San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)


A.k.a. Trichocereus pachanoi. The San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) originates from Peru and Ecuador. This cactus contains the psychoactive compound mescaline and plays a very important part in Latin American shamanic culture. We sell cuttings in different sizes that will effortlessly resume their growth once they are put back in the ground.

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San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi): Previously known as 'Trichocereus pachanoi'

The San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) originates in the mountains of Peru and Ecuador where this mescaline cactus grows at an altitude of 2000-3000 meter. Nowadays this cactus can be found in other parts of the Andes, such as the Argentinean and Bolivian mountains. The San Pedro is a rapidly growing cactus: under the right circumstances, this cactus can grow up to 30 to 40 cm a year.

The San Pedro cactus has a extensive history in shamanic culture. The most ancient signs of ritual use date back to 2000 years ago. Since the beginning of civilization in the Andes region, local shamans were using the San Pedro as part of their rituals, hailing the cactus as the “Materia Prima’. It was used not only as a religious sacrament, but also as a shamanic medicine.

Unlike the Peyote cactus and the psilocybin mushrooms, the use of the San Pedro cactus was not punished by the catholic inquisition. It is also very surprising that this holy Indian plant bears the name of a catholic saint. How this came to be is unknown till this day.


The San Pedro contains mescaline, a psychoactive alkaloid with potent psychedelic and hallucinative effects. Users of mescaline attest to strong visual effects, an altered conscious, feelings of euphoria and intense harmony with nature. The normal dosage of mescaline is 0.3-0.4 gram (pure mescaline, not 0.3-0.4 grams of cactus). The consumption of mescaline cacti can induce heavy vomiting. According to original users this purging should be experienced as a positive, it is the cleansing of the body.

For the fanatics: the chemical formula for mescaline is 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine.

Cultivating the San Pedro cactus

Our cuttings of the San Pedro are exclusively derived from healthy and attractive cacti. These cuttings facilitate the home cultivation of your own San Pedro cactus. The cutting only needs to be placed in the ground after which the cutting will soon shoot roots and continue to grow, like it had never been out of the ground in the first place. Use special cactus soil and not the standard soil for indoor plants. This soil often contains an incorrect ratio of nutrients needed for cacti.

Water the cactus once a week in autumn and spring and only once every 2-3 weeks in winter. In summer you may water the cactus 3-5 times a week. The best method is to water the cactus from the bottom, so it is better to put the cactus in a pot with a punctured base. Place the pot in a shallow dish with water en the cactus will absorb what it needs. This method is preferred over watering the cactus with a spout from above.

Place the San Pedro cutting in the shade for the first month, allowing the cactus to adjust to its new surroundings and create a new root system. You will not need to water the cutting for the first 2-3 weeks.

Name change: From Trichocereus to Echinopsis

The Latin name for the San Pedro cactus has always been 'Trichocereus pachanoi', but recently a new classification for the cactus species was put in place. Now the San Pedro is subordinate to the much larger cacti family Echinopsis. The current and correct name for the San Pedro is therefore ‘Echinopsis pachanoi'. The name change has not yet caught on with the masses and the cactus is still commonly referred to as 'Trichocereus pachanoi'. It will probably take quite some time before people speak of the 'Echinopsis pachanoi'.

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) data sheet
Cactus San Pedro

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Reviews (231)
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    Nice piece of Pedroo, well packed and arrived in perfect condition.

    F. M.

    Just grows
    Grows as good as always

    A. V.

    San Pedro
    Cactus arrivato in ottimo stato e con un packaging davvero curato , ringrazio Zamnesia per il prodotto di ottima qualità, al momento ho deciso di piantarlo, con la speranza che cresca sano e forte

    S. A.

    Lucky and happy
    A very lucky and happy cactus came to me. He was happy to see the new soil and settled down after a few weeks by developing roots. A very fast growing beginner cactus in comparison to Peyote who is sometimes a small diva. Good stuff Zamnesia.

    B. S.

    Quick delivery, good Cactus
    Quick drlivery well packaged and nice Healthy Cactus, Thanks

    K. K.

    Beautiful healthy cuttings, reasonable price. Thank you

    V. D.

    San Pedro
    We received them in perfect conditions and faster than what was expected. We are very happy with the customer support and hoping for them to grow strong and healthy roots. Many thanks! Nasmastè

    L. G.


    N. S.

    Cactus San Pedro
    Excellente bouture le dessous du pied est déjà pré séché et cela facilite la mise en pot .. La bouture de cactus est saine et il pousse rapidement si on lui donne les bonne condition .. merci Zamnesia..

    P. Q.

    Il pacco ha viaggiato non soltanto verso l'Italia, ma è arrivato (dopo una seconda spedizione) fino in Africa! Contentissima del packaging e del prodotto, entrambe le misure, il primo piccolino già messo nella terra con un po' di argilla e tanto amore. Top top top !!! 10/10

    A. P.

    J'ai reçu ma commande en temp comme a chaque fois pas de mauvaise surprise la bouture et en bonne Santé je recommende

    G. L.

    Kräftig und gesund
    Der Abschnitt kam gut verpackt an. Sieht kräftig aus und fühlt sich auch fest an, die schnittstelle war trocken und kein schimmel oder ähnliches.

    M. A.


    S. H.

    au top !
    Bouture reçue rapidement, le cactus a rapidement fait de nouvelles racines. J'ai pris la taille M, il mesure un peu plus de 25 cm, et il est d'un très bon diamètre. Hâte de le voir grandir dans ma petite collection de cactus.

    A. R.

    Bouture arrivée rapidement, premières racines au bout de 3 semaines. Identifier les produits en cas d'achat de différentes boutures serait un plus appréciable.

    B. D.

    Bon produit
    Belle commande, de qualité et bien preparé. Bonne livraison

    G. H.

    Very nice and healthy looking
    the cutting i recieved looked very healthy&strong and also already had quite a few roots growing when i got it. as i expected it maded its transition into its new home very nicely 🥰 hope it stays as healthy in the future as i plan on keeping it for a while. thx zam!

    F. H.

    Alles bestens
    Die Stecklinge sind gut angewachsen und werden bereits nach 3 Wochen sichtbar größer. Kein Grund zu klagen.

    R. G.

    Sehr hübsch!
    Alles Top, leichte Bestellung, schnelle Lieferung, der große San Pedro hervorragend verpackt und er sieht sehr gesund aus! Alles weitere wird sich ergeben. :-)

    J. S.

    Looking good
    Rooted and growing! Took about 5 weeks to root, but looking good now!

    D. T.

    Arrivato molto molle, sicuramente per il viaggio. L'ho comunque piantato e vedremo che succede. Gli altri cactus ordinati in precedenza erano sempre perfetti, quindi credo sia ideale ordinare determinati prodotti in autunno o inverno, con temperature più umane.

    C. B.

    100℅ recomendable!

    J. S.

    V. A.

    Primo ordine
    Perfetto e in ottima salute...imballaggio studiato per fare lunghi!!!!

    M. A.

    Bouture San Pedro
    Les Boutures de San Pedro sont Magnifiques , en très bon Etat , bien protégées dans le Carton et s enracinent très rapidement , elles viennent agrandir ma Collection Merci encore Zamnesia toujours au top , très professionnel à bientôt

    G. T.

    Parfaits à Bouturer
    2 semaines après plantation, les boutures sont en pleine forme. Tant que j'y suis, un parquet de 10 graines achetées ce printemps m'a donné 13 plants dans une mini serre plastique. :) :) :)

    J. D.

    Good stuff

    D. W.

    50-60cm Stecklinge bestellt
    Waren etwas dünn diese Abielitos habe die Köpfe getrennt damit ich mehr davon habe. Die köpfe warten noch auf das neue zuhause. Der Rest ist extrem potent und stark dunkelgrün. Hatte grosse Freude das die Qualität so gut ist. Kann ich nur empfehlen. Vorsicht wie gesagt extrem potent!

    N. S.

    Impressionante, une expérience psychédélique unique ! J'avoue que j'ai été surpris, je ne m'attendais pas à une telle puissance. Attention aux cosmonautes... À consommer avec modération et préparez-vous à avoir la nausée, ce n'est pas facile à avaler même après l'avoir préparé à la perfection. Qualité exceptionnelle. Merci Zamnesia

    S. C.

    San Pedro - ein evergreen
    Der Kaktus-Steckling 11cm war nicht verfügbar - Benachrichtigung eingerichtet & schon 1- 2 Tage später die Info erhalten, dass er wieder 'on stock' ist - top! Bestellt & wieder schneller erhalten als erwartet. Die Sendungen sind nicht übertrieben - also umweltfreundlich - aber sehr professionell verpackt. Es ist nicht so einfach Pflanzen & vor allem Kakteen sicher zu verpacken - top. Der angelieferte Kaktus war in absolut einwandfreiem Zustand - er ist es noch! So konnte ich einfach die saubere, frische aber vollständig abgetrocknete Schittfäche mit Wurzelaktivator bestäuben & das gute Stück eintopfen. Nun kann er sein 2. Leben anteten. Der Kaktus ist sehr schön - blau-grün, die Stacheln sind etwa mittelgroß. Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich wieder begeistert & froh bin bei Zamnesia gekauft zu haben. Der San Pedro ist der Klassiker, also was soll ich noch dazu schreiben. Absolute Kaufempfehlung meinerseits. TS

    T. S.

    Crece sano
    Desde que lo sembré crece saludable y hermoso.

    R. M.

    San pedro
    Belle bouture

    H. A.

    J'ai reçu mon San Pedro en très bon état
    je n'ai pas encore consommé le San Pedro, mais je suis content car il est arrivé en très bon état. J'ai fait séché la peau pour une prochaine utilisation.

    A. C.

    My lovely abuelito arrived perfectly scarred, sane and strong. I hope his roots are growing as I buried him in specific cactus ground. It's now two weeks and ho looks happy. 🥰

    M. F.

    Top quality and great customer service
    Ordered two large cuttings that unfortunately got lost in the mail. Zammy resent my order at no extra charge and finally two beautiful specimens arrived at my doorstep, measuring 56 cm and 58 cm respectively, one as thick as a man's underarm and the other slightly thinner. Nice colour and healthy looking overall. Thx Zam.

    J. T.

    Llegó en perfecto estado.

    J. S.

    Prefekt und Top-Quali
    super gute Qualität und die anleitungen sind sehr gut. Es klappt und gute Erde und Ton, keine Staunässe und er bringt Freude. ich bin mehr als begeistert. Alle Plant wachsen und ein euro mehr für den Rest ist keine schlechte Idee. Die Tips sind Gut oder besserer gesagt ob Kaktus oder Samen die Qualität ist so gut, das alles funktioniert und wächst. Wunderschön----DANKE und meiner ist über 30cm größ.

    S. R.


    S. P.

    Peruanischer Stangenkaktus
    Wächst und gedeiht

    M. A.

    Zamnesian loyalty
    Quickly delivered strong and healthy cactus.

    S. C.

    Super Steckling mit einer Länge von 56cm,er sieht top gesund aus jetzt muss er nur noch Wurzeln bilden. Top Versand schnelle Lieferung einfach super! Werde wieder bei euch bestellen und kann euch nur weiterempfehlen

    D. W.

    Beautiful powerful thriving cut

    A. H.

    Two small ones
    Never had experience with this type of product, had to do deep research about how to use it in the right way. i have expected more of the experience, but I guess only two small ones were not enough for a great high. But even this moderate experience was nice to try.

    M. G.

    Schöne Kakteen
    Sehr schöne Kakteen. Gewicht ca. 280 bis 350 Gramm.

    F. W.

    Top kwaliteit
    Zeer mooie cuttings en top kwaliteit zoals gewoonlijk!

    P. B.

    Buen estado
    Compré el grande. Me llegó un esqueje de san pedro de 58 cm con alguna mancha amarillenta. Lo metí en tierra y todavía no lo he regado (hace unas 3 semanas que lo tengo). Ayer lo saqué a mirar y no veo raíces, y hay una mancha negra en un costado de la base (pero está seco). No sé si va a echar raíces o no, pero estoy impaciente.

    A. F.

    Super qualité
    Déjà prêt à être repiqué a sa livraison, parfait

    O. G.

    bien emballées, belles boutures bien cicatrisées, aucunes aiguilles cassées

    A. R.

    Jolie bouture
    Superbe bouture, rien à dire.

    P. N.

    San pedro / Peyotl
    Reçu rapidement et bien emballé ! Maintenant, patience ...

    P. M.

    beautiful piece
    I received a beautiful piece, waiting roots as we speak :)

    A. B.

    Healthy plant
    Quick to arrive, great healthy cutting on arrival. Taken to its new pot nicely. 10/10

    E. R.

    Planté pas testé
    cactus de bonne qualité et très beau il faut juste précisera que si ils ramollissent ils ont besoin de beaucoup d'eau

    V. G.

    Arrivati in perfette condizioni. Due medi pesavano quasi 1200 gr. Più che sufficienti per 12 splendide ore in due

    P. C.

    Kam gut verpackt und flott an.Wunderschöner San Pedro Steckling,er hat sich bei mir auf Kakteensubstrat gleich heimisch gefühlt.Wobei ich den nächsten auf Vogelsand setzten werde.Ich liebe es ihn wachsen zu sehen und mag ihn nicht vernaschen vielleicht den nächsten

    C. K.

    Nach 4 Wochen gut gewurzelt und vital.

    A. S.

    Top quality stuff was on a different planet

    F. P.

    Bella pianta
    Bella pianta ed in ottime condizioni. L'ho comprata insieme ad altri cactus e non essendoci dei cartellini per ogni pianta ho dovuto dedurre le varietà dei vari cactus.

    F. C.

    Everything good. And fast delivery! Thank you

    S. K.

    They are already growing!
    The delivery, packaging and quality of the san pedro is amazing. They shipped fast. When they arrived I immediately planted them into cactus soil. Now after a week or two the top of the plant is greener so they are healthy and growing. :)

    Y. G.

    All good
    The san pedro is growing strong. Thanks

    G. A.

    Alles wunderbar, werde wieder bestellen
    Ich habe eine mittlere Größe gekauft für eine Person und es als Tee zubereitet. Ich habe hierfür nur die grüne Rinde verwendet. Ich wollte einen leichten-mittel Trip und habe genau das erhalten. Es war wunderbar. Der Kaktus kam vernünftig verpackt und schnell. Werde definitiv wieder bestellen.

    Y. G.

    Nice plant
    Cute lil cutting

    R. D.

    Der Artikel war wie beschrieben und wurde schnell versandt.

    T. H.

    El envío llegó perfecto estado dentro de él plazo establezido

    J. B.

    Sehr zufrieden
    Perfekte Kommunikation, tolles Produkten , tolles Preise , Kann man nur weiter empfehlen

    Y. G.

    Talee in perfette condizioni e puntuali...come sempre🧡

    D. N.

    Llegó en perfecto estado, con callo, listo para ser plantado.

    A. C.

    Looks good so far
    I got three healthy cuttings. Now it’s up to Mother Nature if they root or not. I’ll definitely buy more in the future for my little magical garden.

    D. K.

    Healthy sacred cacti
    I ordered three different cacti varieties and they all arrived healthy and ready for potting. It's been a month now and they've rooted effortlessly and are growing strong.

    L. C.

    Cactus San Pedro
    Envoi et réception rapides Produit de qualité Je recommande

    F. B.

    Super produit
    En 1 ans il a poussé de plus de 50% de sa taille initiale

    J. G.

    Incredible Delivery, Product, Service
    This is the best store in the EU hands down. Delivery is discreet and fast, customer service is excellent and all products which I have purchased have been of the highest quality.

    Y. H.

    Absolutely delighted with the Pachanoi's I received. Not only are they top cuts but they're pristine. I was expecting the worst but it's top notch.

    S. M.

    Very good product
    very good quality cuttings

    L. A.

    San pedro
    First order got lost in post and they was kind enough to send a free replacement with no hassle

    N. J.

    Very pleased with this San Pedro
    The cutting arrived in great condition. I waited about two weeks before planting it and it's growing nicely now. Shipping was very slow to Ireland, but the product is top quality. Thanks guys.

    S. M.

    Super cactus
    Arrivé rapidement et en bonne santé ! Je l'ai planté, plus qu'à attendre qu'il pousse. Merci zamnesia !

    C. S.

    excellent san pedro
    livraison rapide, les sections de cactus sont de taille satisfaisante, en bon état et de section homogène. J.V.

    J. L.

    San Pedro, 10 cm
    Schnelle Lieferung nach Italien. Nach drei Wochen ist der Kaktus im den oberen 1 1/2 cm leicht hellgrün. Habe den Eindruck, dass er schon gewurzelt hat und am sonnigen Fensterbrett wächst... Gerne wieder.

    F. G.

    Excellent product
    Arrived quickly and in very healthy condition, excellent quality cuttings.

    J. K.

    San pedro
    La pianta è arrivata perfettamente impacchettata e senza nessun problema.

    A. A.

    Exelente compra
    Ya es mas de un año mi San pedro se adapto perfectamente muchas gracias el envio fue genial yllego muy bien!

    G. D.

    die kaktuse die ich erhalten habe sehen toll aus und scheinen sich gut zu entwickeln und echt gut dass sie einen blog geschrieben haben was zu tun ist

    M. W.

    This guy is amazing, is growing really well

    I. M.

    san pedro
    livraison rapide, les boutures sont super bien reparti . au top

    K. S.

    Crece rápido, acepta el sol directo. Echó raíces a las pocas semanas y desde entonces no ha parado de crecer. Vino en perfectas condiciones.

    V. V.

    Gli vogliamo bene
    Talea arrivata in perfette condizioni,in poco tempo sono spuntate le prime radici.abbiamo usato terra da cactus.

    M. N.

    Talea scopo ornamentale
    Ho acquistato questa talea per scopo ornamentale ancora non ha radicato però posso dire che è arrivata in condizioni ottime

    C. P.

    san pedro 10cm
    Spedizione rapida, prodotto in ottime condizioni, messo subito in un vaso con terreno per cactus e ora aspetto che metta le radici

    A. S.

    San Pedro
    Arrived in good time in excellent condition.

    M. H.

    No much to say, we all know the professionality behind Zamnesia and their products

    G. P.

    great quality
    good product, arrived well and fast. 100% recommended

    M. B.

    Très bonne sensation en thé. Très relaxant et produit de qualité. Emballage bien réalisé pour le transport. Parfait, je recommande

    E. D.

    San pedro 25-30 cm
    Das war eine der besten Erfahrungen die ich bis jetzt hatte . Ich habe das erste mal san pedro konsumiert und es war einfach wunderschön, meskalin wird sehr sehr unterschätzt und es sollten mehrere leute die Erfahrung machen. 10/5 sternen . Die Lieferung war auch schnell da wie von zamnesia gewohnt. Danke euch Team Zamnesia.

    I. G.

    In love
    Hatte das Glück einen der Großen ergattern zu können, er hatte 57 cm. Habe ihn geteilt und das obere Ende zum Wurzeln in Vogelsand gesteckt. Ich empfand den Trip als traumhaft, der beste den ich jemals hatte. Mag seitdem keine Pilze u.o chemisches LSD mehr, super smooth was im San Pedro steckt. Das beste daran: kein bisschen Kater am Tag danach, als ob nichts gewesen wäre... :)

    M. O.

    Nice and healthy
    I bought 4 in total and they all arrived healthy and have rooted and grown since then. The sizes vary a lot. One 25-30cm cutting was around 400 grams and another 25-30cm over a kilo.

    J. L.

    Eigentlich ein echt schöner San Pedro nur leider hat der Stecklingen durch denn Transport bei mir einer drück Stelle bekommen die bei mir jetzt leicht Anfängt schwarz zu werden aber beiden andern Stecklingen die ich mir bestellt habe ist zum Glück alles gut

    K. W.

    San Pedro cutting
    Arrived in good time in excellent condition.

    J. I.

    Both arrived in a short time and were soon rooted. Now they are growing and looking good! Happy!

    R. S.

    Robust San pedro
    Yes, I liked how big it was. Unexpected for me, yet I won't eat it by now. I just planted it and see how it goes, atm it has 3 weeks but I'm noob and I don't know how to see if it already rooted but I'm kinda sure it did. Its my first ever cactus and lol, it's a psychoactive one haha. Thank you Zamnesia. Always on TOP!

    A. F.

    Anybody should try it in his life. Came safely wrapped round. 54cm above 1kg. Good 2 portions from whole Large cacti. If u are not sure. Buy until is available!

    A. T.

    Perfect as always
    Very good quality, easy to plant. The San Pedro cut correspond to the description and the pictures. I recommend the product and Zamnesia who always deliver 100%

    J. G.

    Great cactus!
    Thank you zamnesia for another superb cactus!

    M. Z.

    Amazing piece !
    Arrived very quickly and was rooted after only 2 weeks , i’m very happy :)

    G. V.

    Tutto perfetto!

    G. C.

    Very good quality
    Great service and really good quality cactus cuttings. They arrived fully fresh. I re-planted them using cinnamon powder as root growth starter and they are now going strong. Top quality.

    M. T.

    Magnifique cactus
    J'ai reçu un superbe spécimen en trois jours, en parfaite santé et prêt à croître. Merci Zamni !

    B. N.

    Moldy Cactus
    Ordered 2 Cactus, one 25-30cm and this one. The big one arrived perfect but this one was moldy and not usable. Sadly there is no refund or i can't find how to arrange it. The cactus was already moldy when zamnesia sent it to me that's for sure. Sad that the back delivery is not worth the work. My tip: but more then one because u can't be sure u get a fresh product

    K. R.

    Perfect cactus
    Arrived well packed and protected. Perfect cactus for my collection. Arrived really quickly too! Customer service was amazing. Thanks again

    Z. H.

    Brilliant shop
    Come really quick to uk, only took 6 days. Cacti I got are brilliant specimens, really healthy and decent size. Only comment would be they could of possibly been labeled as I brought a few and didn't tell me which were which, but you can kinda tell the different speices. Awsome shop, thanks

    L. W.

    Awesome cacti
    Due to the UK leaving the EU and increased customs checks, there was a bit of a delay in receiving my order (2-3 weeks), but the staff at Zamnesia were incredibly helpful and made sure that everything arrived. The cacti themselves are great specimens, clean, looking fresh and the size is towards the upper end of the range in the description. I haven’t yet tried these cacti but have potted them for use later in the year. However, I have ordered in the past from Zamnesia and from a subjective viewpoint I would say the mescaline content was very good!

