What Are The Best Drugs To Have Sex On?
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What Are The Best Drugs To Have Sex On?

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Sex and drugs have been used together for ages. Some drugs can enhance sex. Others, however, are highly dangerous and should be avoided. We take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What are the best drugs to have sex on? This sounds like a loaded question. However, drugs have been used to enhance sexuality for as long as they exist. That said, there is obviously a large area for abuse. If you are going to use any mind-altering substance during intercourse, use them responsibly. Make sure your partner is aware of the same. And most of all, don't be too enthusiastic.

Sex On Drugs | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The good

Good drugs to have sex on

Beer & Alcohol

Alcohol is probably the most commonly used drug for initiating or enhancing sexual intercourse. According to some studies, it might be involved in as much as half of all sexual interactions involving young people. That said, most people report that this drug is used mostly to remove social inhibitions. It does not appear that people actually enjoy sex more after drinking.

In fact, many people also report that they enjoy it less. If using a particularly intoxicating liquor, be sure to understand its effects. Trust your drinking partner. That said, what better way to woo a potential partner with your technical expertise?

For something a little stronger, try Absinthe. Absinthe was widely used around the turn of the last century to enhance spiritual experiences. It is very easy to make at home with a pre-ordered kit. It is also very tasty, with a high alcohol content.


Marijuana usually gets top spot on sex-enhancing drug lists. That is for several reasons. It is safe. It is becoming more and more legal. It also relaxes users, can loosen inhibitions, and creates a peaceful high. Many users find that their sexuality is enhanced by the drug because it allows them to reach a spiritual connection with their partners. That said, like any other drug, proceed with caution. Always engage in consensual sex – and consensual use of drugs during sex.

It is also worth noting that a small bit of cannabis can increase enjoyment, but a lot can cause things to go the other way - especially with men. Large quantities of THC can cause levels of testosterone to temporarily dip - causing problems with stability down there.

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Acid can enhance sex by heightening awareness. This increases the intimacy you might achieve with your partner. Timothy Leary was a big proponent of this. That said, it is not something you should do the first time you try acid. You also should not try this with a first time or fairly casual sex partner. Mutual consent is also required. Micro-doses of the drug have, anecdotally been found to help treat depression. It might be that microdosing does the same thing for sex. Not much has been written about this so far.


This is a party drug also known as ecstasy. The drug creates a feeling of euphoria that many users say dramatically enhances sex. Unfortunately, the drug remains on the black market. As such, its source and purity are always in question. However, like LSD, MDMA is also being studied for use in psychological conditions by micro-dosing. It may be that eventually, like cannabis, this drug will be better understood, legalised and properly regulated.

Blue Lotus

The history of blue lotus can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. Since then, it's been harnessed for a wide range of potential benefits, one of which is enhancing sex life. It's thought that nuciferine, an alkaloid within blue lotus, may help to boost sexual performance. Available as an extract, tea, and even as a wine, this herb could help to heighten those intimate moments in plenty of different ways. Not only focused on enriching your sex life, blue lotus is also often used to potentially boost mood and promote a good night's sleep, so you'll soon be feeling relaxed after indulging.

Magic Mushrooms

Like some of the other drugs on this list, magic mushrooms can have one of two effects. They can either increase intimacy, particularly between regular partners. Or, as they often can, turn off sexual desire altogether. Just don’t expect magic mushrooms to turn you into a sex stud as they are more likely to turn you into a teddy bear. Not a good idea to use with a partner unless you know them fairly well.

Boner Booster

The Boner Booster is the king of natural aphrodisiacs. It’ll boost your energy and stamina, allowing you to keep going all night long! The Boner Booster contains fruit extracts, vitamins, and adaptogens, giving your body everything it needs to bring your sexual performance to a whole new level. While it contains taurine, a stimulating amino acid, it doesn’t contain strong stimulants, so you shouldn’t have trouble falling asleep afterward. Effects kick in 30 minutes after ingestion, giving you plenty of time for foreplay. If you want an all-natural alternative to Viagra, pop one of these back before love-making for a night you won’t forget!

The bad

Bad drugs to have sex on


While cocaine has a reputation as a “major party” drug, don’t expect to enjoy sex if you take it. While it make you feel revved up and ready to go, your equipment may well have another opinion. Not recommended.

5-Meo DIPT

Sometimes referred to as “Foxy,” this is a designer drug designed in the latter part of the last century. It was also intended to be “better loving through chemistry.” There is nothing natural about Foxy. It is also illegal just about everywhere. While it is not a new drug, it has increasingly become of concern to authorities. It is a cocktail of chemicals that pose real risk.


Ugly drugs to have sex on


Crystal Meth, as these drugs are also known, are very, very dangerous drugs. Their addiction rate, even via casual use is high. They loosen inhibition. They also allow male users to have sex for long periods of time. However, no matter what you have heard, stay away from these drugs at all costs. Frequent users frequently experience severe psychotic hallucinations and experiences. They also lose teeth.


This is a party drug made famous on the gay party scene. It is still also used by vets as a horse tranquilliser. Special K, as it is also known. It makes users feel relaxed. It also loosens up reflexes (such as the gag reflex and clenching of orifices). That said, it also loosens inhibitions to the point that it is not recommended for those who want to practice safe sex.

Spice up your sex life now

Spice up your sex life now

Whether you're looking to boost your libido or heighten your sexual experiences, you now know which drugs, herbs, and supplements are bound to do the trick (also the ones you should avoid too). So all that's left to do is check them out for yourself. In terms of supplements, herbs, and magic mushrooms, you certainly don't have to look far to find them; simply head over to the Zamnesia shop and get your pick of the very best Mother Nature has to offer. So dim the lights, set the mood, and enjoy a fun-filled evening with your significant other.

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