Limited Edition Strains By Zamnesia
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Limited Edition Strains By Zamnesia

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At Zamnesia, we've created an extensive library of high-quality cannabis genetics. However, sometimes all it takes is some external input to stir things up and create something truly special. Every now and then, we get together with other giants in the breeding game to see what we can come up with. Explore some of our favourite collab strains.

As Europe’s leading seedbank, we know a thing or two about breeding cannabis here at Zamnesia. Our team of world-class breeders work tirelessly at procuring, crossing, and perfecting new cultivars, many of which go on to win prestigious competitions. However, sometimes we like to shake things up a bit. Occasionally, we join forces with other talented breeders in a meeting of the minds. These collaborations give rise to incredible, limited edition genetics. Check out our greatest collaborations below, and keep an eye out for future releases so you can grab seeds before they sell out!

Banana GOAT Feminized (T.H. Seeds x Zamnesia)

Banana Goat - TH Seeds x Zamnesia

Limited to 500 packs, this is a six-seed shooter resulting from crossing Banana Kush with Birthday Cake. No happy accident, this finely tuned sativa-dominant powerhouse was dreamt up by the innovative minds at T.H. Seeds and Zamnesia. Banana GOAT (short for “greatest of all time”) may seem like a presumptuous name for a strain, but it's earned its title, thanks to a THC level of 25% alongside dynamic flavours and impressive yields.

Once set alight, Banana GOAT will satisfy the taste buds with notes of creamy vanilla alongside moments of banana and cake. Whether smoked, vaped, or made into delicious concentrates, it’s always a taste sensation with Banana GOAT. Best of all, growing this strain is an easygoing and effortless process, requiring just 8–9 weeks of flowering and culminating in a truly rewarding bounty of buds. Banana GOAT is a limited-edition strain that comes in premium packaging and is hand-numbered. You can decide for yourself if this truly is one of the greatest of all time.

Banana GOAT (T.H. Seeds x Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

Parents: Banana Kush X Birthday Cake
Genetics: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
THC: 25%
CBD: 4%
Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Blackout Automatic (FastBuds x Zamnesia Seeds)

Blackout Automatic (Fastbuds x Zamnesia)

Blackout Automatic is a beautiful creation combining genetics from Kalini Asia by Zamnesia (an eye-catching purple variety originating from the famous Hindu Kush mountain range) and Blueberry Cookies by FastBuds (combining bold US genetics from Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry). The result is a stable, stress-resilient auto that flowers quickly and produces top-shelf bud. But be quick, there are only 500 packs of Blackout Automatic available, so order yours today to avoid missing out!

Blackout Automatic grows into sizeable plants that are resilient to pests and can handle low-stress training with ease, making this an attractive variety for hands-on growers. After roughly 8–9 weeks, your Blackout Automatic plants will be heavy with dense flowers bearing a dense coating of trichomes. Harnessing sweet lemon and woody terpenes and up to 26% THC, Blackout Auto's effects are well-balanced, producing an initial hit of invigorating creative energy followed by a strong, physically relaxing stone that'll soothe your entire body.

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Gorilla Wedding (BSF Seeds x Zamnesia)

Gorilla Wedding (BSF Seeds x Zamnesia Seeds)

With a limited number of seeds available (only 500 packs), Gorilla Wedding is a truly fruitful collaboration between BSF Seeds and Zamnesia. The result of pairing Gorilla Glue with Wedding Cake, this strain brings out the finest points of her heritage; from her flavour to her effects and cultivation, she’s a well-rounded specimen that’s definitely got a few tricks up her sleeve, even for those who think they’ve “seen it all”.

Spilling over with THC, Gorilla Wedding reaches around the 25–27% mark, and has the potential to deliver a knockout high for those unacquainted with such potency! Combined with the sweet, earthy, and spicy flavours she offers, this strain ticks all the right boxes. Speaking of which, Gorilla Wedding comes in premium packaging that really showcases what an exquisite strain she is.

Intergelactic Kush (Kannabia x Zamnesia)

Intergelatic Kush - Kannabia x Zamnesia

Limited to only 500 packs, ever, Intergelactic Kush is a true one-off. As the brainchild of Kannabia and Zamnesia, this unique strain is the result of crossing OG Kush with Gelato. She combines the sweetness and earthiness of her parentage to provide a superb experience every time. Whether smoked, vaped, or made into concentrates or edibles, Intergelactic Kush brings big flavours and aromas to the table. When it comes to effects, high levels of THC and rich terpenes are responsible for a relaxing and soothing high bolstered by some uplifting moments. This feminized photoperiod cultivar is easy to maintain and a joy to grow for seasoned cultivators and relative newcomers alike.

Available in a premium-quality package containing five seeds and a host of smoking accessories (that will make that first hit just a little bit sweeter), this is a true collector's bundle that is bound to impress.

