Dinamed CBD (Dinafem) feminized


Dinamed CBD is Dinafem’s first 100% therapeutic CBD strain that measures up to 14% of CBD with only trace amounts of THC. This makes Dinamed CBD the ideal medicinal cannabis plant that can deliver a massive dose of beneficial CBD to treat a variety of ailments without any psychoactive effect. Other benefits of this medicinal strain are her excellent taste and a very short flowering time.

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Dinafem – Dinamed CBD: 100% Pure and Therapeutic CBD Strain

To create their first 100% therapeutic CBD strain, Dinafem worked on a CBD-rich elite line that is based on Dancehall, an extraordinary CBD rich medicinal strain. After a very careful selection process where they selected only a tiny handful of elite plants from thousands of seeds, the mother plant (Pure CBD #4) for creating their Dinamed CBD came to life.

Not all medicinal cannabis users want the psychedelic effects that come with some cannabis strains even if such high-THC strains me be therapeutically valuable. For medicinal use, the most important active component in cannabis is CBD which, unlike THC, doesn’t come with any psychedelic or “being stoned” side-effect. High CBD medicinal cannabis strains with little or no THC, like Dinafem’s Dinamed CBD allow people to get their dose of CBD any time of the day. Users are able to function and to focus while getting and enjoying all the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Dinamed CBD is Dinafem’s first 100% therapeutic cannabis strain since it contains a high amount of CBD (up to 14% as measured in the lab) with only a minimal amount of THC that won’t exceed 1%. She’s easy to grow which makes her also an attractive plant for less-experienced growers.

The Sativa-dominant plant (60% Sativa) displays typical Sativa characteristics when she grows, like her thin and elongated leaves, along with a number of very large side branches. When Dinamed CBD goes into flowering, which will only take a short 60 days, her leaves will get beautiful purplish hues.

Like some other top Sativas, Dinamed CBD shines with some extraordinary growing vigour and can at times get incredibly tall, up to 3m if you grow her outdoors in ideal sunny conditions. With good yields of up to 500g/m² when you grow her indoors under a 600W light or up to 1000g per plant when grown outdoors, growers can look forward to plentiful harvest of premium medicine without likely ever coming across any growing troubles.

Dinamed CBD isn’t just a medicinal strain with high medicinal potential due to her high CBD content of up to 14%. When smoked or vaporized, you can enjoy a nice and delicious sweet orange taste that makes medicating with her a very pleasant experience.

Dinamed CBD by Dinafem is a pure and 100% therapeutic CBD strain that is optimal for users who want premium-grade medicine without the side-effects that can often come with other cannabis strains. Medicinal users can’t go wrong if they grow this award-winning CBD strain that won 1st prize in the “Flower” category at the CBD-Rich Cup 2016 in Cadiz.

Dinamed CBD (Dinafem) feminized data sheet
Brand Dinafem
Genetics 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Parents Pure CBD 4 x Pure CBD 4
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC 0-1%
CBD 14%
CBD:THC 20 : 1
Yield (Indoor) 450-500 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 950-1000 gr/plant
Height (Outdoor) 300cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Awards 1st prize in the “Flower” category at the CBD-Rich Cup 2016 in Cadiz, Spain.
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
Reviews (25)

    graines de mauvaise qualité
    Une graine sur trois a germé. La plantule est morte 1 semaine plus tard. C'est une perte d'argent. Je suis déçu que des graines issues d'un producteur soit d'aussi mauvaise qualité alors que mes graines récoltées il y a deux ans ont presque toutes germé.


    05 survival rate
    even though 3 made it out of the ground, all of them started to cripple.


    Waste of money, very weak plants
    These germinated ok, but never made to maturity. Same place, same treatment as other plants, but these just produced tiny fan leaves, started drying out. Branches broke if you touched them. And all other strains in the same garden have been doing just fine. SO much time, money and effort gone to waste and not a single bud.


    0/3 Aucune germination
    Argent jetée par la fenêtre, aucune germination !!!!


    alle zaden uitgekomen. Gemakkelijk te kweken. Top spul!


    Parfaite, les 3 graines commandées ont germé en moins de 24h.


    Très mitigé
    Il semblerait que le problème soit récurrent avec ce breeder, cette variété n'a pas l'air vraiment stable. Même problème eu avec la Dinamed Kush Auto, sauf qu'au lieu de voir l'échec sur les 3, sur celle-ci il reste une survivante parmi la livraison des 3 graines. Départ un peu poussif, mais au début de la 5ème semaine de croissance en intérieur et grâce à un rempotage salvateur et un apport d'eau de coco elle se montre enfin sous un meilleur aspect. Un peu déçu tout de même. A suivre.


    Aucune n'a germé
    Cette variété n'est pas stable. Aucune graine n'a germé cette fois-ci... Je ne pense que c'est ma dernière fois que je commande chez ce Breeder. 30€ de perdu pour rien, je suis tellement déçu


    2 graines sur 3
    Toujours triste de voir une des graines ne pas s'ouvrir à 25e les 3. Mais hormis ce problème qui à l'air récurrent, belles pousses de 10cm en 2 semaines. Hâte de voir la suite


    very excited
    never had experience with cbd stuff. i am very excited. 2 days after i orderes i received the seeds top

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Dinamed CBD (Dinafem) feminized
Dinamed CBD (Dinafem) feminized
Dinamed CBD (Dinafem) feminized
Dinamed CBD (Dinafem) feminized