    Z. A.

    Good but not perfect
    So I just received this cactus after around 2 weeks of waiting due to dhl messing with my address. When it arrived I was surprised about the size (smaller than expected but that was just my expectation). It has a weight of 451 Gramms, is exactly 27 cm long and exactly 5,5 cm wide. The only thing missing is about 70% of the usually occurring spikes on the side. This must have happened during shipment. According to zamnesias guideline to dosage and content this cactus should have around 120 mg per 100 g fresh cactus. So 120 mg x 4,51 equals around 540 mg of mescaline. One blog on this website also claims a dry concentration of up to 2.375 % meaning that with an average content of water of around 70 % this cactus would have a maximum amount of 3,2 g of mescaline(451 g x 0,3 = 135 g; 135 g x 0,02375 = 3,21 g). Because the potency can vary by extreme measures (just as the amount of water within the cactus), this is just an approximation and therefore inaccurate. Nonetheless the quality of this San Pedro is immaculate (not considering the spikes but that isn’t zamnesias fault). I hope this review helps other people trying to get more information about cacti since it took me a long time to really research any kind of information about this topic especially when it comes to their potency.

    J. J.

    Cactus en plein santé!!
    Merci Zamnésia pour votre sérieux!! La qualité de vos plantes comme de vos champottes sont impéccables! Franchement hier j'ai reçu 3 peyotls petits certes mais magnifiques et aujourdhui c'est les san pédro qui sont aussi splendides!! Un client content est un client qui revient!! MERCI MA COLLECTION S'AGRANDIT!!

    E. R.

    buenas condiciones
    el producto llego en buenas condiciones

    A. R.

    Sehr zufrieden
    Hatte 2 25-30 cm große Kakteen für 2 Personen gekauft und schnell bekommen. Auch die Wirkung hat mich überzeugt. Einfach Wahnsinn was in so nem Kaktus steckt :D

    P. S.

    Unfortunately no effect
    I have bought several things from Zamnesia and I consider it to be a trustful and serious vendor. However, in the case of this product I must say it had no effect, even though I consumed the raw flesh of a 30 cm cactus, which should have produced a considerable trip. I recommend that you guys check where you are sourcing your cactuses from because I don't think you are getting and thereby selling a good variety.

    D. G.

    Semble avoir bien repris à voir évolution dans le temps l'époque à laquelle je les ai repiqués n'est pas la meilleure mais je pense les mettre sous led de 45 Watts pour leur donner un peu plus de lumière JJ

    J. C.

    San Pedro
    Très beau produit. Reçu rapidement replanter et depuis il s'épanouit..

    S. K.

    Einfach klasse
    Super Qualität

    P. O.

    dosage ??
    bonjours , ce cactus est il prêt a consommer ? si oui quel dosage frais ou sec ? Rien a dire sur la livraison , impécable !

    D. D.

    Arrived in time, great service and great product! I still haven’t try it yet, but sure it will be good.

    C. P.

    Waar voor je geld!
    Mooie cuttings, ik laat ze lekker wortelen en alles wat er uit groeit is welkom. Mooi voor in de vensterbank, mooi om mee weg te dromen.

    J. P.

    Beste Qualität
    Ich habe mir einen mittelgroßen Cut bestellt. Der Kaktus kam absolut unbeschädigt und gesund an. Die Schnittstelle war schon gut angetrocknet, sodass ich ihn direkt in den Topf gestellt habe. Erste Wurzeln sind nach 5 Wochen ausgetrieben. Die Wirksamkeit habe ich noch nicht getestet, aber da bin ich zuversichtlich.

    D. C.

    Deshidratado como mi bolsa escrotal.
    Muy bien y muy bonito. Llegó en buen estado aunque más deshidratado que mis cojones tras ver a mi ex novia en las fiestas de mi pueblo. Tocará ver como crece.

    P. A.

    Received a cactus cutting 52.5 cm long with 6 cm "diameter", as measured from the protruded ends. It was excellent, better than expected. What I received was very strong, probably too much for a single person without experience or a sitter. Will order again in the future :)

    V. H.

    5 cacti medium size
    I ordered 5 cacti of medium size :D everything arrived well and i will try them out some time, when i am less busy + report :D

    V. M.


    K. K.

    Fantastico San Pedro
    La talea è arrivata ben imballata ed in ottima salute, dopo quasi un mese ha radicato e si è stabilizzata nel terreno.

    D. O.

    A gentle but powerful healing psychedelic experience
    I ordered 1 cacti of medium size 25-30cm and removed the vax and removed only the green layer without the white as in the description in the link i will post below. Than I mixed it and added 3 liters of water and cooked it on low temperature for about 2,5-3 hours until it was a very concentrated green liquid 1-1,5 dl. I fasted for 6 hours. I drank the tea inside my apartment and the taste was bitter but I liked it the I sat and meditated and listened to peyote and san pedro Icaros. It came up veeery slowly. After almost an hour I felt the first bodily signs and something in the stomach and my heartbet was going up and after 3 hours an alertness was increased and I started doing Yoga with a focus and attention that I dont have otherwise. I had almost no nausea and I had no stomach pain due to this method of preparing without rthe white pulp. After 4,5 hours after have som emotional ups and downs I felt that I had eaten too little. After I had eating I was 5 hours in the trip and now it was peaking and I felt increasing stimulant effects with increased energy and stamina and simultanously increased psychedelic effects. I decided to go out in the nature and went out and the effects just increased and it started raining and I just enjoyed the nature and went in the forest and up in the mountains near the lake. The visual effects was not so strong but noticable with saturated colours and mindfulness of the fractals in nature. Ecstatic feelings and euphoria that I have not experieced on other psychedelics. It felt like a natural MDMA with psychedelic effects. I hade lot of energy but not in the forced way like stimulants and I was dancing and did some spontanous yoga movements and it felt so healing. After 8-9 hours when it was dark I decided to go home but was not tired yet even if the effects starting to subside. I was in an ecstatic mode and fell asleep after 11-12 hours. This was what i would rate somewhere between a mild and average trip. It was a very external trip compared to psilocybin and Dmt and not so intense but very healing and I recomend to do it in the nature. One of my best trips ever and the after effects the days after and the healing process was surprising. Next time I will take a larger dose.

