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How To Keep Your Weed Extra-Fresh With Boveda

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Are you storing your cannabis correctly? Without proper curing, your stash can become dry and lose its potency. Boveda has harnessed the technology to keep your weed as fresh as possible!

So you think you're storing your cannabis in the right conditions? How come it keeps ending up dry and crumbly? Dry bud isn't just bad because you burn through it quicker; if it has lost moisture, it's going to lose the resin and trichomes that hold its psychoactive properties. When you see fresh-looking cannabis with vivid colours and glistening crystals, you know you're in for a good time. Maybe that's how your weed looked when you got it, but it can lose all that freshness if not properly stored.

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Not only will the potency of your stash degrade over time, so will the terpenes and terpenoids that carry the unmistakable aromas and flavours of cannabis. When weed loses moisture, its quality ultimately suffers as a result.

There are techniques to revitalise your bud through a makeshift second curing process. Simply store your cannabis in a tightly sealed glass jar with a small slice of peel from an orange, lemon, or lime. Some forums say that this can evidently make up for a poor first curing job. The jury’s still out on that one.

But let's face it, you want the best out of your weed. You don't want to be in that situation in the first place. The old citrus peel trick carries the risk of mould if you leave it for too long, and it’s a half-measure at best. Luckily, there are other options for keeping your weed fresh, and Boveda has come to change the way consumers think about weed storage.


Boveda Products

Boveda has hit upon a special solution to this all too common storage problem. A vacuum is important to retain maximum freshness, however, moisture is also important. There needs to be a certain amount of humidity depending on the specific product you're storing. There are all sorts of foods, herbs, and even instruments that are moisture-sensitive. This needs to be taken into consideration when storing all sorts of items. Anything you've purchased with those “silica gel” packages was something that needed to be kept dry.

The big trade-secret at the heart of Boveda’s revolutionary product is... salt. Salt affects the humidity of an environment in such a way that can be precisely measured by scientists. Boveda has developed "Humidipaks", which store saltwater between reverse osmosis membranes. This emits water vapor at levels customised to different products. Coffee beans, for example, are best stored with 32% relative humidity. Cigars require much more humidity, anywhere from 65% to 75%.


Boveda Humidipak

Cannabis herbs are best stored in a tightly-sealed container with about 54-63% relative humidity. Boveda happens to sell herbal medicine Humidipaks which achieve just that! You just put your cannabis in an appropriate container with the Humidipak - no activation required. It will do the work itself, ensuring the optimal level of moisture retention for your cannabis flowers. You will notice the difference in how they burn and how they taste, as well as how the high hits you.


CVault Storage Containers

The Humidipaks are strong enough to retain water with no leakages. It is a good and inexpensive investment to get a Humidipak specified to your needs. The relative humidity of one pack will not be suitable for storing something it is not intended for, and may in fact make things worse. Also remember that you require a method of storage with the tightest seal you can find.

Boveda offers a cost-effective solution for this part of the challenge. Their CVault Storage Containers are super-tight and light-proof, they come in a variety of sizes, and they can store delicate items safely. Cultivators take note: they even have a 320 gram container.


So, which Boveda pack is best for you? The answer to this really depends on your needs. We’ve put together a table that will give you a good idea of what pack you'll require for the amount of flower you have. The most common question asked is, “Can I use too much Boveda?”. The answer is, "Absolutely not!". When it comes to protecting your stash, more is often the way to go. It certainly won’t affect anything in your storage jar by over-humidifying.

Check out the table below to find out how much Boveda you need:

Container Volume (Liters) Humidipak Quantity & Size Maximum Amount Of Flower (Grams)
Up to 0.5 1x 8 gram 28
0.5–1 2x 8 gram 46
1–2 4x 8 gram 112
2–4 1x 67 gram 450
4–8 2x 67 gram 900
8–16 4x 67gram 1800
16–22 1x 320 gram 2250


Boveda and Their Mission

It was good thinking on Boveda’s part to develop such containers. They offer a range of solutions for the precise demands of humidification. These have been tailored with different budgets in mind and with an unparalleled commitment to detail. The team at Boveda pride themselves on the care with which they conduct their science. Their research is all about applying simple principles to initiate major technological improvements.

They know it's not just about bringing moisture to your storage space; there is also a need to eliminate moisture. Boveda has achieved the ideal balance between retaining moisture and limiting it, reaching the exact humidity levels you need for a range of scenarios, in both personal and professional life.

There is even a practical origin to this company's mission. The founders were retired scientists who worked at General Mills. They wanted to keep their cigars properly humidified and set out to research how. Their solution was 2-way humidity control that continues to stand out in product quality excellence. It is not just craft tobacco Boveda has a passion for; they recognised how many cannabis users are depending on good storage and humidification processes. With canna-business booming around the world, it was highly relevant for them to get in on the action.

They are now making great efforts to collaborate with the cannabis industry. They have even launched their own podcast "Cultivate", which looks at cannabis news and optimal cultivation techniques. It's a highly recommended podcast for growers of all levels out there.

Boveda Basics For Medical Cannabis

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