Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized


If beastly potency, mouth-watering flavours, and exceptional brevity are what you seek, Bomberry Glue Auto will knock your socks off. Created in a collab between Zamnesia and Bomb Seeds, Bomberry Glue Auto combines two famous strains into an outright explosive autoflower. Expect sky-high THC levels, a "berry good" taste, and bombastic yields!


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Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia - Bomberry Glue Auto: Bombastically Potent and Flavourful

Bomberry Glue Auto, the result of a fruitful collab between Zamnesia and Bomb Seeds, was created by fusing our delicious Blueberry Auto with Bomb Seeds' insanely potent Gorilla Bomb.

With the resulting hybrid, the fun starts in the grow room. Indoors, the plant will reach a convenient and discreet height of 60–100cm, which makes her a good choice (not just) if space is an issue. Even when grown outdoors, Bomberry Glue Auto won’t get much taller, which can be an advantage if you want to keep your grow under the radar.

Bomberry Glue Auto detail

Growing Bomberry Glue Auto

What she lacks in size Bomberry Glue Auto makes up for with explosive growth. The plant is ready to harvest only 8–9 weeks after germination. Her vigorous growth translates into astonishing yields of about 550–650g/m² in good conditions indoors, outperforming many autoflowering and photo-feminized cultivars alike!

With her Gorilla Bomb parent reputed for devastating THC levels, it’s no surprise that Bomberry Glue Auto is also massively potent, clocking in with 22–25% of the psychoactive cannabinoid. Get ready to enjoy a powerful effect that is extremely relaxing and mentally invigorating. The plant has also inherited the good resin production of Gorilla—ideal if you want to make hash or concentrates.

Bomberry Glue Auto goes all out with fruity berry notes courtesy of Blueberry Auto and the equally sweet Gorilla Bomb. From the latter she also retains subtle sour notes with hints of chocolate and diesel, which nicely complement the fruity notes.

Bomberry Glue Auto detail

Limited Special Edition

If you’re looking for a spectacular autoflower, Bomberry Glue Auto should definitely be on the top of your list. But know that, like our other collabs, this is a limited edition offer, so don't hesitate to get your seeds while you still can!


  • Premium box ultimate protection
  • 5 Bomberry Glue Auto feminized cannabis seeds
  • Certificate of authenticity, each with its own unique number
  • Zamnesia Saverette
  • Zamnesia Clipper Lighter
  • Zamnesia Rolling Papers with tips
  • Zamnesia Premium Cones (3-pack)
  • Bomb Seeds Silicone Smoking Ring

Bomberry Glue Auto detail

Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized data sheet
Brand Bomb Seeds, Zamnesia Seeds
Genetics Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Parents Blueberry Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) x Gorilla Bomb (Bomb Seeds)
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
THC 22-25%
CBD <1%
Yield (Indoor) 550-650 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Height (Indoor) 60-100cm
Height (Outdoor) Short
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (23)

    Keimrate gering
    2/5 gekeimt. Etwas enttäuschend für den Preis und für eine "exklusive" Kolabo.


    Schöne Box uns Zertifikat
    aber leider muss ich sagen dass von den 5 Samen nur 2 gekeimt sind. Die anderen haben keine Reaktion gezeigt. Entäuschend bei dem Preis und wenn dann sogar ein Zertifikat ausgehändigt wird. Die beiden sind 15cm groß, mehr nicht.. Schwer enttäuscht


    niet tevreden
    Ik had 20 zaden waarvan er 5 zijn groot geworden. De andere 15 zijn beginnen kiemen en dan gestopt.en van de 5 die zijn groot geworden waren er drie die na het vormen van de 5 vingertje bladeren terug naar een blad met één vinger zijn gegaan. Deze zijn blijven groeien met nutteloze toppen als gevolg. Ik heb veel betaald voor wat merchandising :(


    They grow in to triffids, a bit big for a 2m tent :)
    Was expecting 100cm max. A little surprised when they hit that within 3 weeks and kept going. Just potted the 2, both germinated within 48 hours. Final hieght was 180cm, kept all the nutrients as recommended and during first week of flower managed to burn them. So flushed immediately and halfed the nutrients. They recovered and produced huge frosty colas(2 foot apiece!) They did not smell at all, which I was a bit worried about, however when trimmed the smell was there but mild, the aroma did not really come out until about 4 days in to drying. They did not stink the building out but when smelled directly the smell of berries was so tempting I tried some, definitely "berries" but more Bumberry than Bomberry, but Don't know what I expected :) . After curing for a couple of weeks....something special. Grown in 18 litre 4 pot wilma with marshydro 2000W 20/4 led in clay pebbles. No "Bud hardeners" used just Remo nutes. Filled two one gallon jars for curing. Struggled with heat avg temp 35C humidity 70 in veg 49 in flower. Probably try a different medium next time or maybe smaller pots.


    Slecht zaad
    Ik had 5 zaadjes en er zijn er maar 2 ontkiemt met de koffiefilter methoden. De 2 plantjes waren ook nog eens 2 verschillende fenotype. Zwaar teleurgesteld!


    Awesome Packaging :)
    ... if that‘s what counts :) The 2 seeds I gave a first try germinated within 30 hrs. Ever since steady growth with some LST and one of them fim‘d.


    Goede marketing maar spijtig genoeg voor mij geen hoogvlieger
    Het is deels door de prachtige box en deels door de omschrijving van de strain dat ik een 2-tal maanden geleden deze Bomberry Glue Auto zaden kocht. Van de 5 zaden zijn er 3 ontkiemt (wat op zich al vreemd is want ik heb nog nooit een zaadje gehad dat niet ontkiemde) en deze hebben zich in 2 maanden ontpopt tot 3 betrekkelijk verschillende planten in uitzicht. Twee van de drie planten hebben langwerpige toppen die medium vast aanvoelen, 1 plant heeft echter amper toppen en sterkte zich veel verder uit dan de andere. Deze laatste heb ik intussen verwijderd uit mijn tent en dat doet wat pijn na 2 maanden goede zorg. Ik heb nog 5 Gorilla Glue planten en 1 Blueberry in mijn tent staan en die zijn intussen lekker gevuld met dikke toppen, het ligt dus echt niet aan de groeicondities dat de Bomberry Glue het niet goed doet. In het kort: voor de allereerste keer teleurgesteld in een Zamnesia strain.


    Bad germination
    1/5 seeds germinated really bot happy with that and the one who did sprout broke in half when sprouting dont know how she did it but she broke her own root when trying to come out . Also the one that came out was really slow germinating the other 3 strains from zammy was all ready growing in the dirt and this oke had only broken open a litle bit not happy at all with this results gonna send a complain email 2 i paid to much for this bad ressult bag seeds are even better


    Bis jetzt alles gut


    Richtig schöne Box mit viel Zubehör. Alle 10 gekeimt! Top

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Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
Bomberry Glue Auto (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized