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How To Make High-Quality Hash With The Bubbleator B-Quick

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Always wondered how to make your own hash? Don’t know what to do with the frosty trim from your plants? We have the solution for you with the new Bubbleator B-Quick!

This revolutionary product from Mila’s Pollinator Company is a great choice for those looking for a quick, simple, and efficient method of extraction. The Bubbleator B-Quick comes with all the major accessories you’ll require. You only need to supply the cannabis, water, ice, and a bucket.

This simple extraction method does not, however, sacrifice quality. The machine creates the necessary movements for safely extracting the trichomes from your trim. This will give you a much cleaner and more pure solution. Despite yielding such great results, the Bubbleator is still extremely portable and easy to carry. It has built-in straps for transportation will fit in-between your legs in a car.

Before getting into using the extractor, let’s go through what comes in the package. The first item is of course the Bubbleator B-Quick, the central hub for your operations. The product also includes a thermometer and 3 different bags. There is a zipper bag for your herb in the shape of a pyramid. This is what will hold up to 400g of plant material with a 220 micrometres (μm) mesh. There will then be two extra bags - a “cleaner” bag and a crystal-catching one. The first measures 185μm mesh and the crystal catcher, 45μm.

Bubbleator B-QuickView Bubbleator B-Quick


The Bubbleator makes this process extremely fast and easy. In fact, the part that takes longest is actually waiting for your crystals to dry. The first step will be to get your trim into the pyramid zipper bag. You don’t need to weigh it as it won’t influence the final result. Make sure the bag is zipped tight, then drop it into the Bubbleator’s chamber. Fill half of the chamber with water and another quarter with ice, or until you reach the ideal temperature of 4°C.

That’s it. Close the lid and set the machine’s timer for 15 minutes. While this is going, get your bucket. This must be able to hold the water you just poured into the Bubbleator. Place the other two bags, one inside the other, in the bucket. Place the 45μm bag in first, followed by the 185μm one. Secure the excess fabric around the rim of the bucket so no water escapes.

When the machine is done doing its thing, it is time to drain the water from the Bubbleator into the bucket with the bags. This can be done easily by using the tube at the bottom of the Bubbleator.

After this, carefully take the 185μm bag out of the bucket. Secure the top, then begin to squeeze excess water from the bag. Use one hand to hold the top of the bag, and the other to run downward, giving special attention to the mesh part at the bottom. Now, do the same with the second bag.

Rinse the bags with tap water, then dry them with a paper towel or cloth if you don’t mind perfuming it with cannabis. You’ll be left with the final result. Let this dry for around 24 hours. Depending on how much trim you use, it probably won’t look like much. Repeat this process with multiple batches if you please.



Now that you have your kief, turning it into hash will be easy. You’ll need to collect as much kief as possible if you want to make a decent-sized piece of hash. Use a pollen press like the Super Pollen Press for this step. Get all your loose kief into the press and then tighten it as hard as possible. If you want more details on this step, be sure to check the video (02:18) we made on the Bubbleator.

Super Pollen PressView Super Pollen Press

Go out and try this for yourself. Making hash is a very satisfying experience and an excellent way to make use of any extra trim. Hopefully this method will give you great results like it has given us. Best of luck with your hash making.

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
Professional cannabis journalist, copywriter, and author Adam Parsons is a long-time staff member of Zamnesia. Tasked with covering a wide range of topics from CBD to psychedelics and everything in between, Adam creates blog posts, guides, and explores an ever-growing range of products.
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