Kratom Bali


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) comes from a tree whose leaves are well known for their relaxing but still very energetic action. It has a well-established history of human use, and these days it is chewed as an opiate substitute and stimulant in Thailand and South-East Asia. The kratom from Bali is reported to be a more mellow experience than other kratom varieties.

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The suggested regular dose is 5-10gr of leaves made into a tea or eaten directly.


Kratom leaves contain mitragynine, which acts as a stimulant in small doses, and in higher doses becomes more opiate-like.

Kratom Bali data sheet
Type Loose-leaf tea

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Reviews (72)
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    Good quality stuff
    quality is good and does what "bali" kratom is supossed to do, relax and sedate

    F. H.

    Bonne qualité
    Le produit est de bonne qualité et permet de se relaxer, mais il faut le prendre à l’estomac vide.

    P. A.

    Game changer
    Honnêtement je n’y croyais pas vraiment, accro à la codéine/morphiniques depuis 3 ans et la difficulté à s’en procurer régulièrement et a des doses toujours plus élevées mon quotidien était devenu un enfer, je ne pensais pas que le kratom pourrait me faire décrocher aussi vite, les effets sont pour moi quasi similaire pour des durées 10x plus longues avec quelques maux de tête en redescente et un goût vraiment dégueu mais au moins cela reste plus « naturel » moins coûteux et Zamnesia m’a convaincu de franchir le pas, à prendre avec précaution cependant car les effets peuvent être assez intense à haute dose et le but étant de ne pas retomber d’une addiction à une autre, je recommande sincèrement ce produit comme excellente substitution au opioide Pour la préparation je fais chauffer en bouilloire du thé extra citronnée froid, le verse au fond d’une bouteille 50cl, verse 4g de kratom, secoue énergiquement je laisse refroidir de manière a l’ingurgiter cul sec, un verre de thé glacé pour rincer le gosier et voilà, merci encore au site qui est très propre et m’a convaincu que ce n’était pas une arnaque, délai de livraison rapide !

    F. A.

    Kratom 4 life

    J. T.

    No effect
    The product had no effect for me, but Zamnesia got in touch with me and I was fully compensated. Zamnesia rocks! I tried Jetpackkratom Kratom Red Powder instead, and it worked better for me. 5/5

    P. M.

    Efficqce, plusfacile a prendre que la poudre

    C. D.

    Muy bueno
    Muy buena calidad. Para un uso esporádico si quieres poder seguir disfrutando de sus maravillosos efectos!

    B. S.

    aucun effet
    No effect

    U. E.


    J. F.

    Unfortunately no effect from this variety.

    P. J.

    Peu d'effet
    Produit globalement peu puissants, bien que pris en grande quantité, est chère pour ce que c'est. A un moment les effet sédatif/relaxant se font tout de même sentir c'est assez agréable mais on en attend plus. Je reprendrai un plus puissant.

    L. B.

    Nice but too expensive. Hope they will reduce the price or i will buy from other stores

    G. C.

    Ist gut, aber der geschmack
    Gutes Kratom, aber es schmeckt bitterer als andere Sorten.

    L. Q.

    Always good service
    Always good service

    I. A.

    Ordered for my Girlfriend: she uses it to relief from the monthly "woman-issue". As she is very happy with it i also tried it: definately not dissapointed. Also prefer the shredded over the powder due to "taste. We will order again: definately

    J. K.

    Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt. Mein Kopf ebenfalls nach dem Konsum. Nur weiter zu empfehlen.

    L. S.

    I made tea out of the shredded leaves and it helped me with the headache and chill. However the effect was not too strong as I used 2.5 grams only. I will increase the dose to keep discovering the effects. Anyway, I agree that this product is over priced in this webshop. I hope zamnesia can work on this to make a friendlier price.

    P. G.

    One of my favourite
    I prefer the powder than shredded. You should put it in hot water with lemon it is the best way to have more effect. With 3 gr I have effect almost 4 or 5 hours at work. Very best way to be stimulate. Make me happy. Bali is the best kind of kratom. What a pity to have to change kind to protect effect in long use. Perfect product even it is a little expensive.

    S. W.

    Surprisingly bad
    I used kratom many times before so im familiar with how to consume and what to expect from it. This product is slightly over priced and not really potent.

    R. B.

    nice but expensive
    i try first noght to make a tea out of 5 grams, i was alone and i felt almost nothing. second day i tosh n wash 5 grams, some friends came home and i was talking without stop and very fast!! I think you need to try 2-3 times before you notice the full effects. nice quality but far more expensive than other stores

    K. G.

    Great taste
    This product is amazing. It's the first time I have enjoyed Kratom this much. The shredded form is awesome, it tastes nice if you mix it with your rice and vegetables. The powder form really tastes horrible. The effect is nice anyway, pain relief, stimulant at low doses and sedative at high doses. It's addictive. If you take multiple grams a day for a long period of time and then quit, you will have severe symptoms like fever and trembling.