    N. L.

    Ottimo prodotto!
    Spedizione veloce e imballaggio adeguato, talea in ottime condizioni! Consigliatissimo!

    S. G.

    Gute Ware
    schöne Kakteen, bei 15 cm eine milde psychedelische Wirkung zu verspüren

    A. H.

    let it grow
    I didn't eat it yet - i've put the dried side of the cactus into cactus soil and now I am waiting for it to grow. Maybe - someday when it' s bigger - some of it will be eaten...

    G. G.

    Ejemplar sano
    Cactus en buen estado

    A. M.

    Lovely little thing.
    Looks awesome on my windowsill. I wanted to eat these but now I’m going to grow them

    A. P.

    Ça bouture
    Une belle bouture qui a bien repris, il suffit de respecter le processus habituation et la progressivité de la démarche, et c'est parti.

    S. M.

    Increíble producto
    Listo para consumir!!!! ;). No sabía si el cactus lo podría consumir directamente y me arriesgue, lo seque durante dos días, lo hice polvo y lo consumimos entre 3 colegas, un tripazo increíble, de los mejores que he tenido, 2 DIAS DE TRIPI Y ALUCINACIONES SIN PARAR, recomiendo 100%

    J. S.

    Bouture arrivée en très bon état. Mis dans un gros pot! en attente de croissance mais ça ne devrait pas tarder!!! Merci

    P. C.

    A gift from the gods
    I ordered four cacti, three small cuttings and one large. The cacti, while a little skinny weighed 970g. I diced, blended and boiled the cacti and had and amazing rolly trip with a good friend. The effects were incredible and not overwhelming like LSD or even psilocybin can be. The 'trip' was like an mdma roll but tripper and 'shinier'. I had lots of introspective thought and mind blowing revaluation but I had full control over my emotions and could choose not to go down negative pathways, the whole experience almost felt like a 'gift from the gods' as it was just pure peace and joy.

    C. H.

    Good Good Good
    Very very magic cactus!

    G. P.

    Bien reçus comme d’hab. j’en ai eu 3 dont un plus gros que les autres Merci zamnesia.

    G. I.

    Belle bouture, enracinée en 2/3 semaines, pousse déjà à 3 semaines, rien à dire, beau produit.

    T. C.

    Bouture de qualité
    Mis en place dans son habitat définitif en extérieur il y a 6 semaines, il commence à se plaire !

    Y. C.

    Un client satisfait de plus !
    Au delà des expérimentations psychédéliques que nous pourrions réaliser avec le San Pedro, ce sont des cactus robustes, bouturés et sélectionnés avec soin par l'équipe de Zamnesia. En revanche, concernant l'envoi, il serait de rigueur pour l'équipe de les laisser sécher plus longtemps. J'en ai commandé 10, qui sont tous arrivés en bel état général, mais tous moisis au bas de leur chair. Vous êtes sur un cactus qui, sachez-le, résiste énormément face à ce genre de moisissures; mais d'un point de vue esthétique comme technique envers le consommateur, on peut s'attendre à éviter ce genre de mésaventure. Hormis ce défaut de logistique dû au manque d'aération du colis, ils sont arrivés parfaitement protégés et en santé.

    A. D.

    Very Good
    1/2 25-30cm is medium excelente trip.

    V. H.

    Très bonne bouture aucune impureté cool

    A. N.

    10/10 would cactus again
    We ordered 2 x medium (25-30cm) pieces of cactus with a total weight of 930g. This was consumed between 3 people and prepared using only the skin applying the freeze method (freeze, thaw, and blend) the drink. No boiling. This give us an all day love affair in cactus land. The duration of the trip lasted 16 hours and we started at 1pm in the afternoon and we went to early hours of morning. After reading internet dosages we were worried that 2 pieces of medium cactus would not be enough for 3 people but we were very much surprised. We also fasted which I believe heightened the trip. Would recommend being outside for at least part of the day however try to find somewhere safe and enclosed without public interaction.

    P. M.

    4 units
    I got 4 medium... 2 arrived with tips yellow but i think they will bounce back when they have roots. Only got one with a few light brow scarification lets see if it spreads or gets controled.

    D. V.

    Cactus fantastique
    Cactus de super qualité, arrivé en pleine forme, et s’adapte très bien à son nouveau environnement. Pas encore consommer, mais semble très prometteur.

    G. T.

    When the cactus arrived it was in perfect conditions, packaged well and looked healthy. I tried making a tea but it didn't go exactly as planned. I did some reaserch from various sources but they all made it in different ways, so i went with the one with the most positive feedback related to the views. I started by cutting the cactus to leave the center out, as i've read that it doesn't contain much mescaline and it mostly contributes to nausea. Then i took the skin off while paying attention not to damage the dark layer beneath it. I added water and the triangular pieces that i cut to a food processor and blended real good. After that i placed everything in a pot at low heat for approximately 4 hours while stirring continuously. I filtered the result and drank the tea. I had read that 30cm are enough for a mild to medium experience but i only got threshold effects that lasted quite a bit though. I thought it was because i threw up like 20' and 30' after consuming the tea but mescaline in the stomach is supposed to be absorbed pretty quickly (within 15') but idk. I m not sure if i did a mistake during the extraction process, if i shouldn't have cut out the center, if i threw up all the mescaline or if it was the cactus itself, but i couldn't find much insight on why it went like that, maybe you can help out?

    F. P.

    Strong, well packaged San Pedro of 25-30cms
    Cactus was close to 30cms and came in great shape with blueish tints to it, meaning it is dormant and naturally preserving itself. Rooted indoors during the winter, it took up to 3 weeks after potting in a specialised soil mix I made, no water till a couple months after. I received a top cutting. Looking forward to see this one stretch out! Will come back and order the Peru/Bol Torches at some point.

