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Strain Review: Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze is probably one of the most famous strains around, and for good reason. This sativa dominant strain can launch you through the sky and into outer space.

Having won 2 awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup, Amnesia Haze probably one of the most recognisable Haze strains available. It is a sativa dominant strain that is known to pack a real punch. It has a intricate genetic history, and is the result of some very superb breeding skills. Although the exact genetics can vary breeder to breeder, the original Amnesia Haze was a cross of Southeast Asian genetics with the high THC content and sharp taste of the Jamaican Haze varieties, mixed further with a small amount of Afghan and Hawaiian genetics to speed up the flowering time and add a little extra to the taste.

As far as marijuana goes, Amnesia Haze is top shelf stuff. When smoked or vaporised, it will produce a rich and citrusy flavour that has a sharp tang and a sweet undertone. Amnesia Haze strains typically have a very high THC content, normally in excess of 20 percent, and a low CBD content. The high it creates is one that predominantly focuses on the mind, with a comparably small body effect. It is the happy, euphoric high that is often seen amongst Haze strains, which makes it an ideal sharer when with friends.

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It is worth noting that the outright raw power that Amnesia Haze packs is not to be underestimated. It is not a strain we would recommend to novice users, as it really can knock your brain right out of your skull. Whilst not a “couch lock” in the traditional sense that your body is stoned, having too much Amnesia Haze will send you mind so far away that trying to operate your body becomes a real challenge. Also beware! Sometimes Amnesia Haze can be a creeper, taking up to 15 minutes to come to full force – so don’t over indulge too early!

As a medical strain, due to the relatively low CBD content, patients may want to look elsewhere. However, anecdotal reports suggest that the uplifting effect of Amnesia Haze can help with depression, stress and anxiety.

As a grower, Amnesia Haze grows pretty much as you would expect from a Sativa. In an indoor setting, under a 600 watt light, it is quite common to produce a yield of roughly 600 grams/m2 when grown under an experienced hand. The only real drawback is that, like most sativas, Amnesia Haze takes a long time to come to fruition, with a flowering time of roughly 12 weeks.

Grown outdoors, Amnesia Haze will require a lot of care and attention. Best suited to warmer climates, such as Spain, North Africa, California or Australia, Amnesia Haze can turn into a real behemoth when given lots of room, warmth and sunlight. It is worth noting however, that Amnesia Haze can be quite a sensitive plant, so special considerations will have to be taken outside to ensure it remains pest free and properly fed.

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