Bolivian Torch

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Native to the mountains of Bolivia, Echinopsis lageniformis, more commonly known as Bolivian torch, is a fast-growing mescaline cactus that offers up potent effects if ingested. Containing a higher percentage of mescaline than some other psychedelic cacti, Bolivian torch gives rise to robust hallucinations in sufficient doses. Available at Zamnesia as seeds or cuttings, you can cultivate your very own Bolivian torch cactus with ease.

The Bolivian torch cactus is fast to grow and will flourish very quickly in the right hands. This slender plant can be cultivated in cactus-specific soil and requires very little maintenance overall. Just a little watering now and again will see this cactus right during its growing cycle.

The trip this plant provides is one defined by a host of sensory changes, including strong visuals. Certainly not a cactus for beginners. Taking just 1–2 hours to take effect, the trip can last 6–12 hours depending on the amount ingested.

Like all hallucinogens, the Bolivian torch cactus should be treated with respect to fully embrace its effects.

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