Permanent Marker by Zamnesia. This double-sided product has one fine tip and one larger tip to satisfy all needs. So pick up a Zamnesia pen; it won't let you down.

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Vacuum Sealer (Qnubu)

Qnubu's Vacuum Sealer is the answer to your long-term storage needs. Go a step further to keep your cannabis flowers or dried shrooms fresh for longer. The device offers two options—vacuum and seal, or seal only—and it's a breeze to operate. The process is over in seconds, so it's very little effort in exchange for significantly extending your product's shelf life.

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Pot Markers (Zamnesia) 5 pcs

Cleanliness is next to godliness. When growing several plants of different strains, it is crucial to keep everything well-organized. These pot markers will help you with this task. Write all the required data on them ... date of sowing, strain, required EC-level and so on and you will never confound your precious babies again. Content: 5 pcs. Dimensions: 12 x 4,5cm.

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Filters Extractor BHO Roller (50 pcs)

Set of replacement filters for the Roller Extractor BHO. Content: 50pcs. Diameter: 33mm.

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HashMaker Shake Me

The HashMaker Shake Me makes sifting a fun thing to do! Simply throw in some bud, screw the lid on tightly and then shake ... hey, an exercise you could add to your workout program! The internal 22 micron screen allows only the tiniest particles to pass. To achieve even better results, place the HashMaker in the freezing compartment for about 30 minutes before use.

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Black Leaf Pollen Press

Pollen is a welcomed byproduct in the process of rearing Cannabis, but how is one supposed to store that magic powder? A pollen press from Black leaf is the answer! Simply place your pollen in the strong aluminum alloy cylinder and turn the knurled end caps to press it into a tablet.

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Dexso E.O.E. Oil Extractor

This precision-machined extractor is built to last. A Dexso Oil Extractor should be your first choice for many reasons. You will extract more in the same time. This wicked gadget has an emptying unit, allowing for hassle-free and easy emptying. It is manufactured in the homeland of high-precision watches, so you know it is a solid piece of craftsmanship.

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Storage Container CVault

The CVault storage containers are made of food grade stainless steel and are equipped with a silicone seal and lid with latches for airtight and light-proof sealing. The Cvault is well suited for use as a curing jar, especially the larger 21-litre size.

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Pocket Pollen Press

Make your own hash coins with style. This sturdy, yet light, high quality pocket pollen press is made from aerospace grade aluminum. It is only about 3" x 1" (6cm x 2cm) and has a polished finish. The pistons inside are made from high tenacity food grade thermoplastic, ensuring non-sticky operation.

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Wooden Sifter Box

This three-piece sifter box with metal screen allows you to collect kief in the bottom section, which is lined with a removable brown glass plate. Both the top and bottom parts have magnetic closures to ensure the box is kept securely shut. Measurements: 14cm x 9cm x 6.5cm (80 micron).

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EHLE-X-Trakt Replacement Set

Did you break the frit or have you lost an o-ring of your EHLE-X-Trakt? No reason to panic: With the Original EHLE-X-Trakt Replacement Set, you can get your extractor in shape again! The set includes one replacement frit and two o-rings for your EHLE-X-Trakt.

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Boveda Humidipak

Say goodbye to fluctuating humidity inside your storage containers and the CVault containers in particular. The Boveda Humidipak keeps the relative humidity of the air at 62% or 58% by adding or removing moisture. There are no chemicals in the Boveda humidity packs; the contained elements are completely natural and food-safe: Salt and purified water. No maintenance or refilling required.

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Integra Boost 55

Integra Boost 55 regulates optimal relative humidity for your curing flowers. It prevents dry and crispy buds, keeps mould from forming, and prevents a harsh smoke. Integra Boost 55 does not alter the smell or flavour of your product, and maintains all its medicinal qualities. Eliminate the guessing game and store your plants flawlessly at all times with Integra Boost 55!

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Buy All Your Harvest & After-Harvest Tools at Zamnesia

Buy All Your Harvest & After-Harvest Tools at Zamnesia

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, growing your plants is just half of the process. Whether you're rearing some fast-finishing autoflowers or taking a little more time with photoperiod feminized strains, the day will come when you get to harvest those precious buds. That's why, here at Zamnesia, we offer a wide variety of products that cater not only to the harvesting process, but also the after-harvest process. So whether this is your first home-growing project or you've got plenty of experience, you'll be surprised at just how easy these products can make your life.

The best cannabis harvesting tools

You might think that all you need to harvest your bud is just a pair of scissors, but you'd only be doing yourself and your plants a disservice. Specialist shears can be purchased at an affordable price that allow you to make precise cuts without the risk of causing any damage to the buds.

But how can you be sure that your buds are in prime condition and ready to be collected to begin with? With the help of portable microscopes, you can pinpoint exactly when your buds have reached the perfect level of maturity. Of course, using a microscope can also clue you into any issues that may arise during your plant's grow cycle.

When it comes to harvesting your buds, you want to keep things as clean as possible. Using gloves while trimming and harvesting will ensure your buds don’t get contaminated, and that your hands don’t get covered with sticky resin (which can be very difficult to remove). And to keep your tools clean and in working order, you can use alcohol wipes for an easy solution to long-term functionality.

Essential drying and storing equipment

Once you've collected the buds from your plants, it's time to think about drying, curing, and storing them. There are many ways to dry your buds at home, such as placing them on a drying rack or hanging them from string. However, this process can be a little “aromatic”, so those looking to keep more of a low profile can use odour neutralisers for maximum discretion.

When it comes to curing, getting the correct type of jar is paramount. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to curing containers. Simply place your buds inside, and give them at least two weeks to develop their flavours and aromas. The result is a much more flavourful and enjoyable experience.

Maintaining the correct level of humidity during the curing process, and further storage, is hugely important to the long-term viability of your buds. With the help of Humidipaks and Integra Boost Packs, it's never been easier to keep your stash fresh for a long time to come.

Amazing cannabis processing tools

Dried and cured buds are good to go as far as smoking and vaping are concerned. But there are far more uses for your precious herb than first meet the eye. Through the use of processing tools, you can turn your cannabis into a range of other products, such as hash and other concentrates. For example, using hash-making equipment, this gear will separate and catch all of the resinous trichomes from your buds, which can then be compressed into high-grade hash.

BHO and oil-making equipment is also available. Simply place your cannabis inside a BHO roller and force some butane through it, and you'll have some BHO in next to no time that you can use alongside your favourite dab rig.

Lastly, if you've ever dreamed of turning your buds into cannabutter, it's simple, thanks to the array of easy-to-use products on offer. Once it's ready, simply add it to your favourite recipes in lieu of regular butter, and you've got some perfect edibles, ready to enjoy!

Make the most of your buds today

The harvest and after-harvest stages of cannabis cultivation are some of the most important. Ensuring that your buds are carefully and hygienically removed from the plant will give you more viable herb to play with. From here, you can use your buds as is, or turn them into all manner of hash and concentrates. So browse our inventory of everything you need for a successful harvest, and beyond, today.