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Autoflowering cannabis seeds are perfect for cannabis enthusiast looking to produce multiple happy moments a year. Unlike traditional cannabis strains, the crafty breeding behind autoflowering plants allows them to flower with age, rather than a changing light period. Furthermore, the range of autoflowering cannabis seeds available covers all the classics, including Amnesia Haze, Northern Light, and AK-47. To help make decisions easier, we have put together a list of the top 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds here at Zamnesia – updated on a bi-weekly basis!

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Sunset Sherbet Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

From the folks at Zamnesia Seeds comes Sunset Sherbet Automatic. This easy-growing strain boasts a super-short growing cycle of just 60 days. Effortless to maintain, she delivers bountiful yields emanating sweet, fruity flavours that are bound to get mouths watering. Coupled with an impressively relaxing high, there is plenty to love about this well-rounded strain.

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Epsilon F1 Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

Epsilon F1 is the cardinal cultivar from RQS' new line of world-first F1 hybrids. Descending from the likes of Blue Dream, Amnesia Haze, and many other highly-revered cannabis varieties, Epsilon F1 is an autoflowering seed that sprouts into uniform plants and produces exceptional bud in record time.

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Pink Rozay Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Harnessing the best of US strains Lemonchello and London Pound Cake, Pink Rozay Automatic is a powerhouse strain in its own right. Whether for its intoxicating social high, exceptional yields, or exotic aromas, don't hesitate to add this unique auto to your next grow.

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GG#4 Auto (FastBuds) feminized

GG#4 Auto by FastBuds is a spectacular autoflower that shines with incredible resin production, very high potency, and a superb taste. This autoflowering variant of the award-winning GG #4 is just the right strain if want top-quality buds at harvest time, but appreciate the ease and convenience of an autoflower!

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Black Orchid Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

It's said that the orchid symbolises love, refinement, and beauty; well, we can confirm that Black Orchid Automatic encapsulates all of these attributes, and many more. This autoflowering sensation has plenty going for it, with a peculiar yet highly enjoyable flavour profile that accents a relaxed, blissful high. Moreover, this plant is capable of producing excellent yields in ideal...

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Royal Dwarf (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Royal Dwarf by Royal Queen Seeds is a hybrid combo of the Easy Bud with the Skunk. This feminized marijuana is created of Sativa 10%, Indica 60% and Ruderalis 30% genetics. This masterpiece in genetics is the mix of the best auto breeds mixed with an amazing skunk female.

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Biscotti Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

Considering the many loveable traits of our photoperiod strain Biscotti, we simply had to create an autoflowering version. Biscotti Automatic fuses top-tier genetics from South Florida OG and Gelato, as well as a sprinkle of sturdy ruderalis. This mix results in a plant with about 17% THC and plenty to offer to both growers and tokers—think superb effects and excellent yield potential.

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Expert Gorilla Auto (Expert Seeds) feminized

Sticky is an understatement. This next-gen autoflowering cannabis is some seriously gooey ganja. Combining resilient ruderalis genetics with the infamous GG#4 to create perhaps the most potent autoflowering cannabis seeds currently available. 23% THC secures this auto a spot on the top-shelf.

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Blueberry Glue Auto (Expert Seeds) Feminized

Blueberry Glue Auto is a hybrid from Expert Seeds. They bring you the mighty combination of two of the most renowned genetics out there: Gorilla Glue #4 and Blueberry. This synergy provides excellent yields of frosty nuggets that are not only delicious, but pack a real punch. But beware, she likes to stretch during flowering!

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Titan F1 Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized

A new behemoth in the cannabis world, Titan F1 Auto is a powerhouse autoflowering strain that showcases stable and reliable genetics alongside giant yields and huge THC levels. With flavours and aromas that draw heavily on sweet fruits, diesel, and lemongrass, smokers and vape enthusiasts will have a field day with Titan F1 Auto.

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