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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii'

 4/5 (708)

    Fly explosion- Supa grow kit
    I don't know could have been my fault but never had flies before and this one just didn't work out. Pinned then flies and rot. The Supa is not on my favorites list. No problem with the Zamnesia Grow kits, I will stick with them. Great service though regardless of my potential failings.

    J. D.

    Keine Wirkung
    Hab eine entsprechende Dosis genommen und leider keinerlei Wirkung gehabt:/

    F. M.

    Supra gro kit mackennaii
    Aucun soucis avec l'envoie du colis, un bon bon marketing chez Zamnesia mais les promesses ne sont pas au rendez-vous !, les instructions sont bien suivis et les premières aparitions de taches moisissure grise aparaissent au bout d'une semaine, donc je pense que le kit est déja contaminé par avance, ensuite les mosissures prennent de l'ampleur, au bout de 4 semaine 2 semblants de champis aparaissent et puis rien. C'est donc une belle et chère déception pour ce genre de produit que je déconseille mais si vous avez du temps et de l'argent à perdre vous pouvez tenter l'experience come au loto comptez uniquement sur la chance! peut-être...

    P. M.

    Nur kleine Pins!
    Habe alles penibel nach Anleitung gemacht. Nach 4 Wochen sind nur kleine Pins entstanden! Leider enttäuschend.

    T. K.

    Didn't worked!
    I did everything what in Guidelines was and after first mushroom heads its stoped working .

    A. M.

    Super cool!
    Voll schön gemacht! Ich hab es nur nicht so gut hingekriegt, aber sollte vielleicht auch mal ne Anfängersorte nehmen :D immer wieder gern!

    O. G.

    How much water exactly??!!
    Dear Zamnesia Team, good job so far, BUT please, I don't understand why you don't supply us with the best, most detailed manuel for groing those guys you can. I am specially ref. to the amount of water which should be sprayed before the pins arise and than afterwards they start popping up! There is no info whatsever in the manuel for supra grow if it should be 1 / 5 / 10 Sequezes out of a bottle each time you open then. I am afraid I overwatered them and therefor maybe destroyed a part of my yield. You should defenitely correct this manuel and make it more specific about that! its important.

    R. M.

    Der Deckel von dem Kuchen klebte an dem Kuchen dran
    Ich habe die Box geöffnet und sah wie an dem Deckel ein Teil vom Kuchen dranklebte. An dieser großen Stelle wächst jetzt nichts.

    P. Z.

    Lovely long term effects
    Shrooms are amazing and I was not expecting these to be so therapeutic, I am not new to psilocybin and these really helped me. While on them I could not understand how I was ever sad in the first place, these are lovely

    W. T.

    Impiega qualche giorno in più rispetto agli altri kit ma ha una resa eccezionale a mio avviso il migliore della categoria

    S. A.

    1 week then pinning 5 days later I harvested
    Everything went well with this box no complaints

    J. T.

    No growth at all...
    That was my first failed mushroom cultivation, sadly. I am really disappointed. After 5 weeks only one small mushroom for 3 boxes has grown. Definitely not recommended.

    J. B.

    No growth. Became contaminated
    I have successfully grown healthy growth with Zamnesia’s kits before, but not this one. It never grew and got contaminated. I followed the instructions along with using a heat mat and closely monitored the humidity but nothing grew.

    G. A.

    Hallo ,I got two kits of McK. Put both on same place. One after two weeks +- started grow, but second get only small pins and nothing happens.. it’s 3 weeks and max length of mushrooms it’s 10mm.. 🤨

    F. W.

    Didnt grow but my fault.
    I failed them this time with two sets. It was my bad bcz i thought they could deal with february weather in germany. But no, they needed higher temperatures.

