Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii'


Psilocybe Cubensis McKennaii is said to be an even stronger strain than the popular and famous (and hard to cultivate) Hawaiian (Copelandia cyanescens). It definitely is for the more experienced, visually interested psychonauts due its very philosophical trip with a strong visual component. This grow kit contains a 100% colonized 1200ml cake.

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii': Allegedly even stronger than the Hawaiian

Psilocybe Cubensis McKennaii is allegedly an even stronger variety than the famous and popular (and hard to grow) Hawaiian (Copelandia cyanescens). This strain is obviously for the more experienced psychonauts as it provides a very philosophical voyage with a strong optical component. These grow kits contain 1200ml of fully colonized substrate, ready to grow - this is a 100% package! All you need a little patience. Godfather of this strain is the American writer, teacher, researcher and psychonaut Terence McKenna.

Supa Gro magic mushroom grow kits are grown by mycological experts and contain extremely healthy mycelium.

Supa Gro Manual

Scope of delivery

  • 1200ml cultivation box
  • Grow bag

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii' data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Supa Gro
Strain McKennaii

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Reviews (680)
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    :-) :-) :-) Like it very much! :-) :-) :-)
    Handling of the kit is easy and practicable, thanks to the good description here on Zamnesia... Made two fine flushes without contamination. The trip is nice and visual, and can be quite strong - what really amazes me! I am very happy with the product!! :-) :-) :-) Keep up the good work! Blessings, Chris

    C. P.

    I’ve grown many lots in the past from Zamnesia and Ive been very happy … this last kit was a total dud ! Did everything as usual but the mycelium did not propogate and fruit so no mushrooms … not 1 ! For a £45 kit I find that very disappointing to say the least … and as I’m in the UK I can’t even order another kit !

    L. R.

    Great product and customer service
    I have had a great experience with Zamnesia, the first batch I tried was not growing well so I contacted the customer service team and they were extremely helpful and supportive in helping me with my questions and in the end sent me a new grow kit free of charge. Highly recommended buying your grow kit here!

    T. L.

    Very good

    D. B.

    Pilze sind leider nicht gewachsen
    Leider sind meine Pilze nicht gewachsen. Ich habe zu 100% nach der Anleitung für Supa Gro gearbeitet.Habe dann Zamnesia kontaktiert und durfte mir ein kostenloses neues Kit aussuchen, nehme jetzt das fresh mushroom McKennaii und hoffe das es dieses Mal klappt. Zamnesia hat einen super Kundenservice dafür ein Daumen nach oben ich werde weiter hier bestellen

    B. D.

    Love this kit thank you

    L. G.

    Very disappointed
    I used to buy growkits from another company, this was the first time I've bought them here. No flush at all, no pins visible even. A huge waste of time and money! With the other growkits I manage to get 6 flushes for up to 700 grams fresh. This was very disappointing and I wish to be reimbursed or sent a new kit at least!!!

    T. D.

    Le service après vente
    Après avoir eu un kit non fonctionnel zamnesia me re envoie un kit avec livraison gratuite on verra ce que sa donne merci au service après ventes

    C. M.

    Jetzt hats mich auch erwischt.
    Habe das Set von SupaGro mittlerweile schon 8 mal bestellt (alleine oder über Kumpels mitbestellt). Die letzten 7 mal hat alles perfekt und total reibungslos funktioniert. Jetzt beim letzten Set habe ich gleich penibel wie auch bei den vorigen gearbeitet und es sind lediglich 2 Pilze gewachsen. Muss beim Beimpfen der Box irgendetwas schief gelaufen sein oder so. Somit wurden 50€ einfach weggeschmissen. Dachte bei den Kommentaren wo man davon liest das ebenfalls nichts gewachsen ist, dass es zu 100% an der Person selber und nicht am Set liegen muss. Aber es sind anscheinend einfach Sets dabei die nichts bringen. Schade.

    M. M.

    Best strain i ever had
    Also supa also fresh mushrooms mckennaii strain blew my mind.

    I. P.

    Good enough

    R. C.

    Just not Good but little
    The grow kit give me 20grams dried first flush now i waiting abaut 3 weeks but this maybe die or somethings shit...

    N. L.

    Nach 1 Woche erscheinen erste Köpfe
    Bisher läuft es super,nach 1 Woche erste Pilze zu sehen,hoffe die sind so gut wie beschrieben und auf einige reiche Ernten,bin auf jeden Fall schon mal positiv überrascht, top

    K. P.

    Top Deal!!!
    Got first harvest in 12days, second in 7days and third is on its way 🤙 Took heroic dose - could not handle yet Very apply🤙🤙🤙

    M. J.

    Top Notch
    Not fully fruited, this is my first shroom grow and the instructions was easy to follow and the fruiting has begun did take about a month longer than stated but for anyone who is into mycology knows it’s nothing but a waiting game

    M. T.

    Wirkung super, Ertrag ok
    Sehr stark und intensiv.

    K. R.

    Great customer service!
    Still waiting on current grow kit to fruit so can't review that yet, but first kit didn't fruit at all and when I contacted Zamnesia about it they replaced it free of charge. Well done them for excellent customer service!. Now fingers crossed for my new kit!

    L. F.

    Kit de culture supagrow MC kennai
    Gros flash au début puis après plus rien pendant 3 semaines et puis après quelques champignons monstrueux je ne les ai pas goûté je ne peux pas dire leur puissance

    R. G.

    Awesome Kit, verry healthy mycel
    Its verry simple to care for, just follow the instructions. After a short time there were many awesome and healthy mushrooms. Can recommend alot.

    M. E.

    Champignon magique
    Super kit champignons

    P. P.

    Gonzo's McKennai
    Good quality fast delivery med to high . Pinned in a week slow flushes. Top products

    P. D.

    Kit funghi
    Procedura facile e ben spiegata con massima attenzione all'igiene. Funghi Belli e sani come resa un po' scarsa circa 250g freschi

    G. C.

    Dommage pour le kit mais très bon SAV
    Après quelques semaines les têtes sont sorties manque de chance ça n'a pas pris, la température était pourtant optimale ainsi que le reste (hygiène, eau etc). Je me retournerais à nouveau plutôt vers le Kit de Culture Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii qui à mon sens me réussi mieux ;) et en passant sont top ! Merci à Zamné pour son efficacité qui m'ont proposé un renvoi ou un avoir du montant de l'achat, au top ! =D

    E. G.

    yield was smaller than expected
    overall the product was very fine but unfortunately the yield was much smaller than expected.

    A. M.

    Mc Kennaii supa grow kit
    McKennaii supa grow kit Great kit .needs a little bit more patience and attention to detail. Takes time to grow, Fruit field was quite generous got also a lot of side pinnings, so I removed the cake out of the box.

    H. R.

    Work in progress!
    Questa e la 3 volta che uso un kit di questo tipo (gli altri presi ad amsterdam anni fa) Al momento sono passati solo 5 giorni dall'avvio e i funghi stanno già spuntando, mai successo prima! una volta finiti i cicli aggiornero la recensione ma sicuramente son soldi ben spesi ;)

    M. B.

    good stuff
    1 Flush super mit 190 g, danach kam aber nicht mehr viel. Die Pilze sind hochpotent, sehr zu empfehlen.

    M. B.

    Das Paket kam schnell an und schon nach knapp über einer Woche waren die ersten Pins erkennbar. Die erste Ernte war sehr ertragreich. Bei der zweiten sieht es jetzt allerdings ein wenig mager aus.

    T. L.

    Not the best genetics but very strong mycelium
    Super hardy mycelium, went through a lot of me trying to dial in conditions but the fruits were pretty small before the veil broke, sad I didn’t get bigger fruits but what must be taken into consideration is that it was the first flush. Quality of the grow kit was way better than other sites I’ve used, shame i can’t order more than two

    K. P.

    Great kit .needs a little bit more attention to detail not spreading contamination other than that recommended. Takes time to grow, but be patient. Fruit field not as expected but still good.

    T. B.

    nicht jede Packung geht auf aber der Support ist Mega
    Servus, nicht jede Packung hatte bei mir Erfolg, es waren zwei Kits von „Anfang an Kontaminiert“ o-Ton vom Support. Das Zamnesia Team ist aber einfach spitze, ich habe ihnen die Probleme geschildert und nach kurzem email Verkehr haben sie mir jedes mal ein neues Kit zugeschickt. Ich denke man erkennt es bereits beim öffnen der Verpackung, wenn das Kit komplett weiß ist klappt es immer. Pilze sind einfach nur mega !!! 10von10

    D. S.

    Grow kit didn’t work as expected, but Zamnesia was super supportive and offered me a voucher for the same amount of money which I used to buy other products. Amazing service

    G. P.

    Best shroom sure ever!
    Had a box that mutaded and gave me some retard lookin mtfs, told Zamensia this and also dident ask for a new one because they already helped me alot. Still they choose to do that. I had a super trip on these shrooms that i order here last time. So order 3 and 1 extra on the way now. Can recommend this kit and also def ZAMNEISA! Big love

    A. S.

    Pilze sind leider nur 1x gekommen
    nach meiner Bewertung hat mich zamnesia kontaktiert und mir eine neue box zu kommen lassen. Als die ersatz Box ankam, waren beim öffnen des Pakets schon erste Pilze zu sehen und das myzel war teilweise beschädigt. Darauf habe ich zamnesia kontaktiert und noch einen Ersatz erhalten. Ich habe die 1. Ersatzbox (fresh mushroom mckennaii) nicht weggeworfen, sondern habe ihr eine Chance gegeben und bis jetzt konnte ich sie schon 2x ernten. Ertrag mittelmäßig aber dafür, dass mit der Box nicht alles in Ordnung war und es Ersatz gab, immer noch gut. Bei der 2. Ersatzbox (fresh mushroom mckennaii) sind nach ca 10 Tagen eine große Menge Pilze gewachsen und wurde mittlerweile schon 1x geerntet. Nach der Ernte habe ich sie nochmal für den nächsten Schub vorbereitet und nach 2 Tagen waren die nächsten kleinen Köpfchen zu sehen. In ein paar Tagen ist diese wieder erntereif. Ich gebe euch dafür 5 Sterne, euer Support ist der beste Überhaupt. Andere große Onlinehändler sollten alle so Kundenfreundlich sein, dann wäre die die Welt ein großes Stück besser! Ich werde in Zukunft wieder bei zamnesia bestellen, weil ich nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht habe. Und wenn etwas mit der Bestellung ist, hat zamnesia sofort reagiert um das Problem aus der Welt zu schaffen und mich als Kunden glücklich zu machen. Danke zamnesia, bei euch wird Kundenfreundlichkeit noch groß geschrieben

    L. W.

    Super Qualität
    Gestern die 1. Ernte eingefahren. Es war nicht besonders viel und die Pilze werden nicht besonders groß aber holla die Waldfee habe 25g frisch getestet und es war der stärkste Trip meines Lebens bisher... Leider ist der Flush wie gesagt sehr klein ausgefallen und ich hoffe der 2. Wird mehr Ertrag geben aber die Pilze sind unglaublich potent!

    E. K.

    premier essai
    J'ai gagné au poids, cette première fois, avec un compétiteur de qualité. Un bonne récolte.

    P. P.

    Alles top
    Bestellung top alles top zum weiterempfehlen

    M. R.

    Great customer service
    Fast and smooth delivery to the UK, After having trouble with the kit I contacted Zamnesia customer services for advice and they diagnosed that the kit was contaminated when it arrived, resolved very fast and replaced with a new kit, I will give a new review when, thanks again Zamnesia for the top customer service.

    S. D.

    Lieblings Sorte
    Extrem großer Ertrag und starke visionärer Rausch. Bis zu 6 flushs.

    F. H.

    J’adore ceux là

    C. D.

    Superbe recolte
    1ere récolte très fructueuse un peu moins pour les suivante , mais très bon rapport qualité prix , les effets sont incroyable mais contrôlable et des champis de très bonne qualité ( petite anecdote j’ai jeter le pain après quelque flush en pensant que c’était fini , au final 5j après les avoir jeter en allant jeter ma poubelle , j’ai eu l’agréable surprise de voir 4 grands champis qui ont poussé )

    M. L.

    first flush produce 10g dried, hopefully next flushes will bring more

    D. L.

    Not what i expected
    Actually really dissapointed. Spend just over 200 euro on kits.. i have grown mushrooms before. So was looking forward to growing these supergro kits. And all of them failed. Not one kit survived.. will be asking for refund.. dissapointed as i read loads of good reviews on here Edit: I had a small issue but got solved straight away and excellent instruction was provided

    S. R.

    super Grow. Mc Kannaiii
    super Lieferung nach 3 Wochen sind die ersten Pilze gekommen und jetzt freu ich mich sie zu probieren bis jetzt kann ich nur weiterempfehlen

    M. W.

    Isse Gute
    Anfangs dachte ich das ich verkackt habe oder etwas nicht stimmt aber sowie ich den Support angeschrieben habe, überraschte mich die Box mit den ersten Pins des ersten Flush's. Gut Ding braucht Weile :) Alles easy!

    S. D.

    Kein Wachstum aber ohne Probleme Ersatz bekommen
    Zuchtset war leider irgendwie defekt….aber es gab ohne Probleme ein neues ohne Aufpreis….hoffentlich diesmal mehr Glück

    P. M.

    The product works flawlessly
    The product worked flawlessly, however there is a lot of responsibilty on YOU, the user, to grow it correctly with the proper procedures. Once they started growing, they grew big really fast and I didn't have an effective plan for picking, drying and storing them so I ended up having to eat a lot of them at once before they expired :3

    G. M.

    Je n’est jamais cultivé de champi ou autre de ma vie, je voulais bien rigoler alors j’ai pris ce grow kit, pourtant ‘´difficile’´ à cultiver pour l’instant j’ai pas mal de champi qui arrive, mais je suis dans flou totalement, je ne sais pas si pousse correctement ou autre donc j’attend pour essayer ça dans un bon jambon beurre Pour un 1er essaie je trouve ça super

    M. R.

    Great mushrooms, amazing body high with good visuals. A very potent Cubensis, 1 of my favourite. Only given this a 4 star because I personally prefer other substrates. Had one of these substrates unfortunately and not yield. Zamnesia customer service are amazing, they kindly gave the option for replacement kit of my choice.

    J. L.

    Gutes Produkt alles so wie es sein soll.

    E. Z.

    260g wet 25g dry first flush
    Need I say more I ate 5g dryed wow.I had to order more the next order did not make it to me but the team at zamnesia sent me a new one free it is here and I just stared it.Thumbs up 100%

    J. K.

    Ekasta sadosta tuli noin 200g tuoreita sieniä ja toisesta sain noin 50g. Ekat testit jo takana. Toimii

    O. E.

    Yet again I've had a positive experience using this grow kit

    P. M.

    Problème de production
    Alors voilà environs 1 mois que j’ai commencé à lancer ma culture mais malheureusement je n’es eu 2 ou 3 champignon qui poussé de temps à autre. J’ai obtenue environs

    B. B.

    Worked amazinh
    They grew super nice. But make shure you dont water the kit:-))

    T. C.

    Un peu de bricolage nécessaire
    Très bonne première récolte 9,3 g sec. Par contre tout a poussé sur les bords et le fond. Pour le deuxième flush, j'ai donc retiré le pain du bac et posé sur un lit de pouzzolane humide dans une mini-serre. J'ai bouché tous les trous avec de la gaze. Mais la croissance était tellement lente que j'ai abandonné.

    F. K.

    1st flush 15g yield (dried)
    12 days after setting the kit, the shrooms’ veils were about to tear. So I harvested them without further ado, before they drop their spores. Thereupon I placed the shrooms on a tray in front of a dehumidifier for a couple of hours to decrease their volume. Then I placed them in a dehydrator at 50°C and within 15 hours they were cracked dry and weighed 15g. In order to be stored indefinitely I made blue honey: I used a grinder to turn shrooms into powder and then mixed it in 140g heat melted honey. I hope that 10g of the mixture contain 1g of shrooms. If it’s not stored in fridge, after some time it may need stirring again.

    S. C.

    Fresh Kit MCkennaii
    Amazing kit, had a problem with the first one so it didn't grown, contacted Zamnesia customer support and they sent me another one for free. The second one grew in less than 20 days, harvested 250g of fresh shrooms on the first harvest and the trip was just amazing! Thank you Zamnesia!!

    J. M.

    Très content
    Je suis très satisfait du kit, environ 100 grammes de champignons frais pour le premier flush après 2,5 semaine ! D'ailleurs je les trouve très beaux avec leurs jolie robe blanche et chapeau moucheté :) - I am very happy with the kit, about 100 grams of fresh mushrooms for the first flush after 2.5 weeks! Besides, I find them very beautiful with their pretty white dress and speckled hat :)

    D. O.

    I’m very happy:)my box arrived very quickly and after couple of weeks I did harvest over 200grams of fresh God Flesh

    T. L.

    great product, easy to do
    Easy setup and big flush. Tried several other products here and on other websites. This one was the easiest to take care of and had the biggest harvest ever!!!

