Salvia Extract 15x


With Salvia strengths ranging from straight herb to 80x extracts, this 15x is a good mid-range product for experienced trippers.

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Reviews (87)
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    No effect but a great customer service
    Obviously a problem with the X15, but i contacted the customer service: they replied quickly and gave me a voucher and free shipping.

    E. V.

    went insane
    i smoked about 2 pipes of salvia leaves and then about half a fingernail of the extract and i thought i was in hell

    T. W.

    Bon alors, que dire... J'avais essayé ce produit sans m'être renseigné auparavant ( erreur ), et je m'attendais simplement à ce que mon corps soit mou et à planer un peu, comme un proche m'avait décrit la sensation... J'ai fumé ça à la pipe, en dosant comme de la beuh, chose à ne surtout pas faire, puisque j'ai carrément été dans un autre monde, un monde caché dans la banquette arrière d'une voiture, un monde en dessin animé aux couleurs saturées avec un petit singe qui me parlait... La redescente est super bizarre, on ne sait plus ce qui est réel ou pas. En résumé je dirai que pour une première fois, avoir un bon set and setting, NE PAS CONSOMMER SEUL et surtout bien se renseigner, on a aucune idée de ce que l'on va voir.

    L. W.

    The best 15x extract I have had. remember dosing is all! (And how long you hold it ind) -with this product I would suggest smoking 0.03g as a dose. 0.10g is 3 hits, or 2 more heavy trips. so there are many hits in that one gram. great product

    C. M.

    Sehr gut
    Fängt kleiner an und seid vorsichtig

    M. S.

    Spettacolare e consigliato.
    L'ho presa per me e alcuni miei amici. Siamo rimasti tutti soddisfatti! Personalmente ho vissuto delle esperienze assurde, indescrivibili, quasi come se entrassi in un altro mondo per quei 5 minuti. Poi si ritorna più o meno velocemente alla realtà. È un'esperienza che consiglio a chi vuole qualcosa di incisivo! (Ps, ho avuto anche un "bad trip" in cui quei 5 minuti sono durati davvero tanto dalla mia prospettiva, non penso ci sia da preoccuparsi, ma è obbligatorio avere il giusto mind-set)

    M. C.

    We were tripping Balls so Hard
    Crazy experiance, I fellt like taking this ist an error in the matrix and cutts a hole in the parallel Universes. It was so crazy I Felt how I was warped around I the different possebilitys im reality. We smoked it on weed so maybe it's effect was a bit different.

    E. S.

    This is the sh*t!
    First Salvia experience, after many hours and days of research. Trusted supplier? Zamnesia for sure! Top stealthy package. Blew my mind. First hit with 0.05g just for adjustment of body and mind. Bear with me because I weigh 125 Kg and other stuff needs to be in monster dosages. Not Salvia 15x extract. Second hit and lift off with 0.15g approx. Lost my body feelings in a snap. After a decent push on the pipe (I ordered at the same time), every object in my surroundings kinda transformed into a painting frame with a yellow to red gradient, frame seemed to have melting wax effects all around the many objects. Mirror had the frame, TV, door and closet geometry had the frame around. So beautiful and unexpected. It must have lasted 5 minutes until I could move (I was clearly off) and feel what just happened to me. Checked the drawer where I put the pipe while colors stayed in the yellow-orange-red field for another 5 minutes. Then it was over. Actually laughed afterwards and thought a bit about the crazy experience I just had. Be careful with this one! It's not for the faint hearted.

    M. C.

    Très bien
    Psychédélique, bien retenir la fumée et hop parti pour un bon délire, à consommer avec prudence et plutôt assis que debout..

    E. N.

    En ne commençant pas avec la x15 mais en allant progressivement de x5, x10 et x15, très bonnes transes et méditation. Sav toujours au top

    S. M.
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Salvia Extract 15x
Salvia Extract 15x
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