    S. B.

    No growth :-(
    I have ordered Zamn. grow kits twice before with excellent results. With this kit: no luck! I followed the instructions meticulously. Support was great and I choose to have a 2nd kit send out after the first one was dead. But the 2nd one also failed and shows ZERO growth after 4 weeks. I will order from Zamnesia again but not this grow kit… J-D

    J. F.

    non so
    Ancora nessun risultato dopo 4 settimane circa, ho usato il tappetino e l'umidità è ottima, poca luce non diretta, gli parlo con amore. C'è scritto di dover pazientare, io aspetto..

    A. L.

    Pleased overall !!
    I’m pleased overall by the service of the zamnesia team. They told me even that my order was taking a bit longer than usual but they send me every day an update and it only took 2 days more. The product is perfect works like it should work and my first flush was awesome. Waiting now for the second. Thanks you zami

    M. W.

    SGK Mc Kennai
    Quelques éruptions de champignons prometteuses après 2 semaines, mais malgré une attention quotidienne, le respect des instructions et des normes d'hygiène comme d'habitude, et des conditions favorables... les minis shrooms ne poussent plus. Très déçu, 2 kits de la même marque commandés, deux dépenses pour rien.

    B. V.

    After three weeks of daily care, nothing
    A few pinheads appeared, but the growth does not continue, there are some white growths, I don't know if it is mold, but this is the umpteenth time since I bought the kit and nothing has grown. My friend also bought and nothing. So I probably won't be buying anything here anymore. I would like a refund or a new kit.

    P. S.

    unlucky but..
    i got unlucky since my kit didnt give me much shrooms (around 70g wet after 2 flushes) but the support did sent me a new one which will hopefully be better. First flush was around 50g and i ate all of it which was awesome, ive seen so much stuff going on in my mind (dmt like state). Highly recommend doing shrooms in a dark room without music, just lay down and watch the 10d movie your mind offers you. Second flush gave me 20g wet and after that one my cake got contaminated unfortunately. Now im waiting for my second kit and hope i will be able to take my first heroic dose with it. Totally worth it, very good support.

    L. S.

    Quick and efficient service. They popped up in just over 3 weeks

    B. M.

    Très déçu
    Ce n'est pas la 1ère fois que je me lance dans les kits de culture, précautions hygiéniques bien prises évidemment... Et pratiquement 2 mois après le début : toujours rien!!! 50€ de perdus, et apparemment je ne suis pas le seul à m'être fait avoir. Une vraie déception!

    S. G.

    Sadly didn’t grow
    I did everything as it said in the description and I already had grown the fresh mushroom kid 2 times, that worked perfectly even tho the description is a little bit different. This time 3 weeks after getting it I could finally see my first small shroom. Sadly it didn’t grow further. Only a few that aren’t even half as big as a cent. I don’t know if it was because of to little light or it got infected, but I was very careful with it and followed the description. Sad, but I’m gonna stick to the fresh mushroom grow kid!

    T. K.

    Provided the instructions from the manual are followed these will yield good results, the delivery was problematic on one of 2 boxes I ordered for the plastic container had a big tear in it. That being said I have ordered kits from this site around 8 times and this was the first order with any issues - overall good fruit yields still 8/10

    S. P.

    zamnesia a su trouver une solution
    zamnesia a su trouver une solution et je suis complètement satisfait. Merci à zamnesia pour son professionnalisme

    G. R.

    Cette fois ci, récolte très pauvre ! Pas de chance
    Cela fait déjà quelques années que je commande mes pains de champignons SUPA GRO KIT 'MCKENNAII' chez vous. Jamais été déçu, auparavant.. toujours pu refaire plusieurs sessions bien garnie. Sauf cette année, ma boxe a donnée qu'une seule récolte.. très légère.. 19gr une fois séchés. Pourtant bien suivi le process "re-hydratation" frigo comme d'habitude.. mais la deuxième ne s'est pas faite Suffisant pour une bonne session treap avec des amis.. Ça reste une très bonne souche de champignons Connaissant le produit et les effets .. on ca dire que c'est un manque de chance pour cette année

    P. F.

    Supa Gro gar nicht so super
    Beim ersten Schub 110g frische Pilze, aber nun passiert nicht mehr viel. Bin enttäuscht, nur ein Schub. Die zamnesia zuchtsets sind definitiv besser. Supa Gro werde ich nicht mehr bestellen

    H. R.

    Waiting patiently for 3 weeks and the pins appeared was so happy to see that and know its not long until harvest although after a week they have not moved much is this common

    A. G.

    Great Service
    Following a little difficulty with my first order Zamnesia were quickly on hand with back up to ease my journey into achieving great results and would recommend this kit to all.

