Bubbleator B-Quick


The Bubbleator B-Quick from the Pollinator Company is an all in one, quick and easy to use crystal extractor. The Bubbleator B-Quick’s simple and discreet design make it ideal for any type of cultivator, whether you are a large scale operator or someone growing a few plants in your back yard.

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Bubbleator B-Quick: Extraction technology at its best

The Bubbleator B-Quick from Mila’s Pollinator Company is the latest and greatest in extractor technology. It is a machine for anyone serious about efficient, fast and simple turnovers. It is based on a three bag filtration process. All that is required for this all in one setup to function is the cannabis, cold water, ice, a collection bucket and a power supply.

The system is light, discreet and easy to transport with built in handles. The Bubbleator B-Quick is much faster than conventional methods, only taking 5 – 10 minutes to separate the bulk of crystal from plant matter. Even though fast, this system sacrifices no quality to achieve these times. The innovative drive system creates motion in a non-intrusive manner, meaning your product is filtered with minimum unnecessary damage to the product. This ensures that your crystals in the end are the purest and finest they can be.


  • Bubbleator B-Quick
  • thermometer
  • pyramid bag 220μm (holds ~400g dry plant material)
  • cleaner bag 220μm
  • crystal catching bag 45μm

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Reviews (4)

    Big plastic thing which needs a lot of space for a small but fantastic result. Reminds me of the typical (expensive) ice-o-lator product. In fact, easiest way to make bubble hash. Will use it from time to time. :)


    Works as it should
    4 out of 5 because it is too pricey in my opinion but since I wanted this for quite a while and my expectations were quite hard to reach, this one did get quite close to it.


    works like a.......
    well well well, we tried this one out and i have to say, my results are sticky icky clean hash. this hash smell wonderfull and is just as soft as it can be, white on the inside and darkbrown on the outside. the tool is easy to use, you only have to be sure u close the zipperbag real thight cuz else u would have some fine leaf material coming out. the only minpoint in this tool isthe 70Micron bags are somewhat to big so u loose some stuff but if u order the smallest micron icolator bags with them ur investment will surely and dearly pay off. A wonderfull tool for your own trait, i would buy one again on the spot if the one i got now broke down ;)

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Video (1)
  • Video: How To Make Hash With The Bubbleator B-quick
    How To Make Hash With The Bubbleator B-quick

    Always wanted to make your own Hash? Or have you always wondered what to do with all those sticky leaves on your plant? Look no further, we present you the Bubbleator B-Quick!

Bubbleator B-Quick
Bubbleator B-Quick
Bubbleator B-Quick
Bubbleator B-Quick
Bubbleator B-Quick
Bubbleator B-Quick