    L. R.

    Décevant comme récolte
    J’ai suivi à la lettre les instructions, avec un super vaporisateur qui envoie une brume très fine sur les parois, dans un environnement constamment autour de 22 degrés, et au bout d’un mois, je n’ai eu qu’une récolte de 5 champignons de petite taille. J’aimerais avant tout comprendre mes éventuelles erreurs car j’ai vraiment tout suivi à la lettre. J’avais eu des résultats que je qualifierais de normaux avec un autre breeder de votre site, différent de Zamnesia. Mais j’avais trouvé la puissance pas au rendez-vous du tout. Et c’est la raison pour laquelle je me suis essayé à votre troisième marque disponible. Je me dis que je ne dois pas être loin du bonheur, mais que me manque-t-il ? Cordialement, Olivier

    O. C.

    Good buy
    Great service from zamnesia! Kit has had first flush, was not the biggest but i think thats due to my growing conditions becoming a bit cold but still not a bad flush by any means. Would recommend!

    J. W.

    Followed the superb instructions and started to see pins after 8 days. First 2 flushes really good, on the 3rd flush now! Very pleased

    M. C.

    Defective, exchanged!
    The kit was defective! After almost one month of following carefully the instructions the kit didn’t give any sign of life! Zamnesia customer service as usual has benn awesome and offered to exchange it with any other grow kit or a voucher!

    M. M.

    Seems way more Quality than other Kits on this Website i wont name them Yet.
    The Filter Bag ist Huger and there is no unwanted water dripping out like some on the other brands you can find here top product

    I. G.

    The best kit ever is always working for me

    P. W.

    Erstes grow kit und schöne erste Ernte

    F. H.

    Mackenaii supa gro
    Fantásticos ejemplares en la primera cosecha. La segunda no fue muy grande pero bueno. En total unos 120 ejemplares maravillosos

    F. M.

    J’ai reçu ce kit cassé, et contacté le SAV qui m’a proposer de le remplacer si besoin (mais y a pas eu besoin). Plus long à percer que certains kits, mais a bien donné (200g). Malheureusement je n’ai eu qu’un flush (j’avais poussé dans ma boîte avec un autre kit et tout deux contaminés) Champis puissant et bons effets visuels avec 5g frais.

    S. C.

    Everything worked well
    The grow kit was delivered fast and after about two weeks the mushrooms grew bountiful. I hadn’t read the instructions on how to make a second or third harvest grow but I am more than happy with the first one.

    A. S.

    Nach 5 Tagen den ersten Guppi, ihr müsst sauber arbeiten!!!Gute Qualität .

    C. M.

    Impossible de faire pousser ces champignons.
    Ces ma troisième fois pour la culture et là ça fonctionne pas. J'ai essayé de contacter le service. Mais impossible d'envoyer un message. Je suis très déçu car depuis 2016 je n'ai jamais eu de soucis avec les produits.

    G. P.

    super easy
    war mein 2tes set und nach 8 tagen kamen die ersten pins und erster flush ergab 140g frisch. mal gucken was der 2te flush bringt :)

    T. S.

    Great first flush
    Mc kennaii and B+ arrived, put straight into fruiting as instructed. Had fantastic first flush of both , b+ a bit longer. But what a beautiful sight they were and dried around 18gs each. Second flush, very little from both.. Maybe because the shrooms were so big on the first, when picking, may have uprooted to deep. Supa happy with first flush , still worth it and they're very easy and convenient to do. Also I previously had problems with banking and details but was swiftly corrected by the team. Many thanks

    K. P.

    Aucune pousse!
    Bonjour, je vais faire une réclamation. Bac acheté le 17/08. Nous sommes le 27/10, aucune moisissure, suivi scrupuleux des consignes d’arrosage. Le mycelium s’est à peine développé. Très déçue! D’autant plus que ça confirme les commentaires précédents :( Autant rester aux truffes qui ne m’ont jamais déçues depuis 1 an…..

    M. G.

    Very impressive
    Easy to handle and kick to produce a rather impressive amount of shrooms

    O. L.

    Great service
    For this one it didn’t fruit, McCannaii is a difficult one but zemnisia team is very quick responsive and they sent me another one, unfortunately it also didn’t. Maybe will need some more detailed guidance. Bests

    S. A.

    Verarsche Pur
    Habe genau nach Anleitung gearbeitet und sehr steril. Es ist nichts gewachsen und auf anfrage habe ich gesagt bekommen das ich doch besser hätte arbeiten sollen und keinen Ersatz bekomme. Geld weg und null Pilze !

    B. B.

    Best growbox
    I have tried all of them. Supagrows boxes are the best.

    S. R.

    Mckennai grow kit
    Por falta de información estropee un kit, contacté con ellos e inmediatamente me resolvieron el problema. Me enviaron otro kit inmediatamente. Muy buen servicio postventa, profesionales. Sólo les aconsejaría que incluyeran en el kit un papel con las instrucciones. Seguiré comprando en Zamnesia.

    B. C.

    Did and does exactly what it says on the box.
    Speedy delivery in spite of all the Brexit bollox that's occuring at the min. Top quality product and fantastic yield.

    R. B.

    Nice kit
    First flush was a bit small but took prints on the way and awaiting the second flush now. It's a fun project.

    J. R.

    Danke für die Lieferung
    Die erste Chance war leider kontaminiert, und ist nicht hoch geworden. Ist Problemlos ersetzt worden. Habe eine volle Dosierung genommen und dann alle 2 Tage eine Micro Dosis dann einen Tag ausgesetzt ca.3 Wochen Lang. Kann besser Schlafen und habe weniger Angst. Schöner 4Stunden länger er etwas milder Rausch. Danke Zamnesia 5 Sterne für das Produkte und Zamnesia

    O. R.

    Keine Pilze gekommen.
    Das war leider das 2. Set , was kein ertragen erzielt hat,trotz sorgfältiger und sauberer arbeit. Andere kits kann ich bestens empfehlen. Der Support hat jedoch sehr schnell geantwortet und kam mir entgegen! Bester Support! Werde weiter hier kaufen,nur nicht nochmal dieses Set:)

    N. G.

    Mr t
    Ordered and arrived perfectly, great customer service. Unfortunately product was faulty but was sent a new one no proplems. Will definitely use again

    T. B.

    Came fast
    Legit product

    E. S.

    I made a mistake
    Hello. I made a mistake and did´nt wear handgloves at the beginning. And then some white mold begun to grow. But I never loose the hope... Many greetings, Joao

    J. K.

    Mc kennai grow kit
    rubbish , 3 weeks of misting and fanning, Nothing Avoid at all costs Or do it yourself would give zero stars if I could

    J. C.

    Good service
    Thanks for the customer service that help me

    M. D.

    Mi primera vez
    En mi primera compra, un cultivo Fresh Mexican, el empaque salió un poco defectuoso, en ninguna coseña obtuve ni 5 gr, me contacté con atención al cliente y me ayudaron, la verdad, entendieron mi problema y decidieron solucionarlo, enviándome otro kit de cultivo no defectuoso en esta ocasión, siemplemente grandioso, muchas gracias.

    Y. L.

    Does work fine
    Working fine with permanent 25-27° 10g dry after the first flush now waiting for the second :)

    A. T.

    Top notch
    Super high quality, i was able to Pull 456 grams of mushrooms on 4 flushes, i think i messed up the mycelium oterwise i could have pulled 1 or 2 more flushes.

    F. C.

    Nicht gut
    Hab alles wie immer gemacht warte nun seid 4 Wochen aber nichts ausser Schimmel ausserdem ist die Tütte mit Löchern und nicht mit Filter

    D. Z.

    Dont waste your time
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing grew. Dont waste your time on this.

    R. W.

    Livraison pour supa
    7 jours avev week-end et jours feriè !!! Bravo arrivè au petit oignon suite au premier flush jusque là c edt un sans faute ! Thx

    N. P.

    Atm the pack starting growing after 2-4 weeks. Only problem was with 2 version of manual but i think you cant make mistake with Any of these 2 versions.

    L. S.

    Did not grow at all
    Did not grow at all, it was my 1st attempt...

    V. B.

    Very good and easy

    N. X.

    They really do work!!!!
    This is my first time using a grow kit and I am so happy I did, my first flush has come through I got 9 mushys altogether, some nice big juicy one. Waiting on my second flush, I highly recommend buying this grow kit if it’s your first time …just follow the instructions that zamnesia give you and you’ll be good

    J. G.

    Je conseil de faire très attention avc ces kits. Les trous d’aération prévus peuvent créer des contaminations. Il faut dont les boucher! J’ai fais pousser 4 kits et sur les 4, 2 de chez Zamnesia et ceux sont ces 2 la qui ont été contaminés. De la mousse grise et kit foutu! 100€ de perdu! Donc mettez du scotch sur vos kits avant de les démarrer.! Le service client ne fera pas forcément qqch….

    L. D.

    Très bonne qualité mais très peu de champotte... 50g frais en deux champignons en deux flush et quelques petits à côté. Mais rien de foufou alors que les autres boxes de la même marque ont produit plus de 300g frais en 3 flush Elle était à côté des autres donc c'est pas du mauvais traitement, juste pas beaucoup de chance...

    H. B.

    n'a jamais rien donné
    d'habitude plutôt satisfait des produits zamnésia celui ci n'a jamais rien donné pourtant placé dans les mêmes conditions que les précédents. très déçu

    T. J.

    hat bei mir leider nicht funktioniert.obwohl ich mich strikt an die anleitung hielt,ist leider kein einziger pilz gewachsen.ich war enttäuscht

    M. I.

    Musica ai funghi
    Potrà sembrare un consiglio buffo ma nn lo é fate ascoltare musica prima durante e dopo la crescita dei funghi. La musica di mozart stabilisce alle molecole di acqua una corretta forma geometrica che influisce sulla crescita del raccolto

    J. M.

    Im a newbie
    It was my second try, growing the mckennaii myself. I Tried to follow the instructions (Supagro) exactly, within a few weeks, i had an enormous shroom and some smaller up to a few very small healthy shrooms. The second „Flush“ but Without „flushing“ (instruction said it dont Need a flush), grew instantly, after harvesting into some more and bigger shrooms but some small, too . Juicy and healthy. I got a very healthy and nice looking mycelium, Easy to grow and with some nice huge and straight specimen. 5/5

    M. B.

    Jag har bara provat dessa en gång och fått en skörd men hittills så fungerar det över förväntan enklare än de andra odlingsformerna och stora rejäla starka svampar

    O. B.

    Service après vente excellent!! Suite à la contamination d’un de mes kit j’ai fais la demande par e-mails et le renvoie d’un nouveau kit à été effectué sans problème

    K. F.

    Ci ha messo più tempo rispetto agli altri ma ha fatto molti più raccolti addirittura 7!! Prodotto parecchio potente da trattare con cura

    B. B.

    After just 2 weeks opening the bag, I had some tiny pins and are now ready to harvest. easy going 🤙

    T. L.

    Meilleure box
    Jamais déçu par cette box

    L. A.

    Slow growth
    I got the kit the 24/03. Good colonization. So I introduced the kit to fruiting conditions (FAE, tub, heat control and humidifier) The conditions are - 95-99% humidity, FAE six times an hour for a duration of 1min ea cycle. Temperature 75°f and light = 6300K Everything runs on a 12/12 cycle Six days ago I got the first pin. Now I only got three more pins, seems like the kit is hella slow

    M. E.

    Buenísima atención al cliente
    El primer kit salió mal y tras ponerme en contacto con la atención al clientes, fueron muy cordiales y tras evaluar la situación me hicieron un nuevo envío sin coste alguno. Inmejorable, estoy muy contenta con Zamnesia :)

    M. L.

    Ottimo prodotto
    Dopo 28 giorni dall’apertura del kit sono iniziati a uscire i primi funghi, il primo flush mi ha dato 70g, il secondo 90g, il terzo è stato molto scarso, meno di 10g. Il kit è buono, i soldi sono ben spesi, si potrebbe avere di meglio ma anche così va bene! Ho ricomprato il kit per vedere come va al secondo giro

    L. C.

    This is great mushrooms but it’s taking a little longer to grow then Cambodian strain & need a little different kind of growing don’t soak in water b4 growing & don’t cool em down inside your refrigerator!!!!! But shipping is the same about 1week (I live in Denmark ) & the box isn’t broken or stepped on like some shipping company’s.

    M. N.

    Amazing stuff
    I’m absolutely satisfied, didn’t know what to expect. When the first pines came up it went almost too quick

    P. F.

    Copious amount
    I bought this kit with a heat mat, after the first week it produced a copious and continuous amount of fruits for about three week. I got almost 60 grams. Then they stopped. I had also a distancer pad, but the lower side of the grow kit became "crispy".

    F. #.

    Mangez moi
    Ma récolte a été contaminée mais sans rancune ce n'est que partie remise

    N. C.

    Tarda mucho!
    Recibí mi kit el día 9 de febrero. Ese mismo día comenze con el proceso y hoy a día 12 de marzo he cosechado el primer hongo. Solo uno porque los demás, quitando unos 2, son primordios. Eso sí, la seta que coseche era todo un monstruo de casi 40 gramos. Espero que los demás primordios se conviertan pronto en monstruos igual de grandes.

    F. V.

    Supa gro grosse reolte
    Salut les amis , je lis vos retours d’expériences désastreux avec des supa gro kit . Moi perso j'ai toujours eu d'excellent résultats.

    L. N.

    Good stuffy
    Thank you for that

    I. I.

    Great production
    Perfect grow production. I´m absolutely satisfied.

    T. M.

    This is my fourth attempt at using the growkit. 2 years ago with my first attempt, it was amazing, great results and many flushes. Then I failed twice despite taking all the necessary precautions. Now it is a bit early to judge but so far, after 3 weeks, healthy pins are beginning to show. Very much looking forward to it and all the good things I have heard from this McKennaii strain.

    F. C.

    Try a different kit
    This kit was a disaster. I might have done some mistakes, but it wasn't my first kit, but it was the first I had to throw out completely. Waste of money and time.

    P. H.

    They really good.
    I ordered Mckennai and B+. Ones have started to grow really well and others not yet. No contamination and all in all satisfied with the product. :)

    I. M.

    2 shrooms came
    I bought the supa gro kit. The delivery was very fast. It took about 3 weeks for the first pins to appear. Only two shrooms had grown yet, but I don’t think it’s something wrong with the grow kit. Maybe the temperature or something else has something to do with that. Overall great product

    M. H.

    Zamnesia super
    Ho ordinato il kit ma per motivi a me sconosciuti ho avuto un raccolto molto scarso. Ho contattato zamnesia che subito ha provveduto a rimandarmi un secondo kit gratuito. La mia esperienza è stata positiva zamnesia segue i propri clienti in maniera eccellente. Quindi posso garantire che lo staff di zamnesia è sempre pronto e disponibile. Grazie zamnesia

    A. G.

    Terrible Customer Service - Didn't worked at all - Waste of time and money - Avoid
    NO GROWING AND ZERO ANSWERS FROM SUPPORT - TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE AVOID!! Hi there, perhaps you're in my same situation, this is your first time trying to grow mushrooms, you've read all the info online and manuals and decided to purchase a grow kit hopping it would be the best effective way to try your own mushrooms and if you have any issues, get the support of long time experts during the process....well you will be as WRONG as I was purchasing this kit. It never grow, small pins just stalled, send them pictures and mails asking for help and support along the way....NOTHING. Waited for 2 weeks before posting this review, as I was hopping they will get back to me, but nothing. SHAME on my money wasted here. No support, the grow kit is just no working and no one bothered to provide an answer or a solution after weeks of reaching out to them. I'm really sad at the money I wasted here, don't follow my steps...

    F. M.

    Chèrement déçu
    Après 2 semaines de petits dômes blanchâtres se sont formés sur la croûte du substrat. Une semaine plus tard tout était infesté de mini mouchettes et les petits débuts de champignons ont disparu en quelques jours malgré le nettoyage QUOTIDIEN ! J'ai du me résigner à jeter le container d'où sortaient les mouchettes. Je pense que je ne recommanderais plus de kit. Je suis déçu. Les truffes sont un produits que je connais (trop) bien. Je cherchais à trouver un nouveau trip. Les Mckennaii étaient pleins de promesses. Sincèrement je suis soigneux. J'ai toujours désinfecté mes mains jusqu'aux coudes à l'alcool, etc. Éloigné des plantes, ouvert tous les jours et vaporisé à l'eau minérale. Je pense que peut-être il est nécessaire de placer le kit dans un terrarium, dans son propre espace... Bref, bonne chance aux courageux.

