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Storing your herb is one of the most important parts of the post-harvest process. Improper storage can easily render well-grown and maintained bud useless. Keep on top of things with our range of humidity control products. Never leave a crop to chance again; simply slide a humidity pack into your storage container and keep everything fresh.

Whether you're in the market for moisture bags, curing jars, or humidity packs, Zamnesia has you covered. There's truly a product to suit all purposes and budgets. Effortless to use, don't let moist or dry air ruin your carefully grown cannabis. After all, you've worked so hard to get to this point—don't fall at the final hurdle! Trust us; you can preserve all of the flavours, aromas, and potency of your bud for a long time with weed humidity control products.

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Weed Curing Jar

You probably won’t find better weed curing jars than these quality mason jars “Made in Germany”. The jars are made from extra thick glass and feature a rubber ring and galvanized wire bracket for a 100% airtight seal. Available in 4 sizes: Small (255ml), Medium (400ml), Large (800ml) and Xtra Large (1140ml).

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Storage Container CVault

The CVault storage containers are made of food grade stainless steel and are equipped with a silicone seal and lid with latches for airtight and light-proof sealing. The Cvault is well suited for use as a curing jar, especially the larger 21-litre size.

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Boveda Humidipak

Say goodbye to fluctuating humidity inside your storage containers and the CVault containers in particular. The Boveda Humidipak keeps the relative humidity of the air at 62% or 58% by adding or removing moisture. There are no chemicals in the Boveda humidity packs; the contained elements are completely natural and food-safe: Salt and purified water. No maintenance or refilling required.

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Integra Boost 55

Integra Boost 55 regulates optimal relative humidity for your curing flowers. It prevents dry and crispy buds, keeps mould from forming, and prevents a harsh smoke. Integra Boost 55 does not alter the smell or flavour of your product, and maintains all its medicinal qualities. Eliminate the guessing game and store your plants flawlessly at all times with Integra Boost 55!

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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Limonene

Providing strong citrus aromas and flavours that lean on all of your fruity favourites such as oranges, lemons and lines, Limonene is a terpene that's responsible for not only great flavours but also offering potential effects that can be uplifting and relieve moments of tension. Now you can add this terpene to your favourite strains to really bring out all of the nuances with Terpene...

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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Terpinolene

Responsible for many unique aromas and flavours in some hugely popular cannabis strains, terpinolene is a terpene that takes on multiple attributes ranging from floral notes to herb and citrus elements too. All of which combine to provide mouth-watering results. Thanks to Integra Boost, you can now infuse your favourite strains with some high-quality terpenes for some truly impressive...

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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Myrcene

As one of the most commonly found terpenes found in cannabis, Myrcene gives a unique fragrance that's spicy and peppery. But more than anything, it's highly sought after! Not only offering flavours and aromas, but Myrcene is also noted for potentially providing calming and soothing sensations to users. Now you can infuse your favourite strains with this terpene thanks to Integra Boost.

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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Pinene

Love the feeling of walking into a forest of live, flourishing pine trees? Pinene is a natural terpene found in pine needles, rosemary, basil, and cannabis, loved for its relaxing, uplifting properties. Bring this freshness to your dry herbs with Terpene Essentials from Integra Boost.

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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Beta-Caryophyllene

Caryophyllene is a natural terpene found in the essential oils of cloves, rosemary, hops, and cannabis. It also greatly contributes to the warm, spicy aroma of black pepper and many other natural spices. Enliven your stash with these scents courtesy of Integra Boost® Terpene Essentials Beta-Caryophyllene humidity packs.

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Terpene Essentials (Integra Boost) Humulene

Humulene is an earthy, spicy, and woody terpene found in many plants, particularly hops and cannabis. Love the smell and aroma of a classic, hoppy beer? It's probably the high concentration of humulene that gets your taste buds and nostrils going. Now, with Integra Boost® packs, you can add that kick to all of your favourite dry herbs.

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Moisture Fighters

Get the best from your buds with these easy-to-use Moisture Fighters. Simply place a sachet into your curing jar to ensure max flavour, aroma, and potency from your buds. Available in various sizes and RH levels to suit your needs—and with an easy-to-read colour-coded system that tells you when to replace the sachet—you can't go wrong with them.

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Humidity Indicator (Integra)

No more guessing required with Integra Humidity Indicators! These humidity-indicating cards make it easy to monitor relative humidity levels accurately. They are simple to use: Just place one indicator card into your curing jars. The spots turn from blue to pink to indicate humidity levels. The measuring range is 10-60% relative humidity. Each pack contains 10 Integra Humidity Indicator...

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Weed Curing Jar (RAW)

Cure and store your weed in style with RAW's practical and contemporary-looking storage jars. They will keep aromas locked in and your buds fresh for months. Jars are airtight and make the perfect home for your fragrant flowers, whether you choose to put them on display or hide them away safely. With three different sizes, you'll find an appropriate jar for every haul.

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