    D. P.

    super healthy
    Best cactus ever! It´s growing really good and easy to take care of. I have never had a healthier plant

    E. Q.

    Good Quality
    Good quality and product arrived fast. I can recommend it!

    A. K.

    Non consiglio
    Purtroppo non ho avuto effetti, se non un po'di energia in più per tre ore. Ho inengerito la parte più esterna e bevuto il cuore come un thè, ma niente. Magari sono solo stato sfortunato. Al meno è un bell cactus di 30 cm per gli appassionati che vogliono crescerlo.

    N. P.

    Geen fijne ervaring koster 25 eu heb de helft van dat ding opgegeten wat trouwens niet te doen was omdat het zo vies is en vervolgens niks ervan gevoelt

    R. V.

    Beautiful cactus, very healthy.

    R. A.

    Confezionata perfettamente e arrivata in una settimana, perfetto.

    C. E.


    D. L.

    Generous, healthy cutting!
    Arrived well wrapped, in great condition, perfecty calloused ready to root! Great service as always from Zamnesia!

    J. C.

    Schnelle Lieferung, toller Support, vielen Dank. Als gezuckerter Smoothie ist der Geschmack gut erträglich, kein Erbrechen - dafür leichte Vergiftungserscheinungen (Verdauungsprobleme) am Tag danach. Dennoch empfehlenswert.

    M. M.

    Bei guter Zubereitung Überzeugend
    Habe ein Retzept aus dem Imternet befolgt wobei ich den Kaktus in Würfel geschnitten, zweimal einfrieren und auftauen lassen habe, ihn anschließend gehäutet(dünne durchsichtige Außenschicht mit Stacheln) und einen Tag lang kochen lassen (3 Temperaturstufe von 10). Dann habe ich mir den Grünen Schleim mit einem Freund geteilt und wir waren beide nach einer sehr langen Anfangsphase von 2-3 heftig am trippen vergleichbar mit 150 microgramm LSD wobei der Trip länger zum ausklingen gebraucht hat und nach 10 Stunden immernoch merkbar war.

    S. P.

    strong healthie cactus
    fast delivery, great cactus

    R. A.

    Healthy cut
    Healthy cut, after 4 week I can see some growth on the top.

    L. B.

    Still going strong
    Beautiful cacti, safe packaging. Really easy to re plant. My one is just over 2 years old now.

    B. E.

    En perfectas condiciones.
    Pese a que por festivos estuvo varios días en el depósito de la agencia de transportes, llego en perfecto estado. Muy cuidado el envío y la presentación. Repetiré. Totalmente recomendable

    S. A.

    Great trip once u stop throwing up
    Prepared it in to tea, stronger trip than I expected, definitely one of the best trips I’ve had. Bought two medium sized for two people to share. Horrible to consume and the vomiting wasn't nice, but after that it was worth it. Definitely recommend.

    T. H.

    Staring at walls
    You don’t need wallpaper or expensive art to enjoy your walls. This product gave me hours of wall staring bliss.

    B. V.

    san pedro cutting niet helemaal in orde.
    Ik heb 3 cactussen besteld de peruvian torch, de bolivian torch en de san pedro. de peruvian en bolivian zagen er perfecte cuttings uit en zijn nu goed wortels aan het schieten. Maar de san pedro die ik gekregen had zag er dan wel weer wat minder uit met aan de onderkant wit grijze plekken die zacht aanvoelde. Ik heb hem dan alsnog geplant maar toen ik na een week en half de cactus eruit heb gehaald om te kijken of ze al iets van wortels aan het krijgen waren zag ik dat er kleine doorzichtige wormpjes vanonder aan de cactus zaten te eten en het rot was nog verder verspreid. Ik heb nu dat stuk eraf gesneden de cactus laten drogen en hoop dat hij nu toch nog wortels gaat krijgen. want de cactus cutting is nu wel niet meer zo groot omdat ik was begonnen met een cutting van 10 cm. Het zal wel gewoon gegaan zijn om een klein foutje want ik ben wel nog steeds zeer tevreden over Zamnesia.

    M. D.

    Cacto muito bonito
    Está tudo a ir bem, já plantei o cacto e vejo que cresceu um pouco

    A. S.

    Looks amazing, not sure about growth yet... Can't tell if its rooted and happy or not...
    Pedro looks fantastic, but not sure if he's grown roots and is happy just yet. Big boi though.

    M. M.

    All fine
    Nice fat specimen and only a few days to get here.

    H. R.

    El Mescalito!
    Once again another attractive, psychoactive plant from Latin America, which like its continental relatives is extremely easy to grow from cuttings! Once again many thanks to the good people of Zamnesia for providing this wonderful product!

    N. R.

    looks good
    Hopefully this will grow as well as my previous one

    I. F.

    All perfectly!
    Fast delivery and cactus in excellent condition!

    P. T.

    YUM.YUM.YUM. Echinopsis peruviana
    Delicious! Tastes like fairies are dancing on your tongue under a rainbow while Lord Jagganath flatulates perfume into your nasal cavity.

    Z. S.

    Lovely cactus in great condition and well packed for postage, already rooting and loooking healthy and beautiful. Love it!

    C. P.

    Beautiful Plant
    Just planted them to start rooting, the plant is beautiful look forward to seeing them grow

    O. S.

    It's growing very slowly but it's normal I guess. Can't wait to meet Mescalito

    M. S.

    Fast delivery, nicely packed, healthy product..!

    K. K.

    Fast Delivery, Nice buy, love it!

    W. L.

    Great and healthy plants ! Very satisfied !

