How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Body?

How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Body?

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
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There are many things you should know before facing a drug test, detection time being one of them. Drug tests will use blood, saliva, sweat, hair, or urine to determine if certain drugs have been used prior to testing.

The list below shows the average time that each drug type remains detectable, per sample type. Note that the detection times for sweat are unknown for all drug types. You also might want to read about common myths surrounding drug tests.

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In The Body?Alcohol

Urine 6-24 hours
Hair 2 days
Saliva 12-24 hours
Blood 12-24 hours

Note: a urin alcohol test may test for ethyl glucuronide, which stays present for 80 hours.

How Long Do Amphetamines Stay In The Body?Amphetamines

Urine 1-3 days
Hair 90 days
Saliva 12 hours
Blood 12 hours

Note: excluded are “Meth” and MDMA.

How Long Does Meth Stay In The Body?Meth

Urine 3-5 days
Hair 90 days
Saliva 1-3 days
Blood 1-3 days

How Long Does MDMA Stay In The Body?MDMA

Urine 3-4 days
Hair 90 days
Saliva 3-4 days
Blood 3-4 days

How Long Do Barbiturates Stay In The Body?Barbiturates

Urine 1 day
Hair 90 days
Saliva 1-2 days
Blood 1-2 days

Note: except Phenobarbital.

How Long Does Phenobarbital Stay In The Body?Phenobarbital

Urine 2-3 weeks
Hair 90 days
Saliva 4-7 days
Blood 4-7 days

How Long Do Benzodiazepines Stay In The Body?Benzodiazepines

Urine Casual/therapeutic use: 7 days
Chronic use (over 1 year): 4-6 weeks
Hair n/a
Saliva n/a
Blood n/a

How Long Do Cannabinoids Stay In The Body?Cannabinoids

Urine Casual users: 30 days
Heavy users and those with high body fat: 81 days
Hair Up to 90 days
Saliva 2–24 hours

Single use: 2-3 days
Frequent use: 2 weeks

How Long Does Cocain Stay In The Body?Cocaine

Urine Casual users: 2-5 days
Heavy users: 7-10 days
Hair 90 days
Saliva 2-10 day
Blood 2-10 day

Note: those with kidney problems may still test positive outside of these timeframes.

How Long Does Codeine Stay In The Body?Codeine

Urine 2-3 days
Hair 90 days
Saliva 2-3 days
Blood 2-3 days

How Long Do TCA’s Stay In The Body?TCA’s

Urine 7-10 days
Hair Undetectable
Saliva Unkown
Blood Unkown

How Long Does LSD Stay In The Body?LSD

Urine 2-24 hours
Hair 4 days
Saliva 2-4 days
Blood 2-4 days

How Long Does Methadone Stay In The Body?Methadone

Urine 7-10 days
Hair 90 days
Saliva 24 hours
Blood 24 hours

How Long Do Steroids Stay In The Body?Steroids

Urine 3-30 days
Hair Unknown
Saliva Unknown
Blood Unknown

How Long Does PCP Stay In The Body?PCP

Urine Single use: 3-7 days
Regular use: 30 days
Hair 90 days
Saliva 1-3 days
Blood 1-3 days


Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
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