All Stars USA Automix (BSF Seeds) feminized


With BSF Seeds’ All Stars USA Automix you get 4 of the most-popular autoflowering American cannabis favourites in one convenient package. Three seeds each of the legendary OG Kush, the delicious Girl Scout Cookies, the popular Sour Diesel and the powerful Gorilla Glue make the All Stars USA Automix a top seed pack for fans of the US cannabis genetics.

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BSF Seeds - All Stars USA Automix: Autoflowering American Cannabis Legends

Some of the most popular cannabis strains of all time come from the USA. With their All Stars USA Automix, BSF Seeds prepared a great pack of American cannabis legends, each as a convenient autoflowering strain. With this seed pack, you can now grow the classics in a very short time as each of these strains will be harvest-ready 70–75 days after germination. Get ready to enjoy good yields of only the best of the best American bud, which will delight you with unsurpassed flavours and spectacular effects!


The first of the seeds in the All Stars USA Automix is a cannabis legend that likely doesn’t need an introduction. OG Kush is one of the most-famous varieties from California and here it is in all her glory as a fast autoflower. Some say that OG stands for “Ocean Grown” and she does thrive close to the Pacific Ocean. OG Kush Auto is a cross between a select 3rd generation indica with an elite clone of BSF Seeds’ OG Kush. She shines with good growing vigour, is easy and uncomplicated to grow and you can harvest her in 70–75 days after germination. Thanks to her compact size she can fit even in small spaces, which makes this girl perfect for indoor cultivation.

The buds of OG Kush Auto have a pleasantly sweet taste, with some earthy and spicy notes. The 70% indica is very potent with an effect that isn’t just physically relaxing, but will also give you a nice mental buzz that is uplifting and invigorating.


Next in line together with the three other great American strains in the All Stars USA Automix is another cherished cannabis favourite, Girl Scout Cookies Auto. Once again hailing from sunny California, this extremely popular strain is a cross between a West Coast OG and a Durban Poison that was given a tad bit of ruderalis to make her autoflowering. Out came a very stable strain that doesn't need much, although she may require a little bit more nutrients than some other strains. Expect up to 450g/m² indoors and 70–300g if you plant her outdoors.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto grows connoisseur-quality bud that is extremely resinous. It will make your mouth water with her taste and aroma, reminiscent of sweet cookies and chocolate. With up to 25% of THC, this 60% indica is mind-blowingly potent and delivers a powerful high that is physical and cerebral at the same time. Her sedating effect makes her perfect as a chiller smoke at night.


The next famous American cannabis strain that is included in the All Stars USA Automix is Sour Diesel Auto. BSF Seeds bred her from a select 3rd generation auto clone that they crossed with an elite clone of a Sour Diesel from their own reserve. Out came an 80% sativa that grows to a medium-tall stature and is very easy to grow, not only because she is autoflowering, but also because she has only moderate nutrient and watering requirements. Her short life cycle of only 70 days from seed to harvest make her the perfect strain for those with little patience or for beginners in cannabis cultivation.

Sour Diesel Auto grows rock-hard buds that have the classic diesel aroma blended with refreshing citrus notes of lemon and mandarins. Her high THC content ensures a very strong smoke that hits fast and lasts for hours. Her effect is nicely balanced: she relaxes your body, lifts your mood and stimulates your mind.


What other strain could be more suited to round off this fabulous collection of American classics than the famous Gorilla Glue Auto! The beastly West Coast favourite has made its way from sunny California to the tents and grow rooms of cannabis aficionados all over the world. The autoflowering variant in the US All Stars Automix is a cross between a 3rd generation autoflowering variety with Gorilla Glue #4, which is famous for her excellent resin production and crazy potency. The plant grows only to a medium size, and is rather low maintenance, being suitable for less experienced growers as long as they feed her well. The 60% indica will also please growers with her short life cycle of only 64 days from seed to harvest.

Gorilla Glue Auto has a superb blend of sweet flavours with wooden and earthy notes that she rounds off perfectly with fruity notes. Her high THC content ensures an insanely potent, yet awesomely balanced smoke. She starts out with a heady mental euphoria that after a short while turns into the deepest relaxation that will glue you to your couch.

Who doesn’t like American cannabis classics! With the All Stars USA Automix by BSF Seeds, growing some of the best cannabis in the world as now as easy as 1-2-3!

All Stars USA Automix (BSF Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand BSF Seeds
Genetics Autoflowering Mix Pack
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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All Stars USA Automix (BSF Seeds) feminized
All Stars USA Automix (BSF Seeds) feminized
All Stars USA Automix (BSF Seeds) feminized
All Stars USA Automix (BSF Seeds) feminized
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