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Amnesia Punch Feminized (Ripper Seeds x Zamnesia)

Amnesia Punch - Ripper Seeds x Zamnesia

Amnesia Punch brings together the knowledge, passion, and experience of Ripper Seeds and Zamnesia's in-house breeders. The result? A sativa-dominant powerhouse with uplifting effects and fruity, delicious flavours. It's so good, you'll be tempted to breed her in order to retain some of these fantastic genetics for the future. But then you'll have to sacrifice some of her sweet, sweet bud. A dilemma indeed!

Thanks to her high THC content and stimulating terpenes, she offers a powerfully motivated and creative high. Perfect for daytime smoking and making breakthroughs with projects, this strain can be put to good use as both a tool for progress and for fun! That being said, it's such an enjoyable smoke that you may decide to just fully indulge in the pleasure of the high.

Do-Si-Dos Punch Feminized (Advanced Seeds x Zamnesia)

Do-Si-Dos Punch Feminized

With only 500 packs available, Do-Si-Dos Punch didn’t hang around for long. These indica-dominant cannabis seeds are courtesy of a careful collaboration between us at Zamnesia, and breeding experts, Advanced Seeds. The result is a magnificent strain called Do-Si-Dos Punch, and it sure does pack one hell of a punch with up to 30% THC!

To mark the occasion, each pack came in a custom made, commemorative box and included a certificate of authenticity—just in case anyone questions your relations with the almighty Zammi! They're also hand-numbered, so growers knew exactly which batch they got.

Bomberry Glue Auto Feminized (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia)

Bomberry Glue Auto Feminized (Bomb Seeds x Zamnesia)

We teamed up with our fellow Dutch breeders at Bomb Seeds to bring Bomberry Glue Auto to the world. We had high expectations going into this collaboration, but nothing would quite prepare us for the result. At the end of the process, we managed to create one of the most powerful and fruitful autos around. Bomberry Glue Auto boasts massive THC levels of 25%, tantalising tastes of berries, diesel, and chocolate, and yields of up to 650g/m². She blows most autos—and many photoperiod strains—completely out of the water. With only 500 packs of seeds released, she made some very lucky growers—of all skill levels—very happy.

ZZ Punch Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds & Zamnesia)

ZZ Punch Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds & Zamnesia)

ZZ Punch remains one of our most successful collaborations of all time. To create this terpene-rich legend, we teamed up with our highly skilled friends at Royal Queen Seeds. After a brainstorming session, we decided to unleash a wave of flavour onto the market by crossing Sweet ZZ and Purple Punch. ZZ Punch inherited sweet and sugary terpenes and high levels of THC from both parent strains.

The indica-dominant variety churns out a THC content of 22% and generates a deeply soothing body high. Her flowers also produce a complex terpene profile offering flavours of grapes, fruits, and general sweetness. Only 1,000 packs of this limited edition strain were released.

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Black ZZ Feminized (Exotic Seed & Zamnesia)

Black Zkittlez Feminized (Exotic Seed & Zamnesia)

With only 200 packs ever released, Black ZZ remains one of the rarest varieties we’ve ever created. The strain came about after an extensive breeding programme with our friends over at Exotic Seed—a company known for their unique hybrids. Black ZZ stands out in more ways than one. Aside from being hard to come by, she dishes out scrumptious flavours of tropical fruit, Kush, and sugar. As the progeny of Z&Z and Monster Mask, she features a respectable THC content of 18% and a rapid flowering time of 7–8 weeks.

Blue 2.0 Feminized (Kannabia Seed Company & Zamnesia)

Blue 2.0 Feminized (Kannabia Seed Company & Zamnesia)

We sent our team to work with the master breeders at Kannabia to create Blue 2.0. After exchanging ideas, they agreed to put their efforts towards creating a well-rounded specimen that every smoker would enjoy. Our breeders brought the classic Blue Dream to the table, and Kannabia’s team brought Mataro Blue. After crossing these varieties and stabilising the progeny, Blue 2.0 emerged with a perfect split of indica and sativa genetics.

This fine balance equipped Blue 2.0 with the best traits of both worlds. She exerts a meditative and tranquil high with intermittent bursts of cerebral energy and stimulation. Few growers have experienced her pleasant high first hand, as only 500 packs of these premium seeds were made available.

Wifi 43 x Do-Si-Dos Feminized (Philosopher Seeds x Zamnesia)

Wifi 43 x Do-Si-Dos Feminized (Philosopher Seeds x Zamnesia)

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of the 400 packs of Wifi 43 x Do-Si-Dos released, you’ll probably agree that she offers one of the most comforting highs in our entire catalogue. The indica-dominant hybrid sends a wave of euphoria crashing over the body after just a couple of hits. Crafted side by side with breeders at Philosopher Seeds, our teams accomplished their goal of creating the epitome of chill. These wide and bulky buds deliver gorgeous scents of Kush, sweetness, and earthiness.

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