Bruce Banner 3
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New Zamnesia Strain: Bruce Banner 3

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Zamnesia finally brings one of the most potent strains on earth to growers outside of the US. We show you everything there is to know about this exciting new release and what all the fuss is about. Discover the legacy that is Bruce Banner #3.

Zamnesia has done it again! Following the release of C. BananaGirl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue - all three of which find their origin in US genetics - they present you with another bomb strain that you are now able to grow on European soil: Bruce Banner 3.

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This way, Zamnesia continues their legacy and passion of bringing us all the US strains that took over the hearts of the stoners overseas, and inspired a whole new generation of strain culture. Genetics that were previously unavailable are now only a click away. What wonderful times we live in! Nowadays, those of us in Europe can rave about those precious strains too, and grow them in our gardens!

To some, especially all the comic book and Marvel movie aficionados, this strain might sound familiar, and also gives you a clue about the strain itself. "Bruce Banner" is the alter-ego of the famous comic book hero The Incredible Hulk. And if you know anything about the big green guy, you know what's so special about him - yes, his sheer power!

That means Bruce Banner 3 is ultra-potent: not one for the faint of heart. This marvelous strength is something we have come to expect from the new generation of American strains. Did we catch your interest? Do you wanna know if you can keep up with this force? Let's see what this monster strain is all about.


The Different Types Of Bruce Banner

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the strain itself, we have to talk about where the 3 in the name comes from, and why it matters. The history of Bruce Banner is actually quite interesting and a good example of how dispensary culture in the US can stimulate the rise of certain strains.

The seeds were created in 2009 in Colorado; shortly after in early-2010, they were made available for the public via caretakers. The strain received a lot of hype in the medical scene of Colorado right away.

It was largely word-of-mouth recommendation, as well as coverage on a few social media platforms, that launched Bruce Banner into the stratosphere. This early media presence eventually helped increase its popularity as it spread to other American states. With its quality parent strains, careful phenotype selection, and smart marketing, the strain became a true creation of the dispensary era, and is now a must-have in most of them.

The number 3 signifies a certain phenotype which proved to be the most popular and desirable. Initially, 5 phenotypes were discovered, but #2 and #4 got lost in the small circle of Colorado growers back then. Since Bruce Banner is a cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel (we will explore this a bit more in the next section), phenotype #1 is a mix of both parents, #3 is the most OG Kush-dominant, and #5 leans more to the Strawberry Diesel side.

The strain got an A+ rating following its debut, and the demand for the first few harvests was so tremendous that people had to wait in line or hold special tickets to get only a very small amount (3.5g) of this highly sought-after cultivar. Nowadays, Bruce Banner is still a prized favourite among connoisseurs and growers alike. This gives you an idea of the influence of the strain itself, and why it is such a huge deal that Zamnesia brings this most-popular Bruce Banner 3 phenotype to Europe.


Qualities Of Bruce Banner

As mentioned above, Bruce Banner is a cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. To be more specific, the OG Kush cut is unconfirmed, but commonly believed to be the super-prized Ghost OG cut. This got crossed with a Strawberry Diesel male, which is Kyle Kushman's cross of Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel. This makes Bruce Banner a sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) with really famous parents.

The aroma is diesel-like, giving off a complex fusion of sweet, fruity, ginger, and spicy notes. The scent is basically a combination of both parents. Depending on the phenotype, there can be berry, sour, and earthy tones noticeable as well. The pungent fragrance gets brightened up by the added dose of sweetness from the Strawberry Diesel.

But this does not take away from the fuely and skunky qualities that OG Kush-lovers seek. The flavour of this selected phenotype tastes sweet and sour like berries, but leans a little bit more to the OG side, featuring spicy and ginger hints with tastes of fuel. Overall, this is a great appetiser that will give you the munchies big-time.

But the defining and most outstanding quality of Bruce Banner (and we hinted at this several times now) is its effect and potency. In fact, Bruce Banner is considered one of the most potent strains on the planet! The THC content can reach values between 24–29%, which makes the strain hit hard and fast.

Being sativa-dominant, the effects can be more on the racy side, which you will immediately feel in your forehead and face. Bruce Banner definitely takes you on a ride in the first phase upon toking a few hits. You will be stimulated and have clear thoughts, which is good for socialising. This later transitions into a calmer, but still very potent state.

Common sensations are a build-up of pressure in the face and eyes, and a floaty euphoria throughout the body. But don't get fooled, even seasoned smokers will not be able to remain fully functional, despite its sativa-dominant nature. That's how potent it is! You will feel really happy and relaxed, but imaginative and aware, making Bruce Banner great for creative endeavors. Your mind will be afire with new ideas and unique perspectives.


Growing Traits Of Bruce Banner

Put simply, Bruce Banner is a gorgeous plant! Late in harvest, the fan leaves tend to take on a rich, dark magenta colour which contrasts nicely with the lime green buds and the deep red-orange of the pistils. Almost the entire surface of the plant will be coated in trichomes with large resin heads. The growth pattern resembles that of an OG Kush; dense, slightly rounded buds pop up everywhere on the lanky plant. But the top colas will be chunkier than with typical OGs. It's a tall plant that can reach over 2m in height.

The flowering phase usually lasts between 8–10 weeks, after which you will be rewarded with thickly frosted buds. The yields depend on the experienced hands of the grower, ranging between 250–500g/m². That means, Bruce Banner 3 can be a connoisseur-grade strain with heavy yields if you know what you are doing.

The process of cultivating Bruce Banner is of moderate difficulty. If you really want to push yields to the limit, you should use flower boosters and high doses of nutrients, but only if you have experience doing so. Outdoors, the strain needs a warm, dry climate. The plant is highly resistant to mold and pests.


Bruce Banner 3 Users

Bruce Banner is definitely not a strain for the novice! If uber-potent varieties are not your kind of thing, then this won't be either. As detailed above, the effects can sometimes be overwhelming, even for seasoned smokers. Those who are especially prone to paranoia should stay away from it. But if you clear your schedule for the day and have no responsibilities to attend to, the effects of Bruce Banner can be of great pleasure and reward. It will sweep away the boredom, that's for sure!

You don't have to be an expert grower to harvest a decent Bruce Banner 3 yield, but this strain might not be for the beginner grower either. It can get really tall and you have to know your nutrient basics to get the most out of this cultivar. When you have done several successful grow cycles with easier strains, you should absolutely consider growing this beauty.

Bruce Banner 3 really shines in the medical arena. If you suffer from conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, stress, nausea, or lack of appetite, this strain can be of great benefit for you. It is also useful for everyday pains like headaches, back pain, or foot complaints. If you have a condition that benefits from high-CBD content, you should probably look somewhere else. The strength of Bruce Banner lies in its high THC concentration.

There you have it! Are you feeling ready now to toke on the mighty Hulk? Head over to our shop to buy some Bruce Banner 3! But don't say we didn't warn you—here comes the dank!

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Luke Sumpter
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