    P. L.

    Great cactus!
    I took the medium sized ones (~415 g per cactus). I skinned 2 of them to get a nice trip and i guess you can make more than one, and i kept one for growing it at home. The cuttings are nice and they are well packaged, i recommend!

    R. G.

    Livraison rapide, problème de maladie réglé
    J'ai reçu 2 grands San Pedro avec d'autres articles, tout était très bien emballé, étaient conforme à la taille indiquée, un des deux cactus a cependant rapidement développé des taches brunes, le malheuresement elles se sont développées assez rapidement et ont bien endommagé la bouture qui reste encore en soin intensifs, mais le service client de Zamnésia a été très à lécoute du problème et l'a réglé rapidement. Donc pour résumer faites svp bien attention à l'état de santé des cactus envoyé, mais dans tous les cas bravo pour le service client au top !

    A. D.

    So far it's growing well
    Rooted it for 3 weeks and then watered. It's been 2 months since I planted it and it has grown a centimeter! Beautiful to look at :)

    A. T.

    Great product
    Easy to report and the magic definitely works!

    E. W.

    Beau spécimen
    Reçu en bon état, planté en pot, je ne sais pas si les racines se sont bien développé, mais il semble bien se porter. S'il pousse, il pousse lentement: je ne l'ai pas vu grandir jusque-là (3 mois tout de même), et toujours

    J. D.

    san pedrito
    I recive the catus in a really good condition...i plant it.... i hope they grow strong and big! :)

    F. P.

    not for eating, but growing....
    yes fellow psychonauts! these cactusses are now growing in my garden on a small island, in greece. as we all know, warm and dry, and i winter some rain and never below 0 C, excellent circumstances. i stuck them in the ground all 5 of them. sure, you are right, it will take some time before i can consume. but in a few years, i have more then i can eat. thanks to zamnesia for their excellent cuttings ! that they may live long, prosporous and colorfull lives, these proponents of the magic plants !

    J. G.

    Simple to grow(maintain), fast delivery(as usual) + very affordable

    J. K.

    Wurzelt innerhalb 10 tagen
    Super arbeit zamnesia

    P. K.

    Nice cutting Good grow rate and No proplems so far so Good.

    B. S.

    Joli cactus
    Chez moi j'en ai 5 que je n'ai pas encore cuisiné mais ce sont de très joli cactus

    G. G.

    Fast shipping, and got a healthy cacti :)

    D. D.

    Habe mir den kleinen bestellt: 12cm, keine Macken, drei Tage Lieferdauer und hat schnell Gewurzelt. Hoffe es bleibt weiterhin so reibungslos mit dem kleinen Racker.

    M. H.

    Im really happy whit my cati 6 weks and almost grow 4 cm

    D. A.

    Colis discret bien reçu, bien emballé, et le produit est intact ! Ca rend bien dans le salon, pour ce qui est de sa consommation, pas encore tenter ! bientot ;)

    F. #.

    Beau cactus
    Cactus trés beau bouture bien coupée , que demander de plus

    M. V.

    First time
    Hi i think it is a wonderfull product, it´s a long process before you can get the meskaline out of the cactus but it´s worth it. 4 hours of fun a trippy things, i recommend it.

    M. H.

    Kakteen sehen sehr gut aus! Lieferung erfolgte auch sehr schnell. und die B-Ware sieht für mich wie A-Ware aus, sehr schöne Exemplare!

    P. R.

    Alles hat geklappt und gepasst. =)

    M. E.

    San pedro
    schnelle lieferung und auch relativ günstig hoffe nur das ist nich nur genmaterial.der kaktus hat beim auspacken sehr gesund ausgesehn hab ihn jz im topf mit kakteenerde ja mal sehn was die zukunft bringt hoffe er wächst gut an! Thx :)

    C. L.

    Weiter so
    Der Kaktus kahm unbeschadet und nach kürzester Zeit.Hat sogar schon ordentliche Wurzeln gebildet und ist pflegeleicht . Starke und gesunde Pflanze,Preis - Leistung super!

    M. W.

    Ho frullato una talea di 10-12 cm con tre limoni e zucchero. Dopo averlo bevuto ha continuato a salirmi fino a quando non l'ho vomitato e poi gli effetti sono rimasti. prossima volta tolgo tutta la buccia.

    S. D.

    Good Quali!!!
    very sweet kaktus, no scars and no damage.

    D. G.

    Schoner kaktus super auch mit sulkuletten kombinierbar

    S. V.

    Sehr schön
    Sehr schön, weiter so

    U. W.

    Poca acqua se no fanno come il budino!

    G. P.

    The cactus was shipped to southern Germany rather quickly (5 days). It looked very good and healthy when it arrived secured by some bubble wrap. I put it in some normal cactus earth and am now waiting for it to root. I can't and will not be able to talk about it's effects, since I have no interest in consuming it. With it I got some free papers. My next order is on the way :)

    J. M.

    alles bestens
    gerne wieder

    S. S.

    Pas trop mal
    J'ai commander le modèle 25 cm , on dirait un concombre , au niveau beauté je le trouve bof , sinon on voit bien sur le dessus qu'il a bien poussé . Au niveau de la réception toujours au top , 24h00 chrono . Sa fait trop plaisir la pochette cadeau , et en plus le cadeau est toujours différent ...... A bientôt ...................................................................

    G. R.

    -10,5cm groß, und sieht recht gesund aus. Hat allerdings ganz leichte Macken(wirklich ganz leicht ;) denke vom Transport,. Ich nehme aber stark an, wird sich regenerieren. Mal abwarten. -PeaCe

    J. S.

    Normaler Kaktus
    Ich habe mir den 10-11 cm großen San Pedro bestellt. Er war etwas über 10cm groß und ich denke er ist in der Kaktuserde gut angwachsen. Mal sehen was die Zukunft so bringt.

    B. M.
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San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)
San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)
San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)
San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)
San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)
San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)