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Have you ever wondered how your favourite coffeeshop gets their hash into tight, perfectly round coin shapes? No, it's not magic; this is effortlessly achieved by using a pollen press. You might be thinking that these products are reserved for businesses, but you'd be wrong! In fact, we have a whole host of hash, rosin, and weed presses available to purchase right now. So if you've been looking to condense some leftover kief in your grinder, there's no better way to do so.

Available to suit a wide range of budgets and uses, our presses are perfect for squeezing every last bit of goodness from your harvested herb. So here's your chance to make tightly packed hash that's full of flavour and potency, and also looks amazing too. These presses are effortless to use. Load them up with your favourite strain and let the press do the work for you—simplicity at its finest.

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Super Pollen Press (Zamnesia)

The Super Pollen Press empowers users to create hash pellets that rival the quality of the best dispensaries. A great way to use up the leftover kief in your grinder, there's never been a better time to put your homegrown material to great use. Effortless to use and efficient, you'll be blown away at just how well this device works. 

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Pocket Pollen Press

Make your own hash coins with style. This sturdy, yet light, high quality pocket pollen press is made from aerospace grade aluminum. It is only about 3" x 1" (6cm x 2cm) and has a polished finish. The pistons inside are made from high tenacity food grade thermoplastic, ensuring non-sticky operation.

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Qnubu Aluminium Pre-Press Mould

The process of creating cannabis extracts at home used to be a tall order; finicky machines and tricky tasks both stood in the way of success. Thankfully, times are changing. With the Aluminium Pre-Press Mould, it has never been easier to get your strains ready for extraction. This product allows you to produce thin bars of herb that fit snugly into rosin bags, ready to be pressed.

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