    A. B.

    A very nice painkiller
    My girlfriend uses it to sooth her chronic pain after tripping and it's very effective.

    L. C.

    Bali is great from stopping opiates
    O use opioids like 20years 1month of bali and da manga. Not need anythig anymore

    A. T.

    Correct but expensive
    good quality product. The effects of kratom are there, no doubt about its effectiveness. But the price is far too high, 2.5 times the normal market price. moreover why to charge 1 euro more to have powder?

    A. B.

    Definitely lifts energy
    Felt like I had more energy and better mood with this. I've only tried in small doses but it does seem to help pain and mood.

    N. K.

    Works well
    This is very relaxing when consumed as a tee.

    N. K.

    Kratoms doesn't work for me tbh. Happy I tried it. Maybe I need to go for the extract. Next time! Worth the shot.

    M. M.

    Wirkung so lala.
    Bei 5g war ein schwacher stimulierender effekt zu spüren,der sich jedoch gut in gespräche einfügt leider aber auch nicht mehr.

    M. B.

    good cheap kratom
    I always make my kratom with just boiling water and lemon juice. The acid helps the water extraction of the alkaloids for at better effect. This kratom is mild but still really good.

    J. B.

    10 Gram Bali powder
    I used the whole 10 gram bag, mixed in my chocolate milk and drank everything. 2 Hours later I still feel aboslutely nothing.. I dont know if im tired from just waiting so long or because of the kratom.. Now im gonna smoke some weed

    K. P.

    One of my favourite strains as I prefer the relaxing effects over the stimulant effects of kratom. You need 6 grams+, so best order more than one pack if you want multiple doses. It works really well if you take the time to put it through a coffee grinder and add it to chocolate milk.

    D. J.

    Werkt goed
    Niet zo heel heftig maar het zorgt wel voor een relaxt gevoel.

    P. V.

    Gold stuff
    Use as tea, good euphoric high for low dose.

    S. M.

    Gives a little extra effect when you are already on shrooms :)

    V. V.

    good effect against back pains
    really helps me with my back pains!

    G. H.

    100% satysfing
    I have made a good tea with with this product. Keeping me in good melow mood, far from stress or any other disorders as they are related to my daily work tasks. I can`t use cannabis products due to regular drug test taking by my workplace so Kratom helpling me relief from stess when needed or feel like to have a nice worm brew. Enjoy it!

    P. K.

    Calming and soothing
    I've ordered Kratom Bali twice. First time it was half a package (5g) and the second time, the whole thing. Effects are mild if you're expecting any alteration of reality but if you dig relaxation and some amazing chat about emotions, feelings and the Universe, it's totally your thing. At least it worked like that for me. I spent the following three hours embracing a sweet conversation with my girlfriend where we left all ego aside (I suppose that due to the extreme relaxation). So, so good. I'll order more again for sure.

    A. G.

    Got a mail after purchasing 3 X 10g saying they were out of stock! nonetheless, very fast shipping! thanks for that! the product itself is alright, I took a full 10g and it didn't do much, i felt in a better mood and a bit more relaxed but that's it... was a bit disappointed! since there are very good reviews for this product i must assume it might not work so well on my system.. i have yet to try some other types of Kratom

    R. B.

    Parfaite détente, en infusion. Très reposant et relaxant.

    J. D.

    super chill
    El sabor era terrible, probablemente la peor cosa que he probado en mucho tiempo, pero el efecto fue muy reconfortante, me sentía todo el rato como si estuviera en un abrazo caliente y me quedé muy relajada. Como primera vez ha sido satisfactoria y volveré a probarlo.

    P. R.

    Gut, jedoch eher schwache Wirkung
    Im Vergleich zu Kratom Thai Resin ist das Bali Kratom schwächer, man muss sehr viel mehr in einen Tee machen, um eine entspannende Wirkung zu erzielen. Das unangenehme daran ist, dass der Tee, welchen ich auf zwei Tassen verteilen muss, sehr viel Grünzeug enthält. Da muss man sich dran gewöhnen.

    L. S.

    Très bien
    Pour ceux qui veulent faire des économies, mettez en dans des capsules vides, j’en ai pris 6 et c’est amplement suffisant, il m’en reste plein, mais ça a mis du temps à faire effet, digestion oblige. Après moi je choisis l’infusion tout simplement car je ne veux pas en prendre régulièrement, on s’habitue à tout plaisir n’est ce pas, et puis c’est différent, la montée est très rapide. Produit de qualité. L’équipe est très agréable et ça c’est important.

