The Magic Mushroom User's Guide


Divided into three parts, this book deals with the "how" and "why" of taking magic mushrooms, before delving into the depths of ceremony and science. It is perfect for both total novices to the world of psychedelics and seasoned users. Moreover, if you're sceptical about the hype, you may find your mind changed by this work. Whatever your motivation, share in the journey that starts here.

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DM Tripson - The Magic Mushroom User's Guide: All You Need To Know About Magic Mushrooms

The Magic Mushroom User's Guide is perfect for complete beginners and advanced psychonauts alike. It is one of the only comprehensive books dedicated to taking and using magic mushrooms, dealing with the initial questions beginners have—how much to take, mushrooms vs truffles, where to take them—all the way through to in-depth analyses of ceremonial practice and scientific discovery.

Whether you're coming at it from the viewpoint of a lover of the psychedelic experience or an interested academic who believes in the power of the Psilocybe genus—for both individuals and society—then The Magic Mushroom User's Guide has got something for you.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • The first deals with essential information on taking magic mushrooms.
  • The second expands upon this information, giving insight to help you understand not just how to use magic mushrooms, but why those methods are best practice.
  • The third and final part deals with ancient ceremonies, traditions, and modern scientific discoveries. It draws parallels between them, exploring how for many thousands of years people used magic mushrooms in ways that we now know to be true.

Available in both Italian and English, Zamnesia is proud to sponsor The Magic Mushroom User’s Guide.

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Number of pages 228
Language English, Italian

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    Nicely written
    Nicely written, easy ro ready, good informarions about dosage , i enjoyed Reading it. Thank you

    F. Q.

    Zeer waardevol
    Ook als je al wat bekender bent met psychedelica en truffels is dit een erg interessant boek. Ik heb al meerdere boeken specifiek over psychedelica gelezen maar elke heeft toch weer een andere invalshoek. Zeker voor beginners is dit een heel erg goed boek. Voor mij heeft het vooral geholpen om te bevestigen dat bepaalde dingen die ik al wist en doe inderdaad nuttig zijn en het heeft me ook weer meer geleerd over de historie van truffels/paddo's en interessante theorieën hierover.

    R. B.

    Easy to read .Perfect for a gift

    D. D.

    Ouvrage indispensable à tout psychonaute.

    A. D.

    Interessant boek
    Goed en duidelijk geschreven

    S. V.
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The Magic Mushroom User's Guide
The Magic Mushroom User's Guide
The Magic Mushroom User's Guide
The Magic Mushroom User's Guide