Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized


Zamnesia and Exotic Seed joined forces to create Black ZZ, an early finishing hybrid with an indica lean. This unique take on a popular US strain smells fresh with strong ribbons of tropical fruit and Kush running through the silken smoke. 


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Exotic Seed x Zamnesia - Black ZZ : Early Finish And Fruity Aroma

After completing their top-secret Black ZZ project, Zamnesia and Exotic Seed emerged from their secret underground lair. Instantly, they knew they had a winner on their hands. This new hybrid has it all: an early finish, tropical fruit/Kush aromas that would tempt a saint, and a strong but balanced stone with added depth and complexity.


This breeding team combined two of Exotic Seed's best strains to create Black ZZ : Z&Z and Monster Mash.

Monster Mash is the cross of a powerful Kush with a Black Domina x Skunk Auto hybrid. Yes, my friends, this one is autoflowering, but it doesn't add enough ruderalis to Black ZZ to do anything but make it quick off the mark. You'll still be in total control of both veg and bloom.

Kush-dominant, Monster Mash smells sugary sweet on top with a thick layer of Kush flowing underneath. It's clearly an indica, with a classic Christmas tree shape complete with towering central cola and dense, rock-hard buds. The overall effect is satisfying and very physical, with a deeply relaxing stone that's strong and long-lasting, without total couchlock.

Z&Z is a selective double backcross of two very special phenotypes of Zamnesia's own ZZ strain, the #3 and #7 versions. Barely requiring 8 weeks of bloom, this speedy strain throws buds with abandon to form large yields of dense, sticky colas that smell almost identical to their namesake candy, meaning a bowl of tropical fruit. She's beginner-friendly, very robust, and ready to envelop you in a warm layer of seductive relaxation.


Both bud formation and bag appeal are top-notch! Soon after they start to bloom, Black ZZ flowers rapidly go from puffy clouds of white pistils to tightly-wounds buds that spiral up the stems to form large, dense colas. Soon, they'll harden as the resin crystals start to fill with terpenes.

Untrained, plants will take on a bushy Christmas tree shape with one primary central cola holding the largest buds, surrounded by shorter, upright branches spearheaded by slightly smaller colas. The individual buds are painted with light green and soft cream colours, and covered by a smattering of orange hairs. Everything, right down to the smaller fans, is covered by a generous coating of frost. They'll be fully ripe and ready to cut after an 8-week flowering period indoors, and around the middle of September outside.

Yields are only moderately high, but you won't be disappointed in the slightest when you see the sheer quality of the flowers. This is, without a doubt, connoisseur-grade weed at its finest: smooth, resinous, and bursting with aromatic terpenes!

Make sure to keep humidity in check indoors, and prepare to get outdoor plants under cover during late summer/early fall rainstorms. The compact nature of Black ZZ ' buds makes them susceptible to mould and rot due to restricted airflow.


As a result of this epic marriage, Black ZZ exceeds all expectations. The potency is backed by a generous 18%+ THC level that gives this hybrid staying power. Experience and a good grow environment can push the potency a bit higher.

The abundance of terpene-filled trichomes are responsible for Black ZZ' decadent aroma and complex taste. They cover the full gamut to form a strong mix of tropical fruit flavours tied together with milder notes of Kush. Forget eating the rainbow; you're going to smoke it!

Of course, cannabinoid and terpene content mean very little if you don't get the high you're looking for. Black ZZ is mostly indica, with just a touch of sativa for a lift that prevents total couchlock. Think a functional body buzz that starts off as a tingle across your face, before extending from head to toe with delicate threads of happiness and a calm feeling of well-being. It's deliciously warm, comfortable, and reassuring.

As always, this is a limited edition of only 200 packs, so be sure to nab it while you can !

Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized data sheet
Brand Exotic Seed, Zamnesia Seeds
Parents Z&Z x Monster Mash
Genetics Indica-dominant Auto
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC 18%
Height (Indoor) 100cm
Height (Outdoor) Short
Yield (Indoor) 500-550 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Sex Feminized
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (7)
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    Weiter so einfach super Exoten

    M. F.

    Cela faisait rêver....
    mais elles n'ont jamais germées....

    W. J.

    210g with 1 seed
    Whaou, exactement comme le descriptif. Un bud central énorme et les latérales qui poussent à la verticale avec des têtes jusqu'à 60cm de long. 210 g de têtes sèches en indoor c est énorme. Prochain avis après l affinage. Yeeehaa

    R. M.

    In nicht mal 24 Stunden gekeimt. 1x bei Nodie 5 getoppt, und die untersten Triebe wachsen schon höher als die Spitze! Da freut sich das grüne Herz. Geht jetzt nach 4 W. Vegi in Blüte! Greetz 🤘

    D. L.

    Looking forward to plant them
    They will be the next ones to be planted, once my current ones get harvested

    J. X.

    Super strain
    Wächst bis jetzt tadellos, freue Mich schon auf die Blüte tolles Ding

    P. N.

    summer review
    this summer i will plant 2 of these, 1 outdoor into the garden and another one in abig pot ;)

    D. V.
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Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized
Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized
Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized
Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized
Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized
Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized
Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized
Black ZZ (Exotic Seed x Zamnesia) feminized