    M. B.

    Erste Pins
    Wenn die ersten Pins erschienen sind, soll man weiterhin morgens und abends lüften und das innere des Bags besprühen ?

    L. D.

    Problem with supagrow resolved quickly
    Unfortunately I had a double fail on the supagrow kits, I contacted support who have been more than marvelous, there support and customer services have been top notch and my items have been replaced at super quick speed. Thanks Zamnesia. All other products I have recieved from zamnesia have been perfect.

    P. W.

    received a defective kit but got help right away
    Sadly, my kit was defective, as after 3 weeks there was only one pin :( Luckily the support got back to me within a day and I received the option to choose between a voucher and a kit immediately. As I won't be home for some time now, I chose the voucher. Once the next grow kit arrives I'll update this review or write a new one :)

    S. P.

    :-) :-) :-) Like it very much! :-) :-) :-)
    Handling of the kit is easy and practicable, thanks to the good description here on Zamnesia... Made two fine flushes without contamination. The trip is nice and visual, and can be quite strong - what really amazes me! I am very happy with the product!! :-) :-) :-) Keep up the good work! Blessings, Chris

    C. P.

    Great product and customer service
    I have had a great experience with Zamnesia, the first batch I tried was not growing well so I contacted the customer service team and they were extremely helpful and supportive in helping me with my questions and in the end sent me a new grow kit free of charge. Highly recommended buying your grow kit here!

    T. L.

    Very good

    D. B.

    Love this kit thank you

    L. G.

    Le service après vente
    Après avoir eu un kit non fonctionnel zamnesia me re envoie un kit avec livraison gratuite on verra ce que sa donne merci au service après ventes

    C. M.

    Best strain i ever had
    Also supa also fresh mushrooms mckennaii strain blew my mind.

    I. P.

    Good enough

    R. C.

    Just not Good but little
    The grow kit give me 20grams dried first flush now i waiting abaut 3 weeks but this maybe die or somethings shit...

    N. L.

    Nach 1 Woche erscheinen erste Köpfe
    Bisher läuft es super,nach 1 Woche erste Pilze zu sehen,hoffe die sind so gut wie beschrieben und auf einige reiche Ernten,bin auf jeden Fall schon mal positiv überrascht, top

    K. P.

    Top Deal!!!
    Got first harvest in 12days, second in 7days and third is on its way 🤙 Took heroic dose - could not handle yet Very apply🤙🤙🤙

    M. J.

    Top Notch
    Not fully fruited, this is my first shroom grow and the instructions was easy to follow and the fruiting has begun did take about a month longer than stated but for anyone who is into mycology knows it’s nothing but a waiting game

    M. T.

    Wirkung super, Ertrag ok
    Sehr stark und intensiv.

    K. R.

    Great customer service!
    Still waiting on current grow kit to fruit so can't review that yet, but first kit didn't fruit at all and when I contacted Zamnesia about it they replaced it free of charge. Well done them for excellent customer service!. Now fingers crossed for my new kit!

    L. F.

    Kit de culture supagrow MC kennai
    Gros flash au début puis après plus rien pendant 3 semaines et puis après quelques champignons monstrueux je ne les ai pas goûté je ne peux pas dire leur puissance

    R. G.

    Awesome Kit, verry healthy mycel
    Its verry simple to care for, just follow the instructions. After a short time there were many awesome and healthy mushrooms. Can recommend alot.

    M. E.

    Champignon magique
    Super kit champignons

    P. P.

    Gonzo's McKennai
    Good quality fast delivery med to high . Pinned in a week slow flushes. Top products

    P. D.
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