E-Cigarettes: Everything You Need to Know

E-Cigarettes: Everything You Need to Know


  1. What Are E-Cigarettes?
  2. Components Inside The E-cigarette
  3. The E-liquid
  4. Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes
  5. Can E-cigarettes Help To Quit Smoking?

What Are E-Cigarettes?

An e-cigarette, also known as an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer cigarette, is an electronic device used to simulate smoking tobacco. They are aimed at smokers who want to get the nicotine kick, but without the smell, tar and toxin laden smoke that goes hand in hand with traditional smoking. E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that vaporize a liquid nicotine solution, delivering a much safer vapour only containing the nicotine that is sought.

E-cigarettes have been designed to look and feel as similar as possible like common cigarettes. Most E-cigs are reusable, and come with replaceable or refillable cartridges. Disposable models are also commonly available, and usually come in the same flavours as the reusable cartridges.

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Components Inside The E-cigarette

Most e-cigarettes consists of three main components. These are the battery, the heating element and the mouthpiece/cartridge. The battery is at the end of the e cigarette, and occasionally comes with a red LED at the tip to simulate the glow of a real cigarette. The battery is connected to the heating element which sits in the middle of the e-cig.

It heats up rapidly as a toke is taken, vaporizing the liquid nicotine that comes into contact with it. The heating element is attached to the cartridge that contains the liquid nicotine. As the liquid nicotine is vaporized by the heating element, it is drawn back through the cartridge and through the mouth piece to the user.

The E-liquid

Smart Liquids

Liquid nicotine, also commonly referred to as e-liquid or e-juice, is commonly made from propylene glycol, which is regularly used as a food additive and in asthma inhalers. There are no known health risks associated with its use, and the Federal Drug Administration of the USA classifies it as a “Generally Recognised Safe Substance”. It is into this propylene glycol that the nicotine and flavourings are dissolved, to create the final product.

As liquid nicotine is vaporized, there is no need for tobacco. This means that the vapour can be flavoured with a range of tastes for extra enjoyment. This in itself has bred its own following of flavour enthusiast - it is now possible to get nicotine free vapour liquids for use in e-cigarettes. Many now use e-cigarettes as portable vaporizers to be used purely for recreational purposes instead of obtaining a nicotine kick.

For those who are looking for e-liquid, the liquids can come in varying levels of strength, allowing most to get the exact potency they are looking for. It offers a lot of flexibility to the user and ensures the most pleasurable experience possible can be achieved. It is worth noting that not all e-liquids are of the same quality, and although different companies have the same flavours, the experience can vary greatly.

Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes

The Benefits

Benefits Of E-Cigarettes

1. It‘s healthier - No Tar, Toxins and Tobacco

One of the main reasons smokers turn to e-cigarettes is because it is a viable healthier alternative to burning tobacco. E-cigarettes work by vaporizing a liquid made of nicotine, flavouring and an inert carrier. This means that the vapour inhaled from an e-cigarette does not contain any of the tar, carbon monoxide or any of the other toxins found in the smoke from tobacco cigarettes. This allows smokers to get an enjoyable nicotine fix without many of the health risks associated with smoking tobacco.

Some reported health benefits of using e-cigarettes over smoking tobacco include:

  • Significantly less coughing
  • Improved breathing
  • Increased energy levels
  • Felling more physically fit
  • Smaller chance of lung disease

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2. Saving money with E-Cigarettes

One of the most appealing aspects of using an e-cigarette over regular tobacco is the financial aspect. Although they come with a reasonable initial investment, when used to replace the use of tobacco cigarettes altogether, it‘s possible to save thousands with E-cigarettes. This is because the liquid nicotine refills are fairly cheap and last substantially longer than their tobacco counterparts, meaning you have to spend less to get the same fix.

3. Second hand smoke is not an issue

As e-cigarettes deliver a nicotine vapour, there is no second hand smoke to speak of. And the vapour does not linger or smell the same way that tobacco smoke does. As a result, it is often legal to use an e-cigarette in places where it would normally be illegal to smoke regular cigarettes.

4. It‘s cleaner

Tobacco smoke can leave clothes, personal possessions and the living space smelling of smoke, as well as littered with ash trays. This is not a problem with e-cigarettes. They do not produce any ash or lingering smells, ensuring that you maintain a fresh and clean lifestyle - and self-image.

5. Superior to nicotine gum and patches

Part of the problem faced by those using nicotine gum and patches is the lack gratification gained from them. There is a psychological element in smoking that causes relaxation and pleasure from physically holding a cigarette in the hand and exhaling smoke. Using an e-cigarette can effectively simulate this experience and deliver that gratification.

The Drawbacks

drawbacks Of E-Cigarettes

1. Health

Whilst e-cigarettes may be preferable to smoking tobacco, they do have their own health risks - but fortunately these are rather minor. Whilst they are minor, it is still a good idea to know what they are. One anecdotally reported risk is that e-cigarettes can cause dehydration. For this reason it is important to drink bit of extra water when using them.

The main ingredients of most liquid nicotine is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which are both common food additives. Although rare, some people can have an allergic reaction to these.

Whilst there are fairly minimal short term risks to health, it is worth noting that the long term effects of inhaling the vapour produced by e-cigarettes is not known, as it is a relatively new invention. There is also conflicting information as to whether nicotine itself acts as a carcinogen.

2. Government and the law

Currently the production of most e-cigarettes goes unregulated. This means that there is very little control over manufacturers of these products, making it can be hard to ensure that e-liquids and cigarettes meet a certain standard.

Although there are few regulations currently in place, governing bodies are taking a particular interest in the rising popularity of e-cigarettes – with many looking to put introduce more rules. On one side, this would ensure that the e-liquid market becomes safer, but it could also result in them becoming restricted in the same way tobacco is – something that many users would like to see avoided.

Can E-cigarettes Help To Quit Smoking?

Can E-cigarettes Help To Quit Smoking?

E-cigarettes offer a viable alternative for tobacco smokers looking to move away from all of the health risks and problems associated with smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not combust/burn like cigarettes do, nor do they have the toxic mix of chemical found within them. This means that those who use e-cigarettes avoid all of the tar, carbon-monoxide and other nasties that come with smoking tobacco.

As e-cigs deliver a satisfying dose of nicotine without additional toxins, e-cigarette are indeed an option for those wanting to give up smoking tobacco. In that case - yes, e-cigarettes can help to give up smoking.

Jean-Francois Etter has led research at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Over a one year period, his study surveyed tobacco users who had switched to e-cigarettes. He concluded: “clinical trials, observational studies and evidence are consistent: the electronic cigarette has helped a large number of smokers kick their habit … even when they lack the will to do so.“ And it appears to be much safer than smoking tobacco. He writes that “with electronic cigarettes, 99.9% of dangers related to smoking are eliminated“.

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