    Q. C.

    you get what you give
    follow the instructions and you wont be disappointed

    B. K.

    wasted money
    I have plenty of experience growing shrooms and was curiios about the "supa-dupa-guaranteed-to-grow-a-lot-supa-quickly"...but when I opened the box and saw the the big holes in the lid of the container as well as in the growing bag, and one little brown spot on the cake, directly under one of the holes underneath the lid, I already knew, whats gonna happen.. Sadly, I was right and all I got was some aborts.. even after refreshing the cake in the fridge 2 times and turning the cake, nothing happened. Threw everything away after about 5 weeks, when the entire cake started to smell nasty.. I ordered fresh mushrooms now again. They know, what theyre doing and I have lots of good experience with them.

    M. S.

    Only few aborts.. disappointed :/
    I have a kit that started growing pins fast, they grew very slowly and stopped growing. Then when I picked them up to get another "flush", the same thing happened again. Also, these all had started to rot inside so I didn't get any shrooms. I hope zamnesia understands and I get a refund (I'm just waiting for an answer, they have very good and friendly customer service, and the delivery was discreet and super fast)

    P. P.

    not growing
    the shrooms never grew although I've done it many times before. this time they simply didnt grow :(

    C. R.

    2 shrooms for 4 kits...
    After 4 times, i can assure you that my hygiène was on point! But there were always contamination in some ways. The only time 2 shrooms grew is the time i had to look on other advices, on the same zamnesia website ... (not adding water until shroom got there). I got confused and they send me another kit wich was appreciated ! But following their advices was terrible !! the next day, mold was everywhere ... not doing shrooms this way again !!

    L. C.

    Worst costumer service ever
    I ordered the kit on the 2021-08-28, once started the growing phase following step by step the manual, i didn't get any mushrooms. I contacted the costumer service for explanation and eventually a refund of the product and till now 8-10-21 didn't get any reply. Years ago was way better this website. You should feel ashamed for how you treat your costumer. We pay your bill remember that.

    V. T.

    Bonjour voilà j'ai recu mon kit début septembre, j'ai bien tout respecté au niveau des consignes gant, gel, masque, eau mineral, ttooout bien mis en place mais malheureusement ce kit s'est contaminé alors bon serait ce possible qu'il soit arrivé contaminé ? En tout cas je suis déçu je m'attendais à quelque chose mais rien du tout, de plus je n'ai eu aucune trombone avec.. j'espère que le service client sera plus à la hauteur que ce kit. Un remboursement ou un renvoi de kit. J'aurais aimé noter leur puissance

    O. F.

    Super Support
    Leider hat das kit nicht so gut performt. Mycel war nicht komplett ausgebildet und schneller schimmel befall trotz korrekter Arbeitsweise. Dank des super Support teams aber kein Problem, habe ohne Aufpreis ein neues bekommen was ein recht guten Ertrag hatte. Immer wieder gerne.

    H. T.

    Consiglio vivamente questi funghetti!

    M. M.

    De momento 2 setas en 13 dias
    No tiene mala pinta, espero que sigan saliendo. La atención de la empresa ha sido espectacular.

    J. G.

    Es erfüllt meine Erwartungen. Top Support der mir nach anfänglichen schwierigkeiten sehr geholfen und entgeggen gekommen ist. Man muss sehr genau die Anweisungen folgen wenn man Erfolg haben möchte ( Temperatur, Licht, Hygiene...) Danke Zamnesia.

    N. N.

    c etait la premier fois que j essayais d'en faire posser malheureusement pas le moindre champignon j'ai pourtant tout bienrepecté lavage des main desinfectant gants et masque .peut etre trop d,humidité , je re-essaierai avec un qutre kit

    H. R.

    Great Customer Service
    The grow itself didn't go great as there was cross contamination. Where that was my fault or not I'm not sure. But on contracting the team, they sent me a free replacement... Which was very much appreciated

    C. R.

    sadly it did't work
    I did everything by the book but nothing happened...I waited for weeks, no mushrooms! Dissapointed

    R. S.

    Acheter 1 kit qui a donner très peu de champignon. Il m’on donner un second en SAV mais pareil du mal à prendre. Pourtant c’est l’été température optimal. Zamnesia et pro et sérieux dans tout les cas. J’aime commander sur leur site. La mauvaise note et surtout à cause du sachet qui je pense et inadapté. Les Trous d’aération du supa gros kit on Une certaines tailles ou les moucherons ou petite mouche peuvent y entrer. Conseille surtout pour zamnesia revoir l’aération les trous sont bien trop gros dommage .

    G. I.

    Zwei mal nichts geworden …
    Anfangs sah es gut aus. Myzel entwickelte sich gut und die Oberfläche wurde schön weiß. Darauf folgten die Pins und ab da ging es nicht weiter. Die Köpfe spalteten sich, es entstanden Albinos / Mutanten und das Wachstum stoppte komplett. Das traurige ist, dass der super Zamnesia-Support (Danke nochmals !) mir ein zweites zuschickte und genau dasselbe mit dem Kit geschah. Von mir ein klares „Finger weg“ !

    D. D.

    First grower
    Hey there. I just harvested second flush (first cca 18g dried, in case ratio will be the same I estimate 7g dried after second flush). I read that second flush should be better, well maybe I did something wrong as first grower, but I would still recommend this product. Trip on low dosage (cca 1,5g) was not so intensive, but I had no trouble with digestion or nausea at all and I had really great mood.

    R. K.

    Blob Mutation Mckennai
    10 days No pinning Just Fluffy Blotches That Turn into These marshmallow Looking Blob mutants instead of Mushrooms,never had this problem with any of the many kits purchased :/

    N. C.

    Prima oogst en goed te gebruiken voor micro dosering. Er kwamen joekels van paddo's tevoorschijn die makkelijk te oogsten waren. Werking was zeer visueel en langdurig.

    E. V.

    My favorites!
    always a good product. after 10 days came out the first mushrooms. now i’m waiting for the second flush. great customer relationship

    G. R.

    worked pretty well
    easy and fast harvest. weird shape looking mushrooms but no problem for me

    R. D.

    One of the best
    One of the best mushroom kits that I tried. Thank you

    I. S.

    PREMIERE EXPERIENCE premier kit ! bon début ...
    La première récolte n'a donné que 64gr de champignons frais, je pense que j'ai mis trop souvent le brumisateur ! La seconde 100Gr, sans brumériser et en quelques jours, Je conseille vraiment d'utiliser le petit chauffage à 15€, j'attends pour voir la suite... C'est en lisant les avis que je lis que l'on peut demander conseil au SAV, j'en prends bonne note, et vous tiens informé de la suite de mon expérience ... ne sais pas si il faut faire une mise à froid au frigo pendant 12 heures avant de lancer la 3ème cuvée .... De eerste oogst leverde slechts 64gr verse paddenstoelen op, ik denk dat ik de fogger te vaak heb gebruikt! De tweede 100Gr, zonder nevel en in een paar dagen, Ik adviseer echt om het kleine kacheltje van 15€ te gebruiken, ik wacht af wat er gebeurt... Het is door het lezen van de beoordelingen die ik lees dat men kan vragen om advies van de dienst na verkoop, ik neem er goede nota van, en houd u op de hoogte van het vervolg van mijn ervaring ... weet niet of het nodig is om een koude instelling in de koelkast te maken gedurende 12 uur voor de lancering van de 3e vintage ....

    F. T.

    I did everything as mentioned on this side as to how to handle the kit, but sadly only one lousy mushroom appeared and not more after that. Disappointing, not gonna lie. Especially because this Kit was advertised as very easy and high-yield! I was also a little confused if I had to initially soak the mycel or not, because in the beginnig everything just seemed so very dry, but the text does not specify on that so I didn't do it. Now almost 4 weeks later not much happened and it didn't seem that I contaminated anything, it just didn't grew. Well, I contacted the support, let's see If they can help me :D

    T. K.

    Amazing customer service
    The kit arrived real quick and I was excited about it, so I started the growing process right away and paid extra attention to making everything right. Unfortunately, it still got contaminated for some reason. Only two mushrooms grew, and then deflated after one day. I contacted the customer service, and as always, they exceeded my expectations; I only wanted to know what I did wrong or what I could have done differently, but they offered too send me a new kit of my choice right away, without hesitation, and even apologised for the inconvenience. Honestly, I've never experienced a better, more welcoming and lovelier customer service than the one of Zamnesia. You guys are just incredible.

    C. F.

    I ordered these and another grow cit, the "golden Teacher", I treated them exactly the same way, always clean hand, and followed each step in the guide on Zamnesia, well the Golder teacher grow cit now had it´s 4th flush and is still going strong while the one from McKennaii is only dissappointing, like after 4 week there was 1 lousy shroom and thats all. 1/10 would not recommend at all.

    S. W.

    Mein absoluter Favorit
    Man muss etwas geduldig sein bei SupaGrow, jedoch lohnt sich das warten! Riesige mächtige Pilze die es in sich haben. Das einzige was mir nicht gefällt, ist die fehlende Anleitung in im Lieferumfang. Man muss aufpassen das man sich nicht versehentlich die falsche Anleitung zu dem Growkit anschaut! Den SupaGrow und FreshGrow müssen komplett anders behandelt werden! Bei SupaGrow zu dem auch aufpassen, dass sobald die Köpfe zu sehen sind, man keine Feuchtigkeit mehr hinzugibt, am besten sogar das Growbag offen lassen. Ich hatte mehrmals SupaGrow und habe das festgestellt. Man steigert sein Ertrag wenn man dies beachtet.

    F. R.

    The first time the kit had molded straight away. Zamnesia had given me credit for a take back. This is what I did and it is the same again. Everything is moldy. I had taken grow kits in the past and had lots of mushrooms so there is clearly a problem with their new grow kits. To be avoided absolutely.

    A. R.

    If I could put zero star I would! I respected all the sanitary process as I always do since more than 10 years. I had in total 10 mushrooms after 3 weeks (it never took so long ever) and all of them were like sick with a kind foam on top. I started a communication with the client service and they asked to send pictures. They were nice and professional. If the growing kit was not doing as expected they would nicely propose a solution. I did everything they asked and now it's been 1 month I'm sending an email every week and nobody is replying anymore like nothing happened and like I do not exist. I'm a client and there mission is trying to satisfying me/us as best as possible, not doing a radio silence. Then I've checked other comments for this growing kit and I've seen many other comments like mine which means the problem clearly comes from Zamnesia and we're paying the price. NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL!!!! ZAMENSIA YOU'RE SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT. I'M NOT RECOMMENDING AT ALL THAT PRODUCT

    J. M.

    Sturdy I guess
    I contaminated the kit by accident and still got some mushrooms out of it. Not to many but than again it was my own fault.

    T. M.

    Sehr gutes Kit, hat alles super funktioniert. Das Ergebnis hat mich echt überrascht! Lieferung und Zustand des Produktes wiedermal Top!

    M. M.

    Scarso rendimento ma problema risolto
    Nonostante io abbia seguito alla lettera le istruzioni, il kit sta dimostrando un rendimento abbastanza scarso rispetto a quelli acquistati anni fa. Ho contattato l'assistenza di Zamnesia e abbiamo trovato una soluzione in tempi rapidissimi. Zamnesia is the best :)

    N. C.

    All in all very good
    Had a bit of a bad luck with Supa Gro kits recently, for some reason the Golden Teacher strain was really struggling in the beginning to grow.. Once they make it tho, they absolutely blow up! Interestingly also, the McKennai strain did not have any problems in the same conditions, under the same amount of time. This shows me what an important role genetics plays and there is a huge difference between cubes and cubes even. All in all I must say, I am very happy about my choice, to go with the original old strain of McKennai. These mushrooms are not only very strong even compared to Golden Teacher for example, but also have the best genetics. Beautiful mushrooms and fast, aggressive colonization and growing rates, also very resistant to contamination. The best, I swear. And don't get me wrong, Golden Teacher is still a wonderful strain with much to teach you. It is just interesting to experience how different they are and yet so similar. Almost as if.. they have their own personalities...

    M. M.

    unfortunate for the supa grow kit but the mckennaii was amazing
    I had to have the supa grow kit for mckennaii replaced a few times which zamnesia was great about. I had more success with a grow you soak first, instead of the supa grow kit. Don't know why, is what it is. Was definitely worth the wait, recommend!

    S. P.

    Amazing Experience!!
    Guys, I would love to spend many many words like I did with my closest friends talking about what I experienced, but they would be too many, so listen to me, just follow the instructions to grow them, dry them properly, chew them slowly and get ready to communicate with all the living things in this world, all the portals will finally open and you'll be at the centre of all the energies of the universe, believe me.

    L. C.

    Kit got contaminated !
    This kit didn't grow at all any shrooms... But I don't know why, I strictly followed the instructions and recommendations, and after three weeks the kit was contaminated! Now I am in contact with the kindly Zamnesia Support, and we will find a suitable solution!

    J. B.

    Moyennement satisfaite
    Apres 1 mois presque je récolte le premier flush, jusque là assez fidèle à la description au niveau du temps. Malgré la culture dans de bonnes conditions, j'ai trouvé que les premières têtes ont mis vraiment longtemps à apparaitre. Pour la récolte, très peut de gros champs (5/30), et vraiment beaucoup de tout petit (à peine 2 cm). Deux des gros ont une sorte de mousse sur le chapeau qui a commencé à moisir (style mousse verte) et deux autres on le chapeau fendu (peut être normal mais cela ne m'est jamais arrivé auparavant). Je ne recommande pas ce kit, j'ai préféré l'expérience d'autres marques vendues par Zamnesia. Peut être que mon problème est spécifique à SupaGro, et avez vous eu le même problème sur vos kits ?

    C. D.

    Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?
    C'est loin d'être mes premières box, d'habitude je me débrouille bien mais là, malgré les mêmes actions que d'habitude, le premier flush de DEUX box m'a donné 6 tout petits champignons qui ont décidé de s'ouvrir trop tôt et un gros mutant bizarre (une masse difforme de champignon) croit sur le côté et va finir par casser la boîte, la dernière fois que j'ai commandé un Supa Gro (qui est normalement ma marque favoris) il est arrivé la même chose, je me demande si les box Supa Gro de Zamnesia n'ont pas un problème dernièrement.

    P. M.

    Ne basta poco per entrare nel mondo degli elfi

    D. S.

    The best Shroomshop
    The best Shroomshop online! There are very professionals, my kits don't work and they creat a voucher for me. Very serious you can't go on website without hesiation ! Thks again zamnesia 🤘

    T. B.

    Soweit sehr gute Qualität
    Wunderschönes Mycel, einfach göttlich. Das schwierige ist die extrem dicken Kuchen mit Wasser zu füllen da kaum Platz ist, desweiteren sind Löcher im Beutel. Aber werde ich schon irgendwie hinkriegen :)

    A. H.

    Super service commercial
    Suite à un souci avec autre kit, un nouveau m'a été envoyé, un grand merci à toute l'équipe pour sa super réactivité et sa sympathie. Le nouveau kit marche bien, plein de pins sont apparus, première récolte à venir.

    A. K.

    Service client incroyable
    Mon premier kit ne marchait pas alors ils ont decider de m'en renvoyer un, service client très réactif et essais vraiment de donner la meilleure experience possible.

    G. G.

    This kit grew blobs
    Supa gro make good kits with big yields but this one always grew blobs instead of shrooms. Im not shure why.

    B. T.

    Not fun, but sad
    I did everything I was told to do! Kept the kit in the box, misted it every day, near sunlight, warm conditions... nothing! It's only been 4 weeks, but the substrate has literally made no progress. And I was so excited to try the McKenna's too, because they claim to be the best variety. I'll give it one more week before I contact customer support about this problem.

    S. D.

    Blob mutation
    I had good experience with supa gro kits, but I got blob mutation instead of normal shrooms last time . These are potent, but yields are small and it take too long to grow. Zamnesia support was answering fast and offered me new kit.

    D. B.

    Leider kontaminiert gewesen!
    Habe mich sehr gefreut auf die Mc Kennaii aber leider nach 4 Wochen nur Myzel Klumpen entstanden und bei 2 Versuch das gleich nach 1 Woche. Bin aber sehr zufrieden mit dem Support, haben mir als Ersatz eine weiter Box zu geschickt (auf Wunsch auch Golden Teacher) jetzt abwarten mit den hatte ich bisher gute Erfahrungen gemacht.

