Smokus Focus Display Jar


Sometimes it's nice to stop and take in the beauty around you. Place your favourite strain in one of these jars to get a good look for as long as you'd like. Each jar offers its own unique features to suit your needs, and will help you inspect your buds for a long time to come.

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Type: Jetpack Infinity £41.96
  • Type: Comet £12.80
  • Type: Eclipse £50.52
  • Type: Horizon £41.96
  • Type: Jetpack Infinity £41.96
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Type: Jetpack Infinity £41.96 In stock
Type: Horizon £41.96 In stock
Type: Eclipse £50.52 In stock
Type: Comet £12.80 In stock
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Smokus Focus - Display Jar: Appreciate the Finer Things in Life

Are you looking for a unique method of showcasing and storing your stash, as well as a great way to keep a close eye on it? Well, look no further than the Smokus Focus collection. Here we have three different types of display jars to satisfy weed connoisseurs of all stripes.

Smokus Focus Horizon

A pocket-sized jar (75mm) for storing and viewing your favourite herb, the Horizon is 100% airtight and features a bright LED that can be turned on and off with the slide of a button (located on the side). The battery for this light is also USB rechargeable. A 5x magnification lens is located on top of the jar, allowing you to view your prized strain in great detail.

Smokus Focus Jetpack Infinity

The Jetpack Infinity not only provides a pocket-sized solution (44mm) for viewing your cannabis, but also has a few features that really set it apart from other jars. With a childproof lock that will keep unwanted hands off your stash, you can store your weed with peace of mind. As is standard with all Smokus Focus jars, the 100% airtight seal will keep your herb fresh and ready to use.

The Jetpack Infinity houses a built-in smelling vent that allows you to sample the aroma as you please. Much like the Horizon, this jar has a 5x magnification lens on the top and an ultra-bright LED that will illuminate all of the intricacies of your herb.

Smokus Focus Eclipse

Lastly comes the Eclipse. This jar stands slightly taller than the others at 103mm and features an 8x magnification lens that, when coupled with the rechargeable bright LED, gives you a crystal-clear view of your cannabis. With an airtight seal and lockable lid, you need not worry about this jar giving away its contents.

Smokus Focus has produced a series of high-quality, durable, and long-lasting jars that will make a fine addition to any serious cannabis connoisseur's collection.

Smokus Focus Comet

From the visionaries at Smokus Focus comes a product you'll have a hard time resisting. The Comet Storage Jar brings a space-age storage solution to the masses. With an airtight seal and the ability to store up to ⅛ oz (3.5g), it's ideal for travel and keeping away from prying hands. What's more, the LED-backlit 5x magnification on top allows you to view your buds up close and personal.

Smokus Focus Display Jar data sheet
Options Odor-proof
Type Jar, Accessories

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    Naam is leuk..
    Naam is leuk, maar kwalitatief vind ik de 420 jar beter. Deze is van plastic,.. waar de 420 van glas is en ook goedkoper en handiger open te maken vind ik..

    D. W.

    J’ai ete surprise par sa petite taille mais la personne à qui je l’ai offert en ai ravi. Il l’A-DO-RE. La petite taille permet le transport en toute discrétion et s’avère être un avantage. C’est le mini musée de la weed grâce à son éclairage et sa loupe. Superbe objet.

    C. C.
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Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
Smokus Focus Display Jar
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