    M. N.

    Sehr zufrieden

    S. R.

    good stuff
    very relaxing

    D. P.

    Helpful for Chronic pain
    I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and many more. Pain is my roommate that I hate. I've recently been forced off opiates so I turned to kratom after very thorough research. I liked the effect although I haven't taken lors., I reckon a small amount to start with and build up, it does make you feel sleepy so I am trying the other strains. I'd recommend this If you struggle at night with pains and getting to sleep.

    P. W.

    30 minutes après une infusion en ajoutant un peu de jus de citron, on sent les premiers effets. C'est plutôt sympa, on devient calme, apaisé. Puis au bout d'une heure environ une petite euphorie prends place, toujours avec cette super sensation de bien être physique. La nuit je sens aussi que mes rêves sont d'avantages réels, je m'en souviens mieux que d'habitude en me réveillant. C'est la première fois que j'en test et je ne suis pas déçu, j'en reprendrais!

    L. V.

    Kratom Bali
    _Soulage réellement les douleurs dorsales et articulaires avec une légère sensation de bien être. (la douleur disparait) _Le goût n'est pas mauvais, peut être ingérée en infusion ou mâchée. _Agit rapidement (en moins de 10min).

    Y. B.

    En infusion avec citron + miel. Vraiment très relaxant.

    B. D.

    super cool
    très relaxant, je melange la poudre avec du yahourt nature

    C. L.

    great stuff
    Brilliant what can I say

    I. F.

    Life Saver
    I fear I have a problem with alcohol. I believe I was becoming an alcoholic. I just started using Kratom to eliminate my cravings for alcohol. It Works! I take half a bag in a large tea and it keeps me from drinking. Wonderful product.

    F. C.

    Very good product and very good service.

    S. B.

    first time
    i took the whole 10 grams in a tea and enjoyed gentle waves of relaxation for a couple of hour. perfect for beginners

    F. B.

    Good product
    This product is good, I vaped it as I have terrible neck pain. This did take the pain away and made me sleepy. Be warned I think i over did it and had a headache the next day, so I think you have to find your sweet spot, I will try making tea next, but vaping does work. Thanks for your service Zamnesia

    D. L.

    Je recomande ce kratom ..
    Très bon produit avec un rapport tarif/effets excellent..!!! Prise de 10grammes en infusion, sensation opiacés bien présente 1h après l'ingestion., durée environ 4heures. Encore une fois merci Zamnesia, livraison discrète sous 4jours, service impeccable comme d'habitude. En espérant que ce kratom de bali restera à ce tarif .. , je le recommande aux amateurs.

    J. C.

    warm glow
    Used 10 grams shredded to make a tea and drank half then the other half 30 min after. Kicks in quickly and gives a relaxed body high which includes warm extremeties and relaxed muscles. Nice and mellow

    L. F.

    Bali Kratom
    Ich finde die Wirkung sehr angenehm. Nach Einnahme von 1 und einen halben Teelöffel mit Kaffee hat die Wirkung nach ca. 20 Minuten begonnen mit einem Happy Feeling und mir wurde angenehm warm. Das Mittel belebt, bringt gute Laune und man ist richtig fit und konzentriert, hat aber trotz allem eine entspannte Wirkung. Die Wirkung hilt lange an. Ca 6 Stunden. Danach kann man trotzdem entspannt schlafen und ist am nächsten Morgen frisch und munter. Sehr gut für mich!

    C. G.

    Verhältnismäßig teuer.
    Qualität is ausgezeichnet aber es könnte etwas billiger sein. Allerdings kann ich hier mit Bitcoin bezahlen was ein riesen Vorteil ist.

    M. K.

    Kratom Bali
    Ich finde das Kratom Bali gut zur Entspannung. Ich nehme eine halbe Tüte. Es gibt auch viel Energie.

    E. W.

    An excellent alternative to opiates. Relaxing feeling without hangover / withdrawal. No nasty side effects. To be recommended.

    P. C.

    kratom bali feuille
    bon substitut au opiacé, macher les feuille surtout meme si ca a un gout amère, merci encore Zamnesia.

    J. B.

    Bon petit high
    Petit high sympa, similaire à l'opium en beaucoup moins fort mais certainement pas placébo!

    P. G.
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    How To Use: Kratom

    Kratom has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy. So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short, sweet and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this complex herb – including origin, effects and how to use it.

Kratom Bali
Kratom Bali
Kratom Bali
Kratom Bali