    S. R.

    kit supagro mckenaii
    bonjour zamnesia recu les produits dans de bonnes conditions la balance - top le kit champis n a pas fonctionne - nada ! je viens de contacter zamnesia pour cela on verra - j attend de leurs nouvelles biz a tous

    D. L.

    J ai reçu un kit avec un poil dedans et les champignons sont resté blanc et ont poussé en boule je n ai pas osé les manger pensant que c est probablement une Contamination mais je suis sur que je n ai vraiment pas eu de chance donc je met un peu +, delà moitié par fair play, amicalement ;)

    S. G.

    Después de muchos años cultivando mis propios hongos, acabo de tener la peor experiencia de mi vida con un pan de Zamnesia. El cultivo se ha llevado a cabo en invernadero, a 24ºC estables y con una humedad estable del 85%. Resultado del primer flush: 9 grs en seco. Resultado del segundo flush: 1 gr en seco. No existe contaminación de ningún tipo, sencillamente el pan no tiene nada más que ofrecer. Nunca volveré a comprar panes en Zamnesia.

    S. D.

    I had a really bad experience with these ones they got contaminated despite I did everything by the book. Really not satisfied with these one! 50€ to the trash! The first ones were incredible, the B+.

    M. A.

    Drôle de boules blanches mais...
    Puissantes! Ça ne ressemble pas à la photos quand ça pousse. Inquiet (premier kit qui pousse bizarre (Zamnesia m’à proposer tout de suite un produit de remplacement, j’ai choisi un kit classique Z b+, avec un dunk de 12h00 initial), il a finalement donné au premier flush 195 grammes, une fois coupé, tout bleu à l’intérieur, donc plein de psilocybine, j’ai testé :1,6 sec, pfiouuu c’était beau, ébahi pendant deux heures sur le son et la toile du salon. :) deuxième flush en cours. Privilégiez peut être les classiques, supa gro semble avoir des problèmes.

    S. N.

    Expect mutant blobs?
    Took 3 weeks to show any activity, week after that the result was one huge blob growing from corner of container. Will see how second flush goes. Can't complain on the potency of blob tho.

    L. A.

    The kit grew blobs
    English: The kit didn't work as expected and grew some "blobs" instead of proper mushrooms. Zamnesia were kind enough to offer me a 50 euro voucher to compensate. The blobs were potent, and the trip was pretty intense (44g wet). I harvested 155g of blobs wet in total. Français : Le kit n'a pas marché et à fait pousser un "blob" (sorte de boule de mycellium). J'ai ramassé 155g de ce "blob", et mangé 44g frais, qui m'ont envoyé assez loin tout de meme. Le service client m'a donné un coupon de 50 euros pour remboursé le fail.

    S. B.

    Not growing well
    I'm at the second week but still nothing growing. Other fungus are appearing but they don't look like the traditionals McKenna. Worried cause Supa grow usually never fail.

    J. N.

    Deluso ma motivato
    Dopo quattro settimane di coltivazione al centro della vasca sono apparse contaminazioni ma niente funghi, disperato !

    C. C.

    Produit efficace mais problèmes de Growkit
    Un premier kit renvoyé qui n'a jamais produit malgré une température et humidité contrôlée. Le second kit qui à donné une super première récolte, une deuxième très moyenne puis... plus rien. Un peu déçu sur la globalité du produit.

    J. F.

    Aren't growing. Perfect condition.
    Have all the tools neccesary for growth. Aren't growing and only got one mushroom out of it. Did not have any effects on me either. Am dissapointed after a month wait

    K. B.

    Zamnesia très compréhensif
    J'avais commandé un premier kit qui était défectueux dès le début mais zamnesia a été très compréhensif et m'en a renvoyé un nouveau. J'attend de le recevoir et voir si celui si se lancera.

    A. C.

    Contaminated :(
    Both orders came contaminated, no growth at all

    F. G.

    Simple et efficace !
    Merci pour cette box ! Facile à faire pousser et à récolter (personnellement pendant l'été, car température entre 20 et 28 degré dans la pièce). Suivre le guide pour une récolte optimale. Jai eu 3 pousses chaqu'une bien fournie. Les effets à la hauteur de la réputation des champot, si vous augmentez les doses préparer vous à un voyage très visuel et introspectif.

    D. A.

    Top kwaliteit en service
    Zamnesia, enkel goede ervaringen. Zowel het product als de service. Complimenten.

    M. G.


    T. B.

    Great customer service
    The package didn’t grow at all, except for some mutant growth CS send me a new kit after trying to make he first 1 work Good and thorough service

    J. S.

    Merci zamnesia pour SAV, vous etes efficace. Sinon premiere flush un peu timide dans le temps "2 grosses semaines" et dans la quantité 6 champis... mais la deuxième ce garnie tres bien et donne de beaux voir tres beaux spécimens et une belle quantité et pour l'effet super ... pas de visuel avec un gramme sec, mais un sublime voyage.. Je vais essayer un peu plus pour le deuxième voyage. En tout cas belle experience de culture, assez sensible comme souche... Merci et a bientot

    D. N.

    Verry Potent
    After a infected xxl kit ordered in late spring, had verry good contact with Zamnesia support and they offered me a voucher for 2 normal kits. After setting up the kits within 14days the mycelium started growing nice on top and formed hyperdermals and pinning. First flush one kit produced about 180gr the other 100gr. Second Flush the kits swapped in growth and the less producing kit was now producing nice beautifull mushrooms and the other was a little less producing. Again allmost 300gr of various size mushrooms. Kept the temp at 21,5-23 degrees. Small 3rd flush and other kit started getting infected, I guess cuz the bags weren't changed after each flush so contaminations are easy to build up this way. Not the biggest harvest I've had with the supagro kits but for potency, these kits produced the most potent mushrooms I've ever harvested. 3gr dry mushroom was equal to 5gr mushroom trips. Verry pleased with the results. Only make sure you don't mist the bag untill pinning starts!!! Also give them much air this helps too.

    N. L.

    All fine
    Got three flushes out of the kit, the last one was considerably smaller (both in size and quantity). Will probably order again soon

    P. A.

    Crecimiento lento
    Dificultad para crecimiento en bosla. Mejor en invernadero y con alba alrededor del pan.

    G. F.

    Sehr gut
    Ich hab das Set aufgestellt und schon nach 7 Tagen sind die ersten Pilze raus gekommen. Wirklich ein sehr gutes Set. Morgen werden wir die Pilze mal ausprobieren.

    M. H.

    Incroyables McKennaii
    Recolte rapide, 20g sec pour le premier flush. Je recommande les McKennaii car le trip est coloré. En lemon tek le trip est boosté et on se sent avec une énergie folle. Que du positif !

    F. A.

    J'ai reçu un kit que j'ai placé en aquarium ce qui a bien fonctionné. c'est conforme a l'achat! Le rendement semble plutôt faible pour ma part comparé a la PFTek (Malgré les conditions favorable dans l'aqua) Environ 100 g frais par flush et le kit a fait seulement 2 flushs donc en gros j'ai récupéré en tout 220g de frais (22g sec) (Toujours pas de contamination mais pain trop pauvre pour faire fructifier d'autres mushs qui meurt de faim) Ca suffit pour 6 personnes environ, Merci ! (Peut être un peu chère tout de même mais bon leurs service client est béton!)

    L. L.

    It took a little longer for the first pins to pop out (3 weeks), but since then no big problems occured. Harvested 1st flush after 9 days and got 160g wet, second flush came again after 8-9 days 110g wet, also side pins occured during 2nd flush which were a bit difficult to harvest. Now on my 3rd flush I removed the cake from original container and put it on original lid into my fruiting chamber. After 2 days first pins have appeard and it seems they like this enviroment more... I also use it in combination with the Zamnesia heat mat. So in general Im very pleased, only one disppaointment- the orginal bag leaks so watch out for that.

    O. C.

    Sin cosecha
    Tras 3 semanas con una temperatura media de entre 20 a 24 grados no ha habido ningún resultado. Kit a la basura.

    S. L.

    Toujour au top zamnesia
    Meilleur vendeur et service après vente. Vrement au top zam!

    R. P.

    Sadly nothing came out
    My second kit. Followed all instructions that are written in provided PDF manual with the kit. Temp at 23C, spray once a day - not on mylecium, and so on. After weeks, nothing came up, not a single shroom. Today im on 3rd kit, same results... Seems like Zamensia sent me another free defective kit...

    L. K.

    Sheik yerbouti
    Super. Alles 100%

    T. J.

    Pure experience
    Sooo goooooood

    L. J.

    ATTENTION !!!! Peut vite se faire surprendre par leurs puissances !!! Bien séché ( desidraté etc ..) commencer par 1g pas plus !! Même pour les habitués ( étant moi même un habitué)

    A. Q.

    Prodotto ok Venditore top

    A. C.

    Best friends ever
    First time growing these, well, any mushrooms really and they're so easy and fun to have. Just follow the description and for the love of shroom, make sure to work sterile! Great kit, multiple flushes and it's still producing almost 3 months later (remember the working sterile part) - girlfriend has absolutely adopted these shrooms and loves to take care of them, not that they need a lot of attention. Trip wise, these are fullon visual, absolutely amazing, highly recommend the lemontec when consuming - I wish you a very lovely trip.

    D. G.

    Everything was clearly explained Had a good first flush - second one is tiny but I am very happy !!

    C. G.

    Customer Service Review
    I ordered this growkit, yet could not get them to grow due to mistakes made by both Zamnesia and myself. Their customer service was swift in their response, answering my emails, and fair in how they dealt with the in inconvenience on my end. Free of charge they sent me another growkit and it's working like a charm. You don't think about customer service until you need it and I'm happy to report that Zamnesia excels in that department as well.

    L. M.

    Truffles and mycellium brocolis
    My first flush produced small truffles and some mycelium structures that looked like brocoli or cauliflower. The first truffles appeared after only one week and other appeared then. I harvested all the truffles and the mycellium brocolis after three weeks to see if it could be potent. They quickly turned blue and seemed to be very concentrated. The total harvest weighted no more than 2 grams not dried. I consumed it all the day of the harvest, it turned out to be highly potent with regard to the small total weight so I am quite satisfied. Compared to my other experiences, it felt like consuming 3.5 to 4 grams of mckennaii sporophores. Nonetheless, it was not equivalent to what I expected for a first flush that should have produced a good amount of sporophores. I don't know why the kit produced this small sclerotias, the information I found one internet said that cubensis do not produce sclerotia. For the moment it is better than nothing and I'll see what the other flush produce.

    G. M.

    Please buy extra filter bag with your kit
    I've tried many of these kits before without any bigger problems but something weird happened with this one. After 3 weeks the pins started showing up but that was about it. I did everything after the book and after 4 weeks i noticed small yellow spots which is a sign of contamination. I got really sad but still I decided to wait it out but nothing really happened untill the sixth week. In one corner of the kit there started growing a big lump of psychedelic goodness but it looked nothing like mushrooms, more like a fat Truffle. Just harvested my first flush. Think I might just throw it in the trash or bury it and hope for the best. The included bags are really wortless tbh, so from now on i will always buy extra filter bags. I'll advice you to do the same to avoid sadness. Much love Zam

    N. L.

    Don't Know How to Feel
    So I ordered this one, as my first kit and I am a little disappointed. The package arrived super fast, even when it said it would take arround 8-10 week days to arrive, it only took 6 days, so I'll give 5 stars to the packaging and shipping team. As for the grow kit, I did everything by the book, I even used a heating mat ,since the temperatures are a little lower this time of year (and I had the safe distance from the mat and the kit), had a thermometer to keep everything at 23ºC and I had help and tips of two very experienced friends (each one of them used this kits around 10-15times). The first harvest took a lot of time and its was litteraly one very small mushroom. More than disappointing. The second one started very promising, with a lot of pin heads showing, but that was pretty much it. They did not grow. Just a bunch of very smalls pin heads that stopped growing. Even my friends that used this kind of kits a lot of times don't know whatever happened to turn out this way. I had all the perfect conditions and nothing. I'll try again for another harvest, but I am not very confident.

    R. C.

    Super Grow Kit
    This kit is specially good, I managed to have 5 rows

    A. G.

    Nessun problema riscontrato. Rendita abbondante.

    E. F.

    Second Grow Kit
    Personally this strain was a little harder and took more time than usual from start to finish. It gave a nice ammount but not what i was expeting.. They grow bigger ones comparing with other strains. Maybe will try them again in the future. Good trips to all! ;)

    M. S.

    Got some big fellas from this one!!!!
    First flush was great and the second one is looking as good as the first one!

    M. D.

    Great kit and big flush
    No hassle with a lot of watering, I bought two of these and they grow a massive 550 gram in total in the first flush. Great potency aswell.

    A. T.

    One of favorites
    Really good quality kits. Had 3 kits and all of them performed great. High isn't that visual on low doses, but awesome, slightly philosphical and focused.

    M. E.

    Una pérdida de tiempo y material
    Suelo comprar panes de setas en growbarato y siempre tengo unas cosechas magníficas. Probé con zamnesia por las valoraciones que tenían y nada, 50 euros a la basura. Soy técnico medioambiental y guardo toda precaución con la higiene y desinfecto todo perfectamente. Pues nada, después de 1 mes mimando el pan en su propagador, ni una sola seta. Vuelvo a mis orígenes, decepcionada por los no-resultados. También compré el kit de cultivo exterior, a ver si sucede algo, por que si no, desaconsejaré su website.

    I. B.

    Did ok
    Although I left this one in the fridge for 4 months it still managed to produce a few heads

    S. P.

    1er supa grow........
    c'est simple, c'est juste parfait, la qualité est au rendez-vous et la quantité aussi, 1er flush, 25 g de secs impeccable, apres j'ai mal gerer mon kit mais ca a donné 5g de sec quand meme.........en ce qui concerne le voyage il etait tres agreable ,vraiment juste niquel.........3eme flush en cours....5 etoiles facile et le service client, du jamais vu, ils sont vraiment au top les gars conclusion: ROYAL :D

    C. M.

    Nice! Good service

    J. R.

    bien résolu
    Kit défectueux, mais un 5 étoiles car un super service après-vente ultra réactif et qui m'a renvoyé un kit :-) merci Zamnesia

    T. M.

    Super service client
    Le kit était contaminé et le service client me l'a remplacé sans problème. Je commanderai à nouveau chez Zamnesia!

    C. B.

    Very nice experience
    Despite the high summer temperature, I managed to grow some 30 grams (dry) in total. I just had a great trip with a couple of friends in the nature. The mushrooms are quite strong, 2.5 grams were enough for a quite deep exploration.

    E. B.

    Wonderful kits
    Just remember to keep the environment sterile, otherwise, it's your own fault it goes badly.

    D. T.

    bon service après-vente
    Après 2 essais de culture infructueuse sans aucune contamination et plusieurs réclamation avec photos, Zamnésia m'a renvoyé un troisième kit de culture qui m'a donné une très bonne et longue récolte. Je remercie le SAV.

    L. W.

    Lancé depuis 3 semaine et pas un seul champi qui pousse ! Ce n'est pourtant pas la première fois qu'on en commande sur se site et on a jamais eu de problème avant. Trop dégoûté...

    S. B.

    Merci les petites fourmis
    A l ouverture du colis une fourmi se baladait sur le milieu de culture... Résultat la box a moisie. Pourquoi la box n avait pas son couvercle ?

    E. G.

    Worked great
    Grow kid worked great, I had a good first flush. After harvesting it unfortunately got contaminated. I tried to remove all the mold as good as possible and cleaned the plastic bag. Maybe it'll work again!

    S. W.

    J'ai commandé 3 kits, l'un des trois était infecté d'une poussière blanche, impossible à rattraper... Vu le prix, ça fait mal...

    S. W.

    Very helpful support, very nice guide on the supa grow kit. Be very care- and mindful about your growth and you'll be rewarded with the portal to another realm

    J. M.

    Muy buen servicio y atención al cliente.
    Un kit no fructificó. Presenté una reclamación y me atendieron con mucha atención y amabilidad. Me enviaron otro kit sin costos y este si está fructificando. Es una placer y una gran seguridad trabajar con el equipo de Zamnesia, que son unos grandes profesionales. P.F.

    F. F.

    Kit de culture défectueux et après de longues discussions avec le service client aucune solution n'a était trouver il ne me répond plus, j'ai pourtant répondu a toutes leur question et envoyé toute les photos qu'il me demandais, très déçu, cela fait quasiment 3 ans que je commande sur se site

    T. D.

    Kit contaminado pero atencion al cliente genial
    El kit vino contaminado, y tuve que tirarlo entero despues de que empezara a salirle moho, pero la atencion al cliente de zamnesia fue rapida y super amable en ofrecerme un kit de recambio. Volvere a probar a ver si hay mas suerte, pero 5 estrellas por la pagina.

    C. M.

    Everything was as described.

    O. W.

    Bonne récolte
    J'ai eu 4 flush avec des récoltes plutôt correctes

    Q. L.

    Primo flusch pochissimi funghi 110 g 11 spero siano migliori ,melo aspettavo più serio questo supa gro

    E. A.

    Five stars for Zamnesia customer service
    Had several problems with growing kits but Zamnesia everytime served a solution! Big thank you!

    J. F.

    Top !
    15gr au premier flush, aucun problème !

