With Brain-E you can crank up your cerebral activity to the max for hours. Take 1 or 2 capsules and 45 minutes later you will feel the desired effect. Choline, white willow bark extract, caffeine, amino acid complex (phenylacetyl, proline, glycine-ester), magnesiumstearat, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vegetarian capsule). Content: 4 capsules

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Reviews (26)

    fa sentire i suoi effetti, la differenza si sente dopo l'assunzione di questo integratore. anche se forse sarebbe meglio fare delle dosi più piccole per alleggerire anche un po gli effetti. se preso in momenti di stress e bisogno fa il suo lavoro alla grande, ma in momenti di tranquillità può portare leggeri tremori, ma nulla di che solo questo. gli ingredienti solo tutti naturali, vengono riportati dietro la confezione. fa davvero la differenza, lo consiglio molto! ma solo nei momenti di bisogno.


    Giornata al Pronto Soccorso
    Non so se è stato per via del periodo abbastanza stressato che sto passando, ma dopo aver preso 1 pillola di BRAIN-E dopo giusto 45 minuti mi sono cominciato a sentire strano. Fino a quando mi hanno cominciato a formicolare le mani e mi sentivo in affanno. Mi sentivo agitato, mi girava la testa e mi veniva da vomitare. Ho avuto paura, così sono andato in pronto soccorso. Sono uscito dopo 15 gocce di Lexotan! mai più, proprio un brutto trip! ZERO STELLE!


    i am very satisfied with the good service


    No ill feelings towards Zamnesia but certainly not for everyone
    i ordered this product and it was delivered very quickly which I appreciate. So a big thumbs up for that :) However I need to stress that this is not for everyone! After ingesting one pill I felt very nauseous after 1 hour or so. I thought it would go away as this is common with various pscycadelics etc but this was not the case. In terms of getting work done, I felt so sick and had the feeling to vommit that the only way to get my mind of it was by actually doing work haha. This should not be the case. In addition, this feeling lasts for several hours. I had it in the morning and I felt the effects even 12 hours later. I had to constantly go to the bathroom because my body wanted to get rid of it. It had a bad effect for both my kidneys and intestine. Another problem is that it is very hard to sleep / rest through the nausea and I completly lost my appetite..... It keeps you awake so you have to endure this feeling :((( I am not the only one who has an unpleasant experience with this so I really think there should be a warning sign to go with this product. If there is a detoxin or something to go with it I think you should buy it or it should at least be adverstised alongside it. In summary Zamnesia sells very high quality products and is professional in delivering etc. But this product is something they really need to look into and question more.


    good but not for me
    lo ho provato sia con la mente stressata e piena di pensieri che quando stavo molto bene, mi fa sempre tremare, ma questo perchè non sono abituato alla caffeina in quanto io non beva molto caffè. consiglio di provarlo per vedere gli effetti in quanto siano differenti per ogni persona. se ho la mente occupata e stanca mi fa concentrare ed aiuta, se invece sto bene mi aumenta di troppo le energie, le terrò per i momenti ciritici.


    Christmas Spirit Surprise!
    One has to laugh reading all the wildly different reviews for Brain-E. My advice is: try it once, hell knows what reaction you will have to it! Background: I'm a female doctoral student and a couch potato since the quarantine began. I neither smoke nor do any drug. I don't even drink coffee, as I'm rather sensitive to anything and everything. My vice of choice is sweets and carbs galore. Recently I've been procrastinating for months on my academic work and gaining unwanted weight, basically making an anxious mess of myself and getting depressed and angry. Today I woke up sad, angry and with mental fog...again, but finally remembered to try Brain-E in the morning, as I've noticed warnings about insomnia in this comment section. My experience: Took one pill five minutes after a very light breakfast (just green tea and one egg with toast). One hour later I began feeling cheerful, happy and hopeful for no particular reason. It has been six hours since then and I'm still not hungry (which is a welcome side-effect in my case). Also, I've finally gotten around getting two of my to-do list chores. I don't feel depressed about getting on with my academic work, as I usually do. Better yet, it's like my mind has been overtaken by the Christmas spirit, joy to the world! I'll definitely repeat tomorrow. Note: I bought three sachets of Brain-E at the same time. Opened the first one and it only had three capsules, thought about contacting customer service but decided upon opening the other two sachets first just in case there was troubles with them too. Turns out the second had four capsules and the third five capsules. So it's okay at the end.


    Ruhig und konzentriert
    Habe eine Kapsel genommen. Hatte ehrlich gesagt ein bisschen Angst davor, dass man einen Trip bekommt. Ist aber nicht der Fall. Bin dadurch ruhiger und ein bisschen konzentrierter geworden. Habe es zum Lesen verwendet. Hatte ein paar Stunden einen leichten bodyload. Kann man nehmen :).


    Good but watch out
    I took this after a night of sleeping poorly (4.5 hours of sleep) I took it around 10PM, effects were noticable at around 11PM. I'm a YouTuber for a living and I ended up being extremely motivated to record 3 videos in a row which I usually never do. After that I cleaned my whole apartment, my apetite was gone the whole day so pay attention to that. make sure you eat properly. I had insomnia at night however. I'd recommend taking this pill only if you plan on not sleeping that next night. The effects last about 14-16 hours for me. I'm 95kg 200cm Overall pretty decent, and would take again but only when i really plan it out.


    questo prodotto mi piace sale che non te ne accorgi mi da la carica giusta per lavorare quando sono molto stressato


    Attention, produit a ne pas prendre avant quelque chose d'important : -prise a 14h, effets au bout de 20min avec un ami pour réviser nos partiels (le lendemain) effet semblable au LSA mais en distractif, horrible et tremblote impossible de se concentrer sur les cours -mon pote a failli se faire vomir, il était tout pale -problèmes urinaires envie de pisser toutes les 20min, mal de rein le lendemain -maux de ventre même le lendemain, de tète comme une mauvaise redescente mais que les mauvais cotés -insomnie totale, je n'ai pas dormi de la nuit (alors que je l'ai pris en début d'aprèm) mon pote aussi !!!!!! J'ai eu mon partiel le lendemain, tout ce que j'avais eu de peine a réviser a servi quand même car la concentration est venue le lendemain mais je n'avais pas dormi !!!!! Bref pilule inadaptée a un examen, prenez en une le matin si vous voulez réviser l'après midi mais effets désagréables garantis attention si vous avez des problèmes urinaires ou de bile(sécrétion de bile en continue sans raison, acidification permanente des cellules pariétales) bref horrible expérience je ne rachèterais jamais ce produit.

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