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There is something special about Russians. No question, they like to party hard and they are as you may possibly know also quite good at many other things, making us Westerners sometimes look like sissies in comparison.

The OBLIVINOV smart pills are a range of excellent performance enhancers, energizers and aphrodisiacs that had been formulated from Old Russian Cold War recipes used by the Red Army, or at least that’s what we had been told by this guy “Ivan” who introduced us to them. Thanks to "Ivan" and these superb Russian power pills we can now all be as badass as the Russians or at least we can pretend it!

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Life is a non-stop, no holds barred adventure that nearly always has you chasing work, sleep, or both. Sometimes, focusing on the things we love to do the most can be difficult, and that’s where Aphrodisiac shines—by helping to get you in the mood and deliver your best performance to date.


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Chill Out

Some say that the performance enhancing supplements by OBLIVINOV are coming from previously secretly kept Cold War Red Army recipes. Whether this is true or not, what we know for sure is that these “Russian-style” performance enhancing supplements by OBLIVINOV are highly effective and really do deliver.


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The music was just right, the mood electric, and as for the company— well, chances are you have woken up with a smile on your face... Or you would have, were it not for immense hangover. That's where Detox comes in, getting you back to normality and back on track after a night out.


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Hyperized is the ideal solution when you don’t want the party to stop, even if your body is starting to lag. Hyperized can help restore lost energy and give you a boost when it's needed the most. Don’t miss out on lasting memories and go home early, instead, choose Hyperized and keep the party going!


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