    M. P.

    Kam kontaminiert nach Hause
    Als ich das Supa Grow Kit aufmachte merkte ich sofort das es kontaminiert war, probierte jedoch trotzdem es zu growen, leider war es wie befürchtet und es begann nichts zu wachsen, ich schrieb mein Problem an Zamnesia und diie versicherten mir ein neues grow Kit zu senden das es von Anfang an kontaminiert war. Wenn das neue Kit ankommt werde ich eine neue Bewertung schreiben Zamnesia Support *****+

    S. M.

    Good product !
    I wait 4 weeks for the first flush (as expected). Not so many mushrooms at the first flush, but really really good ! They were completely blue for psylocibin and I had a lot of fun. I’m waiting for the second flush 🤞

    P. C.

    Very good product
    A strain that is very easy to grow with this supa gro kit. After 10 days the first pins appeared and a week later four big mushrooms where ready to be harvested and the weight for the fresh mushrooms was 120 gram. Now waiting for the second flush. A visionary, deep and profound trip penetrating the subconscious mind on a deep level, strong emotional and philosophical and periods of ecstasy and a lasting feeling of connectedness with everything and love for others after the trip leaving one in a deep process of transformation. Thank you Terence McKenna for developed the home cultivation of psilocybe cubensis so that everyone can grow mushrooms at home. Thank You Zamnesia for this great product!

    N. L.

    Very Best
    Best mushroom I've tried!

    K. C.

    No worthy harvest at all!
    I am now harvesting the second batch if you could call it that!! I got only 5-6 fruits in the first batch and only 3!! fruits in the second batch. In advertisement, it says Supagro kits can give up to 3-4 harvests. I do not think there will be a third harvest at all! Keep in mind this is not my first rodeo with growing mushrooms, I have grown many kits before and currently transitioning into my own sustainable production via creating my own supa-tek and prints so I know how to take care of my shroom babies. I could not get a single worthy harvest from this kit!! I believe the grow kit or the spores was hurt during shipping delays. I highly recommend not getting this product unless you know for sure it will arrive to your doorstep in one day and undamaged!!!

    C. G.

    Petit soucis
    Je n'est jamais eu de pb avec ce site ni avec aucun kit mais celui ci, le premier flush est très limité, je suis actuellement en train de faire un choc à froid en espérant que ça relance un deuxième pour espérer récupérer le tir. Les condition sont pourtant excellente, tapis chauffant, maintient de l'hygrométrie et tout le tremblement. Pourtant 5 champi (seulement) pour le premier flush c'est short.

    A. B.

    Buena experiencia!
    Para ser la primera vez muy bien!

    Á. M.

    Great product!
    The best grow kit I ever had!

    B. D.

    Good service
    Simple to handle and really good service from Zamnesia. Highly recommended!!

    Y. P.

    20 g from the first flush!

    A. N.

    After second harvest I have 30 gr. of dried muschrooms. 3. growth is initiated

    J. A.

    Simple in handling, growing, i honestly recommend this one to everyone out there! The Service by Zamnesia was abolutely fine, so after all, everything worked out as imagined!! Very nice

    P. W.

    Quite satisfying
    I have done some things wrong, and i still ended up with like 230 g from 3 flushes. A very strong optical effect !!! it is really astonishing. I can only recomment to try very little light. Mine had too much. would definetly buy again!

    J. S.

    First grow kit, great expirience!
    It was my first kit ever! The service was good and the kit was amazing. It was a long time to wait for the first flash, about 3 weeks. But I had already 3 flashes, and I hope it will give something on the 4'th time, that now is on the way. The first flash of fresh mushrooms was 200,7 gr. The second between 105-125 gr The third one was 133 gr!! This kit you need to wait more time for the flash compared to the golden teacher normal kit that I ordered later, but the flashes seem to be bigger and better. Although I like more the positive effect of the golden teacher mushrooms. D.D.

    D. D.

    Amazing trip
    Received the package quite quickly. Pins appeared after a week and in a few days after that they were ready to harvest. Got 34g dried mushrooms out of the first flush. Second flush gave me 14g. On my third flush right now. Had a wonderful trip with my mates (2.5g each). Very good visuals, very good head space and gives you an amazingly good mood. One of my favourite strains atm.

    K. L.

    Good quality
    It's the first time I grow mushrooms. I was too late with my flush because I thought I had to wait for all of them to be fully grown.. One of the big ones lost prints. I didn't have a big harvest but the mushrooms were a nice first experiment!! 40grams fresh paddo's.

    C. B.

    Top kit 24gr droog gewicht en van goede kwaliteit

    S. V.

    Great product and customer service.
    I receive the package a bit too late but that was caused by COVID-19. My first flush showed up after 2 weeks, and grow in one - I get from first flush 213g of fresh shrooms. The second one was not that good but customer service helps me and find a solution for that. I took shrooms with friends and that was a fun time, usually, we were sitting with the TV on but after McKennaii we didn't need that. Great shrooms for thinking and spend time with friends.

    J. P.

    Very good
    Very good stuff, first flush 25g dry

    P. E.

    Très bien
    J’ai commandé ce kit et franchement c’est super j’ai eu ma première récolte en moins de deux semaines et j’ai testé le produit qui est très bien. Ce site est une source sûre !

    C. C.

    Best kit I had!
    Amazing kit so far! It grows easily and quicker than the GT for me. 1st flush was about 200g fresh (16g dried) and second flush was about 100g fresh... I am starting the 3rd one. That was for the technical part... But of course the better part is the spiritual journey with this little allies...

    L. K.

    The first kit I received didnt grow a single mushroom after 4 Weeks I decided to get in contact with Zamnesia, after sending some pictures of my kit they send me a new mckennai kit. Which worked but it barely grew more mushrooms then a regular kit maybe even less, my second flush only grew 3 Mushrooms, now im waiting for my third flush, it does not look good so far. Next time ill just stick with the classics. Besides for the cool name the kit was pretty disappointing.

    N. H.

    Even during these troubled times it arrived fast. Mushrooms were growing pretty fast too, third flush rn and i collected a very big amount of mushrooms, more than 18 g of dried mushrooms from the first flush.

    M. B.

    brique presque stérile
    Bonjour, Alors je ne comprend pas, j'ai commandé un supa gro kit mc kenaï, j'ai eu trois récoltes minuscules et (entre 4 et 5 champignons) et maintenant il ne produit plus rien. J'ai pourtant bien suivi les instructions, je me suis lavé les mains, j'ai mis des gants et un masque à chaque manipulation, je l'ai mis a un endroit adéquat et j'ai un contrôle de la température et de l'humidité du sac de culture. J'ai suivi scrupuleusement chaque étape et j'ai ramassé les champignons avant leur ouverture (mieux vaut trop tot que trop tard comme vous dites), j'ai l'impression d'être tombé sur un kit défectueux parce que tout est sous controle méticuleux chez moi. Pouvez vous m'apporter votre aide?

    P. P.

    Best kit so far!
    This kit has been absolutely fantastic so far! First harvest was done after only 10 days and I will be harvesting the second flush tonight after only 5 days! The pins starting showing the same day that I started the second flush. Both flushes have been very substantial, although the fruits from the first flush weren't particularly dense, probably due to the room temperatures being slightly on the higher side (23-26℃). For this reason I of course didn't use a heat mat. If your temps are above 20℃ follow the instructions and don't use a heat mat, it's not necessary and will likely have a negative impact on your shrooms. Just be patient and enjoy these majestic beauties when they arrive!

    S. T.

    Très bien.
    Zamnesia toujours au top. Allez y les yeux fermés.

    D. D.

    Kit supa gro MC Kennai
    Résultat moyen sur ce kit mais Zamnésia a répondu à toutes mes questions dans un délai record, je comprend mieux maintenant mais mauvais résultats et ferai mieux aux prochains Kits

    F. M.

    Great product, great service
    My favourite mushrooms. The SupaGro Kits usually perform as expected. Excellent delivery times!

    M. V.

    Just harvested my 1st flush and started the soak for a 2nd one. This kit was verry uneven an only fruited in one small area. Short stubby fruits that will be tested on Saturday.

    A. H.

    Lo barato sale caro.
    Compré uno de estos kits con descuento, junto con otro de la misma casa, que ha resultado ser un fracaso total. Apenas dos, tres setas de tamaño minúsculo en ambos kits.

    J. B.

    Two bricks, but hardly any mushrooms
    A friend from the UK recommended Zamnesia to me so I quickly bought my first brick. After following carefully all the instructions, I produced 10-15 shrooms, which I microdosed raw with delight. I requested a replacement brick and the Zamnesia team kindly sent me one. That one fared much worse: it produced 4-5 sickly shrooms, which quickly stopped growing. The second attempt with the first brick yielded just a few small shrooms which were not even edible... All in all, great customer service but the shrooms just didn't come in the strength and numbers shown on the company website. At this point, I am looking for another provider...

    D. S.

    Ottimo prodotto da provare sicuramente. Consiglio! Se siete principianti rispettate le dosi consigliate ed aumentatele piano piano. Buon viaggio

    M. A.

    Ça marche en suivant les instructions!

    B. G.

    Mon avis
    Est ce moi ou les mc kennai ??! Mais une fois je prend la claque , vision kaleidoscopique et cie en les mangeant frais en les mangeant sec je les sens a peine ...donc ....i don't kow !!!! Bon courage!!!!

    G. C.

    3 of 5 ----
    i like zamnesia shop they have great products and a very good custom service so today my first zamnesia shroom experience i ve got some experience Having grew plenty from others stores .. so the .box came well packed , stealth easy .... unfortunately transport didnt work rigtht but wasnt zamnesia s fault so the boxes stayed 2 days at post office until i got them i opened them took a look 4 of 5 look well spread mycel one could t identify anything right now 3 of 5 produce ....2 boxes look dead or are dead of those is the box which didnt look well spread mycel all were treated the same way so 3 of 5 are producing still waiting for first result lets see what happens

    R. T.

    Luv it!
    I find these Supa Gro McKennai packs to be the best to grow and to trip with! Others have disappointed a bit, but never Supa Gro McKennai

    T. M.

    Pas mal
    assez impressionnant un mélange d’émotions et de couleur je recommande

    H. L.

    Parfait je recommande à 100%
    Reçus en moins d’une semaine, tout a été parfait, super simple à faire, en 17jours dans mon tiroir d’étudiant première récolte à 204g, très pratique et niveau effet des champis c’est pour l’instant les meilleurs que j’ai gouté, j’attends avec impatience le prochain flush en espérant récolter encore pas mal de fois. Merci Zamnesia

    G. F.

    The product was not as described, the mushrooms failed to grow following proper instructions and being a professional veteran in the mycology field, I much preferred the containers that contained perlite which maintained the proper humidity rather these all 100% colonized Rye bags. No yield, black spotting, and white mildew all over. Sprayed 2 times a day, with humidity maintained and a mush heating mat.

    T. A.

    Perfect, speedy delivery. The product... MAGIC!

    Z. B.

    Good stuff!
    Fast delivery as usual. Yielded slightly less than usual but still works as a Charm. Overall still happy. Waiting for the 3rd flush now.

    A. P.

    Try it
    Ordered this kit and it got molded but the issue was quickly solved. My favourite strain so far, the come up feeling and the positive feelings are different compared to GT, as GT offered me a more philosophycal trip. Would recommend 3.5grams for a proper trip.

    A. G.

    Super Kit
    Hab mir gleich 2 davon bestellt. Beide unter möglichst sterillen Bedinungen aufgestellt. (Bin als Krankenpfleger auf Spezialstationen tätig) Bei einem Set hat sich dann leider nach ein paar Tagen SPINNENNETZ-SCHIMMEL / DACTYLIUM MEHLTAU auf dem Kit der sich rasend ausgebreitet hat. Durch meinen Job ist mir natürlich bewusst wie leicht es zu einer Kontamination kommen kann auch unter Einhaltung aller Vorsichtsmaßnahmen, hab ich trotzdem an den Support gewannt da ich evtl. das Kit noch retten konnte. Mir wurde dann aber recht schnell ein neues Kit angeboten und auch geschickt. Ein echt toller Service. Danke dafür. Das andere Set hat mit dem ersten Flush an die 260g frische Pilze geliefert. 2ter ist unterwegs schaut bis jetzt gut aus. Zu den Pilzen: sind super potent und geben eine echt geile Reise. Jederzeit gerne wieder und ein erstklassiger Support. Danke euch

    C. P.

    super makkelijk en snel
    eerst en vooral snelle levering, de kweekset is kinderspel, na 9 dagen kwamen de eerste hoeden nu op dag 15 zijn ze zo goed als klaar voor harvest. bijna een volle bak, ziet er zeer goed uit!

    D. B.

    Quick delivery, 1st flush ready for harvest in approx 12 days!
    Great kit with very quick tracked delivered to the UK. Grew quicker than expected. 1st flush was around 230g wet, some very large / healthy fruits on there. Just follow the instructions carefully and cleanly and you can't fail. Looking forward to trying some new strains in the future. Thanks Zamnesia.

    P. S.

    My kit wasn't fully colonized on the top and it dried out a bit too much after a bit of a late delivery (courier didn't call and the weather was warm AF). In the end it all worked out and the kit absolutely did it's job. Thank you, Zamnesia!

    A. T.

    2 of 3 of the tubs had a huge Mold explosion. 1st time experiencing this from Zamnisia.

    S. B.

    Buen viaje
    Ofrecen un viaje profundo y agradable. Muy recomendables

    D. S.

    Fast and a good yield
    Good kit

    B. V.

    Hello friends of nature. I am careful about every step i make with my kits and try my best to get the best result. I ordered my kit with a heat mat. After 7-8 days pins were visible but just a few outside and spread out (normal but diffrent then my other kits) few days later 1mushrum kept getting bigger while the other one got stuck. 2, 1cm pins and a few 5mm ones spred out around the mycel, they all got stuck while 1 grew 6cm till he opened up and i harwested him. (0,3g dried) I watched for a few days if the pins would start to grow but they didn't. After i knew this would be a disaster i messaged the support and they told me to prepare the next flush. Thats what i would have done anyways. 12 days later with no visible producement of mushrooms and questions like if i have soaked the kit in water before i prepared the next flush and a waiting time of 24+h before the support replies back with the next question which sets up a anwer from me that will get a reply after 24+h. I would love to get this kit replaced. Paid more than 40€ for less then 1g of mushroom.

    L. B.

    My bag bleed all water in the botton and ruined box.
    Love MCkennaii but bag was aful 50% bags what i got here go broke, service is good and shroom too but this box wasent that good like normally

    N. H.

    Green mold spread on the entire cake in a couple of days : (

    H. S.

    Kit contaminated
    The box came already smelled bad. Only pink mold has grown.

    P. P.

    Unbelievably good
    Harvested a lot of shrooms from this grow kit in just 3 weeks. I had the strongest trip in my life with taking 5 grams of dried mushrooms. The first hour strong visuals and a nice feeling in my body were present. After that I completely spaced out and experienced some kind of ego death. Do not underestimate these!

    R. V.

    Très déçu j'ai acheter 3 box un seul à pousser ! La prochaine fois je prendrai les magic mushrooms je n'ai jamais été déçu avec cette marque

    K. B.

    Very impressed.
    I was very impressed with the yield and the quality. Very intense and powerful trip. Customer service were happy to answer any questions quickly and informatively. Delivery was fast and no issues with contamination.

    A. C.

    Good customer support!!
    I did not have a good fluch whit alot of shrooms but works as instructed I'm happy

    F. R.

    Kit contaminato

    G. F.

    Excellent product and super easy to use. Grows fast as all hell and provides tons of fresh mushrooms in less than 2 weeks. Love it!

    S. L.

    Funghi cresciuti in 2 settimane in tutto 120 grammi di funghi freschi e molto forti, mi hanno regalato uno se non il miglior trip della mia vita consigliati. 120 grammi calcolando che è stata la mia prima coltivazione di funghi niente male direi Zamnesia sempre top

    G. Z.

    The opening box was mould :(

    B. H.

    exactly as described, very happy with my purchase.

    B. F.

    mckennaii supugrow
    Kits are fab but this one came contaminated from spores. Cob web. Customers service replaced it quick. I threw it away as i had several kits in the chamber.

    W. C.

    Amazing Company
    Their customer services go above and beyond for you. Can't recommend these guys enough !

    C. P.

    Mystic Rea
    Super fast delivery 4 days to uk, great mushrooms easy step guided kit, easy to use and plentiful

    R. P.

    Excellent product, straight forward and easy. Great harvest
    - Package arrived 7 days after ordering, UK. - Followed video instructions, placed behind fridge which was a nice 27c, and misted inside the bag with spring water once a day. - Pins visible from 5th day. 5 days later harvested 1st flush of 230g. - Filled cake with very cold water, covered and placed in the fridge for 12hrs. Emptied the water and put behind fridge again, misted bag with water  everyday. After 7 days 118g was harvested. - Repeated the process again for 3rd flush. After 6 days 82g was harvested. - Now repeating the process for 4th flush. Hope I can keep harvesting. So far i have harvested 430g. Took some grams from the 1st harvest and my soul was cleansed. I had a very deep spiritual experience, which is what I was aiming for. Cant wait to do it again in a few months time Thank you guys I want to receive discounts and coupons so I can keep buying from Zamnesia.

    M. M.

    Growkit mckennai
    Bonjour, Je laisse un commentaire, deja pour dire que ce kit m a ete donné car le premier est parti par en dessous, celui la c est bien passé, j avais quelques doutes, le sav est bien présent est super rapide, a recommandé. Sinon niveau effets, je ne l'ai ai pas encore gouté, j attend la bonne soirée qui va bien! Merci l équipe zam.

    M. T.

    Highly recommend.
    I got this kit as a replacement for one that didn't grow. I'm delighted with it, pins started to appear after less than a week! It's only been 8 days and it's nearly ready to harvest already. Simple to grow and produces a lot of mushrooms.

    S. O.

    Toujours fidéle
    Acheté plusieurs fois jamais déçu. Champignon pas trop fort pour débuter.

    M. D.

    Thanks Zamnesia
    I'm new to growing these things and at first I thought I'd struck a dud as nothing seemed to be happening but then on day seven I spotted one tiny pin. Now four days later I have a pretty good crop that's almost ready to harvest. Maybe my four stars should have been closer to five.

    J. P.

    Excellent product and experience
    I am not sure if I messed something up but the harvest seemed a bit small. Ended up with about 30g dried product. However, doing a 5g dose with my friend was definitely one of the best experiences of my life, so we are ordering some more :)

    P. H.

    Always top

    F. N.

    Intense trip
    So far this is the one

    D. P.

    Excellent as always!
    Got a great first flush and the kit grew well the bags a bit tricky however the kit grew well and I'm always delighted with zamnesia service

    N. K.

    truly nice

    A. R.

    Good service
    It arrived in time and in good condition. Was taking a bit too much to fruit, the first ones just little pinheads, probably because of too much indirect light ( never got direct light ). When they got less indirect light, they really started to flourish. Probably here in Spain the idea of "indirect light" is not the same than in the north of Europe. I've just put them to grow the second flush, althought with a decent first one I've got enought for me and company for a while. Good use of them can help with emotional, mental and spiritual health, ranging from anxiety and stress relief to a life-changing experience ( for the better ). It is up to the user to make a good-correct-responsible use of them. There is plenty of easy access information about the matter. Thanks for your valuable product and service.

    G. S.

    Solid favourite
    I've had a good experience with these kits on a number of occasions now. The first flush is always good, second and third smaller but great quality product none the less.

    K. N.

    Just had the first flush, 25 gr dried! Very nice and big bodies, I havemàt tried them yet but I am sure thery are amazing. And you guys of Zamnesia are the best!

    I. T.

    Pretty solid deal
    Bourght this for a friend, who had no experience or knowledge of how to grow mushrooms. He followed, the instructions that got sent to us by e-mail. I bourght from this side: Heat mat misting botle Gloves and the gro kit. in about 20 days the box was almost full og mushrooms. Junkies B Junkies, my friend somehow fucked it up and mold startet to apere the next day, so he harvestet them all. A few days later i was over at my friends house, scraped the mold off and ate about 7g dried mushrooms. They worked very good despite them not being ready for harvest, I did not get sick from the mold. Have just bourght a new kit, and is looking forward to it.

    K. B.

    Love it
    I highly recommend McKennaii. Beautiful trip. Strong visuals.

    H. T.

    Great kit
    This was a replacement kit and was much better

    R. H.

    Great yields and really potent!

    T. G.

    Good service! Big harvest!
    When my flush didn't work, Zamnesia asked me a few questions about how i managed the process and they offered me a new one. Very good service! Thanx!! I just harvest the flush and it is huge!! Looking forward to this weekend :P

    A. P.

    Zamnesia your just awesome. Website and products 10/10, service 10/10 First flush took approx 14 days and yielded 231g fresh, 21g dry. Haven't tried them yet so can't report on the effects. Second flush almost ready to harvest... less than a week after the first harvest...very impressive looking, I have to say. Can't fault this product at all, thanks very much.

    E. G.

    I love you brothers
    Okkk everyone now that the guys are the best of best many years now.. So to the order destrict and invisible package super fast delivery seven businesses days so 5/5 my rating.. Brothers I love you and be thankful for all... Sooo be safe and peace and love!!

    K. Y.

    Bad box
    I m a little bit desappointed because i did all the steps correctly and after more than one month, nothing but a lot of little bugs inside. Its not the first time i grow up mushrooms by the way. I m very happy normaly, your stuff is always good but this time, nope....

    S. M.

    Realy good so far.
    First flush 285g fresh, 27g almost craking dry, very happy so far. I'll update after the whole harvest, and firsts trips.

    V. M.

    Perfect as usual!

    M. S.

    Bad bags + good shrooms
    The bags were faulty, but the potency and yield of the flushes were okay. Hence the 3 stars.

    J. M.

    Still waiting! :)

    L. F.

    Toujours au Top
    Bon bah rien de spécial à dire, au niveau des effets c'est dans mon TOP 3 en matière de champignons, à base de 4.5g ou 5g sec par prises et 4 semaines minimum d’écart entre elles. Au niveau des flushs j'entame le 3eme, en 2 flushs j'ai obtenue un peu plus de 25g après dessiccation.

    S. Z.

    Grows well, is very potent and an all round good kit.

    L. F.

    What a shame
    Complete dud despite very closely following the instructions. I've had packages from Zam before that worked fine but this one did next to nothing. Hasn't put me off Zam but has put me off this product :(

    A. J.

    Probably one of the best purchases of my life
    Jaw dropping visuals and profound ideas, nice fat shrooms from the flush too average about 30g wet per fruit. Customer service and advice was top notch. Will absolutely be using again. Thanks guys!

    J. A.

    Top in visual and extasy
    I wanted to do a complete review on this, so I had to wait for almost two months to do it. I've come up with almost 400gs (fresh) from 5 flushes, thanks to the heating mat. Drying process: epsom salts. Dried: 36gs. I've also tried with oven at min temperature but it was a total failure: they lost all their power, really almost everything of it. I've taken many in my life, not so often, but really, many, and these kids are the top: I've never had these kind of unexplainable complex geometrical visuals, mind is completely pure and everything can be controlled well (I still haven't tried the highest doses, but 1g is yet a nice trip). Only thing is the duration, about 3-4 hs, which could also be good if you want to not loose all the day on it. Last but not least: powerful extasy feeling!!

    M. L.

    Mc kennai
    Très bonne variété avec de beaux rendements ( plus de 40 g sec) Très visuelle (lsd like ) et assez puissante. Ce n'est pas la variété la plus euphorique mais de très bonnes aventures ! je recommande

    L. H.

    strong strain
    it´s been my fourth strain so far, and for sure the strongest. Growing is simple and fast, when using a heat mat. I have only two points of critics: 1. The bags are a bit weak, and tend to collapse. 2. I don´t know, how people manage to get out 4+ flushes. Realistically, I had never more than four, where the last flush been a single mushroom. Total yield around 250-400g fresh. With this kit, I had the first time green mold, spoiling the kit after the first flush.

    A. G.

    Insanely powerful !
    Very nice and easy harvest, grew fast, several flushes ! Extremely potent !!!

    J. J.

    A real spiritual feeling
    I like this mushroom! A+++++

    V. K.

    Bonne qualité, super produit
    Après un achat de kit Fresh Mushrooms un peu décevant (un peu plus de 20g secs récoltés pour deux kits..), je me suis penché vers les kits Supra Go et le premier flush s'annonce déjà très très bon (la boîte est quasi rempli et ça grimpe, je conseille aussi d’acheter des sacs filtrants à part à 1,50€ qui sont de meilleur qualité que les sacs de base du kit). pour ce qui est du trip c'est vraiment magique pour le coup, premier essai à 2.5g, hyper visuel et spirituel, comme indiqué sur la description, trip très introspectif, j'ai préféré mes prises tout seul chez moi avec un bon Jon Hopkins dans les oreilles qu'en soirée avec des potes, comme quoi.. bref je recommande l'expérience 100% Attention quand même pour les moins initiés, ça tape fort

    T. A.

    Nice shrooms
    On my third flush now . Good mushrooms . Intense in larger amounts . Noticed a few reveiws saying they had no effect from their kits . Maybe down to them being on ssri anti deprresion or anti psychotic medication as iv a few friends over the years that have eaten enough boomers to drop a donkey but no effect.

    H. H.

    Mauvaise expérience
    Mauvais premier flush malgré toutes les consignes suivi. Conta pour le deuxième. Merci a l'équipe Zamnesia d'avoir été rapide et efficace pour le SAV.

    M. F.

    Good harvest, very nice effect, easy to use
    This grow kit is very easy to use. Thanks to the box that is included, the mushrooms will only grow on the top and not on the sides of the box, works great! I got two harvests by now of 180 grams and 130 grams, very nice looking and tasting shrooms. The kid is still working on its third flush, so I can't tell how much more it will give, but I'm pretty happy with these results already. I did one trip with my partner on these shrooms, we both took 10 grams. This was a mild-medium dose: it gave us lots of energy (we stayed up all night because of them), they made us very talkative and open, no stomach upsets or nausea (jay!), not so much visuals - only with eyes closed - but that is to be expected with a light dose like this. We had a very good time and we haven't felt much hangover afterwards, nice!

    B. B.

    Amazing service from zamnesia loke always! This shrooms are super good, grow fast and good taste and amazing colors Enjoy

    E. P.

    Well the fungi itself is very tasteful and I am sure it will bring me a good trip with some clarity within me. The product did not however fully use it's potential to grow widely on the cake. Could be that I did something wrong, but you'll never know. Still good place to buy what you'll need for new years ^^

    C. G.

    Nice grow kit
    The harvest was ready in 15days . 2-5g -5g for beginner and 5g-10g for psychonaut ^^

    R. P.

    Amazing medicine boxes
    Very happy about these kits. I have harvested 100 g from 5 boxes in 1 month. Haven't tried them yet but I have really a great feeling about them!

    A. S.

    supa grow MCKENNAII
    Great products, great service, great!!!!

    M. V.

    Full Blown Psychedelic Experience
    I was able to connect with my friends on a higher dimensional consciousness level that I could never even dream of!!! 5/5

    V. S.

    By far the best
    From all the strains i have tried, these are my absolute favorites. The product itself has improved over the years, so I highly recommend these grow-kits.

    S. M.

    very good experience! shrooms are very big and so tasy! ;)

    L. L.

    Nachdem das erste Kit nicht funktionierte, gab es immerhin nun schon die erste Ernte. Die fiel zwar mager aus trotz Heizmatte, aber das kann sich ja noch entwickeln.

    W. V.

    Great stuff
    This was my first kit and it works just fine. By the way don't try and bake your shroom... they will lose their potency You can dry em by having them out on a sheet of paper for week in indirect sunlight.

    J. O.

    Again unlucky or whatever i don't know
    I get two SupaGrow boxes and one of the two didn't work at all. Too bad. So i have only one box right now to get my mushrooms. It's not the first time that this is happening and i'm quite disappointed with the mushroom issue to be honest my dear Zamnesia. Today i get my first flush and i'm waiting for the next.

    I. P.

    About the grow kit, I can be short. Perfect! Instructions for the grow kit perfect. About the mushrooms perfect! My best trip ever! I took 1 gram dried of the Mc Kannaii. That was more than enough! This Is not an I going party mushroom, I took at by the Amsterdam dance event and didn’t danced at all. But I had a lot of fun with my friends. We laughed a lot. We were so happy, still don’t know why. McKennaii goes deep in your brain. If you’re in a good mood then it is the most perfect trip. The McKennaii is not for beginners, if you already have the experience with mushrooms or lsd or other similar then you can handle the Mckennaii. After a whole standing at the wall in the club we went to home with a Uber, the Uber ride was like space shuttle an f zero x road.12 hours later we were still in wonderland we tried to buy some breakfast but we shopped at a flower shop and came back without brekfirst. This don’t use it if have to work the next day. Conclusion McKennaii is strong but amazing, if you use it when you in a good mood then it will be a perfect trip. If you’re stressed, depressed or anxiety don’t do it!

    I. V.

    Firsttime growing shrooms, very fun experience, customer support was nice and helpful, i got nice results and the shrooms were good! Very satisfied

    R. H.

    Bestes Growkit
    Pilze sind für due erste Generationschon ziemlich stark. Aus dem ersten Flush kammen ungefähr 30g Trockene pilze geraus. Optisch sehr schönes Farbenspiel und ein reineres Bewusstsein. Top!!

    S. L.

    Zamnesia team
    Ii buyed 3 kit only one grow well. Zamnesia team are very professional and send me other 2 kit best on line shop.

    D. S.

    Problème de culture
    J'ai commandé cette boîte début août, ce n'est pas le premier kit de culture que j'achète chez vous, mais voilà, il se trouve qu'avec celle la, je n'ai pu faire qu'une récolte et depuis, aucun champignon ne veux sortir le bout de son téton. Comme je le disais, ce n'est pas la première boite que j'achète, je n'ai pas eu de soucis avec le kit d’hawaïens que j'avais commander précédemment. J'ai relancer la culture comme il faut pourtant, comme à chaque fois, mais là, la 2nd culture refuse de sortir.

    B. K.

    As for the growkit itself it didn't yield the amount I had hoped for. It was much less than what I have been able to harvest growing Golden Teachers however the potency of Mckennaii is very very strong. I have done ayahuasca before and I have to say that taking these had nearly the same effect in terms of intensity which was impressive to me. I didn't have a nice comforting trip, but it went deep, so these are potent and will take you deep into your psyche, if that is what you want. I prefer Golden Teachers because the trip is a bit more gentle but still effective, but these will take you deeper I think.

    A. S.

    box gone wrong but the staff make me satisfate
    I have a little experience with, but sometings gone wrong.... the friendly staff had make me happy with a new grow kit!!!! I'm happy!!!

    C. C.

    Very friendly customer service.
    Despite what may have been a fault of my own. My kit showing signs of trichoderma after a week of setting it up, Zamnesia sympathised with my position and sent me a new kit free of charge. The few times I have contacted their customer service I have always had a positive response. For that, 5 stars.

    M. F.

    Wow. Just wow.
    Kit arrived after 5 days, first flush of about 36 grams fresh after 2 weeks, 2nd flush in the making.. I ate the 1st harvest fresh with some pizza. And i gotta say.. I have never, in those 15 years, tripped so hard. Way beyond my expectations.. These are the bomb people, don't doubt the power! Overall great experience.

    Z. R.

    Tra i migliori in commercio cossiderando la loro potenza e la resa finale.

    D. G.

    Great great product
    Very happy with the purchase.

    I. F.

    Amazing product the quality of this strain is amazing; Quick grow(1 week the first flush) and massive effect(6 gr was a powerful and intense trip). 20 gr of dried mushrooms,not bad but it could be better. Thanks zamnesia

    G. G.

    Problème de qualité
    Je suis très déçue par les kit supa grow, mon pain de McKennaïi etait contaminé tout comme celui qui m’a été renvoyé ensuite (des golden teacher cette fois) Les trous dans le sacs ainsi que dans la boite sont trop gros! Le mycellium est peu vorace donc forcement contamination assurée malgrès une très bonne Hygiène. Je ne pense pas recommander la marque Supa Gro car très déçue. Il est évident que lorque la poste ouvre le colis et que la boite ne possède que des trous au lieu de Micro filtre cela vas la contaminé surtout quand l’envoie dure +5 jours! Bref à éviter. Personnellement je me suis rabattue sur freshmushroom.

    C. P.

    Fantastic Kit! My favorite!
    A nicely functioning easy to use mushroom grow kit! I am still amazed from the 250+ gram wet yield already at the first flush! I am very satisfied, thank you very much, Zamnesia!!

    F. #.

    Solid first flush, second was a bit weaker than I expected, but all in all, I'm satisfied. Can't wait to try them. :) Cheers!

    A. Z.

    Supa Gro McKennaii
    The kit works fine! Very easy to grow and not punishing for noobies mistakes. It took me around 2 weeks until the harvest. Already dried the first flush, got around 240 fresh grams. I tried a mild dose of 17 fresh grams. It was emotionally impactful but not unbearable given the small dosage. Now I´m waiting to lower my tolerance towards the substance to try a greater dose. Absolutely satisfied and I would totally purchase again!

    X. R.

    Its all good. 16 days to first harvest, going for the second. 5gr in the dark, alone, with an empty stomach.... saw the Cristal world, met the wise serpent..... :) Thanks Zamnesia.

    E. V.

    Snelle groeier!
    Op 16 dagen een eerste flush van 220Gram,staat nu te “Cold shocken” in de frigo voor morgen de tweede set-up de hoge vochtigheid van het weer doet er héél goed aan! Echte aanrader!

    A. V.

    I am satisfied of my grow box. Spedition on time Due to low temperatures (around 18-20°C), harvest the first flux takes about two weeks. Now I' m waiting for the second flux.

    A. C.

    Ma dernière box n'était pas bonne et idem pour mes 2 anciennes commandes. Le 2e flush ne veut pas partir je ne comprends pas. Y a-t-il une baisse de la qualité ??

    M. P.

    Its all perfect

    D. S.

    Potenza incredibile
    La prima esperienza con questi funghi è stata molto piacevole anche perché la dose che ho ingerito era di 1,5 g secchi, quindi il trip era molto gestibile. Inseguito ad altre esperienze ho voluto incrementare il dosaggio a 2,2 g di funghi secchi e posso proprio dire che con questa varietà non si scherza affatto . Ho avuto la botta più potente della mia vita grazie zamnesia Il micelio mi sembrava poco sviluppato infatti il kit non si è riempito completamente di funghi come l'altro che avevo già ordinato un anno fa. Ma l'esperienza è stata MAGNIFICA lo raccomando a tutti!

    H. V.

    Supa Gro McKennaii
    Zamnesia excellent service as usual, shroom very healty and full of energy, first grow became 30 dried grams, really wonderful! I did a lot of trips with McKennaii shrooms, from gr. 1,00 to gr. 8,54, always magical, but always I take care about two important rules: set & setting! Never forget this

    A. N.

    It was really good my first box.. 23g first flush. Dropped some prints so next was only 4.

    S. W.

    It was ok kit
    Got like 6-7 Flushes, first ones were pretty full and gave around 25-30g of dried shrooms. Last 3-4 flushes were pretty weak around 4-8 grams per flush, which made me kinda disapointed but over all ok. Had 3 of these kennaii boxes and they all performed the same i would say. notice i didnt have a heatmat.

    T. P.

    Zamnesia are the best
    I originally orderer the Golden Teacher one but after 3 days I found green mold; dont know if it was my fault or if the kit has already been contaminated when I got it. Anyway, I contacted Zamnesia if they could help me and they sent me a new growkit for free! Customer support is simply amazing! For the new kit I chose the McKennai one and it was super easy to grow! First flush was 250g wet, 2nd 150g wet with every flush being a bit smaller than the orevious one. In total I have 45g dry yet with the 5th flush still growing strong! I didnt try the full dosis yet but I took 0,10g dry for microdosing purposes only and even with that little I saw the bookshelves moving in a wavy motion - so these are definetively strong as hell, cant wait to finally try them! Thumbs up for Zamnesia Customer support and thumbs up for their products!

    M. J.

    Very nice, good yield
    Works niccccccely.

    A. S.

    First time with this strain. No problem whit crop, and using the heat mat super easy and fast to grow. Very good harvest. Intense feelings and thoughts, cool visuals. I will repeat with these.

    R. R.

    No high but great customer service!
    All went great when growing the mushrooms (I got 250 grams fresh), but when we actually ate them 6 days later (5 people, 50 grams each), no effect was felt. I checked with Zamnesia's customer service in order to know whether I had done something wrong at some point, and they were nice enough to send me a second batch in case the first one was just bad. I will try to enter a second review if possible as soon as the second kit has arrived and I have tried the mushrooms. In any case, I give the customer service a 15 out of 10!

    C. V.

    Awesome kit 290g and 129g for 1st and 2nd flushes. I had a 54g monster shroom in the second flush. Really beautiful easygoing trip, great feel in the body. I usually get cold, but not on this one. I should have waited an hour or two more after eating and should have taken a bit more to get more visuals, though.

    M. B.

    Al vrolijk aan mijn derde flush bezig. En aan het aantal te zien dat zijn kopje opsteekt, zal ik zeker nog een volgende vluch kunnen oogsten. Reeds lang klant, goede correcte service en een prima klantendienst.

    T. D.

    Pure merveille ! Facile à faire pousser !

    S. L.

    good godflesh
    i've gotten 3 flushes and "groing" on. however i think is a little bit less potent than Utopia truffles, v.g., i spent many colourful and mind-blowing trips. easy to DIY.

    A. A.

    Outstanding high
    I have grown these mushrooms many times now and have never been disappointed. The quantity and quality of the mushrooms grown are outstanding and even when dried out I get around 30grams of dried material after 3/4 crops. Three grams of this dried material is as much as I need for each trip and I am fairly experienced in this field. Overall an incredible high.

    D. P.

    Good night
    Couple nice flushes, easy to grow. good and heavy trips, alot of yawning. forced to think about things i would have escaped from. Can't complain.

    T. H.

    Interesting Strain
    Package came within a week! The kit itself was fully colonised with mycelium so brilliant! Grow took abit longer than normal but it was worth the wait! My first trip was 2.0 grams and it was very intense for me compared to other strains! Very good service once again Zammy!

    T. M.

    good customer service & nice grow kit
    its easy to hadle the grow kit I had 4 good flushes, and nice visions Commendable

    H. Z.

    Almost too easy
    Had a very pleasant experience with this grow kit. I was kinda baffeled with how easy this was to set up and get growing. It was that easy that I forgot to be careful with the cleaning. After about 2 weeks it started to show a bit of mold and eventually it got to severe for me to eat the shroom. This had nothing to do with the growkit though and i'll be buying One when i have the money for it.

    J. K.

    Pure merveille !

    A. R.

    Kit is great but plastic bag sucks
    The kits work perfectly just had three perfect flushes from this kit. The only downside in my opinion is the plastic bags you get with the kits. It has 5 mm holes in them!? I don't really understand why they use the cheap bags. With these holes you get contaminates really easily, like bugs an flies going through the holes. Last summer I had the same kit and because of the bag it was full with fruit flies. Now I use special mushroom grow bags I bought on ebay, these bags have a special micro filter membrane. I would recommend using these bags instead, proffessinal mushroom growers use these bags as well.... I've e-mailed Zamnesia about this but they apparently can't be bothered.

    T. V.

    Good as usual
    I am ordering this kit everytime beside some new one ... I have the security in it in the case when the second one wont be doing well They are powerful , pretty and they give good yield, grow pretty fast too. Nothing more to say ....i will order them every time :) First flush gave 15 g dry after 9/10 days waiting for the second one

    A. B.

    Top seller & top quality
    Perfect delivery, easy growing. I had good experience with mexican kit and in a couple of day i think my mushrooms will be fine after 10 days waiting!

    M. C.

    Amazing fruis, beautiful experience
    I cultivate this strain for the second time and it amazes me every time. However I have a problem with the plastic bag which the cultivation box is in. It doesn't stand upright and collapses. I had this issue the first time and it's here again. It's a problem only with Supa Gro, other producers have their bags allright, they stand up just right. I had to build an imrpovised support for the bag made from pizza cartboard box :D It would be great to improve the design of the bag so it stays upright. It ruins the otherwise great product. Cheers and keep up the good work!

    D. F.

    nice vision

    S. B.

    nice, mckennaii (Y)
    Beautiful vital shrooms. In first flush I got 283g(fresh), 23g(dry). In 2nd flush, less shrooms but much larger than 1st. Very happy with this result. Will order again.

    R. A.

    Fat yield fast growing and potent
    Zamnesia provided a quality product with great customer service answering all my questions. My grow kit arrived in a week with no problems took six days for the first pins to show and the first flush yielded around and oz dry. The shrooms were nice and strong making you think in very complex ways from many different perspectives.

    A. G.

    Très bien
    Premier flush rapide (12 jours), un peu de retard au départ. Ces champis, frais, ont un super bon goût proche du champignon de Paris. Idéal en salade. Les effets sont pas mal avec quelques éléments visuels et beaucoup de détente. Descente parfois un peu difficile et effet longue traîne mais rien d'ingérable. Ma recommandation !

    C. D.

    First mushroom grow
    Heya this kit was my very first grow i was like all newbies completly inexperienced and half thought it wasent going to work, I put them in a sterlised cupboard with a lamp in there (Lamp NOT facing the kit) 12 hours on 12 hours off with a heat mat on 24/7 and the edges of the cubbard cellotaped off..... It took two weeks for the pinheads to show started spraying water on the sides of the kit everyday, Everytime you look at the kit it makes you so F**kin Hell! the difference day to day is very noticeable, Dont worry if there only growing on the edges of the kit one day in the difference and they will be everywhere! thursday there wasent much was expecting it to take another week, on the friday BOOM! bag bursting with the crops, I was at work so they where harvested late (couple hours makes a huge differance) they loose potency when the gills are exposed and start releasing spores (Black dust) my batch where creepers meaning they took a while to kick in (Made the mistake of taking more and more) Went from euphoria dancing and rocking about the room to sitting in deep deep silence figureing out the inner workings of my soul and life, powerful stuff i personally wouldent recomend for a party as they make me anti-social and appreciate being alone alot more, Plus i saw my farther while i was on this and he looked like a monster Hahah i would buy these again deffo:,)

    M. M.

    Parfait !
    Facile à cultiver, reçu dans de bon délai et produits de qualité comme d'habitude sur zamnesia ! Premier fluch à 30g sec, les effets sont top du moins avec le set and set-up que j'avais, je recommande vivement !

    P. M.

    Commande reçue en 4 jours , 1 er flush 280 g en attente du 2eme qui semble bien démarrer . Prise 2g sec , champis conviviaux 4/5h de trip avec plusieurs montées , certaines personnes en ayant pris ont eu des trips visus , d'autres euphorie , tout dépend de la personne et son état . Rien a redire

    H. R.

    Great mushrooms!
    Good quality, quantity and very strong and visual high! Easy to grow! I took 2,5g dry and had great night with mantra, meditation and classical music! I was also in the controll center of my brain - great expirience! Next time I'll take 3,5! :) It's good to buy zamnesia filter bag and heat mat!

    M. R.

    mc kenna
    livraison rapide!très bons champignons!rapide,grosse récolte,et un effet très agréable!je le recommande!

    C. V.

    Aucun problème

    B. R.

    très bien
    magnifique et facile a cultiver . ils sont en plein séchage , j ai eu une bonne boite remplie de mck , je recommande un petit chauffage , j avais 2 box, une sans chauffage et une avec et la diffèrence est la pourtant il fait minimum 22 degré chez moi , mais sa fait la diffèrence . perso j ai préféré la marque fresh mushroom le sac de fermeture est vraiment mieux il ne tombe pas sur les champi comparé au supa grow qui sont un peu plus galère je trouve . si non magnifique merci zamnesia ;)

    J. F.

    these never fail to deliver 10/10

    K. C.

    Perfect mushrooms, the bag however...
    Nothing wrong to say about the mushrooms. I got 20gr dried out of the first flush. I ate 1gr to try them out and they're potent and good. I am looking forward to the 5gr trip. The second flush is already coming after a few days and it should be around 50 grams I think. The only drawback in the kit is the bag. With the humidity inside it keeps falling on mushrooms. I wish the bag was thicker to hold itself straight.

    J. C.

    They took Just over a week to start appearing then just under a week to be fully grown. Total grow time from start to finish was 1 day under 2wks (This was with a heat mat). The yield dry was 24.5g. I've not ate them yet so can't comment on the buzz but i'll update this review once i have. Delivery was pretty quick (5days from Holland to UK).

    M. C.

    Few issues but absolutely fantastic
    Got the kit and set it up straight away kept plenty sunlight coming through and went by the instructions. The kit only developed mushrooms on half the mycelium and then the flush to cold shock for 2nd flush the kit was useless due to not carefully removing every piece of the harvest. Always best to pick early than late as soon as the veils go - pick them all even the tiny ones. Just don't ruin your kit by waiting too long! Got 14gram dried which wasn't was I was expecting but I'm sure the next kits will be much better now I have the experience. The trip was amazing I'd only tried truffles and I was ready to move onto something stronger so I began with fits of laughter to feeling deep connections to the people around me and when I closed my eyes it was like looking through a kaleidoscope! Starting watching documentaries after about 4g in a delicious smoothie. I felt I'd made a connection with Jesus and that he also loved magic mushrooms I felt so philosophical and I thought I'd happily and peacefully rose my spirit out of my body and felt what I can only describe as a shift. I could see the vibrations in solid objects I just knew I could see and hear a reality I believe is closer to the matrix we live in every day. I suffer from arthritis and they have me a pain free night with loads of laughter and a new love of magic mushrooms! Mushroom fans watch some Terence McKenna on utube etc if you want to learn about what you are taking and the effects. I have another two kits coming to stock up for summer! :-) it's very hard to describe my experience but it was absolutely beautiful and fun too. Be in the most trusted company and don't abuse the shroom enjoy it and it will take you to a new level and open your mind to other possibilities in the reality we know. Also always stay hydrated!!!!! A headache is not what you want to ruin your time with them as they make you thirsty but I'd say that's the only downside :) open your mind and try the McKenaii kit it's amazing!

    N. K.

    Super trip
    Diese pilze wachsen schnell und ergiebig habe bereits den 3 schub geerntet was mich echt ins staunen gebracht hatt ein rießen dankeschön an zamnesia !! Zum trip kann ich nur sagen hab frisch nach dem ernten 15g nasse pilze gegessen und es war eine erfahrung fürs leben !!

    P. K.

    le colis est arrivé en quelques jours , le premier flush est récolter , la box était remplie *_*. Il ne reste plus cas les gouttés ;D je recommande

    P. A.

    Easy 2 grow and surprising size
    Hi i never grew a kit b4 but im a fan of Terrence Mckenna, so i had to try these out as one of my first kits (ordered 3 and got 1 for free). My 1 flush wasn't so big as others in here i got nearly 200g fresh but the size og them surprised me, the biggest was close to 34g. Just put them in hibernation mode (the cold water and fridge) and im curious to see how many flushes i can get from these. I dont use the bag but a terrarium and keep the temp at 23-24celsius. Haven't tried them yet, and bc of that and the medium first flush i give it a 4...

    N. L.

    Dear Customer :) I am going to write a real short review about the best growkit, (It was my first kit I ordered and now it is my 6. kit in total, cause they are just amazing!) if you use a heatmat they will show up after around 5 days and after about 8 days I was able to harvest the first flush, which had 25g dry, they second flush always comes faster in my opinion - around 20g again and after that it will come even faster or the shrooms will be bigger then befor. I just highly recommend this growkit, cause it is super easy for beginners as well as for people who are already experienced , the result is very very strong. Visuals are 5/5 Taste is 5/5 (i like the earthy smell and taste..) Level of knowledge to grow them : 2/5 (easy easy if you get yourself a heatmat for just 13€ - the quality and the quantity will be worth it !!!!!) Zamnesia I thank you a lot for every single kit i grow :) best online shop!

    D. F.

    First time buyer and from my kit I yielded 15.9g of dry shroom on the first flush (second one in process now). It took 8 days for all my skirts to burst and I used a uvb bulb on the bag for 12 hours a day, and a heat matt with a room temp of 24 degrees Celsius. my humidity was between 29% day time and 70 night time. I gained big mushrooms. about 10 4-5 inch shrooms and the rest in smaller ones. Very surprised by the ease of the process. I was scared about bacteria from the air and hands so I used acohol to clean my hands and a cheap white mouth mask for breathing, no mold so far so good. my only problem is that the bag kept collapsing, I used some double sided tape to stick the top to my roof but this could be solved by making a sterile metal frame for the inside. very good buy :D

    J. R.

    Good Grow Kit, only 1 flush but I think it's my fault..

    A. A.

    My favourite so far
    Super easy! Mature a day earlier than said in the instructions. Big yield and super strong visuals. Top fungus.

    S. T.

    Excellent shipping .
    Pre-contaminated before I got it but was quickly resolved and I received a new grow kit the following week

    S. J.

    Rapide et fiable
    Ma commande à été passée le 10 novembre et je l'ai reçu ce matin ! Environ 8 jours pour la livraison. Merci beaucoup à Zamnesia pour leurs serieux. Je viens de mettre le kit en sachet, il n'y a plus qu'à attendre ! :)

    C. Q.

    My personal favorite strain... THANK YOU ZAMNESIA!!!

    A. B.

    Great client service, really pleasant and reactive. For the box, everything has grown perfectly. First harvest was good and the trip was wonderful :D

    M. R.

    GrowKit McKennaii
    Bonjour à tous. Champignons assez forts. Première récolte : 270,29g Gros rendement, rentable, je conseil ! Merci encore à Zamnesia pour leur sérieux et leur professionnel.

    P. A.

    zeer veel paddo's en zeer sterk zeer zeer goed product aanrader

    E. B.

    Delivery is very quick and discreet! These are very easy to grow, first flush I had 34g dry weight. If you're looking for a really good trip I advise 4/5g of these but only if you've done this kind of thing before. Will be ordering more soon!

    M. F.

    Great Product
    I've ordered this great grow box - i had no problems whatsoever. It arrived alot quicker than i expected, they grew so fast - 8 days till harvest, and i got 265 grams first flush. Had a great time on these, and all my world has seemed to change after my heavy trip.

    L. M.

    Good product
    Spiritual effects!

    K. K.

    very strong shrooms
    They are not hard to grow it is totally worth it! I had a trip with 50 grams fresh mushrooms and 100 micrograms and jumped through dimensions i saw fractals like i imagine a dmt trip every hallucination was living and extremely detailed in 3d it was quite horrifying cause it involved a complete ego death i was just floating around in another spiritual plane, but then a friend came with something to smoke and played music i was still feeling totally insane but she managed to calm me. It was an incredible experience and i would definitley do it again it was just so overwhelming it was the first trip that i couldnt handle even if i have a lot of experience with psychedelics.

    L. Q.

    Livraison rapide, service client à l'écoute et réactif +++ Box parfaite, récolte rapide ! Plus qu'à gouter maintenant ;)

    L. S.

    Vraiment super kit. Facile à utiliser, les explications sont claires, ça pousse bien, et en grande quantité. Personnellement j'ai attendu la lune montante pour commencer à m'occuper du kit et les champignons ont tous atteints leur taille idéale pile poil à la pleine lune (c'était exactement ce que je souhaitais). Les premières petites têtes d'épingles sont apparues à à J6, et à J9 au soir (soir de la pleine lune) ils avaient atteints leur taille adulte et j'ai récolté. Je n'ai pas calculé le poids récolté pour ce 1er flush mais j'ai 3 plateaux de cuisine entiers recouverts de champignons qui sèche actuellement.... A l'heure où j'écris j'en ai gouté 3 petits frais (2g) il y a 20 minutes et je sens déjà les effets qui montent.

    S. W.

    Have been growing for 2 weeks today and got some very good progress! Got some meaty ones and lots of decent sized ones, they will be done very soon! The last ones I did ( golden teachers ) was harvested by 11 days so these ones are taking a little longer, but I think it's to do with I've had to grow them in my cupboard in the dark this time :/ I am a bit of a noob to all this growing as its only my second time! But still looking nice and healthy so it is working okay! But yeah thanks Zamnesia I am very happy with my product once again!

    J. A.

    super site
    J'ai reçu le kit très rapidement après une erreur de zamnesia j'ai contacté le service client qui m'a renvoyé aussi vite un kit Meilleur service clients ! tres professionnel , je recommande !

    L. P.

    Good harvest. Had a good experience, not so much visuals but very emotional. Very healing.

    J. A.

    Very pleased!
    Very good stuff!! Great customer support!! I highly recomend them!

    A. S.

    Mystique experience
    Higly recommended strain. The kit worked perfectly. Always very discrete Zamnesia

    L. M.

    thanks for the very good service
    ... though for me the mckennaiis don't work so much in the optical fields, they do put me definitely in a body/mind state which is more than pleasurable. anyway i simply love them for their name. but the main thing i wanted to express is that in my mind this company offers a brilliant service and products that are always working (which isn't always the case, you know, i do have tried other "cake-suppliers" on the net). i guess their stuff would even work perfectly if you do everything completely wrong... so thanks a lot!

    J. D.

    Cubensis McKennaii
    Thank you for the washing machine. The gowns were cleaned pressed and put in ecological bio-degradable glory magnifying lens that can help you see for ever on a clear day.. May the work and play of your Zamnesia lives continue to bring spiritual relevance to the depressed, enjoyment to the playful, insight into the taste of Goat cheese and thankfulness for the musicians imaginations that cheer us along the fuzzy empty hopeless halls of time. Your paid efforts on behalf of your Master made my neighborhood park into a cathedral of unimaginable beauty, a mosque of many of jewels, a synagogue of dancing penguins, a temple where the cosmic giggle introduced me to Ganesh the big boss of all elephants who had been hiding in the melted butter on my morning toast. May the Lord of Good Fortune who provided me with enormous sweet prosperity, fanatical good fortune and succulent lip smacking success.provide even better for you. Otherwise here's most of the numbers for the lotto 7 13 27 41 42. cu later in the power and the glory of humility and truth . PS bye the bye wash your hands after going poo poo don't forget your rubber boots and scarf when it's wet and cold outside and cover your mouth when you sneeze and most important look both ways before crossing the street. Always lock your bike especially if it is a green Trek with 1200 Euro carbon wheel Rims from Campagnolo. Duh!

    P. W.

    tres bon
    le kit arrivé tres vite, premiere recolte 80g frais le deuxieme flush est en cours et tout se passe merveilleusement bien pour le moment. Merci zamnezia 5eme commande chez eux et vraiment un tres bon service client, toujours disponibles tout envoyé et reçu a temp et toujours des produits de bone qualite

    V. P.

    bonne recolte grosse barre de rire
    what else ;)

    J. D.

    Super trip
    Fast delivery to uk, took a week till the first harvest with a massive yield. Very potent! Great product

    B. C.

    Zamnesia una garanzia
    Buona resa, crescita veloce e effetti niente male. Li ho comperati più volte e sono rimasta sempre soddisfatto. Nell'ultimo ordine qualcosa è andato storto, i funghi non sono spuntati, ho mandato una mail al servizio clienti e Zamnesia si è dimostrato disponibilissimo ad aiutarmi. Quindi fungaioli, niente paura, il kit è affidabile, e nel caso fosse difettoso lo staff di Zamnesia vi aiuterà senza indugi! Buona Mangiata :)

    L. M.

    A good product, im going to order a new bunch

    K. S.

    1st flush got me 31g dried. Heat-mat sped up the process and popped in 7 days then i harvested on the 11th day. Took 4.5g with some other friends and the visuals were soooo similar to LSD! Slideshow effect with long tracer streaks and the musical enhancement was phenomenal! Very good and VERY potent shrooms. Highly recommended and SO easy to grow! Will buy more soon! :D

    J. B.

    Very good
    Had 2 boxes, every Box made about 100g first Flush, very beautiful and very potent :)

    J. K.

    grosse recolte

    L. R.

    Still growing
    Quick delivery. It looks like it's growing well and healthy. Very good product.

    G. T.

    Première commande et vraiment satisfaite
    Bonjour tout le monde première commande effectuer chez zamnesia j'ai prie deux kit un "mckenaii" et un "pénis envy" plus un kit offert par zamnesia de "golden teatcher" j'ai lancer les trois kit en même temps. Après 2 ou 3 jours de la mousse verte a apparue sur mon kit de "pénis envy" j'ai envoyer un message au service clientèle réponse en moin de 5 min, après leurs avoir envoyer des photo il mon renvoyer le même kit je tien donc a dire que le service chez zamnesia et irréprochable les 2 autres kit ont très bien fonctionné voili voilà je reviendrai vers vous d'ici 1semainne pour vous donné mes impression sur la quantité et qualité des produit . )

    C. U.

    Decent mycelium cake
    First flush fully developped after around 10 days, 26 grams dried. Minor second flush after another 8 days, about 5 grams dried. Third flush starting to appear, will probably be still a bit less. I'm quite pleased with the mycelium cake tho, as it seems to do the trick & appears less vulnerable to green mold than the traditional kits of colonized rye. The mushrooms themselves proved potent during an initial test.

    R. S.

    Très satisfait!
    Pousse rapide et simple. Ne demande que quelque vaporisation d'eau chaque jours.

    J. H.

    got a few batches out of it, great stuff 40 grams dried after first batch, with only 4grams needed to have an amazing trip

    P. H.

    Easy to do
    This was my first kit that I bought together with the heat mat. I arrived quickly with easy to follow instructions i had this kit up and running in minutes. A short week later first shroom pins started to pop up. After that, the shrooms grew really fast and a few days later i harvested more than i could eat before the next harvest came up. Currently im in growcycle 4. I can recommend this for anyone who wants to try for the first time.

    L. B.

    Excellent yield and beautiful trip!
    First time user of these kits and got three flushes in total, 325g, then 100g and 100g. Delighted! Really easy to use, delivered quickly with the ability to track order. Nice buzz with mild visuals from about 1.5g dry, extremely intense and philosophical trip from 5g. Definitely ordering again, thanks guys! :)

    S. Q.

    Nice fruitbodies
    I've bought a Supagrokit McKennai, really easy to set up (tip: I used a heatmat because room temperature was too low). First pins at 7 days and first flush clocked at 14 days. Dried weight 1st flush: 16,5 g (not as much as I expected reading other reviews, but I don't mind, more gains in upcoming flushes I suppose). Normal trip at 1,5 g dry. Going to buy a custom growbag on Zamnesia for the next kits, the Supa growbag they ship with the kits is rather weak.

    G. V.

    Fast shipping! Couple of boxes was invalid to use, but I sent some email to support and they offered me two different choices to fix the thing, so customer service was GREAT! Thx zamnesia!

    J. A.

    Une superbe récolte
    Deuxième kit acheté chez zamnesia, la première récolte fut juste monstrueuse, le kit était rempli à ras bord de champignons! En attente du deuxième flush =)

    N. L.

    esperienza veramente forte...consiglio un 3gsecchi per iniziare...non di piu! ottimo prodotto!!! & thanks zamnesia!

    D. P.

    Grazie Zamnesia sapevo che erano veloci ma non così tanto :D e poi ne escono tanti caz** ahahaha

    L. M.

    Bien sans plus
    J'ai recu ma commande au bout de 6 jours, et au bout du 7eme jour plusieurs tête d'épingles sont apparus, 3 jours après je recolter tous, 220 grammes frais, je viens de recolter mon 2eme flush et seulement 70 grammes frais, 3eme en cours Après les effets non pas était à la hauteur de mes attentes, juste la vision un peu au ralenti et en fermant les yeux des dessins psycadélique mais pas ouf non plus, voila par rapport au colombiens que j'avais déjà pris au par avant, voila :) sinon quand même bonne variété si vous ne voulais pas vous défoncer totalement et faire un gros trip

    M. P.

    Shipped fast, grew fast and took me on a journey. I'll just get this out of the way, I'm no stranger to psychedelics. So I knew what to expect. And they did not disappoint. The first flush got me about 280g wet, and dried out to around 27. I used a dehydrator to get them bone dry. I then used my nutribullet to completely powderise them. Quickly got them in a small container and kept them in the freezer. I wanted to test potency so initially took 2g with some orange juice. Because it was powder it came on fast. Had a great body buzz and mild distortion. But no vizuals. And the trip lasted maybe 4 hours. Powdering it seems to decrease the trips length aswell as speeding up the time to come on. 1 week later I took 6g and had the most intense trip of my life. I lost all concept of myself and of basic physics. I spent a good hour after the come down trying to reacquaint myself with reality. That trip lasted 5 hours as the clock goes. 5 out of 5.

    J. T.

    Après avoir goûté près d'une dizaine de variétés différentes, ce sont ceux que je préfère. Visuellement les meilleurs, et surtout c'est avec ceux la que j'ai vécu mon plus gros trip aux champ'! Les points négatifs pour moi sont le prix, et mes récoltes ont été plutôt légères. Rien que pour la qualité, j'en recommanderai très bientôt :)

    A. A.

    Couldn't ask for better.
    I recently bought this mckennaii supagro kit, and it was probably the best money I've ever spent. First flush 215g, I was overwhelmed with the amount. Shared 60g wet between two people, had a amazing experience, very strong visually and mentally and I've had my fair share of psychedelic and psychoactives. The service of zamnesia is unmatched, great customer service and support, just a great company.

    R. C.

    Great Great Great
    7 days delivery, 7 days to veilbreak, 12 IN shroom dryer. All IN all 15 days. Epic service and quick answere on Mail. The mckennaii is super potent if picked right Before veil brake. Mdma like bodyhigh and very philosopic mind high.

    E. L.

    270 g sur le 1er flush

    R. B.

    1er Grow mehr als zufrieden
    Vielen Dank an Zamnesia für diesen ausgezeichneten Service ^^ im ersten Flush habe ich 250g frische McKennaii geerntet im zweiter viel weniger und jetzt läuft noch der Dritte aber alles in allem hat sich das Growset bezahlt gemacht und man hat auf jeden Fall seinen Spaß damit :p

    F. #.

    I had the perfect conditions for growing them and after 1 week I could harvest the first flush which got me around 22g of cracker dried shrooms. I ate 3 of them and it blew my mind out of this world ^^

    M. O.

    First time
    Bought the kit, easy to grow, lots of shrooms, life is good :) Great kit, i recommend this to everyone! Thanks Zamnesia!!

    A. W.

    Au top

    R. B.

    box arrivé en 6 jours , récolte au bout de 5 jours , 210g frais , très satisfait..

    Q. A.

    Bought it many times never failed
    See subject, says it all

    M. G.

    Merci le SAV
    Kit renvoyé pas le SAV après un échec sur les albinos. Et résultats de malade, 3 jour et le box plein à craquer de tête d'épingle, vivement la première dégustation lol

    C. L.

    Arrivé dans un carton simple, comme sur la photo, pousse très vite, sensations au rdv, plusieurs flush sans soucis, je.conseil !

    A. K.

    Merci Zamnesia, le colis a été livré rapidement, les champis ont très bien poussés, ils sont sortis au bout de 7 jours, et seulement 4 jours après j'ai pu les récolter!! Je lance le second flush, à très bientôt !

    E. M.

    ottimo venditore
    che dire... ottimo imballaggio, sito molto serio

    M. T.

    Parfait !!!
    Ces champignons sont supers !!!! Effet garanti à chaque prise. À conseiller parmi les meilleurs, même après avoir goûté ceux d'Indonésie sur place et frais cueillis

    S. B.

    Very nice visuals
    Great visual effect and fast growing. You shoud definitely try them!

    A. P.

    This ones just rule, very vivid feelings and visions stronger i have ever tried with a great trip you will never forget. Definitely a must try too, so happy i can just get them from here and grow at any time!!!

    A. D.

    no complaints
    Really nice harwest and fast awesome support!!

    A. A.

    Livraison nickel, bonne variété, je repasse commande!!!

    D. F.

    Toute première récolte effectuée avec succès, il n'y a plus qu'à la tester. Les champignons ont commencé à apparaitre au bout d'environ 5 jours, pour ne plus jamais s'arrêter de pousser à une vitesse folle pendant 5 jours aussi je crois. J'attends le deuxième flush.

    U. L.

    À j+10, je viens de récolter (un peu trop tard malheuresement, je les ai laisses s'ouvrir car j'étais absent) un bon gros 280grammes ! Pour le premier flush c'est nickel, j'attends les autres!

    V. F.

    rien a dire ormis, BONNE DEFONCE A VOUS !!!!!!!!!! ;D

    E. G.

    nice and easy
    Just following the instruction I got a nice yield on the first flush. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. I don't know what the weight was, because I have no scale, but it was a pretty big pile of mushrooms, so I'm happy. The next flush is on its way, it seems to be a bit smaller, but looks just fine. Pretty much the only thing to critique would be the paperclips, they are kind of a joke, but hey, they can be easily replaced, so it is not really a problem.

    M. G.

    alles hat geklappt, aber...
    Die Büroklammern sind eine echt schlechte Lösung. Sie bleiben ständig an der Plastiktüte hängen. Ich bin nun auf kleine Wäscheklammern umgestiegen

    M. A.

    Never had a grow kit before, but I decided to try it. It went well over my expectations and I got around 300 grams of fresh mushrooms from the first flush. Took around 15 grams fresh and 2 grams dried with my friend and had the most euphoric feeling (probably more euphoric than MDMA). I laid in bed under my covers listening to ambient movie music and had an insane trip that I can't explain. I was laughing about every 5 minutes (mostly from my own thoughts). Second flush coming up now with one shroom that weighed 26 grams fresh!

    C. B.

    très bien
    1ere récolte parfaite, j'attend la 2ieme :)

    R. C.

    Very Happy
    Couldn't be simpler, i even had to keep the box unopened in the fridge for a few days as i wasn't around when it was delivered. From starting the kit to first pick was 2 weeks in a fairly chilly student house i popped them on top of a box on top of a radiator but the radiator was only on for a few hours each evening so wasn't expecting much. Thinki got around 350/400g from first flush!! super exciting to watch them grow, have had 2 more flushes since of 90g and 70g which was less than i hoped for but ah well for a first time I'm buzzing. The fruits themselves provided a great trip for me and im looking forward to trying them again in the next week or 2.

    M. M.

    Excellency in a box
    Me and my partner are totally happy with your products. This one is as great as all the others. Thank you :)

    B. E.

    Produit rentable, j'en suis à mon 3ème flush et ça continue de pousser.

    C. G.
    23/Nov/2015 <